Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Fresh meat

This is not a place for the unprepared, this is not a place for innocent and pure. Lucky for me I already had street smarts, and I could easily find myself a meal or make a niche I can fill in. There is a sort of thrill that goes through the air when new arrivals enter the dark city, I myself have felt it thrum through the air. New ones make the city send out a silent call that only residents seem to answer to, newcomers at the docks come get the fresh meat.

At the time that was what I was, nothing more than new blood a new victem. My first stop was at the local bar, a place called Haven apprently of neutral ground where no violence happened. Dance poles held a new enjoyment for me, I never seen one before and never before had I been able to just walk in to a bar without being thrown out for being a tramp. So I indulged. Using the pole to perform the dances that I often used to earn me change, had attracted me some attention from the patrons. They seemed like regulars here all with haunted looks, their eyes held a history of pain. Its why they are here after all. With the tips I earnt I was able to get rid of my tattered clothes, for an outfit that was newer and more appropriate for my new start.

Lets see how this place deals with the new bitch in town.

Lulz of the day:

[14:47] Blueray Darkes: Double poster spammer
[14:48] Grom Prevost: Don't make me kick your ass...
[14:48] Blueray Darkes bends over and drops her pants to moon him, then pulls them back up running away cackling like a kid on sugar crack
[14:49] Grom Prevost simply blinks.

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