Friday, 28 November 2008

Death becomes her

Ever seen the River Styx?

Ever wondered what is beyond life?

I been there a couple of times there in the grip of Death, dancing with him or her not sure now. I was ripped away from that cold embrace, and bought back to "live" in this body that surges with demonic power.

Guess that's why I was chosen to be one of the four, the energies matched with them so we could synchronise. Joah was first to go under the influence of Pestilance, I knew I was due to be taken at some point but not that soon. Like the day at the library and at the Pit, she was there before me all mysterious so enticing. There is so much I do not know about Joah, but she has kept herself from being harmed by me so far. She intrigues me but now I'm pissed that she was enslaved when we were meant to be helpers, helpers not slaves this wasn't how we were meant to go down. No one takes from me and gets away from it.

Joah no Pestilance had me wrapped up in her essence of power, such power that held me to where I stood. I crave power though I'm pretty strong myself now, I know I'm powerful I can feel it but this outranked me. I didn't want to be a slave I didn't want this, when she kisses me infests me with what she is I know I'm already gone. See I'm a demon I'm already dead in techical terms, so it was easy for Death to slide in and bind me up.

Now I'm nothing more than a backseat driver in my own god damned body, its different from the possession I had from Dimentox. Then I could at least fight the commands he gave to my body, I had no choice this time I was completely unable to do anything. My shadow soon had chains wrapped around it so the world would know I was bound, from the depths of whatever place it had shoved me I watched in horror as Death took my place. Pestilance and Death killed the fire in the hearth, infected Wire some human with a disease. Once they were out the fire was relit and the stench of it was terrible, we made our way to the Shelter to find the other vessels. Brit was there but nothing much happened since Death was tired, she left Pestilance to his own devices. That necklace Brit wears though was made by Nikita..... I wonder if it does more than protect the woman who wears it.

One thing I was glad of when Death was running the show, was the fact I no longer had to suffer my nightmares. However the night time conversations with the thing were interesting, we would stand facing one another in the river Styx the water sloshing about our ankles. I was showing my demon form I couldn't hide it here, Death was wearing its female aspect. Ten arms, black skin, red eyes, long flowing white hair, feathered black wings like a fallen angel. All around me the place we were in was stark and grey, the rocks had twisted faces of agony in them and things screamed all around us in pain. Somehow I managed to smile through it all at the torture, I don't know I'm just a sadist it makes me laugh.

[Bold is Blue, italic is Death]

So why me?

You match our energy, and we are without form. Many centuries pass before we can take a form, be it under our own power or by taking others.

You are.. Death? The last two times I saw you, you were more male in appearence.

I have many aspects the more common appearence the black robed skeleton, holding a scythe what humans call the Grim Reaper. As you see me now since I am in your body, is what Hindus call Khali the Goddess of Death and sex. Unlike my brothers who have no true form, I can be more selective in how I appear.

I wasn't meant to be a slave you piece of shit, we were meant to be a team. Why send us the dreams if you weren't going to fullfill it?

Whoops sorry we lied!

She began to walk away from me, I screamed at her to come back.

The next day begins and I'm in the library only its not me its her, Grr is there and he's upset still over Joah being taken. He calls the thing Khali and she demands he feeds the vessel, hell even I could tell my body was hungry I hadn't fed since the enslavement. She got to about half raping him, my mouth and hands all over his body but taking in energy from the air that was created. Death backed off eventually cursing the ferryman, she was still partially male in her aspect I think thats what scared her off. I didn't know why she called him that until he explained he had been in the service of her and War, interesting I could learn things about people while I couldn't do anything. I was always hungry for information, I guess I can't help sucking up that stuff even when caught in a bind. She tarried too long in this place because Omega walks up the steps of the building, her red dress rustling and she scowls at me more than she does the current driver. Yeah well Omega and me always had a difference of opinion, we tolerated one another like two armies in a make shift truce. Pieter never liked her, then he had no fondness for many of his own kind.

Death moves in on Omega and fuck she's practially begging for the power she can feel all around, there was a big cluster fuck in here now since Pestilance shows up and Jonathon. Jon of all people I hadn't expected to see him back since he had his throat torn out, well Death wasn't happy to see him she called him the one that got away. Raven's song, messenger whatever she is called one of three, she was giving power to Jon and Grr to stop the two from making a move. Even Jon was calling upon his so called God to use his power, I never got that and I still don't cos I don't believe in him. Death believes in God the creator she belives she is here to deliver fate to do her task, she moves in on Omega that vampire all dressed in red so perfect so wanting. War was let in taking the leader of a peaceful faction, Grr went mad at that moment his sword was drawn. He attacked War shoving his sword deep in to War's chest piercing her heart, the air got so cold it was like the fucking artic because guess what Death isn't happy. Grr's mind had snapped he was bellowing about War then knealt down in a submissive stance, at the same time Pestilance had convinced Jason who was reading a book on the four to join with the cause. Grr the ferryman and Jason Death's warrior, both had danced to their song long before they came to here. They left or we its so hard to tell where I ended and where Death ended, the last was Kytara the same as before she was taken by Famine the four were now complete.

Ethan has a seed inside him its a seed of destruction, he said the four could have it if they got rid of Sariel. Sariel was the one they didn't stand up against, he stood in their way but to get the seed they would confront Sariel together. Only thing is that Sariel happens to be Lorne.

I was free for an hour or two to help the also temperally free Kytara deliver a curse upon the church, once done and we were at the Pit we were taken once again and thus we left. Pieter didn't like the Horsemen every time he saw Death he flipped her off, she didn't really care except for the fact he had bitten her. Word seemed to get around that they were about, the people either mocked them or feared them, some of the braver ones were challenging them saying they would fail to bring The End. Course none of the four cared they were remaining neutral while Death, tried to incite the population to party and indulge in orgies. She went as far as going about asking to be fucked making my body in to a cum bucket, the fact that people already think I slept with anyone and anything pissed me off. She felt that and made it a point the two were different, that I hoarded my body but Death was willing to share it with those who always wanted to do me. So nice of her.... Few took the offer one of them was Bato, instead she brutilised and tore him up she wrecked him.

The longer Death stayed inside my body the more it became how she wanted it to be, there wasn't much she could change but she adjusted it til it suited her. All I could do was watch, watch and do nothing about the fact how my body was being used. Even Delrith had the nerve to hit her, she wasn't happy about that.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Death is a woman

This entry is written in a hand more elegent than before, in long letters that flow in to one another

Seems I have found the journal of this vessel I have taken over, delight in me little one let me fill you. I am the end of all, I have chosen you. This demon is mine, you can not stop me.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Friday, 7 November 2008

Don't look at me like that

Leaning against the wall near the steps inside the library, I had a book open on Air element magick. The footsteps of someone approaching disturbed me from my study, I looked up to see the angel Denenthorn.

He asked if his blue eyes were being decieved, that I wasn't really there reading a book. I told him I was studying and then I showed some of what I had learned, he had to show off more just to out do me. Rolling my eyes I made a rose of fire and a rose of ice, he handed me a real rose a sign of friendship. I remember Aaryanna saying that men give roses to those girls they happen to like, I turned it over in my fingers looking at it before putting it away in my shadow.

A turn in the conversation led to Picket, I informed it was his fault that I still blamed him for her death. I couldn't hate him since he bought her back albeit all screwed up, and it was that as well what happened before that made me so mad. Then everything made me mad not just the Magpie, he told me to let out my anger upon him I refused since the library wouldn't allow it. Strange how he then spoke to the library to allow me this one chance for violence, soon as he was done I had shifted my form revealing what I truely am and struck.

I had him on the floor laying on the steps at my mercy, grim satisfaction from the grinding of my boot on his groin. When I had the chance to end his existance those blue eyes of his looked at me, his voice flat when he spoke but his eyes said it all. He said his life had no worth to him and thus I saw no point in taking it, besides that haunting look of suffering, loss and sadness that hit a chord I didn't want to be hit.

"There's no point in taking something that has no worth".

My form shifted again returning to something more palable for the residents to see, typical I could save energy and just wander around how I naturally look. No I had to waste it and show off, I looked away from the angel laying on the steps after I cut open his cheek.

"Don't look at me like that".

More words, words I really don't want to hear, I told him flat out that I didn't need to confront anything. I'm perfectly fine how I am I can do everything on my own. At least it something good to know that I hold my life with some worth, and that in a sense makes me better than him. Then again I'm a Shadow, I'm better than those who are not my family.

Lulz of the day:

[20:23] Grom Prevost: Suck mah balls Coven!
[20:23] Blueray Darkes: Jump in the middle and yell BOOYA then kill them all
[20:23] Brianna Willenov: ah werent when i panned up there a sec ago lol
[20:23] Kytara Dagger: Pffffffffffftttttt. I crap fish bigger than them.
[20:23] Blueray Darkes: Now we know where fish come from
[20:23] Brianna Willenov: o.O'
[20:23] Kytara Dagger: <.<
[20:23] Kytara Dagger: Did I say that outloud?
[20:23] Kytara Dagger: Oops.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

The demoness that is Blueray

First death – Demon turning
With no longer having a concept of right and wrong, thanks to Lorne's taking of her conscience. She sought out her Lord and in the Haven while the residents were sealed inside, she told him of her dark desire. Janvier's verdict find a demon heart and bring it to him, Blueray had the perfect target in mind. Her ex-lover Delrith. The two met and combat ensued, she tried to carve his organ out of him. During the battle Delrith lost control and skewered her through the chest, her own heart mortally wounded her life was forfeit. In a bid to bring Blueray back from death, he gave her his greatest gift... Half his heart to save her. The demon half fused with the werewolf half, the binding created a new demoness but an imcomplete one. When she discovered she lacked the essence needed and that she couldn't kill delrith, she spurned his gift with everything she had and made his life Hell.

Second death – Made complete
Without essence from a High demon she was fated to die, the wasting of her body could be halted by eating souls. One such soul she got from Pieter, she had to wait for her essence as at the time Belial was possessing Janvier. Janvier was freed and once again she set forth to get a demon heart, due to her failure the first time Sipha was sent with her. A demon was found his heart brutally removed, it was handed to Janvier who swallowed it whole to store it in his stomach to gain his essence. Instead of keeping it for one day she had pissed him off and he kept it for four days, he killed her on the alter ripping out out the old and replacing it with the new. One beat away from being a clone of Janvier's heart, it was made to beat in her chest with a burst of essence he pumped in to her. Blueray was now a complete demoness, and she returned the heart of Delrith to him.

The blood of Belial is a dangerous substance, on its own drank or coming in to contact with skin of a victem. They suffer the most terrifying visions of demons from another plane of existance, no one else can see these but them and it generally lasts as a whole for three days. When the blood is mixed with other substances, it causes different effects on the victem who drinks it. Also these same substances when drank by the demon, will also cause these effects as it mixes in their very bloodstream. The blood also has healing properites causing the body to heal at a super fast rate, so anything from cuts to broken bones can be healed in a matter of minutes. Using this blood on anyone who isn't immune to it can cause the visiosn to happen even with the smallest of amounts, generally when it does come in contact with others it heals the first injuries only on that person.

Mind control – Blood ability
Along with the learning of the elements it is another trait of the Belial bloodline to control the minds of others, when her hand is covered in black fire and drips like ink its best to just leave. Under the influence of Blueray the puppet acts normally until given an order to follow out, the puppet is controled for up to a week unless its severed early either by her or some other force. Blueray can control up to two people at any one time, once her energy levels are too low she can't use this at all.

Demon summoning/Hell portals
In one of those boring days Blueray drew a pentagram on the ground with her blood, through this she was able to summon a demon and get it to possess Venom. With the added bonus of the words handed to her by Lorne during one of his lessons, she has been able to improve the summoning portal and turn it in to a gateway to Hell. Said gateway was used for Denenthorn to go to Hell in order to bring back Picket, her currently Hell portals go both ways but so far unstable and uncontrolable.

It will often be noted that her shadow doesn't copy her actions, it moves about of its own accord doing its own thing. It will often talk to her and sometimes it can be heard by others or just by Blueray herself, its really up to those around if they want to hear it. Its more fun when people think she is crazy and talking to herself. How did this happen? Her shadow became sentiant after a summoning ritual to bring a demon on to our plain, a gift for giving up a small piece of her demonic essence during the ritual. Not only does it move and talk on its own, but she uses it as a storage unit.

The Words
In the first lesson that Lorne taught to the Shadows he gave them a list of sixteen Words, he told them that in order to avoid the three by three rule you must give up an item of value. The value of the object doesn't matter long as it equals the value of the benefit you are trying to create. If you do not pay the price, the spell comes back to you times by three. [I don't use this often at all, too much hassle]

Fire – Base element/Internal
Blueray first learnt to use fire as a werewolf in the form of fireballs, once turned by Delrith that skill passed over to her new form. As Delrith has lava blood and is based mainly in fire, it was almost certain that Blueray would be the same when it came to fire. Fire is also one of the elements that can be a base from Belial's bloodline, in turn this just added to the fact she would be fire based after Janvier had made her complete. Fire has become a great mastery to Blueray, she can form it and bend it to her own will has passed this control by teaching it to her sister.
~Fire is burning passion, heated anger, and scorching hate. This is my drive, my core that powers me~

Water – Learned/Drawn from a water source
According to Janvier those of Belial's bloodline have the ability to master all four elements, in a bid to see if this was true she spent time in the library studying the elements. Water is the second element she now controls, all three of its forms vapour, water and ice including other varients.
~Water ever flowing never ceasing the constant of change with tears of everlasting sorrow, ice the cold of a void and emptiness, vapour nothing more than it appears to be a blanket that smothers. This is my life, my sadness, the pain that freezes me~

Earth – Learned/Anything with earth in it, that includes concrete
Spending more time in the library in order to study she eventually learnt Earth, the ability to make the ground move or open up. This is also connected to making things grow such as plants, and thus has a wide range in this element. In this fashion she can form the ground to do anything she wishes, or even use plants as a weapon of defence.
~Earth the will to defend loved ones and oneself, power to rise up and shake foundations. Mother earth of nurture to make things grow, the vines that bind yet lash out at all threats. This is my will, my strength, my devotion and duty to my family and those under my protection including myself~

Air – Learned/Drawn from the air all around
Another learned ability from the book she has been studying, the magick to create hurricanes, gusts of winds and make electricity. All forms of the air has been learned, the only trouble now is to control the voltage for things.
~Wind the breath of new hope, the descrution that lays waste to all in its path. Lightening the fire that shocks, a brief spark of emotion that is never long lasting.~

Unlike most she generally feeds off any source she can come across, mostly she will take energy out of the air produced as a by product from emotional outbursts. Blueray will also eat regular foods when she feels like it, or devour the flesh of her victems when meals are down. Her main source is lust that she gains from sexual pleasure, in order to get lust she will copulate only with those she has attachment to or deemed worthy.

Yes she has fear. The only thing that terrifies her to her very core, is the place where she refuses to tread. Upon entering or even going to near the Dungeon, she will become so encompassed of her fear that she has no defences. Why is Blueray afraid of this place? There is a reason and all one has to do is ask.

Its no fun to have an all powerful character that can't be beaten or has no weaknesses, you don't get to enjoy a lot of RP that way. I like to weave in flaws and weaknesses that can be used and abused. A lot of the things she does uses energy such as the elements, summonings, mind control, in order for her to use this over long periods of time she needs a soul to replenish the energy levels. It is possible to make her use all her energy in a short period of time, fire and earth magick uses the most energy. Get her to attack in a continuous fashion while in a rage the energy is used, without eating a soul that energy can't be regained and she will be helpless without her magick to back her up. I will also accept any method that can supress or seal her powers on a temperary basis. Long term she can do her magicks over a period of months, as its done in short bursts rather than in full out combat.

Lulz of the day:

[10:24] Chlo Munster: i killed someone and it came up with
[10:09] DCS2 2.34: Chlo Munster heals SELF
[10:09] DCS2 2.34: 7Demons Uborstein Has been Defeated
[10:09] DCS2 2.34: 7Demons Uborsteinwas Killed By Blueray Darkes
[10:09] DCS2 2.34: 7Demons Uborstein heals SELF
[10:24] Chlo Munster: LOL
[10:24] Chlo Munster: your ghost is runnin round killin people!!