Saturday, 28 June 2008

Sexual healing

How does one explain the never ending pain I was in? It wasn't visible it wasn't physical as in it was in my muscles, or even lingering around in my bones at all. Whatever it was it seared me constantly, I had taken to hiding the fact I was in pain at all. I didn't want to worry the others about me, I soon grew weary from bearing the agony that I finally gave in.

I contacted Lorne.

Legion came to fetch me in his stead and its been rather noticable she has been out longer than normal, I appreciate Legion greatly not just for her great knowledge but for her evil too. Yet I can say I prefer Lorne the other aspect, perhaps because I am used to seeing him around more often. Both sides are wise and both sides are bad as eachother, maybe I just prefer the calmness and order that comes from him. I don't know I like chaos so why should I like order?

For the third time this week I got binded up, only this time it was on the Pit whipping post. I can't hide the fact I panic when chained, its something that began from my time spent in the dungeon and hasn't left me yet. Legion stripped off my coat, my shirt to leave me topless to the world, not that I mind in any specific way I get naked often enough in Haven. Nareth wait she's not Nareth anymore that one died, she's now some other being residing in the body that is now vacant of the vampire. Fucking alter egos. Anyway she was there and for the time being I will continue to call her Nareth, mainly because I can't spell the name of who she is now and because I'm lazy.

Some strange ointment was smeared on to my body, where ever the whip had lashed me tore off my skin this blue light showed. My essence had been wounded and it was this that caused me pain, the ointment was going to fix it make it better. Oh for fucks sake did it have to make me that god damn hungry? I couldn't help it as each injury of my essence got healed I got hornier, I had wrapped my legs around the stone pillar and had begun humping it. Even back as a werewolf I called lust a hunger, in truth it is but back then I never got acutal food out of it. Now when I demand to be fed it has double meaning, I need the energy from the act of sex and the satation of my lust. Bound as I was to the whipping post I could only moan while I violated it with my actions, eventually Nareth got the hint she needed to help.

There go my pants damn it. Her fingers were a mercy sliding in to my wet heat, they pressed about my secret folds plunging in to me. A mercy indeed when she stimulated me further in to my frenzy, I bucked and thrusted on to her fingers groaning in delight. "Feed me". Nareth shifted the shape of her fingers to be that of phalluses, an enjoyable twist to be sure and most likely much needed by me. With the ointment seeping in to my spiritual wounds causing me to wish I could burst, Legion drew forth a phalliac wand and promptly double teamed me with it.

With the orgasm I exploded with; my essence was fully healed, they unchained me and I dropped to the floor gathering up my clothes. The pain is gone, my cheeks flush pink against my porceline white skin. For a while I sat there naked panting, a purr vibrating in my throat as I was too content to move and ruin the feeling I was still riding on. I feel that my boon I had with Legion is now used, it would be for the best I kind of don't need a favour now.

I can't help but think I just got fucked.

Lulz of the day:

[20:03] Bruno Rehula wonders why Blue is running around Vlad and deems it as a demonic breeding dance

Friday, 27 June 2008


Chains about my wrists and ankles, pegs thrust in to wall and floor to bind me. My shadow helplessly ran over the concrete surfaces, whispering to me as my only company in that tower. I was growing weary of listening to its chatter, spouting aimless shit for my ears to hear. My night was spent there on the floor curled up, my energy was low too and I was unable to call up my fire. I hadn't fed on any of the foods I can devour, and I was hungry even just for some flesh.

That priest came to see me to taunt me, he asked how it felt to be chained up like this. I told him it was familar but at least I wasn't in the stocks, a reference to the past of not too long ago. At least I could move around if but a little, still I didn't like being kept as some sort of pet.

"Your House is dead you at least have a chance".
"You wish to suffer til you finally see the truth"?
"I will teach you a lesson you won't forget".
"Repent your sins".

With that the pain began. A holy whip with some unknown power lacerated my skin, I mentioned he needed to remember the salt. Everytime my body healed the pain seared through me on the inside, I can deal with pain and agony I been through enough. Yet this was different it tore me, ripped something inside me that made me scream and cry with the torment. He said to make it stop I have to repent my sins and be saved, I was saved without uttering those words I kept demanding death.

My family came for me. Pieter slew them as they stood in his way, I was released and carried home by Kishi. Later on I made an angel stab the damn Priest by convincing her the man was evil, after I told her what she had done she ran off crying.

I was happy.

Lulz of the day:

[14:02] Pieter Seelowe looks around "If i get hit by one fucking bullet the one who shoots dies"
[14:02] Alonzo Castaignede: holster

Thursday, 26 June 2008

The Reckoning/PoW

The night that I went to sleep and slept with those nightmares haunting me as usual, the vampires sired by Dimentox known collectivly as The Reckoning entered the Pit. They were demanding we follow their law, that and we be good little Shadowlings and don't cause trouble for them. From what I was told in the morning we said "Fuck you" to them, these vampires also control the new monsters plaguing the city. Great the madman is causing shit for everyone, I remember the stories I was told. History repeats itself.

I was in Haven later in the day after seeing Dio return, the event was a mixture of tense atmosphere and excitement. No matter the outcome of anything, I belong to myself no one else but me. Anyway I digress from the story I was telling, I came across a vampire I had met only once before. His name is Beaumont he asked me to sit with him, since its Haven I might as well be curtieous. There was another two vampires with him, the female part of The Reckoning as he was and the male a Ryder. Swell really swell. While I made small talk with them two of my brothers contacted me along the link we all share, bring them to the South and hurry at all costs. I managed it I lured all three vampires to South of Toxia where a large gathering was waiting for them, all the factions were there in order to give payback to The Reckoning for the slaughters they did last night. Odd how we slaughter so many ourselves but only ever for our own amusment, while these Dimentox brats will do it in the name of peace and order. Oh there will be peace one day, only when all fear the Shadows for what we truely are and worship us.

Beaumont along with his sister were defeated the debt was paid, yet Beaumont declared that his family will wage war against all of us. The city does not belong to Dimentox and his spawn, the city belongs to my family even though all factions lay claim upon it. We will show them. In this same day the spawn of the powerhungry madman crowded outside the Voodoo shop, the Ryders were there as lambs to the slaughter. I got a hunch about something so I followed the Priest who I used to own as a pet, kind of wished I kept him now at least then he would have let me spied. I was in the tower on the stairwell, Mugworm told the Dime brats I was there and well....

For now I'm a prisoner of war binded and leashed by a Reckoning vampire, I will simply wait til I can escape or I am saved from them. I am sure they will do things to me for I was the lure to the trap, and I have openly spoken against Dimentox as I told Beaumont what was done in the past.

I think I liked him better as a Wraith!

Lulz of the day:

[16:11] Rizal Rotaru: (( damn im makeing new words left and right, I call it rizalnese.
[16:11] DCS2 2.33: Blueray Darkes OOC: You making a dictionary for it?
[16:11] Rizal Rotaru: (( it's in the makeing <.<
[16:11] DCS2 2.33: Blueray Darkes OOC: I'll reserve a copy
[16:12] DCS2 2.33: Rizal Rotaru OOC: hahaha

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Shadow toy

Nareth a curious vampire who was sired by Omega, Nareth who along with Nerrisa snarls at me as I pass by. Nareth... She was sent to the Pit to meet Legion and Pontifex came along with her, I may not have much liking for the red skinned man but I tolerate him most of the time. I remember that he stole from the Shadows before I was in, and I'm still waiting patiently for punishment to befall him for it.

Legion is a butcher and not just any butcher she's an artist to go with it, each slice and cut were pure artisic percision. Those of that were there that ate flesh we feasted upon Nareth, Nich was with us also but she ran from the scene to be violently sick. I am disappointed that she couldn't stay to watch, but then again she's only human and only just turning to the darkness.

I find the vampire woman to be an odd thing, always dropping names and words of how great she is. Good drop all you want I can do that too, but you fell and we have you locked away in a cage. One of our own carved her up and one of our own keeps her, I am however amused at how she remains so calm despite the torment we give her. A creature of wisdom with no sense of self, yet she remains calm through it all.

She does so love the sea, it talks to her apprently.

Lulz of the day:

[10:01] Pontifex Janus: Cake is a lie, but the sodomy is the real deal
[10:01] Mirah McGuire snickers
[10:02] DCS2 2.33: Regg Heron OOC: that one is going to blue..lole
[10:02] GrrBrool Lykin: yer damn straight Poncho . . .
[10:02] GrrBrool Lykin: but . . .what happens in tha Tox, stays in Tox . . hahahah
[10:05] DCS2 2.33: Pontifex Janus OOC: Regg, you might want to add that Grr was playing a song about Chocolate Cake and Sodomy
[10:06] DCS2 2.33: Regg Heron OOC: damn.. not got music on.. will add ;)
[10:06] DCS2 2.33: GrrBrool Lykin OOC: and that i LOVE chocolate cake

Monday, 23 June 2008

Toxian torment

A post of various short accounts

For the times I spent not seen in the city, I was hidden away or just sleeping. I had been severly disappointed by this place, I was no better off here than I was back at home. Good thing is I would most likely make a splash in this place, and I wasn't sure where to start to be sure.

I mean come on I was already capable of living on the streets, I just needed to figure out where I could go and what I could do. Rumours on the street is that there is a werewolf Pack, I decided I should try to get in to it as I longed for my own kind. To learn of what we are, and to learn their ways.

Somehow it was easy to get in to the Pack, they tested me on fighting skills. I never really fought much with a sword before, I did poorly but I passed the intelligence test and got good reference from Quiet. A female I had met in the city on one of my many wanderings learning the layout of the place, it was her who suggessted I go to see Fist the Pack beta. With the short time I was in the Pack, I never actually felt I belonged there at all with them all. My suscipions were justified when the word Shadows, began my inquistive nature to find out more about them. I used the Pack to my own benefit as I gathered information, and when ever needed I showed my loyality was to them no matter how false it was. The Pack a group of werewolves with broken ranks, a group with a smaller group in its core. Its that small group that caused some of my troubles, its that small group that makes the Pack rot on the inside.

Not long after I had become a Pack member I was outside the Voodoo shop, I had tried taunting Kishi due to earlier encounters with her and the fact she insulted me and Narah. It was while the Coven members and other people were gathered outside that Janvier walked up, a demon of black skin, red eyes and white hair that made him appear like a demonic Drow. A demon in the city, I could tell he was he had horns and a tail. I felt myself cringe on the inside at his presence, and the rememberance it was a demon that killed my parents. Janvier appeared to be a great being yet incrediably sad, he used to rule the Shadows but they had all scattered now as the House had fallen. When he left I trailed behind him as my curiousity was the only thing making me follow him, he turned around to face me asking me why I couldn't let a father mourn his lost children in peace. I asked him questions and he answered.

Janvier: The Shadows were my children I had rised them
Blueray: So why not just rise them again?
Janvier: I rised them once it is someone elses turn now
Blueray: If you did it once then you can do it again, why leave something that important in the hands of another?

We were interrupted when a demon tailed man dropped down in front of Janvier, the two conversed and the demon walked off as I learnt he does often. The one who remained spoke to me very little, yet told me to keep safe and I replied to him until our paths cross again.

Few days later Shadows began appearing again, and I had the good fortune to meet one. He wanted to become a demon and required certain items to do so, vampire fangs, werewolf drool and cyberblood. As I was still in the Pack I had to be careful when and where I met this Shadow, my group hated their guts and yet none had any good reason other than the fact to say Shadows are evil. It was also during this time Kumori joined us and I made certain to get all the information I needed from her, she spoke like she was terrified of her old family as she called them. I was told of all the things they had done and can do, still my curiousity was not sated and I required more. Since Kumori was an ex Shadow or so she claimed to be, I became fast friends not just because of what she was but because her life story was one that made my heart cry out to her. The Shadow led me to a vampire called Pieter, he was the demon tailed man I had met before and he is a Shadow. During our talk there was rumour that vampires were seeking more space, and since Pack had already scuffled with some Kindred Alliance members I went to tell Quillis. Quillis our alpha was fed the lines that KA might take over the Pack den in order to accomadate their new members, the whole thing was believable and she fell for it hook, line and sinker. It was after the blood drive at the Hospital and I had helped to steal some Cyber blood, that I stood beside my alpha while some Shadows declared they wanted a member as a slave. Strange things.

I had begun feeding information what I considered important to the Shadows via Pieter, I had various conversations with the vampire and he had called me smarter than my fellows. It was such a time I was speaking with Pieter that one Pack member found me, he accused me of being a Shadow spy and thus jeapordised my safety. I ended up leaving the Pack specially since I got ordered to not go seeking Kumori, who I heard had also left and was severly injured. She of course had returned to the Shadows, and I wanted to join them in doing so have a family. Over many weeks I spent my time getting to know the members, handing in information on various things and learning that my sadistic streak was growing. Where ever there were Shadows I would be there beside them, it soon became well known over the city I was associated with them. They grew to accept and like me in turn I enjoyed their company, until I got banned from the Pit I learnt much of the rotten core of the Pack. I yearned to learn, so I swallowed it all.

If there ever was a thorn in my side it was the vampire Myriam, it was Myriam who captured me. Myriam who taped my muzzle shut, Myriam who dragged me through the city, and it was Myriam who handed me to the Pack. Myriam who declared me a danger to the city, and Myriam who tried and failed twice to end my life. After all of this I must thank her, for without her I wouldn't be who I am today. Thanks babe!

Under the administrations of Pack I was given pain, when was I taken from them Myriam gave me more pain. I laid upon the hospital bed barely healed and unable to defend myself, she stabbed me in the chest with a dagger in a bid to kill me. Without bothering to check whether I lived she leashed me again, and dragged me on my front back to the Pack den since my ankles were smashed. Once again the Shadows came and Kumori took me to the Pit where I could begin to start a recovery, after a few days I was fully healed yet ended up getting stabbed again. Myriam struck me in the shoulder with a dagger made of silver intent on ending my life, I wasn't even prepared to fight I was at the hospital because Kumori was hurt. Good thing I was in the hospital, I left when Janvier showed up to mark the vampire. She began her screeching that I was dangerous for the City, I just smiled and left her to her fate with the Shadows. Strange they always show up.

I eventually got accepted in to the ranks of the Shadows by Janvier himself, I tried to keep the fact hidden from those I called friend. In the end I turned on them drawing my weapons, they were Righteous and I no longer had need of them. I have my family now I bleed for them and die for them, just as I vowed to do before I became one of them.

Lulz of the day:

[19:00] Picket McDonnell: del hun coooooome
[19:00] Picket McDonnell: pretty please?
[19:00] Blueray Darkes: He came earlier
[19:00] Carlos Bosatsu: shhhh >>
[19:00] Salamol Paragon: In my mouth >_>
[19:00] Tanika Akina: woow hoo
[19:00] Picket McDonnell didn't need to know that
[19:01] Salamol Paragon: I mean NO!
[19:01] Carlos Bosatsu: XD
[19:01] Blueray Darkes: ROFL
[19:01] Carlos Bosatsu: !!
[19:01] Picket McDonnell: and that just got quoted
[19:01] Carlos Bosatsu: GOTCHA!
[19:01] Salamol Paragon: DELETE THAT!
[19:01] Blueray Darkes: HAHAHAHAHA
[19:01] Salamol Paragon: stop quoting things for proof of my sexuality

Saturday, 21 June 2008

You must cum

[9:48] Jortek Juran gets close to kishi "i´ll ask you to pay more respect to healers"
[9:49] Kishi Bleac spits back into his face "only as much as they deserve"
[9:49] Blueray Darkes stands by Kishi, "Only if they don't live in church".
[9:49] Jortek Juran feels compasion of tthe demon and heals her
[9:50] Jortek Juran loks at blue "it does not matter where they live or how they look"
[9:50] Kishi Bleac: guess it does to us, we are racist
[9:50] Blueray Darkes laughs, "Or at least against angels"
[9:51] Jortek Juran: well, an angel just pleaseed you
[9:51] Kishi Bleac: no angel can please me
[9:51] Blueray Darkes: Did I cum?
[9:51] Jortek Juran: you have to try
[9:52] Jortek Juran: you can be surprised and may be think about conversion
[9:52] Kishi Bleac: /m turns to blue and gives her an intence stair deep into her eyes "you must cum!"
[9:53] Blueray Darkes holds her sides and laughs, "He didn't please me"
[9:53] Jortek Juran call her with his hands "come closer hun"
[9:54] Kishi Bleac does her best to hold a staight face saying it again "YOU MUST CUM!" as if willing it to happen
[9:54] Blueray Darkes looks at her and with a blank face says, "Try harder sis, I don't think its working".
[9:54] Nemesiis Nightfire tries to hold back from busting into laughter, watching the scene from the corner
[9:55] Jortek Juran caress blue with his feathers
[9:55] Inzzy Reed pokes Nemesiis on the shoulders "Shh, they are trying to cum"
[9:56] Nemesiis Nightfire thinks Jor's ganna get his wings burned off
[9:56] Kishi Bleac grabs blue by the sholders shaking her slightly "you must cum! you must! let jesus save you!" flicks her in the forhead saying "must cum!" in a 'be healed' type voice
[9:56] Nemesiis Nightfire whispers back "em tring, but damn!"
[9:57] Blueray Darkes breaks in to laughter cos it tickles, still laughing while being shook. "Oh GOD YES" Fakes an orgasm, "I'M CUMMING JESUS SAVE ME".
[9:58] Jortek Juran smiles looking the show
[9:58] Inzzy Reed raises an eyebrow
[9:58] Nemesiis Nightfire rocks back falling flat on her ass laughing
[9:59] Inzzy Reed: "Want a smoke now Blueray?" *smiles*
[9:59] Kishi Bleac throws her arms into the air in theatrical championship "the lord be prased! he hast made her CUM!-ith" clowly circles her arms held wide to the hevens
[9:59] Kishi Bleac: *slowly
[10:00] Jortek Juran raises his eyes "thanks Lord, i know that be the closest she has being from a cum"
[10:00] Blueray Darkes pulls out a cig lights it off a flame on her finger, takes a long drag and breathes out the smoke. "Best religious fuck ever".
[10:01] Kishi Bleac: best?" gasps her face dropping in dissapointment "i thought i wass going to be your first..." sniffs
[10:02] Blueray Darkes kisses Kishi on the nose, "First and best sis".
[10:02] Jortek Juran smiles "it seems she has her religious cuming history"
[10:02] Jortek Juran pats on blue´s shoulder "keep tryng hun"
[10:03] Kishi Bleac giggles clapping excitedly "oh goodie" jumps her eyes going wide as she points out towards pix "oh no! a fraggle!"
[10:03] Kishi Bleac: run away!
[10:03] Nemesiis Nightfire wonders why the angel wanted her to cum in the first place
[10:03] Hick Foden waves
[10:03] Blueray Darkes blows smoke at Jortek, "I didn't need to try Kishi made me do it". Sees Pix and laughs.
[10:03] Kishi Bleac dodges hiding behind blue
[10:04] Blueray Darkes is hidden behind
[10:04] Kishi Bleac stage whispers to blue "dont let it get me!"
[10:05] Blueray Darkes nods pullinig a drag on her cig, "Do fraggles eat demons"?
[10:05] Kishi Bleac: i dunno, do they?" tilts her head looking quizically at pix
[10:05] Anjia Chuzen shakes her head at the demons and sighs, "Pix, they are envious of your gorgeous hair."
[10:06] Blueray Darkes whispers, "Maybe it eats dirt"?
[10:06] Pix Cazalet smirks "they do if they're provoked"
[10:08] Blueray Darkes stares at Pix in horror her jaw dropping, she issues a terrified scream running off yelling. "DON'T LET HER EAT US"!!
[10:08] Kishi Bleac's eyes go wide as she bolts south screaming for her life
[10:09] Kishi Bleac shouts: run or your life! head for the hills! fraggle on the loose!

Thursday, 19 June 2008

The older brother I never had

Skyler Hennesy....

A vampire, a long term Shadow who sits on the council. From a rocky start I have formed a bond with this man, this man I feel honoured and glad to call brother. Okay so he sexually teases me a bit, that's fine we're not related by blood.

How I see him is an odd crossed over view, to me he is the older brother I never had in life. There is also the way he teases me, that makes me frustrated at his actions.

My time spent with Skyler has often proved itself to be beneficial, ever kind and most of the time gentle with me. Only becoming forceful when I doubt myself and my skills, or if I even just downtread myself he would punish me accordingly. I have seen little of his personality but what I have been privaleged to see, has led me to believe there is a violent storm under that calm demenour he possess. He like myself enjoys causing shit just for his own amusment, he is also educated and his vision often sees what other people miss. Also his love for his wife is unlimited having no bounds, his whole self changes when he sees her and his words become poetry.

I enjoy his caring attentions when I'm around him, I find myself telling him my worries or asking his opinion on things. Skyler's responses and answers have always been proved right, so in his word I put a lot of trust in to. I remember the times we spent sitting on the pillar by the church, laying across his lap or on him simply to just be hugged or petted.

The older brother I never had....

Skyler Hennesy.

Lulz of the day:

[11:14] Skyler Hennesy: We will see what Jan's babysitter can do.
[11:16] Blueray Darkes giggles softly, "I still can't get over that"
[11:17] Skyler Hennesy: I wonder if we can bribe Atalante with dead bodies to give up some baby pictures of Jan.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Fresh meat

This is not a place for the unprepared, this is not a place for innocent and pure. Lucky for me I already had street smarts, and I could easily find myself a meal or make a niche I can fill in. There is a sort of thrill that goes through the air when new arrivals enter the dark city, I myself have felt it thrum through the air. New ones make the city send out a silent call that only residents seem to answer to, newcomers at the docks come get the fresh meat.

At the time that was what I was, nothing more than new blood a new victem. My first stop was at the local bar, a place called Haven apprently of neutral ground where no violence happened. Dance poles held a new enjoyment for me, I never seen one before and never before had I been able to just walk in to a bar without being thrown out for being a tramp. So I indulged. Using the pole to perform the dances that I often used to earn me change, had attracted me some attention from the patrons. They seemed like regulars here all with haunted looks, their eyes held a history of pain. Its why they are here after all. With the tips I earnt I was able to get rid of my tattered clothes, for an outfit that was newer and more appropriate for my new start.

Lets see how this place deals with the new bitch in town.

Lulz of the day:

[14:47] Blueray Darkes: Double poster spammer
[14:48] Grom Prevost: Don't make me kick your ass...
[14:48] Blueray Darkes bends over and drops her pants to moon him, then pulls them back up running away cackling like a kid on sugar crack
[14:49] Grom Prevost simply blinks.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

The ferry

The ocean is a mass of water I never hoped to cross great distances over again, yet I have started spending time viewing it. I try to visit the mainland to either shop or search for my twin, but always always in vain do I look. Ocean you carried me to this new life, and I thank whatever being that presides over your rule.

There are myths and legends told where I haunted, stories only for campfire tellings really. Toxian City a place forgotten by most of mankind vieled in obscurity, where law and morals have no meaning for the people there live as they wish. The homeless, the poor and the outcasts like myself wanted a better life, I being all three of these things wished nothing more than a better life.

For a while now I had not been alone for Ashura was forever by my side, but I craved something more than to just have a pet. I missed family that one thing I once had that meant anything, and had been wrecked back when I was a mere child. I learnt of things with Ashura that I otherwise would have never known, and they were fun things indeed I learnt well I gathered.

My wanderings while I begged for food and money in order to keep alive led me to the docks, I never really ventured out here there wasn't a point. My attention had been caught by a well dressed man, who was yelling at the top of his lungs with words that promised so much.

"A one way trip to Toxian City, come see the city of promises. A place where you can have a better life, a better future, all your dreams will come true just step aboard the ferry. No fee".

Okay so the better life and no fee had me hooked from the word go, I looked at Ashura he held on to my tattered clothes staring at me with his wide eyes. He didn't want me to go and he didn't want to leave what was familar, I knelt down in front of him and removed his collar. I swear he cried then all he knew was how to be a pet, but I had offered him freedom and now I thrust it upon him. I left him on the docks as I walked on to the ferry in my wolf form, people moved away from like they always did.

"Bloo", he called to me. Just as my footpaw had been placed on the ramp his arms were around my legs, I looked at him petted his head gave him a hug. "Don't go". My heart quailed he looked so sad, I shook my head telling him I needed to do this and what if my brother had already gone ahead. I let him go.

"Ashura when you have gained the courage, come follow me in to the unknown. Until then stay here get stronger, I'll be in Toxia waiting for you then I will take you back".

That was end of it really he stood on the dock watching me get on the ferry, I never looked back after that not even when I was on board. I didn't need to see the past I just wanted to leave it behind.
I never knew how badly a ferry moved upon the water, the constant up and down motion made me violenty sick. For days I was laid up in bed unable to keep anything down, my sickness wouldn't abate til I had gained some sea legs. When I was able to get up I felt extremely weak unsteady on my paws, there were a few kind people who helped me regain my strength and health.

Wandering around on the decks I found members of races I never thought possible, I went among them to learn what they were for we were in for a very long journey. Vampires, demons, cybers, angels, Drow, nekos/felines, mutants, supernaturals and of course werewolves like myself.

Over the travelling I had made friendships with a few Drow and a werewolf female, the Drow taught me their language and culture and I was a quick learner. The werewolf I hung around with was called Narah, and had a lot of fun making some sort of mischief but it was never too bad it was just for giggles. I never did know what happened to those Drow.
Arrival at Toxian City or Toxia as residents call it was uncermanious, the ramp dropped and we were herded off the ferry on to the docks. Upon seeing the state of the place we knew we had been tricked, this was not a city where dreams came true nor would life be any better here than it was where I had come from. The crowd turned surging to the ferry to try and get back on it, the ferryman had some sort of power that prevented anyone from boarding. No pass no trip back.

Narah and myself spent a few days together in the city, but she got sick from living so near to all the chemicals and toxins. In the end she found a way to get a pass to head back on the ferry, but it only takes you as far as the mainland not that she minded. I had met very few people from my few days, and when Narah left I was alone once again but this time in a city ungoverned and unlawed.

Stop looking at the sea least it swallow you in to its watery depths, for the grave it promises is nothing more than choking death.

Lulz of the day:

[16:46] Jonathon Coage: Lieba?
[16:46] Jonathon Coage: O.o
[16:46] Jonathon Coage: Uh oh.
[16:47] Jonathon Coage: RUN DEV!
[16:47] Journey Maertens: who is Lieba??

Monday, 16 June 2008

Me and my shadow

If at first you don't succeed at trying to make it shut the fuck up, then keep on trying it might shut up soon enough. WRONG! The incessant babbling, insults and whining pleads from my shadow drove me up the wall, there were a few times it actually shut up mostly when I was sparring.

Picket's shadow sings to her and Skyler's says to rape people, mine just whined at me and I eventually got fed up with it. Slitting open my wrist I fed it my blood and the change that occured pleased me, now it wants me to kill things so I can feed it blood of others.

With this strangeness of our shadows, it seems Pieter is worse off as in his case it appears he has been swallowed by his own shadow. I hope he comes back soon.

I will kill and spill blood, me and my shadow

Lulz of the day:

[17:09] Jonathon Coage skanks in place and smiles
[17:09] DCS2 2.33: Blueray Darkes OOC: ROFL
[17:09] DCS2 2.33: Blueray Darkes OOC: Jon is a skank XD
[17:09] DCS2 2.33: Jonathon Coage OOC: Pffft! You wish!
[17:10] Salamol Paragon skanks
[17:10] DCS2 2.33: Blueray Darkes OOC: Jon read what you said
[17:10] Grace Staryk: Sal is a skank too.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

My shadow is annoying!

Wotan is a prowler, Wotan is niave, Wotan is a cat.

Wotan admires me and wishes to learn of what and who I am, I have extended to him an invitation to my dark world. He is willing to accept and learn from me all that he can, at first I had shocked him at how I described my reputation is justified. I think though his eagerness to be with me, will in the end be his very undoing and corruption.

Welcome to the parlour said the spider to the fly....

I had warned him what I was like, I even told him the things I enjoy. He ran away from me and returned to Grace's side, he doesn't belong with me he never did.

Atalante a demon of apparently great power, it or he... Ata refers to himself as it and talks in the third person. A powerful demon that used to look after my father Janvier, when he was a child like six years old. We sort of picked on him a little bit, and he got a bit mad. I think we had every right to, we gave up some of our life essence to his babysitter. Now my fucking shadow won't shut the fuck up. IT'S DRIVING ME MAD!!!

Lulz of the day:

[18:37] Rita Inglis shrugs and tries to change the topic, getting the demon's mind off the shado which seems to be anooying her, she remembers you talking about your sire. "So who is the Lord of Shadows?" She asks before taking a slight step back, not knowing what this question might spark, she smiles nervously and immediately regrets asking.
[18:39] Blueray Darkes shrugs as her clothes changed with a mere thought, "You have to find that out for yourself". ~He's an asshole~ Tips her hat to the girl, "I have to go now" ~Asshole demon, a complete and utter bastard~ "Done more for me than you have, I'm gonna find a bright light to stand under". ~Nooooooooo~

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Lesson two

I got no idea why for the life me I collect all these adoring males, surely they know I would gut them soon as I have a reason or the urge to do so? Maybe that is the risk they are willing to take, so be it if I end their lives.

Lesson number two taught by Lorne our current Shadow teacher, this time it was less boring and more exhaustive than the first. We were transported to some plain of existance where our influence, emotions and will become physical, we practised exerting our will on the person we were paired up with. It is a rather normal thing for me to place my will on others, or even upon non living objects. Here everything was magnified and the feel of touching anothers influence thrilled me to my own core, I just wished I had been warned about the emotion part before we got ported. At least then I would have had time to bury what I don't wish others to see, some things are important to hide in order to safeguard yourself.

Vish and Quiet turned me in to a freaking mouse!!!

Lulz of the day:

[21:01] Dundayne Kingsford: Do bear in mind, this was a simple freebie I got permission to rework. The real custom weapons will come soon. I'll be building a utility belt, pda, sidearm, and pissibly working handcuffs.
[21:01] Xelion Graves: 'pissibly?'
[21:01] Ayuven Ihnen nods, brightening a bit.
[21:01] tbone Balbozar: dude you are the man
[21:01] Dundayne Kingsford: Yes, pissibly.
[21:01] tbone Balbozar: lol
[21:01] Xelion Graves: Ok, cool.
[21:02] Dundayne Kingsford: Cause if it doesnt work right, it'll be taking a piss =p

Friday, 13 June 2008

Black day

What a way to start the day......

I woke unusually late like I have been doing all week, something must be draining me of energy and I have to sleep more to recover it. I stumbled my way to Haven to wake up better and stopped dead in my tracks, I'm not saying that I've never seen a Shadow naked on a dance pole before that would be a lie. The fact is I never seen Pieter naked on a dance pole before, sure he's been on it dancing but he was clothed the last time I saw him do it. Picket, Vish and Kishi were there on the stage dancing with him, I took several pictures of Pieter in his birthday or is that deathday suit.

Talk about over loading the nervous system, if I wasn't a demoness I would say I died and went to Heaven. I highly doubt I will ever see Pieter naked again complete with erection, yes I doubt no matter how many times he teases me and makes his outragous claims.

Friday 13th suppossedly the worst day of any month, if you believe in all that superstious bullshit then fine {I have the same view in real life} I think it must have been a bad day for Quiet, she got captured and that doesn't normally happen to her for she's a good fighter unlike me. The Cybers were doing something to her head in the hospital, we got her back but not before they did whatever it was they were doing. We took Seto to the Pit for his "payback", and Aurora is having a mental break down. ~Oh glorious blood that I possess~ Me however I didn't get to injure Seto, I got told to have playtime with my footstool Priest by father. Footstool made the bad choice of pissing father off, and asking if we could release to Seto to him. Ooh bad cos priesty faggot is not even worthy enough to look at father's shoes let alone talk to him.

I had myself a small BBQ with priest as the starter, main course and dessert, I think I will dub him mugworm I liked that insult father called him. In a bid to humilate footstool I made him dress in woman's underwear, then I paraded him around the city asking people to spank him. We ended up in the church where he decided to get uppity with me, I hate the way he calls me Dear heart or Dear one it makes me wanna puke. He keeps trying to appeal to my better nature that isn't even fucking well there, footstool called me an Angel of Mercy and I told him my heritage to refute his claim.

Why do all these future seers seem to think I'm either gonna change for the good of mankind, or just simply have some huge part in some big event? I'm not that important to anyone outside family, simple fact people are overlooking and pissing me off with. He also seems to think I need someone who isn't a Shadow for me to talk to says it will do me good, but if I need to talk then I turn to Skyler. My life, my path, my family!

Stupid fucking priest

Lulz of the day:

15:49] Blueray Darkes: My tail is sensetive
[15:49] Flash Gottesmann wishes he had a recording of blue saying that
[15:50] Blueray Darkes says it louder, "My tail is sensetive!! For some reason everyone wants to grab it or play with it"
[15:50] Flash Gottesmann volunteers
[15:51] Colleen Marjeta: Be glad you aren't bald, Blue. Everybody comes up and rubs Van's head making wishes.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

The slave train

OOC: I know I've been slacking on my blog this week, sorry but real life calls me to it for the first time in two years

They called it a train.

That great metal beast longer than anything I've seen, its body in parts connected to one another by rubber intestines. It ran on wheels along metal tracks that seemed to confine its movements, every time it hurtled through the city station it would scream an unearthly noise unless it happened to stop. It would sit there making a sound like a large cat purring, though it was still it would be just as ready to launch itself forwards with smoke and screeching.

I hated trains.

A year after the gang slaying and I've retracted further from humans, my search for my brother was still on-going but now all signs of him were not to be found. I was giving up hope of ever seeing him again, until I found a crumpled note it said. “Don't worry about me, I'm alive and well”. Needless to say I kept searching, he was my only family.

I spent little time in the station as possible, I preferred the quiet of the graveyards and parks. Less people more nature, and with my animal instincts growing stronger I actually sought out natural areas. Humans such wretched creatures with no care but themselves, fat and greedy they devour everything with their mouths and eyes. They give no pity to those of their own who are less well off than they are, their souls are torpid and rotten they give off the stench of decay and living death. There are exceptions to every rule.

There was an accident at the city train station, a train had come off its tracks. The hurtling beast had twisted off the route, lurching on the concrete platform mowing down those who waited upon it. It was fire and smoke that drew me to the death trap, twisted metal with the air filling with the screams of dyeing and wounded. I jumped down to the wreckage more to see if there was anything useful than to help, as usual I was in my anthropic wolf form and my smell was a good help. Among the wreckage I found several humans manacled to one another, one of them wasn't human at all. I pulled him out in to the open as he smelt different from the others, he didn't seem to be hurt just in shock.

He was an anthropic cat all black and white like a domestic pet, I checked him over for any small injuries. Ashura was what he called himself, said he was a slave for the black market. To be honest I didn't even know such a trade still existed, but it did and he was up for sale at the next auction. I asked him if he ever knew what freedom was, he looked sadly at me as he shook his head with his ears going back. I took pity on him that poor little cat, I offered him freedom by breaking the chains that bound him by force.
However even though I told him to go and do what he wanted now, he trailed after me where ever I went. I told him I had no home or family and nothing at all to offer him, Ashura said he was rised to be a pet and knew no other life even if he is free. Maybe that's why I agreed to take him as my pet, to teach him the value of free will and choice.

Freedom is a valuable commodity!

Lulz of the day:

[19:29] Ashura Caudron: Umm... Missus Shadow, why do ya gots a butt-snake?

[19:29] Blueray Darkes bares her fangs as she smiles, "You understand Alz, a Shadow as an angel blood addict is just dangerous". Looks at Ash, "Its a tail not a butt snake, and I'm called Blueray"

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Burn like fire, flow like water

You can say what you want about me, you can claim what you want about me. Some of those words I will refute, and some of those claims I will dispute. They call me a divine demon, the innocent child, the one whose goodness is buried deep. I will always say fuck that shit, there's no good inside of me none at all.

I can keep my torture tally on one hand so far, those who have been under my knife or suffered my bone breaking habit know too well I can learn more. Delrith, Choi, Alonzo, some angel, a wolf, Shallkon and of course Beth, all have suffered some form of injury from my own hands. Aw but Beth has become my scare toy, I do so enjoy leaping out at her and yelling Boo just to see her jump out of her skin.

Amuses me every time.

People can't seem to figure me out I swing between being nice and bad at perfectly random times, my passion burns like a fire and my personality ever flowing like water. You can't figure me out because when you think you know, I do something completly unexpected.

Lulz of the day:

[14:33] Blueray Darkes: Can't blame me for being a perverted demon
[14:33] Blueray Darkes: Oh wait, ya can
[14:33] Tasuh Setsuko: Aye I can
[14:33] Blueray Darkes: COS ITS SO TOTALLY MY FAULT
[14:34] Picket McDonnell: I blame you for every thing that is wrong yet wonderful in the world Blue
[14:34] Blueray Darkes: I sneezed and created the universe
[14:34] Blueray Darkes: You're all living on a giant booger
[14:34] Picket McDonnell: I thought you farted... that would explain pollution
[14:34] Tasuh Setsuko: I plan to fart and destory it one day

Thursday, 5 June 2008

The dark road

Some people say that certain events in life send them on the path they will follow in the future, and once you're upon it there is no turning back. I think this is where I started....

Summer had arrived in all of her yellow and orange glory, bringing various flower boxes that people owned to life. This type of year was always warm and full of sun, it made me happy just to be alive to enjoy such times. It reminded me that my brother and I had lasted the winter, our reward was the sun that shone down on us. Days like that made me burst in to dance I couldn't help myself, people would pass by or stop to watch my movements. We would put out our tip collection things, I was a self taught dancer it was if I had a music all my own and I had to let it out.

From my street performance we earned a lot of money, more than we had ever gotten before that we decided to buy a proper meal. It was also our birthday we were going to be twenty four years of age, we had survived from our young years to this day becoming street wise along the way. Taken our earnings we went to the nearby cheapest restuarant, we got us a table for two and looked at the menu happily. We order our meal succulent roast chicken, roast potatoes, peas, gravey, yorkshire pudding... Dessert we had this thing called cheesecake, I never knew food could taste so fucking good. Red wine, white wine, champagne, that day we were gluttons...

Wandering along the street to return to our shelter for the night, we heard a noise behind us like that of a large dog. We took no notice of it as it had nothing to do with us at all, the sun was setting colouring the sky with reds and purples. The large dog was trailing us we could hear it behind us all the way to our make shift home, only it wasn't a large dog at all and what we saw changed our lives. It stood upon two legs taller than a human, glowing yellow eyes, a maw full of fangs, two hands baring vicious claws.

Werewolf! The vicious fiend was foaming at the mouth, its grey fur patchy with what looked like disease.

Partak stood in front of me as the thing launched forwards unleashing a blood curdling howl, I couldn't believe it I should be the one fighting not him. I heard a scream I'm not sure if it was mine or his, my brother's blood sprayed to splatter allyway walls. The wolf had mauled him cut him open, fangs and claws used with no heed of what the permanent damage could be. He fell to his knees splashing in to a pool of his crimson fluid, he looked over his shoulder smiling like an angel. So innocent my twin he was going to say something to me, he collapsed and not caring for the danger I was at his side straight away. A claw struck my chest while fangs sunk in to my shoulder, crying to the sudden pain I lept from my brother to confront the beast. Yet nothing else happened, apart from the fact it howled while its yellow eyes rolled in to the back of its head. It keeled over unmoving with foam and blood pouring from its maw, I was going to help my brother but I blacked out.

By the time I came around it was morning, my eyes hurt my head hurt fuck everything hurt. Standing quickly I spun round to check on my twin to see if he actually lived, to my surprise he had vanished and so had the wolf corpse. I had been abandoned by the one person I spent the whole of my life with, he had to have had a reason for leaving me like this to leave me alone. My injuries had healed, I wondered why I showed no signs of a struggle from the previous night.
A year passes I have been searching for my twin in vain, everywhere I go it seems he has been there but is one step ahead. I discovered I can jump higher than ever before, my hearing is so acute I can hear a bee buzzing ten miles away. My eyesight has changed too I can see better but sometimes the colours of the world fade away, my sense of smell was another thing I found interesting. I can track anything or anyone over extreme distances, the best thing of all was my new found strength. Most of that year the time passed quickly as I hunted for Partak and got used to my new skills, I even healed better I found if I got injured I could rest three days and be perfectly fine again.

Nights in the city are lonely now I move shelters more than ever now, hoping to find him at least one of them I was sleeping at a different place every night. My my shelter for the night had become gang territory, I was unaware of this as I walked up to it with hands in the pockets of my tattered pants. A gang mainly consisiting of guys my own age were around me in a predatory circle, my instinct was to growl at them in warning which, made them laugh. Arrogant bastards! I could have stayed to fight them all specially with my strength, I decided I'd rather not hurt them all so I ran. Unfortunantly they followed with loud whooping calls, its odd to see humans hunt in a pack. A disorganised pack but they were one in every description of the word, they were hunting me thinking me to be nothing more than a helpless woman to do whatever they wanted to. I had fled in to a dead end and this is me for fucks sake I know this city, so how the fuck had I ended up in an ally that had no wall for me to leap over? Fuck knows but I was cornered the gang blocked my escape route, they were drawing weapons mostly knives but one had a chain whip. Great! I got no idea whether it was adrenaline or fear or perhaps a combination of both, but the pain that struck sent me screaming doubled over then writhing on the ground. My god it was painful feeling every single muscle and bone in my body twist, my body was changing I screamed louder to each new wave of agony. When I could finally stand I looked at my hands, then up my arms in slow fashion I looked myself over then my tail flicked. Wait! For starters I had claws I had grown a god damn fluffy tail, my ears were now on top of my head. Not to mention the fact I was covered head to toe in black fur, my legs looked different oooh don't forget the fangs.

I stepped forwards with nothing but a low threatening snarl in my throat, the gang backed up looking like they had second thoughts on attacking me now. A howl broke free it ripped the air like a heated blade, the howl came from me and I had no thought in my head other than to kill these fuckers. Now I was the hunter running after the ones who are now hunted, I got each and every one of them in turn. Disembowling, tearing out their throat I didn't care how I slaughtered them I just knew I wanted to, to be honest I seriously got thrills of joy to end their pathetic existance. I enjoyed killing them to tear them apart to let their blood flow in retribution for their thoughts and actions, I was a wolf a hunter and my first hunt was a good one. While my victory howled over the streets, I actually fed well that night upon human flesh. A taste one can get used to.

Yes its true I killed with dark intent, but I could care less they deserved it. On that night my path took an odd turn, everything around me got darker so much darker than before. Humans are easy to hunt... Hehehehehe

Lulz of the day:

9:10] Grom Prevost: No blowing up Tox now...
[9:10] Blueray Darkes: Damn
[9:10] Blueray Darkes: Blue don't rape the eyeball, Blue don't blow up Tox.. I can't do anything
[9:11] Grom Prevost: Hahaahah
[9:12] Blueray Darkes: I hate you, you're so unfair
[9:12] Grom Prevost: Pfffft what are you gonna do about it?
[9:12] Blueray Darkes storms up to her room, slams the door and turns on some loud obnoxious rock music.
[9:13] Grom Prevost shouts up the hall, "You'll learn when you have your own kids someday!"
[9:14] Blueray Darkes screams, "SHUT THE FUCK UP"!!

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Lost and found

I found my pet Ashura looking like a human and wandering the streets, he has no memory of who and what he was. He dubbed me the Blue Shadow and just generally acted retarded, I went to Delrith to get him to explain what had happened to my pet.

With no complete conclusion I took Ashura to the Voodoo shop, I had hoped to get his memory back but no luck. The Coven can't do anything for him without hurting him, I left irritated that they failed.

I had chocolate... Good mm

Lulz of the day:

[20:10] DCS2 2.33: Blueray Darkes OOC: Whats with all the shapes?
[20:11] Pisces Ferraris: they're trying to be 'alternative' and 'different'))
[20:11] DCS2 2.33: Blueray Darkes OOC: Bunch of squares if you ask me
[20:12] Belladonna Arbizu: ((*dies from the PUNishment))

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Have fun

What the hell Pix?

The red haired woman with odd wings who was only just taller than Colleen, stormed up to me to spout various insults in order to make me shoot her. I had no intention of doing such a thing even if I do hate her with a passion, she wanted an easy way out and I don't cater to the fucking cowards of this city.

Giving Pieter a few teasing hugs and adding more information to the bloodbath event, I ran off to enjoy the lineage of my bloodline. Being as there are not very many humans in Toxia, most other races will become blood targets too. Though I'm a demon most vampires tend not to feed on me, on the exception of those who have a liking for demon blood like Pieter does. Oooh but I got that bad blood that is really not good for anyone's health, I found two Dimentox spawnlings who I offered myself up to as a meal. Both of them drank from me like two hungry fools, I refuse to feed KA or anyone else for that matter I'm not a blood doll. The way I see it I was going to get something good out of this terrible event, what better way than to make Dime brats see horrible demonic creatures.

Long as they don't come for vengence or anything

Again I see that winged shorty outside Haven as I was leaning against a lamp post, I had just finished picking on Komali til she was red in the face with yelling obsenceties at me. Hippi and I were talking when Pix comes up to me and says sorry, sorry for insulting me because she wanted to de-stress and she thought she had been out of line. I informed her that the only time I fight her would be when I have reason, other than the fact that I dislike her greatly. She seemed happy by that, ugh at this rate I will be known as nice. Fuck that!

Corrupting Nich.. Hehehehe

Lulz of the day:

[15:28] Colleen Marjeta: But things are weird at our end of town. Janvier's going around being nice.
[15:28] Journey Maertens: Really!?!?!
[15:28] Colleen Marjeta: Yes. Really.
[15:28] Journey Maertens: Is he singing show tunes too?

Monday, 2 June 2008

The bloodbath is gone

In a passing conversation between Ben and Portia they mentioned The Elders, I asked Lorne if he knew what or who they are but he had no idea.

Meanwhile at the K-Tox radio station Vish was Djing for the city, she was cured of her nightmarish visions my blood had caused her. Father had his fun at the station by playing what ever song he felt like, that finished off Vish's shift rather nicely before father went to go kill things. Pieter on the other hand stayed behind a little bit, I did not appreciate him saying I enjoy being raped. Such a thing is still too close to the surface for me, he pissed me off I refused to give him what he wanted. Besides can't rape the willing, but when it is actually forced it ruins a person....

What did he mean anyway? Was he trying to suggest I actually found pleasure in what the Pack did to me? To be perfectly honest I was in no mood after that little talk to even ask him, and most likely I never will in case my blood boils.

Red moon....

Kindred Alliance lost the blood bath due to an attack, Pack and other werewolves blew it up. KA are infuriated and have vowed to feed upon the citizens to show their wrath, all wolves are now in danger and hunted for their actions. I have tried to gain protection of those in my family, they had nothing to do with it and I hope the KA leave them be. This goes well beyond their own group for we ourselves have vampires in our ranks, plus when Nikita finds out I really don't want to be a wolf on the recieving end of her anger.

Skyler believes that this was orchestrated by Dimentox in revenge for the KA abandoning him when he got murdered, I'm not sure about this but I have been prone to trust in his words for he often speaks true. On the other hand Quillis swears blind the red moon once every year drives instinct, Werewolves will rise against vampires and fight them for the enslavement they suffered centuries ago.

However.. it seems once again Skyler was correct.

Lulz of the day:

[16:41] Blueray Darkes: Nutbar
[16:41] Pontifex Janus: violent pizza?
[16:41] Blueray Darkes: No, you're a nutbar
[16:42] Pontifex Janus: And you're violent pizza!

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Shooting has never been so much fun

Toxia is quiet, too quiet and I once mentioned its like the calm before a storm.

Something is brewing something big, its trouble and its not me causing it. For whatever reason Omega resurrected Dimentox, he took back his soul from the KA leader. There are new vampires appearing known as Dime's children, they say the city is owned by them and they will prove it. Foolish really the city is owned by my family, and I won't stand for this nonsense from those brats. They say they are The Reckoning and follow Dimentox blindly, I know the old stories from those who were born and rised in Toxia... I know the old stories from those who have lived long enough in this place, perhaps these "children" should be told who it was that brought the city to its current state.

I guess in a bid to rid ourselves of boredom while we do our normal tasks set upon us, we had a shoot out and promptly created a pile of bodies that were ours and that of Vish a Righteous. We were uncermoniously dragged in to the Vets for healing, once done we went out on to the street and did it all over again. What made it funnier in my own eyes was that I had bled upon a demoness and upon Vish, both began to see things no one else can and caused mayhem. Vish went on her own shooting spree injuring anyone in her way, to see her take down Journey and Bruno just really made my day.

All good things come to an end as Jason took Vish down, course being how I am when told to cage her I did so and "forgot" to take her guns off her. This entire commotion had called many to gather at the vets, Salamol stood upon the roof discussing with Journey that perhaps Vish had been doing drugs. Tut tut bad Vish! Rau also showed up and made the suggestion that one day, she will test the theory of whether I can die or not.

The shootings involved Kishi, Ava, Quiet, Tanika, Vish and myself. Helped out by Keanna, Journey, that random demoness, and Choi... Though she refused to do anything to help Shadows, and left me to bleed on the road. Keanna told her to grow a heart haha.

Yeah..... Toxia is quiet, too quiet. The calm before a storm.

Lulz of the day:

[19:39] Vishous Nightfire: lol oy Choi is saying it only lasts 2 days :P
[19:40] Blueray Darkes: Lol I guess but.. Blue's blood is more potent than Jan's, its been said in RP by Picket and Pieter. If you want two days of madness fine, angel blood is a quick cure
[19:41] Vishous Nightfire: oy.. tahts what Choi is saying.. im just saying don't any of them know the cure is angel lbood?
[19:42] Blueray Darkes: Alzreal has cured it before, he would have been the only Righteous to know
[19:42] Blueray Darkes: Only he's a Shadow now
[19:42] Vishous Nightfire facepalms
[19:42] Blueray Darkes: You're screwed
[19:42] Vishous Nightfire: lol...lovely
[19:43] Vishous Nightfire: I can handle this for 2 days
[19:43] Blueray Darkes: We got cages in the Pit
[19:44] Vishous Nightfire facepalms
[19:45] Blueray Darkes giggles