Sunday, 15 June 2008

My shadow is annoying!

Wotan is a prowler, Wotan is niave, Wotan is a cat.

Wotan admires me and wishes to learn of what and who I am, I have extended to him an invitation to my dark world. He is willing to accept and learn from me all that he can, at first I had shocked him at how I described my reputation is justified. I think though his eagerness to be with me, will in the end be his very undoing and corruption.

Welcome to the parlour said the spider to the fly....

I had warned him what I was like, I even told him the things I enjoy. He ran away from me and returned to Grace's side, he doesn't belong with me he never did.

Atalante a demon of apparently great power, it or he... Ata refers to himself as it and talks in the third person. A powerful demon that used to look after my father Janvier, when he was a child like six years old. We sort of picked on him a little bit, and he got a bit mad. I think we had every right to, we gave up some of our life essence to his babysitter. Now my fucking shadow won't shut the fuck up. IT'S DRIVING ME MAD!!!

Lulz of the day:

[18:37] Rita Inglis shrugs and tries to change the topic, getting the demon's mind off the shado which seems to be anooying her, she remembers you talking about your sire. "So who is the Lord of Shadows?" She asks before taking a slight step back, not knowing what this question might spark, she smiles nervously and immediately regrets asking.
[18:39] Blueray Darkes shrugs as her clothes changed with a mere thought, "You have to find that out for yourself". ~He's an asshole~ Tips her hat to the girl, "I have to go now" ~Asshole demon, a complete and utter bastard~ "Done more for me than you have, I'm gonna find a bright light to stand under". ~Nooooooooo~

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