Friday, 13 June 2008

Black day

What a way to start the day......

I woke unusually late like I have been doing all week, something must be draining me of energy and I have to sleep more to recover it. I stumbled my way to Haven to wake up better and stopped dead in my tracks, I'm not saying that I've never seen a Shadow naked on a dance pole before that would be a lie. The fact is I never seen Pieter naked on a dance pole before, sure he's been on it dancing but he was clothed the last time I saw him do it. Picket, Vish and Kishi were there on the stage dancing with him, I took several pictures of Pieter in his birthday or is that deathday suit.

Talk about over loading the nervous system, if I wasn't a demoness I would say I died and went to Heaven. I highly doubt I will ever see Pieter naked again complete with erection, yes I doubt no matter how many times he teases me and makes his outragous claims.

Friday 13th suppossedly the worst day of any month, if you believe in all that superstious bullshit then fine {I have the same view in real life} I think it must have been a bad day for Quiet, she got captured and that doesn't normally happen to her for she's a good fighter unlike me. The Cybers were doing something to her head in the hospital, we got her back but not before they did whatever it was they were doing. We took Seto to the Pit for his "payback", and Aurora is having a mental break down. ~Oh glorious blood that I possess~ Me however I didn't get to injure Seto, I got told to have playtime with my footstool Priest by father. Footstool made the bad choice of pissing father off, and asking if we could release to Seto to him. Ooh bad cos priesty faggot is not even worthy enough to look at father's shoes let alone talk to him.

I had myself a small BBQ with priest as the starter, main course and dessert, I think I will dub him mugworm I liked that insult father called him. In a bid to humilate footstool I made him dress in woman's underwear, then I paraded him around the city asking people to spank him. We ended up in the church where he decided to get uppity with me, I hate the way he calls me Dear heart or Dear one it makes me wanna puke. He keeps trying to appeal to my better nature that isn't even fucking well there, footstool called me an Angel of Mercy and I told him my heritage to refute his claim.

Why do all these future seers seem to think I'm either gonna change for the good of mankind, or just simply have some huge part in some big event? I'm not that important to anyone outside family, simple fact people are overlooking and pissing me off with. He also seems to think I need someone who isn't a Shadow for me to talk to says it will do me good, but if I need to talk then I turn to Skyler. My life, my path, my family!

Stupid fucking priest

Lulz of the day:

15:49] Blueray Darkes: My tail is sensetive
[15:49] Flash Gottesmann wishes he had a recording of blue saying that
[15:50] Blueray Darkes says it louder, "My tail is sensetive!! For some reason everyone wants to grab it or play with it"
[15:50] Flash Gottesmann volunteers
[15:51] Colleen Marjeta: Be glad you aren't bald, Blue. Everybody comes up and rubs Van's head making wishes.

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