Tuesday, 27 January 2009


I am.... an abomination.

Down in the depths of Hell when Delrith as his human self craved power, his body was unable to be corrupted and thus a body was created for him. Mephisto fashioned a form made from several demons, in its chest placed a heart of a Hell-born Dragon. Its blood molten lava and to hold the thing together with demon essence and a human soul, thus the human was ripped from his earthly body and placed in to the new construct. Delrith Bolero son of Mephisto was born, the power of the demons that made him his to command. And his soul corrupted beyond saving, until the day he saved himself.

I remember the day his body was souless nothing more than a beast, a raging creature with no bounds to hold it until they shoved Dev in there. Good thing to or he would have fallen apart without a soul in there, things became normal again once they could soul swap them back around.

Belial is a Prince of Hell his brother is Lucifer who rules over the kingdom of demons, the black demon has a personal war that has been fought for centuries. Perhaps it was the desire to take over the surface world and these endless fights, that caused him to try and break free from the bonds of Hell. Belial's foe is the Arch duke Mephisto, but now the duke has no one to fight for Belial is sealed in a stone.

I'm an abomination to my own kind...

Never before is there a demoness like myself, I say Picket is the closest to me but even then I say it to make myself feel better. No one is like me I'm a perfect combination of two demon bloodlines, though the Belial line overpowers the line of Bolero. When Delrith gave me half his heart he inadvertly passed over some of the demons that made him, Joah said she could hear them screaming inside me wanting to be free.

Blood, essence and heart of Janvier the one who spared me a fate worse than death, he completed me so I wouldn't waste away. Pieter helped he gave me a soul to eat, when I needed to keep going. So yes I'm powered by Belial and I stand proud on that fact every fucking day. I've also have fiend in me because of Delrith I understood the tongue he spoke in, he said they come for me drag me to Hell and take back the pieces I'm made of. I will never be free to just live my afterlife, I will be made to suffer for what he did for what Janvier did.

You want to always be free and uncaged?

I'm always free

I've got power, freedom, a place to call home, people to call family. I do not need anything else. I am a child of Janvier, a grandchild of Belial.

Still an abomination, for my flesh is of a fiend.

Lulz of the day:

[16:43] Arthores Faulkes: anyway just wanted to make sure you were told about it, night man *sings you to sleep* what is love? baby dont hurt me, dont hurt me....no more! HA!
[16:43] Pieter Seelowe: GRRRRRRRR!~

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

All change

It started out all bloody innocent as most things happen to do, Picket was losing her marbles becoming a cat. What do I do? I throw open the link between Picket and me so I can get her mind back in order, its something I can do much like the communication link between all us Shadows. Only I kept our personal link open too long……

Morning comes along I wake as usual something is a little off, everything looked it was further away than usual. You know because Picket is taller than me everyone would appear shorter in my vision, I shrugged it off since weird things happen all the time in Toxia. How weird can it go when you are called by your sisterwife’s name and not your own? VERY!

Pieter and Shaynee called me Picket, I instantly went on the defensive saying I wasn’t Picket. Alright even I didn’t know what had happened at first, when they tell me I sound, look and smell just like Picket the things start to click in to place. Course I was getting wound up in the process about this whole thing, the longer they called me Picket the more aggitated I got. Pieter said he could help me told me everything was alright, then his stupid fucking mind trick hit me full force.


Cum clock round two. I was furious I shoved him away from me, the one person who I figured would have known it was me didn’t. Last time he did that to me he told me I had to ride it out, I would have been able to stop him if I was in my own body. Much as I know Picket’s body on the outside the inside of it was completely alien to me, her mind was an unguarded thing and she had no mental barriers to protect even my own since I was bloody well inhabiting it now. Running from him and Shaynee I went to the FishCo explaining to Quiet what Pieter had done, course she laughed but took me or Picket not sure at this point inside.

First one hit…. Picket or is that me shows up instantly freaks out calling me a pod person, whatever the fuck a pod person is. Far too wrapped up in what was happening to us to even stop and ask, we went outside showed her our reflections. We tried fighting eachother we had gotten that bitchy, she also wasn’t pleased what was happening to her body. Today was fucked up from the start I didn’t need anymore trouble, heading to the voodoo proved fruitless since Elroy wouldn’t help us. Fine to the library then. Our wanderings were stopped by Pieter who figured it would be funny to taunt us further, I was already pissed at him and his stupid ramblings of who was who just got on my nerves. Eventually we got away from him and you think that things should calm down, but oh no.

Inside the library was Nareth, Grr, Redd, and Denenthorn, I don’t exactly know why but I started smoking in the place. Right aftere that the third orgasm hit me nice I had a show again, Picket got riled by Nareth she actually went for the chair bound girl. More trouble ensued Denenthorn even had to put his foot down, fourth orgasm hit by the fireplace and Pieter howled with laughter. His laughing echoed in my head but eventually I was subdued since he told me to follow him home, I uttered a “Yes my lord” and trailed after him back to the Pit. Picket wasn’t happy he called us bitches she went nuts and left, I followed her beat her ass down and took her back. It was Pieter who changed our essences over back to our rightful bodies, we’re still on her shit list and though I was concerned for Pieter he was still on my own shit list.

I was barely in the mood to make hassles in the library, Redd annoys the fuck out of me and I sat outside on the lamp post calling someone. They never answered their phone I needed to talk to someone, I figured they were the best bet since we had been civil the last time. Eventually I left the library area after Nareth was being a bitch again, she may think she is all that but she is nothing. Rooftops are perhaps one of the best places to be, barely anyone can find you at all when you don’t want to be found. I wasn’t even trying to hide.

Jonathon snuck up behind me not easy to sneak up on a demon who has a shadow that moves of its own accord, it told me he was there and he sat down beside me offering me a pack of smokes. I told him what had happened why I was up here, after he declared Pieter to be a prick he said I needed to confront him since I don’t normally sit back and take shit. As would happen conversation turned to speak of the family we missed, where we would go if we died and who would be waiting for us. I told Jonathon I missed Skyler as he would be the one who re-assured me, hugged me, hit me if I needed it and gave me attention, but without the one I called an older brother I got lost at times. I couldn’t even believe I was showing weakness in front of a Righeous, but he didn’t seem to mind it was like I wasn’t wrong in doing so. Jon said that in the end we all get what we want and what we need, I told him recently I got neither and he suggested a change in company and scenary.

Right now that idea seems really tempting, even demons get weary of the same old thing.

Lulz of the day:

[2009/01/20 15:42] Picket McDonnell is hit with pieters testicle directly in her chest, though she does not react. This body had proven to feel no pain. She just closed her eyes and gritted her teeth, her fury and stubborn streak proving to be a horrid match.

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Messing around

It wasn't until after I woke up that I put some of the pieces together, Grr had said he was talking to Hatter the other day. Hatter was meant to be gone along with Reaper, but both had returned and when my mind kicked in to full gear. Perhaps they returned because Picket ate her own soul, the fact it happened only after this is far more than coincedence.

I would need to talk to Denenthorn on the matter.

And I did. Only he refused to admit they were back at all, he was in denial and I was enjoying by messing with his mind. He told me not talk about Nareth getting hurt, or the fact she called him grandfather. I goaded him until he had got angry enough for his wings to come out, one white wing one black wing its why I called him Magpie. After I handed him two feathers he called my accusations childish and stormed away in to his portal, I left the library laughing hard.

Love is....

I had dropped to all fours my hands touching the pavement, feeling the concrete under my palms. My fingers curled slightly I scratched the ground with my claws, this was something familar it was simple. I bunched up my body feeling every muscle go tense, begining to feel like a spring wound too tight. My legs pushed me forwards it took a few seconds before I coordinated, hands and feet I almost tumbled head over heels. I got my stride back I was running like I used to, often times I love to run more out of hyperactivity than anything else. Sometimes running helps get my thoughts to straighten out, I had recently asked Omegans about what love is.

Perhaps I was confused on the matter myself, I had an ache that couldn't be fixed. Yes they said it is possible to love more than one, possible to have love that hurts and possible to love and lost. As I ran through the city feeling constrained on more than one level, I turned over the thoughts thinking of those I had loved and lost. Thought of the one I still loved, and the one who made me ache.

He still sends shivers down my spine!

Lulz of the day:

[20:41] Stralack Hayek gets cloud out here and he kicks some major butt
[20:42] Blueray Darkes sends out Squall but he just emos in a corner
[20:42] Stralack Hayek: lmao!
[20:42] Blueray Darkes: .... I HATE YOU

Friday, 16 January 2009


I'm not jealous of the women Pieter goes after, I have no reason to be considering how I am. After all I'm married and we cheat on one another, but I didn't want a certain Cont getting near him. She spends far too much in the garage consorting with Dev Bracken, in my eyes that's dangerous so I made trouble.

Told her what I thought and she didn't like that, but I got told off by Pieter for making trouble at his expense. I see it more like at his benefit but we sometimes didn't share the same view, of course arguing in front of six people doesn't make it half the city. I never said that either. I have to behave now or I will be in serious shit, I can do that I just like a little chaos.

I suppose I better find another lover, one that can cater to my appetite, my needs, my desires. Then I think of Pieter......

And my world crumbles

Lulz of the day:

[13:08] Seether Difference turns to the lady in black standing in the street.
[13:08] Cordelia Cuttita nods toward the male vampire standing near the park.
[13:08] Blueray Darkes doesn't do anything but stand in the middle of the street
[13:10] Pieter Seelowe just runs past quietly

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Return of Reaper

Sometimes just sometimes things actually happen around here, and when stuff happens it does it with a bang. Tonight was one of those times and I happened to be around, I always seem to be around when shit goes down but that's just me.

Denenthorn was first to contact me via a mind link, odd I know he had done it before but I never pondered on how he could use it. The previous time he did it I was not in the best of moods, for everything he told me was about my brother. Most of my communication relies on the Shadow link between me and the Shadows, but there is another mental path if someone knows its there they can use it. Maybe thats what he used as he asked me if he could heal the Nareth, I couldn't care what he did to her to me she wasn't important. To me that wasn't the same Nareth but any and all Nareth belong to Legion.

Nareth had been hurt by the red skin Pontifex and obviously left to die there after, I had stalked in to the library to hear that she wouldn't stop feeding. It must have been extremely serious for her to take large amounts of blood, I half taunted them saying she should die since she had already died before. Grrbrool got all uptight telling me to piss off or call Legion, much as I enjoy calling out the broken one I at first refused. Not my problem not my concern but being Nareth is Legion's toy, I relented sending out a message to Lorne even as Denenthorn protested in my head about making Legion come. Too much chaos even for him, this coming from what he is HA.

I offered my blood to heal her now they refused me, I was going to taunt them further but an angel distracted me and led me outside. Pretty little thing a new Omegan in their midst full of innocence and naivity, I don't really like white wings they drive me nuts with their aura. For once I managed to hold back the urges of ripping her apart, there were other things going on when Lorne showed up I went back inside. Perhaps not the best of ideas of him to bring Brianna with him, he sent her away when it got to dangerous for her. As he worked on healing the Nareth I fed quietly on the chaos all about the room, after the extremely large burst of fire that came from the wounded woman the books went nuts.

Books flew off the shelves and began attacking all non Omegans in the library, I simply ignored them whatever damage they do to me heals so I didn't care. The library spirit was stressed its mood not helped by some interfering Kindred, nor was it helped by some curious Shadows that came by. Eventually though Denenthorn ordered all non Omegans but myself out of the library, the books resettled back upon the shelves once they had all gone.

However even in the calming quiet all was not right specially not with Denenthorn, his peacock blue eyes went violet just for a second. That wasn't all his shadow was not of an angel it was now demonic in apearence, my own shadow poked and prodded it while making a large fuss. Before I left I asked about the silver razor that had appeared around his neck, he said he was looking after it guarding it. It once belonged to Nareth..

Somehow all these things are connected, I'm going to tell Picket about Denenthorn.

Lulz of the day:

[16:41] Brianna Willenov: whats totally worth it o.O
[16:42] Blueray Darkes: Cutting kitty cats
[16:43] Brianna Willenov: Making meow mix? :D
[16:44] Blueray Darkes: Yes made from real meows

Sunday, 4 January 2009

The big debate

Choi Zhangsun looks puzzled at Jon's abrupt departure, and follows.

Jonathon Coage stops and his hands fly to his back, guns tucked in his waistband under his shirt "What do you want..."

Blueray Darkes looks over her shoulder, she had a blank expression. "So hostile... and you call me moody. You ever seen those small wooden chapels? Made out of logs like my house used to be, only they were bigger and looked like this place sort of. Back then I used to believe in all that religious shit, til my parents were killed....".

Jonathon Coage perks a brow "Excuse my hostility...just seems everytime a Shadow is in here lately one of mine gets torn up.."

Blueray Darkes: In case you haven't noticed I have been gone for a few days.

Choi Zhangsun: And how long has the "No Shadows in the Church" rule been going on now..?

Blueray Darkes: Since when did we ever listen to the rules of mortals and lesser ones?

Jonathon Coage's hands twitch but his voice calms "Well it's been happening...is there something we can do for you, Blue?" Jonathon Coage grits his teeth "Do not insult me in my home Blue..."

Choi Zhangsun rolls her eyes, "Here we go again.. You're no greater being Blue. You're just a puppy we took in who went bad."

Blueray Darkes heaves out a breath, "Sorry Jon". Shakes her head at Choi, "What did you expect really? After what I went through you expect me to stay all pure and good? Paths change by fate or choice, mine was fate I just took advantage of it". She grew silent, "Anyway I was just remembering my old church, two hours drive by horse and cart since my father hated cars".

Choi Zhangsun: People have gone through worse and stayed good...

Jonathon Coage softens again, his hands leaving his back and at his side "I'm not pure...nor am I completely good. What I am is someone who enjoys doing the right thing. You don't need to be either to belong here, you just need to believe joy is not received by the pain of others."

Choi Zhangsun steps forward and wraps her arm around Jon's waist as a show of support, even though she knows his words won't have any effect.

Blueray Darkes: Parents murdered, house burnt down, grew up on the streets, bit by a wolf, killed with dark intent. Raped while having my back flesh cut off, ankles smashed, guts mashed up, lacerated muscles, ripped anus, bashed up shoulders, stabbed, dragged and beaten. *pauses* Joy is in found in lots of things....
Blueray Darkes: Yes Choi can really stay good after that

Jonathon Coage puts his hands on Choi's as he speaks "Do you know what kind of pain is felt when a mortal who is Divine has the blood of Dimentox in him?"

Choi Zhangsun looks at Blue hard, "And I've been through a lot myself. What happened to me in the Pit.. What Jan did to me outside the Haven..having to almost kill my own mother.. And yet I'm here, and you're there." Choi Zhangsun looks up at Jon, squeezing his hands. She didn't know about that..

Blueray Darkes puts her hands in her pockets arguing about the point of life events with Choi was rather pointless, she looks at Jon with a slight flick of her tail. "It hurts like burning hellfire I bet, same as a holy weapon used on a demon that flays their essence to shreds. The agony is unbearable...".

Jonathon Coage nods slowly as he nods to his office "Come on I think a convo like this requires some whiskey and a couch..."

Blueray Darkes: I can't drink whiskey....

Choi Zhangsun scowls but follows Jon.

Jonathon Coage perks a brow "What can you drink?"

Blueray Darkes: Anything that isn't whiskey, you know what that stuff does when mixed with my blood. Imagine it in my bloodstream

Jonathon Coage smiles softly "I have a little Vodka too...and I think a few cans of soda somewhere back there."

Blueray Darkes: Cool vodka and coke.

Choi Zhangsun: Jon do you still have.. the ones you got for me?

Jonathon Coage opens a bottom cabinet taking out two cans, one of coke and one of mountain do. He closes his eyes and his hands glow, chilling both cans frigid. He tosses one to Choi and smiles "Of course..."

Choi Zhangsun bites her bottom lip, and grins around it, intensely pleased he still remembered. She catches it and pops it open and sits, nursing it slowly.

Jonathon Coage leans back down and poors the cold coke in a glass, mixing some vodka in slowly before rising, handing it to Blue and taking a seat "For the record it was agaony...especially since I refused to feed..."

Blueray Darkes takes the glass taking a seat against the wall, she must be in an odd mood for her even to be this sombre and polite. Holding the glass she stares at it befora taking a sip, "Agony is a common thing in this city.....".

Jonathon Coage nods slowly "Experiencing that agony, I realized such pain is not something I wish for someone else to experience. In understanding pain fully my desire to protect others from it grew.

Blueray Darkes: See thats where we are different Jon, where as I know pain to the fullest. I only deem to protect my family and inflict pain on others, that is my nature these days.

Jonathon Coage shrugs "I use it to do the same, only I care for those outside my family as well."

Blueray Darkes rolls the glass in her hands, "Few outside mine get that privilage".

Choi Zhangsun heaves a sigh and decides to concentrate on her soda, since she rarely has any, rather than stressing herself out by arguing.

Jonathon Coage perks a brow "Do you think if I had been leading the Righteous when you were assaulted it would have even happened? Thats my aim, to stop what happened to you so senselessly from happening to others."

Blueray Darkes pulls her knees up a little taking a gulp of the vodka and soda, "I deserved it, I don't care what Del says I betrayed the Pack by my curiousity for Shadows". She shook slightly holding the glass tighter in her hand, "Its a good aim if you believe in it, but we will clash on it Jon. When I and mine are dishing it out, you're there stopping our fun".

Jonathon Coage nods "I know...but ponder this...what would you be like if it had been stopped. Further...would you ever want to see the same happen to another?"

Blueray Darkes: I suppose if it never happened I would be more neutral, I could have been an Omegan or something. -Closes her eyes for a moment to stop the soft hell glow of them- If I was still in that old frame of mind I wouldn't want to see anyone go through it, but I aint like that and I rather like corrupting people....

Jonathon Coage puts a finger in the air "Ah. Now what is fun about corrupting?"

Blueray Darkes finishes her drink hands the glass to Jon, "You take something that is innocent and twist it, make it in to something with a far darker purpose in life. You accomplish something not many would dare to do".

Jonathon Coage takes the glass and rises to refill it "Now what about taking something dark and reverting it back to neutral or even good? Harder or easier?" Jonathon Coage fills the glass with the still icy cool coke and pours in some vodka, returning to his seat and handing Blue the refill.

Blueray Darkes takes note of his movements, "Its a lot harder to turn someone back to neutral or good, I should know because the priest failed with me". She takes the offered glass with a nod, sips it gently making an aahh sound.

Jonathon Coage smiles "Now since it's harder, I find a much greater sense of accomplishment in it. Even though it's harder and happens less often I find it more rewarding."

Blueray Darkes: We can make them bad and you can try to make them good again, like a never ending cycle of one trying to accomplish what is their goal and their nature to do

Jonathon Coage nods "I agree there is a great need for balance...both sides require one another to exist. However when the balance is shifted, there is a serious problem. At the moment it is out of balance...and when corrected it will most likely be off balance to the other side."

Blueray Darkes blinks, "I really don't see anything out of balance right now, yes everything always has its oppersite. Like a coin has two sides, each side represents a different force in the world".

Jonathon Coage nods slowly "Yes. I wonder though Blue...could you ever see yourself changing again?"

Blueray Darkes runs her tongue along the rim of the glass, she tips it to her lips drinking half of the liquid. "Not really no, I enjoy being how I am far too much".

Choi Zhangsun continues sipping at her soda, finding to her dismay it's almost gone already. Damn small cans..

Jonathon Coage looks down to his hands and flexes them slowly "Well maybe one day that will change...I sometimes wonder what it would be like to have you in this family..."

Choi Zhangsun's eyes widen, she hides it behind the can as she tips it up to drink the last of her soda.

Blueray Darkes chokes on a mouthful of vodka and coke, "You serious"? She coughs thumping her chest with her fist, "Doubt it would happen unless the Shadows fell, I worked hard to rise through the ranks to second in command. Worked hard to earn their respect, and work for their benefit".

Jonathon Coage shrugs as he watches her choke on the soda and smirks a bit "It's just a thought. An interesting one at that."

Choi Zhangsun gets up to dispose of her can and sighs wistfully, wishing there was more..

Blueray Darkes takes a gulp to soothe her throat, "Demons don't really belong in church, sounds to me like you're plotting something".

Jonathon Coage smirks as he watches Choi "There may be another can in that cabinet...hand me one and I'll chill it.." he looks over to Blue and shrugs again "Del was one of our best members, a Knight and to this day a legend here."

Choi Zhangsun perks and leaps towards the cabinet, rifling through it. She gives a triumphant crow as she comes up with the very last can. She thinks briefly about saving it for later but decides to just have it now, being an instant-gratification kind of girl. She plops back down on the couch and hands it to Jon.

Blueray Darkes: Del who became an Omegan, left the Omegans and now wishes to ask the all important question to me. Legend has basis in truth, but it becomes something else over time.

Jonathon Coage chills the can with a glowing hand and hands it back to Choi while talking to Blue "None the less...in his time here he was excellent and a true savior for some."

Choi Zhangsun nods her agreement and opens the can.

Blueray Darkes sighs softly, "A fallen saviour... ".

Jonathon Coage taps Choi's knee with his fingertips idly "All saviors fall...it is their fate. Their glory is found in the fact they freely accept it so that others may prosper."

Choi Zhangsun smiles at Jon and scoots down in the cushion to move her leg closer.

Blueray Darkes: I see...

Jonathon Coage rubs Choi's leg as he talks "But...thats my view on it at least. Others may differ."

Choi Zhangsun purrs and giggles at the same time, half-snarfing her soda, because her leg is ticklish.

Blueray Darkes stands up handing him the glass again, "Heh, I think I better go now".

Jonathon Coage takes the glass and nods "Of course...I do enjoy a little intellectual debate though, thank you for it."

Blueray Darkes smiles and felt uneasy now, the PDA not to her liking really. "Its not often I get the chance to show I have some intelligence, but then whats the fun in letting the city know I'm far from a simpleton? You are welcome".

Jonathon Coage smirks "Well...the guise I suspect is quite useful."

Blueray Darkes turns to head for the door, "It has its uses like a lot of things".

Choi Zhangsun: Good thing we know better.

Jonathon Coage waves as she walks out "Be safe, Blue."

Blueray Darkes looks back once just to grin, "Choi you are one who thinks of me as simple, stay safe yourself Jon".

Lulz of the day:

[0:21] Arcann Dyrssen: ((Dude, you could do me a massive favour by wandering over to Nareth and kicking her in the rear for me ^^))
[0:21] Pieter Seelowe: rofl
[0:22] Pieter Seelowe walks up slowly behind Nareth and punts his foot forward, hurling it towards her ass with a smirk "Think you owe this to an old friend"
[0:23] Arcann Dyrssen: ((I want your babies.))
[0:24] Pieter Seelowe: QUOTED
[0:24] Arcann Dyrssen: EXPECTED

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Back to Toxia

She walks along the dark path the dust coming up to curl around the toes of her bots, each step taking her further in to the encompassing blackness. The demoness blends in with the pitch black of her skin, her white hair, her blue markings those eyes of hers show up. Her eyes of blue and yellow that glow with hellish light, the cat like pupils wide within the darkness.

Far from being a singularity she is a composite a combination, as she reminds others of her great heritage. Delrith made the flesh, Janvier gave her heart and essence. There are those who whisper she is more than what she has become, the whispers happen to be spoken from more than one source.

Potential always with the potential speech, or the save your non-existant speech.

I halt in my tracks looking back at my burnt down house, I felt my wings twitch involuntary. Putting a hand to my face I walk onwards, the flashes of that night how haunting my waking moments. Whoever that was who did that to me when I find them, I will thank them then I will fucking kill them.

Anyway I have to get home back to Toxia, I miss the Shadows my chosen family. I've been disconnected from the mental link too long, I must have news on what has been going on while I was gone. I miss the endless chatter of their voices in my head, all I got right now is the silence or my own thoughts. No worries tomorrow I will be at the docks, and I will set about to make my terror.

~An alluring demoness possesses great beauty, her voice is that of an angel's. For with poisoned, honey words she will lure in her prey, but be warned her heart is blacker than the blackest night. Do not fall for her angelic tones, she will devour you completely. And the blue one is no expection~

Lulz of the day:

[16:34] Artoo Bellic: Hey Rest can I scream in your ear really loud?
[16:34] Restroom Chemistry: being good is bad for your complexion
[16:34] Restroom Chemistry: sure!
[16:34] Artoo Bellic: Ok!
[16:35] Dante Dodonpa claps his hands together loudly and looks to his kitten "FUN TIME!!"
[16:35] Rylie Druth smiles
[16:35] Artoo Bellic runs over to Rest and creams really in his ear "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"
[16:35] Artoo Bellic: scream really loud*))
[16:35] Artoo Bellic: ((Hmm
[16:35] Restroom Chemistry: (I prefer it the other way)
[16:35] Rylie Druth: 0.o ))
[16:35] Artoo Bellic: ((Cream in your ear?
[16:35] Bohny Spad: ((lmao-dead))

Friday, 2 January 2009

Retracing steps - Part four

My birthplace is nothing more a charred mess, the blackened frames had fallen on to itself. Nothing but rubble now and old memories, moving among it I found the bones of my parents. I couldn't really do anything about them, I didn't want to do anything either.

I dropped to my knees grabbing at the ash of what used to be my house, closing my eyes I see the murders and the fire. Shuddering I stood up my eyes flashed once I couldn't be sad, I spent many years with out my parents. Perhaps if I find the one who wrecked my life, I could repay her by taking hers.

I felt a surge of power the human form fell away, my horns and scorpian tail burst in to view. My skin darkened to its coal black the blue markings showing up, since the tainting of Death on me I had grown a little in strength and power. Down the back of my head grew spikes, on top my horns shifted even my tail changed its form.

Time to go back to Toxia.

Lulz of the day:

[22:44] Lorne Harlequin looks towards Asher, atempting to make it look like Brianna is doing the kitty ears equivalent of the can-can
[22:44] Asher Blitz: ((spits water on keyboard))
[22:44] DCS2 2.42: Blueray Darkes OOC: Rofl
[22:45] Asher Blitz: ((needs a new set of initials, "SDAOTKB" spits drink all over the keyboard"
[22:46] DCS2 2.42: Blueray Darkes OOC: Hahahahaha

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Retracing steps - Part three

Passing by the park of the city as I headed for the boundries, I stopped to go inside of the wide greenery. This place was as large as half of Toxian City, the one thing I don't like about date rape park. It's too small.

Under the green tops of the trees that lined the paved walkways, I walked with hands in my pockets kicking at stones.

"You look human but you don't smell human", a male's voice that I assume is connected to the legs that appeared in my vision.

I looked up to come to face to face with a scruffy, looking man, he pulled a cigerette from his mouth flicking the ash aside. Shrugging my shoulders I walked around him, he got back in my way.

"Well!? He asked.

I shrugged, "Well what"?

The man chuckled, "What are you? You aren't human".

"Demon", I gave him a sly grin, "You yourself aren't human if you can tell I'm not".

Rubbing his nails on his brown stained shirt then blowing on them, "Vampire".

I didn't give him a chance to say or do anything else, I had thrusted my hand in to his chest grasping my fingers around his heart. Grinning I yanked my hand back ripping it out, the blood sprayed all over me from the hole I made. Holding the heart in my hand I watched him fall to dust, I ate the heart walking away from the dust pile. A few seconds of fire when no one was around cleansed me of the blood.

Random violence?

When I was a kid in that park and he was human, that guy stole the few pounds my brother and I had made.

I love being a demon.

Lulz of the day:

[20:47] NeonFlash Caliber nibbles
[20:47] NeonFlash Caliber: this is my first non dom char too :3
[20:47] Blueray Darkes bites
[20:47] NeonFlash Caliber melts
[20:48] Blueray Darkes gathers and puts in a jar
[20:48] NeonFlash Caliber: o.O
[20:48] Blueray Darkes puts a top on it then sells on ebay as Neon jam
[20:49] NeonFlash Caliber: Guaranteed too give you stomach cramps and exploding tongue on consumption
[20:49] Blueray Darkes: XD
[20:50] NeonFlash Caliber: Mwahaha