Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Wet willy

Reenie goaded me in to pranking Elam not that I need much goading in to anything, she increased the volume of some water and I manipulated it. Wrapping it around my adopted brother slowing the molucles in the liquid to make it solidify, I encased him inside a block of frozen ice until he woke up at least. At that point I decided to beign to let him go, soon as his head was free he began screaming he was going to kill us.

Well I aint one to run from a challenge or a decent fight, specially not among my own family members. I hadn't expected him to leap at him and knock me on to my back, I was expecting a punch to the face or something like that to be honest. Elam sucked on his finger then shoved it in to my ear yelling about a "Wet willy", now I've had a few lovers but what  he did is certainly not a wet willy. It doesn't feel all that fun either actually it feels really weird, I guess this thing is a human concept... I never heard of one before.

My first wet willy... Fuck that shit aint even funny.

Lulz of the day:

Xan hands on hips: Super penis

Monday, 14 March 2011

Sooooooo. . .

I guess it's time for some sort of an update in this journal, not that I have much to write right now. Days have dragged on in slow motion, with few oppurtunities to hurt something living. I have managed to mangle something that screams, also assist in cutting up a dead Hell dragon. I never thought I would see one ever considering my first sire had the heart of one, its that what can be seen in me as draconic traits.

I have had no time to sit down and ponder over the various pieces of information about demons I have received, Michel fitted in another piece of the puzzle. Not all demons in the Brood are just one sin, many of them are combination of sins but prefer one as their main. Like me... With things how they are thinking on such things hasn't been permitted, its sort of been shoved to the back of my mind til I can find some peace and quiet to dwell on it.

Recently we have had a new batch of recruits come in, some of them new altogether some of them I know from Toxia and glad to have around. These newlings will need to be whipped in to shape, I'm certain will be able to do that pretty soon and do a good job.

Necroville currenly has a king of liches living in our well, I never mess around with liches let along a king of them. If our leader Tempest has knelt to it in honour and respect, I suppose I better do the same if I ever see it. We are to make sacrifices to it in order to gain beneficial things, and I suppose to feed it too since it must be hungry. Anything for power right?

Lolz of the day:

[22:14] ℰℓąო nods at that and said casually "Oh, hey....well let me convey my apologies for that. We over here at the Chop Shop take pride in our maiming, and for you to not be maimed properly is just...it's just not right. So, what i'm gonna do for you here is I'm going to give you the maiming of your life, so you can see how we've improved, sound good?" he said almost too calmly.