Saturday, 28 June 2008

Sexual healing

How does one explain the never ending pain I was in? It wasn't visible it wasn't physical as in it was in my muscles, or even lingering around in my bones at all. Whatever it was it seared me constantly, I had taken to hiding the fact I was in pain at all. I didn't want to worry the others about me, I soon grew weary from bearing the agony that I finally gave in.

I contacted Lorne.

Legion came to fetch me in his stead and its been rather noticable she has been out longer than normal, I appreciate Legion greatly not just for her great knowledge but for her evil too. Yet I can say I prefer Lorne the other aspect, perhaps because I am used to seeing him around more often. Both sides are wise and both sides are bad as eachother, maybe I just prefer the calmness and order that comes from him. I don't know I like chaos so why should I like order?

For the third time this week I got binded up, only this time it was on the Pit whipping post. I can't hide the fact I panic when chained, its something that began from my time spent in the dungeon and hasn't left me yet. Legion stripped off my coat, my shirt to leave me topless to the world, not that I mind in any specific way I get naked often enough in Haven. Nareth wait she's not Nareth anymore that one died, she's now some other being residing in the body that is now vacant of the vampire. Fucking alter egos. Anyway she was there and for the time being I will continue to call her Nareth, mainly because I can't spell the name of who she is now and because I'm lazy.

Some strange ointment was smeared on to my body, where ever the whip had lashed me tore off my skin this blue light showed. My essence had been wounded and it was this that caused me pain, the ointment was going to fix it make it better. Oh for fucks sake did it have to make me that god damn hungry? I couldn't help it as each injury of my essence got healed I got hornier, I had wrapped my legs around the stone pillar and had begun humping it. Even back as a werewolf I called lust a hunger, in truth it is but back then I never got acutal food out of it. Now when I demand to be fed it has double meaning, I need the energy from the act of sex and the satation of my lust. Bound as I was to the whipping post I could only moan while I violated it with my actions, eventually Nareth got the hint she needed to help.

There go my pants damn it. Her fingers were a mercy sliding in to my wet heat, they pressed about my secret folds plunging in to me. A mercy indeed when she stimulated me further in to my frenzy, I bucked and thrusted on to her fingers groaning in delight. "Feed me". Nareth shifted the shape of her fingers to be that of phalluses, an enjoyable twist to be sure and most likely much needed by me. With the ointment seeping in to my spiritual wounds causing me to wish I could burst, Legion drew forth a phalliac wand and promptly double teamed me with it.

With the orgasm I exploded with; my essence was fully healed, they unchained me and I dropped to the floor gathering up my clothes. The pain is gone, my cheeks flush pink against my porceline white skin. For a while I sat there naked panting, a purr vibrating in my throat as I was too content to move and ruin the feeling I was still riding on. I feel that my boon I had with Legion is now used, it would be for the best I kind of don't need a favour now.

I can't help but think I just got fucked.

Lulz of the day:

[20:03] Bruno Rehula wonders why Blue is running around Vlad and deems it as a demonic breeding dance

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