Thursday, 19 June 2008

The older brother I never had

Skyler Hennesy....

A vampire, a long term Shadow who sits on the council. From a rocky start I have formed a bond with this man, this man I feel honoured and glad to call brother. Okay so he sexually teases me a bit, that's fine we're not related by blood.

How I see him is an odd crossed over view, to me he is the older brother I never had in life. There is also the way he teases me, that makes me frustrated at his actions.

My time spent with Skyler has often proved itself to be beneficial, ever kind and most of the time gentle with me. Only becoming forceful when I doubt myself and my skills, or if I even just downtread myself he would punish me accordingly. I have seen little of his personality but what I have been privaleged to see, has led me to believe there is a violent storm under that calm demenour he possess. He like myself enjoys causing shit just for his own amusment, he is also educated and his vision often sees what other people miss. Also his love for his wife is unlimited having no bounds, his whole self changes when he sees her and his words become poetry.

I enjoy his caring attentions when I'm around him, I find myself telling him my worries or asking his opinion on things. Skyler's responses and answers have always been proved right, so in his word I put a lot of trust in to. I remember the times we spent sitting on the pillar by the church, laying across his lap or on him simply to just be hugged or petted.

The older brother I never had....

Skyler Hennesy.

Lulz of the day:

[11:14] Skyler Hennesy: We will see what Jan's babysitter can do.
[11:16] Blueray Darkes giggles softly, "I still can't get over that"
[11:17] Skyler Hennesy: I wonder if we can bribe Atalante with dead bodies to give up some baby pictures of Jan.

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