Thursday, 25 August 2011

Xan awakes

I barely have anything of importance to write, my husband awoke a few days ago. And today we re-consimated our marriage as only two hearts could, it was a glorious and loving time and I couldn't be happier. What more could an zombie demon wish for? I got a sisterdaughterwife, a loving husband, a wonderfully sick family, and the prime cut from every walking piece of meat. Hell I even have a piece of meat I can drag to me anytime and take chunks out of, and the damn thing screams everytime just to please me.

Now if you'll excuse me I'm going back to bed,  I have a lot of "catching up" to do.

Lolz of the day:

[10:07]  Goa The Sin: heya blue blue how are ya?
[10:07]  Blueray Darkes: I'm good
[10:07]  Goa The Sin: glad to hear, rpin'?
[10:07]  Blueray Darkes: Dking
[10:08]  Blueray Darkes: Sjin
[10:08]  Blueray Darkes: DJING
[10:08]  Goa The Sin: lol you toss those barrels like a champ!
[10:13]  Blueray Darkes: Lol
[10:16]  Blueray Darkes stands on top of some construction made of metal girders, and tosses barrels so they roll down the slopes
[10:17]  Goa The Sin: *starts to make his way to the ladder and already loses all 3 lives on the first level on the bottom girder, that's how bad he is at that game*
[10:17]  Blueray Darkes laughs and roars like a champ

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


(This entry will inform you how one timeline became two creating a time paradox, and the differences that there are. The main timeline is Blueray Darkes who had left the House of Shadows, left Toxian City, and became a resident in City of Lost Angels even becoming a member of Archaic Redemption. Picket is a demon and the daughter of Blueray, before Blueray herself became a demon zombie hybrid. Her husband Xan is a zombie made of demon flesh and blood, making him a hybrid but also Blueray's creation.

The second time line is Blueray Darkes who had left the Archaic Redemption and the City of Lost Angels, she had taken to wandering the many lands with no ties to her loyality. Yet one fated trip back to visit friends and family in Toxian City got her killed, in turn she got redeemed the demon essence being purified. The last daughter of Janiver is no more yet her personality remains, Picket is a vampire and her husband Xan is a full fledged demon. Blueray is an angel.)

Denenthorn ah dear uncle Denenthorn the Magpie and the Stormbringer, yeah well I wanted to go to the island. Visit some of the friends that are still Shadows but Drake never seems to be around when I arrive, and I have had seen very little of those I know still in the House. Perhpas the missing Pit  has something to do it that until it comes out of limbo, the Shadows will never seem to appear at all. So what do I do? I go making my way over to the church, bumping in to Savannah talking to some guy one of those many new faces.

I spoke to her a little bit before sending her to go find Magpie so I can say hi, I know he said he'd kill me but like I was going to listen because he hadn't been able to follow through. I never expected him to hit me full on with a holy based attack, getting blasted off my feet right on to my ass and that hurt. Of course I hadn't fed before visiting so my energies were low, as many battles I have won I have lost just as many. The battle was powerful with one side striving to win to keep being as she is, the other side striving to win in order to do what he didn't want to do. Hell I'm a young demon and have always known my energies run out quicker than older beings, I also know I shouldn't fight angels as they tend to hurt me more than other races. We both shifted forms me because I had to, him because I think it benefited him in the end. If he had stayed in his usual form I would have kicked his arse, just saying.

You ever been just a heart? I have at least twice and now a third time, cos he pulled it out of my chest then destroyed my body. That body wasn't mine it was some hapless lycan Stein put me in to, technically the heart isn't mine either at least not originally. I tore that organ out of some demon I beat down, if you want specifics that's my second heart. My first one having been pierced by Delrith's sword and then half of it fused with half of his heart, when I got the new demon heart to hold my new demonic essence my old one was ripped out. Nothing about me is original anymore except my essence and my personality, yeah just because the outside changes doesn't mean I'm gonna change who I am. Fuck you lot!

I'm not quite sure what happened one moment I was only sensing things waiting to be sent to Lucifer, to be in his cells for the rest of time being tortured for his delight because I stole from him. I had to get those Shadows back, three of them in total if I remember correctly. Not an easy job getting in to Hell or back out again, Magpie went in once to get Picket back. My demise never came instead if I could feel pain I'm sure I would have done, because the fucker was purifying my essence as he created a new body for me. No I aint his child I'm just purified...

Think it's understandable then that the first thing I did soon as I fully formed was that I punched him in the face, I hadn't realised when I took off that my shadow had spat up Dimentox's tome either. My mind was a mess, I been made in to something I was revolted by, so much so my own stomach agreed with me and made me retch. I had nothing in the damn thing so I just dry heaved for hours on end, til eventually my body thought that was pretty stupid, fuck you, live with it. All in all a terrible day... And to top it off at least my wings were dark grey instead of white, it means I'm not a do gooder type of bird and I will never be one. I got no conscience at all, its been proven I can smack angels about. Or maybe that's just the not innocent ones... Either way I get to carry on what I was doing before, only now I disgusted myself in this form.

Thursday 25th August 2042:

Picket had decided to drag us back to Toxia as she wanted to look around, like me she complained about the change of layout. There was a small group of us myself, Picket, Xan and Kaine, we didn't do much at all apart from talk to a few people. Picket didn't even ask why I was an angel at all, I guess we both had changed races so often it didn't even matter anymore. I managed to find that one demon the Righteous had caught a month back, I was glad to find he was still around as I found him interesting. We sort of picked on the guy and then we all left, that will be that pretty much until the next month and then I have to speak with Magpie. I think I need to punch him some more.

Lulz of the day:

[12:59]  Blueray 'Ara' Darkes then magically molests Jackie
[12:59]  Rebelesk Frostbite paid you L$500 for Meeroo Nest ID #326974.
[12:59]  Jackie Mondalimare: Rawr
[12:59]  Blueray 'Ara' Darkes: Molesting Jackie got me money o.o