Saturday, 31 May 2008

On the streets

You ever tried to survive winter in a city with no shelter? Can you imagine then how it was like for two children, only a mere five years old of age?

Summer came and went at least it was warm apart from the rain storms, then we would huddle together shivering in some alleyway. Any food we got was garbage leftovers from the greedy people, who bought too much and threw the rest away. We both grew accustomed to eating gone off or rotten items, so much so over time that we no longer got sick from it.

The city itself like any other city except for the dark foreboding that could be felt all around, in a way Toxia reminds me of that place I left behind. The buildings were tall they converged to make a concrete jungle, at least you could see the sun and feel its warmth. Streets were grim covered, coated with the essence of pollution from traffic and humans. Nothing like the pollution in Toxia, but it was there as it always is when people gather in one place. When winter arrived we already knew every backstreet every alley, all the places to get the best garbage from and where the hobos hung out. Homeless people are a generous sort offering up any meagre supplies they have, specially to two orphaned kids with no one to turn to and no where to go. We spent the winter huddled around burning trashcans in a bid to remain warm, we constantly moved about the city staying with various groups of tramps.

Not the best existance in the world, but we made it through together. Every year we survived scraping up meals, we got a little stronger and more determined to make our lives better. We took to begging at the age of eight, using our situation to wheedle loose change from passerbys. Sometimes we got enough to buy us decent mood from a take away, once we even had icecream just the once but I never forgot it. Partak was always so cheerful that his presence kept my own spirits up, without him I think I would have just given up and died. In a way I saw him as the stronger of us two, despite him being weak in body he was strong in heart and soul. Come to think of it I should have tried to be more like him, he never got angry at anything and he never hated. He was always polite and gentle and calm, over the years he became a gentleman well only in nature. Suppose if he had the chance or oppurtunity to be one, he would have made a very good one he always acted proper while I was the delinquint.

If ever my brother got angry for any reason at all, his wrath was immense it was unstoppable. One day we had been robbed of the money we had begged for, the robbers beat us up to and we were only eleven. This made Partak angry since they didn't just hurt him they hurt me too, he attacked them with his fists beating them. It was the first time I had seen him lose it like that, but once justice was served he was his usual self... I never saw him in that fury again, not until the day I lost him. My twin.

With each passing night the memories of my past come thick and fast, I wonder if I should take Joah up on the offer of taking something to stop them. So far the only thing holding me back from asking her, is the fact it will dull my senses when I'm awake and right now I need all my wits about me.

Fate, destiny and memory are all such strange things, when you stop to think about it even for a moment....

Lulz of the day:

Janvier Redgrave is not dancing, he is trying to maintain his balance due to his enormous penis.

Friday, 30 May 2008

A bitter taste

A dream of a broken memory.. Made vivid by words of song, a voice says remember what your mother taught you...

In a time when the crescent silver moon hangs in the star lit sky, the Night often sings her sweet song of sadness. A sound so haunting it laments the passing of her sister Day, occasionaly the Wind chimes in as he often does when he is a breeze. For he is never ending and laments both of the sisters passing, Wind loves them both and courts each sister in turn when the fancy takes him. Such it is a whirlwind romance a triangle if you will, that the three of them make wonderous melodies for all the world to hear.

We were simple folk living in a wooden house that father built with his own hands, mother tended to the chickens and cows we kept upon our land. Among the countryside we resided living carefree lives, we knew nothing of technology or gadgets since our parents forsook such things. All we had were the simple tools to till the land to grow our food, for father loved to see things grow produced by his efforts. Oh wonderous vegetables that we had married to meat we rised ourselves, a copulation of hard work on a plate every day for us to consume and we knew we were blessed. So very blessed.

Yet people would tell us we were mad to live so close to the border, you see our land was on the edge of the other territory. No one ever dares to cross in to it because the demons live there, they are evil creatures delighting in the misery of humans for it is humans who called them and abandoned them there. Those creatures were often filled with resentment to happiness for they felt none, the resentment to being tossed aside when their use is over often turned to hate. Such emotion in a thing already evil, will tend to rot and fester in their very core until it explodes. Madness to live near such a place perhaps, but we felt safe for no law breaker dared to come near. Blessed were we.

On the afore mentioned night something terrible stirred, a recent creature had been left upon the demonic land and she was full of vengence. Her master summoned her long ago when she was new to the world, he made her do all sorts of things from murders to sexual favours. Eventually as with all such tales the demoness knew she was stronger than her master, with a curse upon her lips she turned upon him and devoured his soul. How she ended up over the border even she did not know, perhaps a priest sent her there in a bid to be rid of her but the destination was wrong. Some humans say Hell is on Earth, I guess for her that land was it. Her eyes were as red as the flames of Hell, her smile once so innocent now twisted and distorted with malice. She looked across the land where her malicious gaze came to rest upon our small wooden house, with the grace of a cat she prowled towards to it to see what horror she could do.

Inside the four of us sat around our fireplace, our parents in their wooden chairs while my brother and I curled upon the rug. I often found comfort in my twin for he was calm and stable, while myself ever a mischief maker was more chaotic. Partak so much more than just my brother, he was my anchor who balanced my strange nature. I was not a wicked child I had a good heart, mother always said I just couldn't be contained like other people could. I was the fighter and defender of Partak, his condition got him picked on by the other children who lived in town. When ever he was bullied I would be at his side, I guess my mischievious ways to get them back after I fought them off made me gain a reputation as bad. I was never a bad kid, I just liked to make trouble or pull pranks. Strong hearts that are noble make a warrior mother said, never use that to hurt another with dark intent. For then the darkness takes you.... I ramble! The fire with its orange flames danced upon logs, if we stared at them long enough they take on shapes like those of women and their dances become complex. I always liked fire to wonder at how something so warm and inviting, could be such a harmful thing when allowed to feed on what it likes. A destructive force of burning wrath as if angry at being restricted, and once released would cease to be a thing to be admired and instead be fiery death.

A knock on our door stirred us from what ever conversation we were having, we were not expecting visitors especially at this hour of night. Father got up from his chair to open the door to see who it was that disturbed us, he picked up his shotgun for safety just in case a law breaker had got the courage to come here. That was the last time I saw him alive, for in the instant the door opened a clawed hand grabbed him. He was held in place while another such appendage came down upon his head, with a sickening sound of breaking bone and tearing skin his head was ripped off. Blood sprayed our walls red the stink of iron all around us, I clung to my brother as we both screamed with eyes wide in terror. The demoness entered in to our house and mother stood in front of us her arms open in defence, the creature pretty as she was had her looks ruined by her cruel smile. I remember the blackness that surrounded her like a thousand snakes each with a hissing head, they coiled around her whole form like a black guard a hissing army. Mother did not stand a chance in the same way as father she had her life torn from her, we were alone now silently staring up at our destroyer whose hands dripped our parents blood down on us. While she licked the blood off herself becoming distracted with its sweet bitter taste, my twin and I got up and ran for our lives.

Behind us we heard a shriek so terrible it cut us to the bone, looking back just once we saw our house burst in to flame. From the burning wreckage she that demoness walked casually from it, her eyes glowing red and her fangs bloodied she was coming after us. No matter how hard we ran were only young and small, she was not that far behind us and gaining with each minute. We found a sewer pipe that we crawled in to, to hide from her and perhaps be spared from death. It stank the smell was prutrid, dirty slimey water dripped steadily on our clothes. We huddled together shaking, terrified out of our wits as the demoness reached us but did nothing. She could not get in to the pipe so she waited, but her attention span was short and thus it was our saviour when finally she wandered off.

Crawling back out of the pipe stinking of sewage we knew we were alone, two children with no family two orphaned brats. Holding hands we walked and walked not caring where we went, we found a city much bigger than the town we were used to. Looking at one another we were determined to live, mother taught us to live each day to the full. We were thankful to be alive. Together we walked on to the city streets, together we would find a way to survive....

I woke...

Trembling I brushed my hair out of my eyes, I found myself to be covered in a cold sweat. Nightmares had always been a problem since my first torture, these were more real seeming after I sang those words...
And a voice says "Remember what your mother taught you". Then I recall that's what the fortune cookie Lorne read to me had said.

Lulz of the day:

Janvier Redgrave is not dancing, he is stepping on cockroaches in a stylish fashion.

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Assassinations and summonings

Benvane from the Cybers has decided I need to die and wants to kill me, in response I secretly sent out the tape of such an act to various contacts who are on my side. My family have been notified as well, so if he wants to get me that bad he has a lot to deal with. Hate me with a passion little human, I hate you right back and mine will be stronger than yours.

I feel sad today... Before I went to sleep after leaving the lesson, I did what Nuku had done and strung the words we were given by Lorne together. I had the Dreaming but mine was extremely vivid, I saw the murder of my parents again but this time I was the murderer. I always suffer nightmares, but this was something different and has disturbed me.

In some odd bid to rid me of this feeling I called up a demon with my blood and fire, I made it possess Venom that pet of ours who got away and joined the Ryders. It worked I was happy for a while, I headed to Haven to sit in silence mostly while I spoke to Skyler in my head.

I tell Skyler everything so it was not surprising I told him of my troubles, he wasn't much help but as ever my pillar. Skyler suggested I speak with Lorne on the matter, yet he made me smile in his own way.

Lulz of the day:

[22:18] DCS2 2.32: Blueray Darkes OOC: I need sleep the keyboard looks comfy
[22:19] DCS2 2.32: Lorne Harlequin OOC: don't succumb to that siren song! It leave alphabet on you face!"
[22:19] DCS2 2.32: Blueray Darkes OOC: XD
[22:19] DCS2 2.32: Blueray Darkes OOC: its past 6am, I must away to make love with the sandman
[22:20] DCS2 2.32: Lorne Harlequin OOC: back! He's mine! His sister too!...I mean, sweet dreams
[22:20] DCS2 2.32: Tandy Birkenfeld OOC: ::laughs::
[22:21] DCS2 2.32: Blueray Darkes OOC: Rofl. Nini

Wednesday, 28 May 2008


Fucking hell today went smooth, erm no not at all fuck that. Myself and my brother Grom captured a cyber, Shallkon who we took home and hung up on a meathook. I barely even begun to torture him, when more cybers decided to bust in and get put down. Right after that skirmish the KA showed up on our front doorstep, they wanted fireworks so Pieter blew up his bike...

Pieter drank from me... I know he said it won't affect him but my blood is like father's, Pieter said my blood is more potent too quoting Picket from last week. I wonder if he will see things.

Once again I met with Picket to tell her what I was told by father, we agreed to work together to get what she needed. Yet at Haven that fucking cyber was at my throat acting like a moron, Dev didn't help by calling me a pussy either. Interesting twist in his attitude, I sorta find it attractive.

Lessons with Lorne at the Pit, boring like watching paint dry. I thought it would be more fun considering Lorne makes me giggle, least I'm learning something useful anyhow.

Lulz of the day:

[20:15] Blueray Darkes bitchslaps Lorne with her bible
[20:16] Lorne Harlequin plies Blue with his enormous spatula
[20:16] Blueray Darkes will not become a blueberry pancake
[20:24] Lorne Harlequin swings the spatula at Blue "You've made me crave blue berries now, you foul pancake temptress!"
[20:26] Blueray Darkes ducks under the spatula while chucking a blueberry muffin at him, "I'm far from foul, I'm rather sweet actually"
[20:27] Lorne Harlequin nom-noms the muffin "Sweet pancake and muffin temptress!"
[20:27] Blueray Darkes giggles
[20:27] Lorne Harlequin looks to Kytara "I'll bet you have some sort of pastry you like to push too."

Monday, 26 May 2008

Chaos is...

My father returned to us today, and took up his rightful place as Lord of Shadows. A new edition to our family has arrived also, and Pieter still ever the tease though says my ass is his. I wonder truely if he will do as he says and take me, but on one hand it won't be completely forced and I do fight back. No submission! Not unless its done in a way I can't win against... not many can do that not many at all.

Ryders caused shit mainly Halleon, and he beat us all down just for standing in the street. Haven was full of strippers, sounds like a normal night in Haven hehehe.

Lulz of the day:

[21:32] Dev Bracken wraps his arms around the pole and proceeds to grinding his waist against it
[21:43] Dev Bracken leans in running his tongue against the cool metal calling out "I'm going to make you my bitch!!!" still grinding himself against the pole.
[21:44] Dev Bracken shouts: Alz you sexy mother fucker i want to have your babies
[21:46] Merma Wijaya: ((what the hell is dev doing? :P))
[21:46] DCS2 2.33: Faust Vollmar OOC: Being a freak like he always is?
[21:46] Pontifex Janus: ((Just be happy you're not a pole))
[21:46] Dev Bracken grins at Alz his eyes beaming "Come here hot stuff."

Sunday, 25 May 2008


In the days that I hide from the city I slumber, to regain energy and to ponder on many a thing. Such a time as now is no different from the times before, I let my mind wonder in its dream like state as I lay curled in the depths of the Pit.

My mind plays tricks on me I swear it does, I have nightmares every time I sleep. The burning fire that wrecked my house, silent screams of my parents as they got murdered, the laughter of the demoness that now seems to mock me for what I am. If that isn't enough there is the things the Pack did to me, I re-live the two nights and day I was held captive by them. Sometimes I wonder why I sleep at all, but the visions remind me I have to be strong and my hate is my resolve.

For the people who wish that old me to return... forget it. There is no way I will fucking ever return to that weak willed creature, I am strong much more so than I used to be and as I say I like this darker me. You can tell me all you want that the darker side of life doesn't appeal to you, I won't believe you the curiousity of it is there you're just too scared to take the first step.

I hope to wake soon from this slumber and once more spread chaos over the city, if I ever doubt myself or feel weak there is my family who will renew my strength. I wonder if my brother Partak would disapprove of who I am... Somehow I don't even care.

Tomorrow I awaken... I can feel it.

Lulz of the day:

Blueray Darkes: He told me not to take it so personally, he beat me over the head with my own god damn leg. You can't get any more personal than that!

Saturday, 24 May 2008

To Delrith

In the darkness a light shone faint yet true and pure, the darker half that ruled her now slept soundly and obscure. Creeping forth she did crawl upon knees and hands, that lighter half faintly shining from dark and twisted lands.

She can not remember how and when and why, the chains of shadow that binded her completly by and by. While the evilness slept to regain all that energy that was once lost, she can speak and thus appear like a mere jaded ghost.

"To Delrith I will tell my words oh listen to me please, to Delrith I beg for forgivness and listen to my plea". Her words a soft melody mingling with sadness, she has not long at all to impart these words before swallowed up by madness. "All is not forsaken and all is not despair, I linger barely holding on in the abyss of desrepair. In every person of the world there are two sides, most never go against their natural tide. Somewhere along the way the tide of my soul was changed, dark ate light and so it is that everything was exchanged". The voice of her original ruling side of her soul, began to waver and falter becoming less whole.

"I loved you once and I still do, here am I thanking you. This part of me that cared is still around it won't die, I show through occasionally like a truth and a lie. Don't mourn for me dear Delrith or cry of my passing, I can't hold on any longer the darkness is killing me and massing". Her last words she did give in whatever way she can say, the darkness rose and swallowed the light the demoness will awaken in a day.

With this final binding in those cursed chains that part will never rise again, there is no hope to save the damned and no where to even begin.

Lulz of the day:

Luxen Arctor: TOXIAN AND DCS = WINDOWS 98 !!!!!!

Friday, 23 May 2008

Going to sleep

I'm tired so I'm going to sleep, over the past couple of days I have lost blood and energy. In order to replenish it I have decided to go in to a deep slumber, before I do I have to mention that Skyler has clodhoppers for feet.

I mean really he chucked the book I was studying away from me, then to stop me from picking it up he stood on it. Ugh the text has a great, big boot print on it now, I can't even read it now its unreadable. How am I meant to study demonology when I can't read some of the pages? Practicalities please!!!

Lulz of the day:

Quiet Thunders: Everyone relax, Ed has come to save us all.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

On the beach

Haven calls the music beats, soon as I wake I was to be found on a dance pole. Tip to strip my own howl in to the breaking day, I need the money and its a living but an easy one. Trouble brews and I hunt it down, I happened upon my brother Skyler. He got himself a moterbike so we took a ride back to Haven, and I was once again earning my money on the pole. I even shifted back to my old familar wolf shape for a while, I can't seem to hold it for long but the more I do it I guess the longer it will be.

At some point I headed back to home and see Lysander wounding Ava, my blood boiled at this I was more angry at myself than him. I had talked to Rizal to let him be tested for entry, and I catch him doing this. He had insulted her and spoke in a disrespectful tone, Rizal went for him and I followed after. It confuses me though that he wounded them both, yet when he caught me he just let me go. Lys said he respected me but the others were not worthy of their seat, in response he was beaten down by Jason and forbidden to return to our home.

The sun sinks in to the abyss we call the wide blue ocean, the sky lights up with its oranges and reds reminding me of fire. I stood on the beach in Toxia south speaking to Lilith who is inside Picket, in the same time frame I made contact with Joah to inform her of the toxic leak. Interesting how conversation twists and turns, Picket seems to be okay and doesn't want to get rid of mother.

I need to find father....

Lulz of the day:

[9:59] DCS2 2.33: Blueray Darkes OOC: Gah i cant find any socks
[10:00] DCS2 2.33: Pieter Seelowe OOC: RAWR the suck monster pwned you
[10:00] DCS2 2.33: Pieter Seelowe OOC: SOCK!
[10:00] DCS2 2.33: Blueray Darkes OOC: That would be the washing machine
[10:00] DCS2 2.33: Bruno Rehula OOC: ... wishful thinking, Piet?
[10:00] DCS2 2.33: Pieter Seelowe OOC: freudian slipup i guess x.X

Wednesday, 21 May 2008


As much as I am against hurting my fellow family members, one of my sisters asked me to bleed her dry. Since I can't feel any remorse, regret or guilt I did so, I tore open her throat in front of her husband. She had felt betrayed by him and wanted to get back at him, I gave her the way out but only because she asked. No worries she's okay. I think I will be in trouble for this later.....

I have recently enjoyed teasing a few members of the male population, I have also inadvertly gotten a few admirers for my attentions. Well I guess that means I just get to be picky, I got a nice little group to choose from now.

I don't care what anyone says there is no goodness inside of me, people still seem to think I'm not as bad as I make myself out to be. Drives me up the wall honestly, I'm rather willing to torture people no matter who they are. Just ask Delrith!

Lulz of the day:

Blueray Darkes writes, "How"?
Dio Colossus chuckles. "Well, Since I'm not an angel, I'm not a demon, I'm not a Lycan, I'm not a vampire..or human... what else could I be."
Dio Colossus allows a small globe of light to float at his finger tips as he hold his hand up.
Blueray Darkes turns the page and writes, "Some strange mutated leprachun"
Dio Colossus blinks. "We'll go with that for now."
Auric Lohner watches, taking a casual step back away when he saw the globe of light.
Blueray Darkes giggles

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Human gone werewolf gone demon

It's ironic how life turns out to want the power, of the one thing that tore up my existance as I knew it. As I say that's life and here I am in Toxia, a newly made demon a daughter of Janvier.

So whats a new demoness to do?

Make trouble of course!

Though the trouble yesterday wasn't my doing the Toxian Wraith named Dimentox stirred, and a bunch of people went to the church graveyard to dig up Dime's ashes. They wanted to resurrect him. According to them it would stop his troubles but, Vladdemir has Dime's powers so I didn't see the point.

Why bring someone back powerless?

How do I know what happened?

Dime told his story at the Toxian radio station to two KA one of which he had beaten up, I was just there to watch Dime kick ass. He seemed sad and bitter that he was stuck as a Wraith, I guess anyone who been without a body long as he has would be.. Stay around him long enough and you can feel, this deep desire for revenge boil down in his core.

I need to find out what happened after I passed out from tiredness and boredom in the graveyard. Not the best place to sleep if you ask me which, you didn't but I said it anyway.

As a sidenote I miss talking to JonnyG, I don't deserve him as a friend I did mess with the blood pool. I did however take my punishment as a responsible person should, and showed that I made a mistake for trying to prank the KA. I still say they forgot the salt.

The sparring between Dio and I is now 4-6, thats four wins to me and six losses. He can't wait to win this little bet of ours and whip me in to submission, I like to be a challenge and I don't break so easily. Forever wild forever free, right?

Lulz of the day:

Kishi: Sipha what disease are you getting the cure for?
Sipha: The one thats going around.
Damion: Aids!
Sipha: Yeah lol we should call it that if doesn't have a name already.
Blueray: Great thanks Sipha, I have aids
Sipha: Is there anyone you really need to call?
Blueray: My lawyer
Kishi: lol