Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Of monsters and madness

The days pass by like any other day, here in this bustling city people rush through life. Rarely is the place empty or silent, and I walk among them the darkest of monsters in their midst. Few have learned of my temper and fewer still of what I'm capable of, the sickness in my head that makes me take pleasure in others pain. Or the weakness in my mind that I turned in to a strength, it this very thing I made a benefit that has become a liability.

I been spending the week looking after Stein, keeping an eye on him or generally following him around. He lost his legs and his obsession with them has led him in to the deepest recesses of his insanity, so I began work when I could to track down his legs even toying with some of the Syndicate members. See they took them hacked them off. My playing caught the attention of several people, and warned by at least two of them to lay off one particular Syn member. Not only that I was warned off the Choir too, simply because a Choir member is connected to the Syn member I made go on an acid trip. Amused to say the least, that one man can cause such an issue.

During this time the lab experiments that Stein had made, had been set free from their cages and were set lose in to the city. I only came across one, I was disappointed.

My trails were dead ends my toying an apparent waste of time, even when we ransacked their base it was useless. Eventually the good doctor lost it completely and got tied up then locked inside the cage, that is where I found him as per my orders of keeping an eye on him. Seems that while I rested he caused enough trouble to get incarcerated. Perhaps I shouldn't have sat down with him, the insanity he had was like a physical weight pressing on me.

So I fell...

In to my own abyss of demented laughter and thoughts, there we sat together two beings locked in madness. Til I found a will to move to go out and do as Tempest bids, in my madness I harvested in the name of the AR.

When I return to being alone I mourn once more the loss of Picket, she who I can no longer rescue from the clutches of death. Lucifer my uncle will have her locked up tighter than ever, and I am unwilling to risk my power against his. On a happier note I have returned Jason to our plain, calling him from his condo on the shore of the river Styx.

Supremacy through Insanity...

I really do love it here.

Lulz of the day:

[10:35] Kaz Pexie decided to have a staring competition with Blue. Even if the Necrillia didn't look back, Kaz would glare like there was no tomorrow.

Friday, 16 April 2010

A month passes

It has been a month since I left Toxia for good, never returning to its grimey streets and dirty air. Occasionally I miss the Pit its screams, whispers and the volcano, I also miss the voices inside my head our voices. In this place we travelled to I have come upon what is called a Deer, there are animals here things that never existed where we came from. There is a lot of greenery too from grass to trees, here the wolves run in what is called a forest. Cats live in trees...

We the Hellions moved from the hospital to the mental asylum, for a lot of us I think such a move fits including myself. A portal leads from there to Pieter's throne room, I would say enter there at your own risk. My current time there has been peaceful to say the least, recently I attacked Kashgari under orders to make him hurt. I ripped off his penis and replaced it with a stick, since he shoved his hand in my mouth he lost that too.


Over in the City of Lost Angels things have been busy as usual, killings, maimings, donations to the Black Market. We had our special made bullets in crates placed out all over the city, have seen the re-awakening of Emeth aka Gaary. He's an abomination that we in the Archaic Redemption made, by harvesting various body parts and Tempest infused it with dark magicks of necromancy. There is the experiment of mind linking that should be ending today, bosslady was trying to see if this would be a benefit to us rather than using comms. I actually look forward to see if the results will have her refine the potion, as I have been happy to have Dralk's voice in my head despite the odd side effects.

Unlife goes on...

At least I'm having fun, and I'm moving on!

Lolz of the day:

[18:49] Elamyrath Bracken: DO YOU LIKE MUDKIPS!?!?!
[18:51] Blueray Darkes: YEAH I DO
[18:51] Elamyrath Bracken: knew it
[18:52] Blueray Darkes: ARE YOU A MUDKIP?!?!
[18:54] Elamyrath Bracken: ya damn right i am