Friday, 27 June 2008


Chains about my wrists and ankles, pegs thrust in to wall and floor to bind me. My shadow helplessly ran over the concrete surfaces, whispering to me as my only company in that tower. I was growing weary of listening to its chatter, spouting aimless shit for my ears to hear. My night was spent there on the floor curled up, my energy was low too and I was unable to call up my fire. I hadn't fed on any of the foods I can devour, and I was hungry even just for some flesh.

That priest came to see me to taunt me, he asked how it felt to be chained up like this. I told him it was familar but at least I wasn't in the stocks, a reference to the past of not too long ago. At least I could move around if but a little, still I didn't like being kept as some sort of pet.

"Your House is dead you at least have a chance".
"You wish to suffer til you finally see the truth"?
"I will teach you a lesson you won't forget".
"Repent your sins".

With that the pain began. A holy whip with some unknown power lacerated my skin, I mentioned he needed to remember the salt. Everytime my body healed the pain seared through me on the inside, I can deal with pain and agony I been through enough. Yet this was different it tore me, ripped something inside me that made me scream and cry with the torment. He said to make it stop I have to repent my sins and be saved, I was saved without uttering those words I kept demanding death.

My family came for me. Pieter slew them as they stood in his way, I was released and carried home by Kishi. Later on I made an angel stab the damn Priest by convincing her the man was evil, after I told her what she had done she ran off crying.

I was happy.

Lulz of the day:

[14:02] Pieter Seelowe looks around "If i get hit by one fucking bullet the one who shoots dies"
[14:02] Alonzo Castaignede: holster

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