Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Shadow toy

Nareth a curious vampire who was sired by Omega, Nareth who along with Nerrisa snarls at me as I pass by. Nareth... She was sent to the Pit to meet Legion and Pontifex came along with her, I may not have much liking for the red skinned man but I tolerate him most of the time. I remember that he stole from the Shadows before I was in, and I'm still waiting patiently for punishment to befall him for it.

Legion is a butcher and not just any butcher she's an artist to go with it, each slice and cut were pure artisic percision. Those of that were there that ate flesh we feasted upon Nareth, Nich was with us also but she ran from the scene to be violently sick. I am disappointed that she couldn't stay to watch, but then again she's only human and only just turning to the darkness.

I find the vampire woman to be an odd thing, always dropping names and words of how great she is. Good drop all you want I can do that too, but you fell and we have you locked away in a cage. One of our own carved her up and one of our own keeps her, I am however amused at how she remains so calm despite the torment we give her. A creature of wisdom with no sense of self, yet she remains calm through it all.

She does so love the sea, it talks to her apprently.

Lulz of the day:

[10:01] Pontifex Janus: Cake is a lie, but the sodomy is the real deal
[10:01] Mirah McGuire snickers
[10:02] DCS2 2.33: Regg Heron OOC: that one is going to blue..lole
[10:02] GrrBrool Lykin: yer damn straight Poncho . . .
[10:02] GrrBrool Lykin: but . . .what happens in tha Tox, stays in Tox . . hahahah
[10:05] DCS2 2.33: Pontifex Janus OOC: Regg, you might want to add that Grr was playing a song about Chocolate Cake and Sodomy
[10:06] DCS2 2.33: Regg Heron OOC: damn.. not got music on.. will add ;)
[10:06] DCS2 2.33: GrrBrool Lykin OOC: and that i LOVE chocolate cake

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