Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Have fun

What the hell Pix?

The red haired woman with odd wings who was only just taller than Colleen, stormed up to me to spout various insults in order to make me shoot her. I had no intention of doing such a thing even if I do hate her with a passion, she wanted an easy way out and I don't cater to the fucking cowards of this city.

Giving Pieter a few teasing hugs and adding more information to the bloodbath event, I ran off to enjoy the lineage of my bloodline. Being as there are not very many humans in Toxia, most other races will become blood targets too. Though I'm a demon most vampires tend not to feed on me, on the exception of those who have a liking for demon blood like Pieter does. Oooh but I got that bad blood that is really not good for anyone's health, I found two Dimentox spawnlings who I offered myself up to as a meal. Both of them drank from me like two hungry fools, I refuse to feed KA or anyone else for that matter I'm not a blood doll. The way I see it I was going to get something good out of this terrible event, what better way than to make Dime brats see horrible demonic creatures.

Long as they don't come for vengence or anything

Again I see that winged shorty outside Haven as I was leaning against a lamp post, I had just finished picking on Komali til she was red in the face with yelling obsenceties at me. Hippi and I were talking when Pix comes up to me and says sorry, sorry for insulting me because she wanted to de-stress and she thought she had been out of line. I informed her that the only time I fight her would be when I have reason, other than the fact that I dislike her greatly. She seemed happy by that, ugh at this rate I will be known as nice. Fuck that!

Corrupting Nich.. Hehehehe

Lulz of the day:

[15:28] Colleen Marjeta: But things are weird at our end of town. Janvier's going around being nice.
[15:28] Journey Maertens: Really!?!?!
[15:28] Colleen Marjeta: Yes. Really.
[15:28] Journey Maertens: Is he singing show tunes too?

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