Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas

Its been a long time again since I got this journal out, while I'm sitting here at Asylum I might as well write something. I can never find the time anymore I'm always busy but this just means bigger updates, anyway its Christmas now here in Charm and its my first one. Only I'll be spending it alone I guess...

The storm that hit us last week plunged us in to darkness as it took out the electricity, food is running low there hasn't been any supply trucks to the city for a while now. To top it all off there are some sort of weird ghosts in the snow, it sings and stops your magic from working. One of them attacked me it left a burning handprint on my throat, Leif healed it its scarred but barely visible but its strange that it scarred like that. The thing had entered the manse it was looking for someone, I won't mention any names its all sacred vampire business. That's what is happening currently here in the city, I miss my family I don't know where they've gone. I miss Alastor too but Leif says he's staying warm at his house, they have a fireplace that must be nice and cosy.

Oh right if its dark how am I writing in the first place? Well for now the magic works so I made a fireball to see by, I'm at the bar with pen in hand and a bottle of vodka nearby. Lets get in to the what's been happening to me since my last entry.

Kalium fell after Zekkiel left as the Prince it took only two weeks, this was right after I won the Battle Royale of magic only. I beat a mage. However my prize had been rigged to unleash a potion that made everyone in to their true form, you bet none of us were pleased at being angels again in anyway. Alastor was the grumpiest of the lot of us at the feathers he had got, luckily it didn't last long and soon after the new Prince fled after he tore the faction apart. You can bet we got a lot of vampires joining us for a while, until the tattered remants of it were being pulled back together again. Then they all left. It has slowly been rebuilding ever since, I'm sure it will be full glory again once more.

Not too long ago just last month in fact I had the Exalted coming after me, demanding to know about my sword and telling me Shiloh wishes to speak with me. Two of them I sent packing both injured and had been waiting for the next wave of angels to come after me, it was as if the action had dried up and I got disappointed in the fact they stopped. In the meantime I suppose there is a traitorous Efreet to hunt down and kill, I will be extremely pleased when I finally achieve that goal.

Yeah... Spending Christmas alone today, Merry fucking Christmas.

Lulz of the day:

[13:00]  Blueray Darkes: Its hot chocolate
[13:01]  Blueray Darkes: Will there be marshmellows in it?
[13:01]  Dr. Zekkiel Zerundi: Come now.  This is the Kalium.  Of course there will be marshmallows.  We're not savages!

Friday, 2 November 2012

Too much work

I guess I finally got some time today to write in here, its been weeks I reckon since my last entry. As usual so much happens its hard to keep track of what is going on, for instance the biggest thing that happened was Annika left and Alastor is now in charge. Who gets to be shoved from the council to his second? I do! Like I didn't have enough to worry over or focus on, then he's there with his damn spade shoveling on more work.

Lately its all been work work work and I miss the old Alastor the one that would stop work for just a few minutes to indulge me, rather than just keep on working and being all serious face. A smile, a hug, a touch of comfort, something to let me know he's not as cold as he portrays. I suppose though he needs to be, now more than ever danger is present and we must try to keep that demeanour. I'm not so good at it being an emotional being and highly hot tempered, we had no threats before now not any serious ones anyhow. With this appearence of Shiloh the threat level went up and the angels are more active, we no longer have time to dally off and do what we like we have to focus. So I've been working, always working but getting drunk on the sly. Or getting drunk at the club when Alastor keeps filling my glass on request.

What is this about Leif? That fucking pansy ass is always trailing along behind him, according to the General he's the personal aide. He didn't need a personal aide he has an Abaddon two of them in fact, pick one and use them but don't bring in some shit head of an angel with no backbone. That's not the only change there are others, some I aint gonna mention because it would be silly to put it in; in case someone finds it. Never put it in the same place twice anyway! Bunch of vampires with us now ever since the change in Prince happened, you got no idea how overjoyed I am at having Zekkiel closer to hand. So much to repay him for, so few ways I can.

In the meantime I should stop getting drunk specially with Shiloh continously trying to get me in to his office, alone I might add and that's scary in itself but he says he wants to know me. Must avoid Shiloh at all costs, I don't want to forget myself or forget my family.

Lulz of the day:

[15:44]  Duncan O'Malley fucks off on his wings of glory, not really caring who is around to see.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Under pressure

I woke up too early this morning, but what do you expect when I can't really sleep?

The last week has been hectic to the point I've had so much pressure put upon me, I actually found a new breaking point for myself. I'm getting ahead of instead explaining what happened...

You see after I left Akiel that day when he took Minna away I did some more training, and got heckled by that prick of a demon Uri who is now dubbed Squiggles. The day after some of our allies showed up, I know I've been charged with training an army but our allies too is a bit much. Needless to say I got in to the swing of it inspecting them, Alastor was getting mad as Shinya was dropping maggots all over the lobby. I was leading them outside when some lycan idiot blew the fucking door out, then the lobby was full of lycans and dust and rubble and a blow up door. There was this huge battle, Oriax became a massive golem and made the bull come alive. Alastor captured Akiel, the rest of us captured any stragglers and that will teach you to attack demons on their home ground. MORONS!

I wonder where Annika is I haven't seen her since I made the golem blow up in temper at the lab, she kissed him I don't know why none of us know why. She's our general now she's meant to be around for these battles, but she's not been around I miss her. Sigh... Rules for the prisoners were established right off the bat, Alastor declared me his second and I wondered why that happened. I mean he's been putting a lot of pressure on me lately, master order to make chaos like I did for getting us to win our fight. Its not just that its now all this train the Furies, train the demons, make an army...

Tortured two of the lycans over the weekend one being Shae, the other being Jacqueline who unlike Shae really doesn't like pain all that much. In between these tortures I fed energy to Uri to get him to ward the Veritas building, so its no wonder with no rest and no food I became unhinged. This means I tend not to think straight either, insanity is never an excuse but I got it in bucket loads. Reeling from the fact I gotta stay home and not visit the manse, barely any sleep as I have to teach the training sessions and lack of food. I did something only the insane would do. Akiel has now been possessed by a demon called Aviel, in order to keep the vampires in the loop I took him to the dungeon. Course what did I expect when I show up with the alpha of the lycans? Oh man they drew weapons and were prepared to kill him on the spot, I showed him back out then went to see Zekkiel who was mad at me.

I broke then... I wonder if its all the extra work and everything else that made me break down and cry, or merely the fact I realised I screwed up so bad. Ugh there are times I really hate emotions and stress, this was one of them as I'm a demon I shouldn't be crying my eyes out. Zekkiel says I'm being overworked this has made me unwell, I explained to him everything that's going on and he like a lot of other people say. “Its alright Blueray you'll do an excellent job, you can do it.” If they all got together and broke out in to song, they could sing I believe I can fly or some other mushy shit they can think of.

I'm rather lost right now I don't know if I can do it all the time, one battle doesn't mean I'm cut out for this. I'm not allowed to fail I have to succeed in it all, I got no idea why I'm even in this position at all. Seriously I'm an insane monster who enjoys chaos whether by plan or by chance, here I am being forcibly tempered by a golem who loves order in every sense of the word. Do I have a big I'm fucking broken, please fix me sign on my forehead or something?

Anyway I left him a report, I'm merely awaiting his punishment now.

Lulz of the day:

[21:34]  Denenthorn Masukami: yeah that Lorne... such a cock.... oh wait oh my
[21:34]  Lorne Harlequin: hesays, as lorne appears in his cockless form
[21:34]  Pontifex Jenvieve: So...
[21:34]  Denenthorn Masukami: quoted

Thursday, 30 August 2012

The long winded entry

I'm going to start with last weekend that Zekkiel returned home but still had a limp, he was mostly healed and everyone in the manse was happy to see him back. He came home at perfect timing it was also him who set up this baby shower, the shower was held on Sunday and I vow I have never seen so much pink. I hope I never see that much again, my fucking eyes burned. There was showering in baby blood that disappointed me, but I did manage to scare the shit out of the albino human. Cute as she is I couldn't help myself! Earlier in the week I had invited Alastor to the party in order for him to meet Zekkiel, I knew the prince would want to see the new second in command. As predicted though Alastor pissed him off, shouldn't be surprised the man pisses me off to no end. Clover tried blood bonding me to stop me from eating her baby, and Alastor had a run in with Elijah because the golem looks a lot like Adin... Maybe that's Oriax's fault...

Right after the baby shower there was a sacred ritual that I got invited to, I attended it in mask and robes among other Kalium members who had been invited also. I was the only outsider among them I really shouldn't call myself that, after I became the ambassador the vampires have been a second family to me. I should perhaps say honoured guest? The ritual was to sacrifice the mage known as Talaith for her crimes against Zekkiel and the Kalium, we shed our blood to spill upon the floor and all of us but one offered up forgiveness for her crimes. She blew up the prince she doesn't deserve forgiveness, besides that shit is for angels to do as demons don't forgive. Right before she died completely the walls and floors bled, and a dreadful prophecy fell upon our heads that the prince would kill his entire household and burn the manse down. I don't believe in such shit he was the one man keeping the manse and vampires going, anyone who believes the dieing words of a mage is a fool. Though I have become curious about their blood god and wish to learn more, its references like these along with the name Lydia that make me curious about this cursed race.

During the week I made a vow to Clover to not eat her child or family, I even got down on one knee and said my true name. Only Clover heard it as Yui was preoccupied with sexually tormenting Pusher, who did seem to like it a lot and I've become worried if the woman is woman at all or man trapped in a woman. Mostly because Pusher had a strap-on on... There was a meeting between demons and the lycans Akiel and Sayde in order to discuss war, Alastor has decided to base this war on our alliance with vampires and the fact Pack tortured me. According to Akiel the Pack alpha those who tortured me are no longer pack, the declaration of war is void and moot but needless to say the report loving golem pursued the war like a dog in heat. Once the two had left Oriax gave me my own pet rock to keep, he told me this one talked a lot and it will help me hear it a lot easier. Its a smooth obsidian stone, I called it Oliver as the name starts with an O as does the type of stone it is. Oliver now rests in my belt pouch near my hip at all times, except when I've shifted. Alastor makes Oliver scream at me... I was also told to babysit our new librarian called Nigel, if I could spit fire I would have done.

Walter finally manifested. In case you don't know Walter is a skull in the candy jar, on display in the manse's parlour, he has now gotten himself a ghostly body in order to float about the manse sucking up sanity like a Cthulu. When I met and spoke with him I could feel my sanity slipping away every minute, sanity is a precious thing to me yes I enjoy being in my madness but recently I've needed to stay sane. The release of the sane boundaries was a small blessing for me, I perhaps needed the break more than I let on in the first place. I've decided I only love Walter for his skull and madness, for there is little else he can offer except companionship. He's a ghost he can live with it!

There are some things that even I'm unwilling to write about. I will omit these for the benefit of myself mostly, I will say that I was ecstatic when Uri got hurt in the battle against the Abyssal demons. I'm even happier we injured several angels in the process of that battle, but they can't do shit about it as we were attacking the invaders too. Collateral damage birdies! Uri has a new tentacle form I have dubbed him Squiggles, I also now refuse to raise to his bait as I got more important things to do. I will also say that Narci came up to me to ask if I could sneak him in to the manse to look at teasets as he's looking to buy, he wanted to check their worth before even considering buying anything. I thought nothing of it and suggested if he wanted to see them that badly, then I can get him through the door in an honest fashion rather than a deceitful one. Anything to make sure our alliance stays strong, I'm just glad he didn't get us killed by Yui when he told her she has grey hairs!!! Along the same lines of that oddness, Lix asked me if I knew any Charm celebrities so she can get their autograph.

Shinya is a nosferatu from the manse it was an odd thing that he invited me to come break the mind of his childe Thursday, I was more than happy to aid him in this as Thursday's snivelling after the ritual pissed me off. As I was about to head off to Thursday's apartment Oriax appeared being spat out of the pavement, he looked worse for wear since I adore the imbued greatly I went to assist him. However he said he needed to eat me and my magic was torn from me like taking candy from a baby, also at the time Nigel was trying to leave Veritas without a bodyguard. I had enough to deal with so let him off the hook and took Oriax home wit the help of Lula, Nigel decided he was annoyed at being babysat and returned to the Veritas library. Oriax informed me he ate my magic as he needed to, I got little else out of him and made him go to sleep as he sank in to the ground he says “Don't let the lycans.” Don't let them what? Done with that I proceeded on my original course to the apartment and met up with Shinya, Vector and Rina. Thankfully my magic had returned some by the time we began breaking Thursday's mind, it took a long time and a lot of her screaming I was pretty much drained at the end of it. So you can understand when I passed the garage and Akiel decided I wasn't worth the attack, lycans are pretty odd if he had been a demon he would have attacked anyway. Akiel said he was going to poke things up my butt, I hope that never happens.

With a week of peace between us and lycans Alastor saw fit to ask me to start training everyone in Veritas, a heavy task I was unsure I would be able to accomplish but had to do anyhow. He also asked me to stay at Veritas more and to stop spending most of my time at the manse, he knows my job there is important but right now I got things to do. Task set I was committed to it... Zekkiel finally managed to leave the manse to come see our lab, he was awed by its magnificence and extremely pleased we had such an awesome lab. I made Lula our new hell-hound recruit stick around to meet Zekkiel, I'm trying to get her to overcome her bred in hate and its going to take some time. I might have to take her to the manse with me on occasion when I go for official business, I want to see how far I can push her before she shifts and goes rampaging. After the lab I took Zekkiel down to the dungeon as Alastor had made Oliver scream once again, I led my dear friend down to where we're keeping Shamus. Shamus is a lycan one of the LeBlancs and currently gracing our cells, because Alastor wanted a pet so he collared him. We arrived while the golem was torturing Shamus and found out it was him who gave the layout of the Pack den, hearing him scream so loudly got me pent up and that made me angry. Same thing happened at the ritual after the prince tore out Talaith's heart, only I didn't deal with it I took it out on Thursday by slamming her against a wall. Zekkiel saw I was getting angry as before I went off to go sleep he gave the finger he had been wearing, he thanked me for showing him around and said I shouldn't be angry. If he only knew my anger came from my frustrations perhaps he would understand, I got all serious, bowed and told him he was welcome it really was a pleasure to show him my home. I found a place to sleep but before that I had to relieve some pressure.

We almost caught the traitor Minna but she managed to be taken away, mostly because Akiel showed up and for some reason he seemed to be more powerful than usual. I really didn't want to tangle with him as one I didn't want demons injured, and two I didn't want me injured either as I had a training session to do. From what I could see of the alpha if I fought him today I would have been seriously injured, and possibly have something up my arse curtsey of a hell-hound. Alastor missed the training session even though he was meant to be a target, for some reason he never showed up for the entire day and that's odd as he loves his paperwork more than himself. Not many showed for the training either but I taught those who did turn up, it was rather successful and I'm really pleased with Kali's progress. I recruited a greyman it was then that the bloody golem showed up acting grumpier and weirder than normal, course this pissed me off specially when he tells me he'll buy me shirts that fit.. I like this shirt. The reaction I got out of him about what Uri did two months ago was a shocker, the entire ground re-acted to his anger that's something I've never seen before. Even though he was being entirely weird we agreed to do the Veritas warding and tactics talk tomorrow, it will probably be done after the day's training session.

So much to do...

Lulz of the day:

[18:36]  Blueray Darkes: Walter isn't gay though
[18:36]  Dr. Zekkiel Zerundi: I can talk to straight people.  Geez.
[18:36]  Dr. Zekkiel Zerundi: Wait a minute...
[18:36]  Dr. Zekkiel Zerundi: I'm arguing about the sexuality of a skull....with Blueray.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Giant flying fish monsters, bombs, losses and promotions

Zekkiel is gone...

An hour before the demon meeting I was at the manse, at last time to get my wings fixed but time had other plans. There's a loud explosion as a bomb goes off, I remember looking at eachother then going to his office. Course I had to go in to that metal box and I freaked out, but I think the situation helped keep me level headed. Almost.

The entire office was a wreck soot from the bomb everywhere, a large hole blasted the wall and door that led on to his balcony. Yui was in the rubble injured and passed out, right next to her was Zekkiel's sword, monocle, flesh and blood. I didn't think there's enough of it to suggest he got exploded, it was only a small part so maybe just maybe he's alive somewhere. Only no one else is thinking that way at all, they're all thinking he's dead and maybe he is but I want to hope he's alive. I've had enough losses already that wound my heart though I never admit it, Mephis is gone out in to the wastes probably dead, Vincent is gone too but that loss cuts the Prince as well. I'm not sure if Berith is gone or not, but his absence affects me also in a way.

I helped to move Yui to the infirmary down in the crypts I said a few quick goodbyes, told Fiona to start organising help for those who might be injured then I had to go. The demon meeting bought up news of another loss, Sam had left us and there was no reason given as to why. Despite his emotionless attitude I like Sam, I know his leaving was hard on Annika whether she admitted it or not. We got a new second his name is Alastor I never seen him before until today, I also got a promotion I'm on the council now as head of the Furies. I got people to train now too! Once that was done I gave my news of the flying fish monster that attacked me, and that Zekkiel is gone presumed dead or missing. Faust is pretty ill he keeps throwing up, this is why I hate human hosts. They're so fucking gross.

After the meeting I found Kigh standing around with Myrrine, some emo looking fag I seen before and a giant ass-twat. Kigh hadn't even gone home yet so I had to tell her what happened, the re-action was instant she got all emotional on me. Then she dumps the whole lot on me for me to eat and thank fuck I've been starving, I been out for a whole week not even fed so this was a bonus. Anyway I took her home to find out I was telling the truth, I wonder how many more people are in mourning. I hope Valen is keeping things under control until Yui is healed, thinking about it Yui would know if he died or not. She was there when it went off... I'll ask her later.

Lulz of the day:

[16:24]  Blueray Darkes: Dom got hungry thinking of  handjobs...
[16:25]  Spicy: Thats your cue, Blue
[16:26]  Blueray Darkes: No I won't go make him a sammich
[16:26]  Dominic Darkmatter: lolol

Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Its early morning I can tell because the manse is quiet, though I think I've been screaming again. Shit... I'm not supposed to be screaming at nightmares, I'm not supposed to have nightmares either. Fuck just fuck. I think I'm out of it really I do that pain I went through, yeah most demons would take it in their stride I guess. I'm an emotion addict and I eat sin, emotions run rampant that much I

Annika and Samual mean well but they are emotionless so don't understand things on the same plain I do, I honestly can't handle human emotion all that well. No one is around for me to talk to right now, I slide off the couch to say good morning to the skull Walter. He just sits there grinning he's no help either useless bastard! Walking is a bit tough still as my healed body is stiff, I aint surprised its stiff I had to have skin regrown, bones fixed, talons regrown. That shit aint easy to do not even for Zekkiel.

Sore all over too... Ugh and these nightmares really? I'm just re-living it all like I'm some sort of screwed up human, I need to talk to someone, anyone I want to be understood. I want help to understand these... feelings. I'm not scared don't be silly. Pain all I feel is pain not as bad as before, but spikes of it still stab through the human host I inhabit. My wings still need fixing that will have to be done soon, I can't fly right now not that I'm going anywhere soon. Too weak to really move far without having a date with the floor, the floor seems to be happy about this. Sadly the floor isn't huggable...

After I've made this sandwich and eaten it I'm going back to the couch, might as well pass out again and hope no one sits on me. I hate being alone though I've been alone for centuries, I should make amends with Edeline or something. I know how she feels to be alone all the time, its not fair on her that I picked on her but she made it so easy. I think I will get a pie dish when I wake up again.

Clover is due soon...

Lulz of the day:

[13:30]  Yui Senjouhara: That kiss was so good, we gave him a ghost a boner.

Monday, 11 June 2012

He did what?

[Fallen world]

I've had one hell a day yesterday that's for sure, I had found the Rev in order for me to exact some vengence. Things didn't go as planned at all, the mutated thing that he is had skills I was unaware of. Sure I've seen him melt in to fridges and walls, but I had no idea he could try to fuse with living things. That's what happened. Soon as I was going to wrench an arm off he became an oozing mass, that wriggled its way in to my host's body. Once inside he explode some of my organs, not massively important ones but they had their own things that are dangerous for the body when let out. I used fire to cover my body to burn him out, he came out of my back causing several holes that bled profously.

Unlike some of my kin I don't leave the host until its dead, it takes me forever to change back as I got to get the legs fixed. Sadly the more I shift and break the bones the more calcium builds up around the bones, by that time the host would be unable to walk and it would be time to get a new one. I'm always loathe to leave a host it provides me with a shell, along with an anchor that usually keeps my mind somewhat stable. The Rev and I ended up badly hurt me from my internals and holes, him from the fact he was so badly burnt. That didn't stop us we were going to carry on fighting til one of us gave up, I won the battle by impaling him on earth spikes but not before he got an axe in to my neck. Just about as I was going to finish him off for good, some people showed up to stop me and began to protect him.

One of them was a cloud or mist I can't remember but I think she was the nun, I seen that same form in the library in the haze of red I saw for days because of the red light. There was a winged woman proberly an angel, and some pink haired chick I remember calling a tadpole. The mist threatened to sufficate me, I threw myself off the edge of the building I'd been fighting on. That's when Annika found me with the mist woman standing over me going to make good on her threat, don't worry grey cloud I'll remember you and then you're going to get it. Annika had scared the woman away thank fuck for that, then I saw Uri was with her that arrogant, fucking bastard. Was not up for his crap today at all... And yes I'm a badass but you try being in a host body with EXPLODED ORGANS!!! I guess he knew how badly I was fucked up on the inside due to that because he stopped making snide remarks, Annika told him to start healing me but all he could manage was to scab me over and stop the internal bleeding via holding my stuff together.

I mean okay we've been butting heads for a while now showing eachother we can both be mind fucked, the fact is if I really wanted to I could unleash half the city on him and be done with it all. Why go to all that effort for just one demon? He gave up what he could to keep my host going, Annika finished it off telling me I would be sore for a few days so no shifting or fighting... She's right about that my body aches but its the ache I can live with at least, then she drops a bomb on Uri and I telling us we got to work together. Work together?! Okay I mean I know she wants to capture a couple of people, but seriously work with that arsehole? He doesn't even want my help or my contacts, he thinks I'm just some ingrate that he can kick around like a football. Well fine if he comes BEGGING for my help I might give it to him, I don't have much of a choice really I owe them both and Annika is an elder Fury...

I really hate my life.

Lulz of the day:

[17:12]  Roan Lighthouse shouts: I don't think you understand... THAT GIRL RUINED SOME OF MY INTERIOR WITH HER VAGINA!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Lost, found, alone

[The Fallen world]

Down there, down there its terrible. I'm surrounded by four walls with no way out, its dark there's no light, there's no sound, no contact from others who had been thrown down from heaven. I was alone. I remember screaming, throwing myself against the walls, clawing at the surfaces with nails that had become claws. All the while I screamed as I tried to get out.  How long did I rage at being captive? How many days, weeks, years, centuries? I'm considered a danger to everyone because I been made psychotic, suppose they were right as I injured myself frequently on the unforgiving walls. Strange how one loses all sense of time, and in it has a complete loss of sanity once and for all. A gibbering wreck wanting blood, alone in the dark surrounded by four walls.

I forgot myself, I forgot heaven, I forgot my name.

My purpose however remained.

Chaos, blood shed, pride...

And then... Everything cracked open, I crawled out to the surface world. A place ripe with sin, emotion and order I wanted to smash.

Many things have happened since I got out of Hell. My first host was a lovely creature, she was not easily subdued however and I merely slumbered. I think she knew she was no longer alone in her own body, but acted normally despite my presence at the back of her mind. I needed time to gain strength from my long imprisonment on my own, while she wandered around I slept, gained information, I grew. I was happy to be free. However she ended up being smacked upside the head with a hammer carried by a red headed woman, that was when I was able to wake up to take over the body to shift it to my form crafted by my time in the cell. Safe to say that woman hadn't expected to be attacked by one such as myself, though still weakened I managed to put up a good enough fight. A house is now minus one window.

Over the course of my time on the surface I have gotten in to trouble which, is a most delicious thing to do. I have found I like to eat pride, pride links with wrath when wounded, and someone who prides their appearence often makes lust. I hate lust. I had been on my own trying to find others who were like me, not the angels for though we were once kin they are now hated. Like how human families always have one disgusting uncle, they exile him from their presence. That is what it is like with the angels, those twats who stayed in heaven to blindly follow God. Fights were a common thing, I was chasing a man who resemembled a beast known as a pig a thing domesticated by humans. I was shot by some interfering woman who I then attacked til she misted, insane at the time I didn't bother to question it so intense was the need to hurt something.

I also tangled with two groups of angels at two seperate occasions, the last encounter ended up with the loss of my host. I was forced to flee it to find another for me to take over, lest I go back to the depths from where I came from. Oh there was this amazing demoness called Sasha I forget her full name, but she invited me to visit Veritas where the demons live! In the porn shop used to be Crio but she's gone now, I miss Crio I also miss Berith or Pieter that I met. He helped me out after I got chocolate in my hair, because for some reason I thought a chocolate teapot would make a great hat. We all hung out together to do all sorts of crap, it was fun but they're gone now and Pieter is in some other faction. I think he ate the demon that was in him, Missy wouldn't explain it.

Missy is a lust demoness she likes to get all hot and bothered, when ever she's getting naughty I don't want to be around. Her lust is forcefed to me that makes me horny, I have no wish to go copulate with some poor sap. That's what tails are for. Mephis and Oriax are a couple they both have their amusing qualities, in order to keep up to date with news I got my self employed in to their services. Aegis Security what a perfect job! Oriax is occasionally annoying he keeps trying to convince me to do dirty things with him in alleyways, recently he's taken to try leaping on to my back after the stones incident. He's... "Special". Mephis is the more sane of the two but I have noticed he can go a bit nuts as well, I've grown on that demon like a cancerous growth but Mephis is a good friend. Anyway I'm going off track I think. There was this other demon called... I will recall his name when I see him but he always appears to be haggard, as if his host can't cope with whatever demon resides in there. He must be of immense power to make that happen, or just incompetant and can't take over. I like Annika, Pi, Cember, Missy and Sam... Though Sam  has moments of where I feel he's a complete ass, but otherwise he looks after the family. Kaze aka The Advocator was the one who suggested I become a Fury, in that role I have done a lot that has been appreciated. Kaze has gone now so has Sasha, I heard the angels dismembered  her. Butcher was also lost to the angels despite the amount of information I gathered to try and orginise his rescue, we're broken now not as united as we used to be. That will change we will become whole again soon.

I missed something... Oh the shelter where Adin, Elijah and Bastian are. Adin is an angel he's Elijah's lover, Elijah is a demon maybe that's why Adin acts part demon. Unusual for an angel but that is proberly why I like the pair of them, Bastian however is an enigma though he's a clergy man of sorts he's in to romance novels and used to be dead. Ugh those two though soon as Adin gets frisky he doesn't care who's watching, he's all over Elijah and the demon lets it happen. Proberly for shits and giggles... They hump more than rabbits do!

My web over the city has been sprung and I'm still working on it, when my madness allows me to be sane I can get a lot done. How do I know I'm even insane? I have gained relations/contacts within the House of Kallium, I'm rather fond of Zekk the vampire prince. He's creepy I like that and he has sharp, pointy things that can cut people. I've seen his wrath, tasted it but we work for eachother for mutual benefit, I do tasks for him and in return I can have favours or gain information that is much needed for the demons.  Though I believe he tricked me last night. I'd been invited to see something that would make me happy, the general talk when it began was to lure in The Retriever that grabs marked souls. I think Pi and I had gleaned that once there they would then lure in angels to rescue the captives the vampires had, then the spiked demon would eat them all for the benefit of a good show. However I been asked to make illusions to hide the mass of people from sight except Cassandra, I did as I was asked because I wanted to see the angels suffer. Once Retriever had shown up the command to subdue the beast was cracked out, at this point I was too drained to be angry over the trick at all. I never got to see the angels suffering I passed out, I just hope that when Pi reported back she skipped over the illusion part.

I was tricked...

Two can play that game!

Lulz of the day:
[16:35]  Blueray Darkes: [just say when I can post in :D]
[16:36]  Father Sebastian: ((NOW. We need more Blueray.))

Thursday, 17 May 2012

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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Back to glory and catch up

(Toxian Timeline - Convergence of both time-lines, Risen virus goes dormant when in Toxia)

I  haven't written anything in a while not because I had no time but because I've been lazy, I suppose I should alight upon what's happened in the past month or so. Magpie who I have now dubbed as traitor who turned me angel, is still to have the shock of his lifetime since I'm now back to  how I'm meant to be. Fate is a fickle bitch and the fact I have two prophecies surrounding me doesn't help, I've also never been told these prophecies at all so I don't give a fuck.

Full moon is out that means the wolves are all being whores with each other or who they can find, long as they stay the fuck away from me I have no need to sneer at their own disgrace. Animals fucking animals that haven't learned to go above their own instincts, yeah just cos you turn in to a wolf doesn't mean you lack that human part of you. Anyway I'm off the subject so full moon and I been slinking about the shit-hole island again, I often find the pang for old friends is what drives me to the place for I wouldn't return otherwise. I met up with Savannah and Dracon, it looked like Sav was already severely hurt.

Dracon took us to the Pit to perform the ritual to make me a demon again, I was curious and afraid at the same time. He called up what appeared to be a type of Hellish dragon, then I recalled Dracon himself was intertwined with Leviathan. In that respect its no wonder I took a great liking to the demon as we both shared draconic traits in some fashion, and it wasn't til after the event I learned Dracon had taken on physical attributes of a dragon just as I do. I remember being told my angelic body would be eaten when my heart was removed, my heart is a most precious thing it has survived at least three body transplantations already. It holds my essence or did before I was turned angel, it was after I was gone from the realm the angel part of me died altogether...

I woke up in Hell chained to a wall left to starve, left alone except when Lucifer's minions came in to offer me pain. Pain here is a terrible thing for it neither satifies or causes pleasure, it is intense causing terrible agony. The same with sex though I craved it only as a last resort, I was copulated with several times to the satisfaction of his imps and not my own. Instead it left me empty, humiliated and more alone than ever. I've been down here for months suffering at my uncle's whims as punishment for stealing from him, I'm Blueray's essence while she is on the surface being an angel I'm separated from her. We were re-united when she died, our agony increased ten fold at that moment. My head sagged against my chest all hope of getting out of here gone, now whole once more I shared my pain with the part of me that had been missing.

A voice called out my name that was familiar to me on many levels, I lifted my head and the chains that bound me fell away. I was free... The voice kept on calling me so I followed it more out of curiosity than anything else, I also wanted to get away from Lucifer that terrifying uncle Janvier told me never to see. From the depths of despair I flew out of the Hell mouth itself, taking on the form of a large black dragon that dove to my heart vessel. It took me all in every drop of me then I was replaced in to a new, blank body. A body that I took over without having to fight for it and Dendra was still with me also, a body that I moulded in to my liking with my features. A brand new body, hello born again virgin... Really need to stop doing that!

Course it was after I  had settled that we began upon making Sav a demon too, she protested but had little strength to do so. Dracon made a bargain with the Kali as I perceived to be one of the many names Death itself took, for Kali is a Goddess of Death and sex and is Death not one of the greatest deities that abound? Is not sex the best pleasure on Earth? Sex and death are closely related. Death and I have a strange relationship after it took me over, Lorne may have "vanquished" it and removed it from me but Death is never vanquished. The deal was struck Dracon gave Sav part of his heart that whole gesture seemed far too familar to me, then he asked me to feed her my blood which I done. I left soon after the change had been done, didn't want to see the two get in to a fight.

A short time after my initial change I returned to see the two, I asked Dracon to return my dragon headed hammer to me also known as Shadowblade. Once I had it back in my grip I did a few moves with it, it was like the weapon had never left my hand and the runes glowed brightly on the handle. We then made our way to the church, found us some angels to harress. Course one of them seems to think its a good idea to keep laughing at me, so I half crushed her under the ground leaving her shaking in her boots. The other angel got a lucky blind shot off at me, I was already sinking in to my shadow and past caring.

Savannah's side of events

Lulz of the day:

Jules: No no you're right, you're not a pervert. You're a provert,  you're really good at it!

Saturday, 28 January 2012

The tunnels

(CoLA timeline)

We were going to go to the mountains, fucking mountains! Everyone in the family was preparing to go, we had food and backpacks even first aid kits. The zombies going on a field trip to recover some sort of artifact, I was pumped as other than some large hills in Syn I had never been to some mountains before. I made sure everything was fine with Xan, cut him open put food in his stomach then seal him shut. Even set up loads of wards of defence to protect him while I was gone, I was going to be away for a long time he needed protection. My love... Wake up soon.

First we gathered at the warehouse to make sure everyone was here, Cara was running late but that gave us plenty of time to sort ourselves out. Passing around packs, kits and various other things. Once Cara showed we were on our way through the lands outside of LA, that included the Pack lands we had to traverse through. At the tunnels we re-grouped and went in, dark, dank and gloomy in there my sort of place, no sooner had we reached the inner chamber and began to search one of my wards went off.

I ran out of those tunnels fast as I could to where I keep Xan's sleeping form, the ward being triggered was a false alarm. I relaxed. Yet by the time I had gotten back to his side it was too late to go back to the tunnels, I cursed my bad luck and felt like I abandoned them. Xan is family too he's part of the AR, and he's my husband. Never before has there been a tug like this in my life, family above all others family first.

What do you do when one member of that family is not only a part of yourself, but also your lover and husband?

Lulz of the day:

[2012/02/07 13:50]  Blueray Darkes: Everytime its loads of retarded questions, and then pointing out this person and that person and do I know of them. I DON'T CARE! I don't pay attention to celebraties, I don't care if they're from England, I don't care if they decided it was a good idea to dress up in a giant bunny suit with clogs on and went dancing the fucking hula on top of the world's largest satilite

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Strange dreams

(CoLA timeline)

When I'm not watching over Xan or hunting or even working for the AR, I tend to curl up beside my husband and sleep. My dreams are strange to me as I'm in another place, another time altogether that makes me pang for the ones I hold dear.

I'm an angel... My wings are mutilated my feelings are that I've done this myself, they keep growing back and I keep breaking them. I wasn't always an angel I was once a demon, this dream is familar to me somehow. I don't know why or how but I've been dreaming this a lot, and it just progresses along each time the dream comes to me. The first time this happened I saw Drake, then Savannah and Magpie, though everytime he shows up I get this coil of hatred, betrayal and anger towards him. Ah... The angel thing is his doing, how cruel to trap such a proud being in a body like that. Skyler won't talk to me anymore because I stink, I kill humans to

I see everything that happens, how it happens, why it happened. All I can do is watch as this isn't really me, this isn't even real its not really happened. Fuck I miss them. Days of being sick because of the change, days of wanting revenge for the hurtful condition. Time moves on I can see me standing with Savannah, I still want to grope her but we talked instead of old days. Seems anyone I meet I'm always talking about the old days...

More old faces they're now Kytara and Fraz, the pangs again even as we talked. Old days always the old days, they were wanting to rejoin the House and I still refuse. I wonder why I'm so adament on this refusal, I miss my family I miss my friends though I tortured my friends. Hehehe. Sigh...

Now I see Skyler, Asher, Dracon, Jules, Monk. People I spent time with as a family, Skyler wants back in and Asher is already there. After watching my brothers fight like toddlers I go to see Dracon, my bodyguard, my fighter, one of my own confidants. Where are the others? I didn't find Savannah or Jaco again, I saw Felice briefly before I attacked and ate some neko fingers. I don't like this dream anymore it causes me pain, I really should stop opening that door but...

I woke up and fell off the bed my face was wet with tears, I'm dead I shouldn't be able to cry anymore. I'm not just a demon anymore I'm a Risen, not the first hybrid but the first demon one. Demon zombie there's a first, I know I've been dreaming about something that's why I was crying. I sat on the floor for some time as Xan sleeps above me on the bed, eventually I drag myself up to look at him and smile. I gave up a lot to start here and gained a lot too, the laws of the Archaics are the same ones that I used to follow back in days past. Family before all others. I know I failed that law back then, don't ask me how I only just figured that out.

My heart aches though, I need to stop that. Its too human too emotional, and I don't have time to waste on that shit.

Lulz of the day:

[15:50]  Fisher: they do live shoes here
[15:50]  Fisher: (*shows

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The summons

(Toxian Timeline)

Jules called me to that city, the city that I mostly avoid now. Not even my monthly visits are worthy of that place, yet my family and friends are those that I left behind. Since they can't leave that island like I can.

Jules called me.

And I went.

My last visit had pulled me there to see Kytara and Fraz, I was happy to see them I really was it had been three years. We caught up on a lot of stuff that, old times that we all still shared. Today I couldn't find Jules at all at least not for a good several hours, in the meantime I pre-occupied myself watching two of my brothers mouth off at eachother. Skyler and Asher I never thought that two egos in the same place would be back, Lee a demoness I had met with Kytara and Fraz had a hard time stopping the fighting.

Skyler and me had a small disagreement about the Shadows, how the old is gone its time to start with the new. He didn't love Pieter like I did like I had used to and yes he left with us but he wants to return, I stand by my decision and by knowing I can't abide by false ones on the throne like Skyler can. Course when the current holder of the throne showed up I left, I could feel my brother Dracon near by. Jules was with me by then we caught up with both Dracon and Monk, I would have liked to go check up some of my other friends but its a matter of catching them around.

However I got distracted by a neko boy that decided to get too close, I had him flattened on his back and two fingers removed off him in almost no time at all. What? I was hungry! I told Dracon I could come back if he called for me, that would be the only reason why I'd visit at all. Fuck it even that traitorous Magpie could call for me if he wanted, I would proberly punch him in the face for the effort. Yeah friends and family can call me, if I'm there I've got a reputation to keep up. Simply put I'm free, the old values are gone. I'm not sticking around to make new ones, where's the worth in that?

Lulz of the day:

[21:29]  Oliviana Firelight offers her some brown sauce with her meal
[21:32]  Blueray Darkes: YOU MONSTER
[21:32]  Oliviana Firelight: HAHAHAHA
[21:32]  Oliviana Firelight dies laughing