Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Retracing steps - Part two

A dust cloud forms around my feet from the small impact of my landing, my wings retracted along with my horns and tail. I wanted to appear as human as possible, I wanted to refrain from making a scene. Incognito!

Returning to the streets I grew up in is strange, I see everything differently these days. I see the faceless masses, sheep to the slaughter to die at my claws. Walking briskly leaving the hum drum of the city, I slipped in to the grimey alleyways that I used to call home. My old sleeping spot was occupied by some tramps, dressed as I was in my street clothes they didn't even move. Silently I slipped in beside them at the barrel and no one moved, only a few grunts sounded that with a look I squashed it.

Warming myself standing there I could see in my clouded vision, the faces I remembered from those days that no longer matter. I'm half awake just dozing until I get nudged, they were whispering about me in barely heard voices. In the midst of these dirty men an old lady withered by age and weather, spoke in a hurried fashion telling all I was the wolf who returned. Grinning wickedly to myself I took their souls as I left one by one they fell in to the snow.

Anyone who would find them, will think they froze to death.

Lulz of the day:

[10:44] Ava Whalen purses her lips together and smirks, "What sort of trouble are you up to?"
[10:45] Pieter Seelowe takes a step closer eyeing down upon her gazing into her eyes "Same as everynight Pinky, try to take over the world"
[10:45] Ava Whalen stiffles a laugh.
[10:45] Blueray Darkes: Narf!

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Retracing steps - Part one

Following the murder of Partak and the fornification with Pieter, I decided to spend a few days away from the city. Standing on the docks I waited for the ferry to arrive, I would get aboard head to the mainland that they call America. Though once there I wouldn't stay I was simply using it as a small step, shifting out my wings feeling them rip my flesh. It healed once they were out giving a small few flaps, I lept in to the air taking flight my intention to go over the ocean. I will write more once I have landed back.... England.

Lulz of the day:

[16:05] razzi Reisman: Can tails get stds?
[16:06] razzi Reisman: Cause if so.. Pieter's tail probably has gonsyphoherpeaids

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Pieter Seelowe

Vampires roam the city in great numbers or in pairs, of course some some vampires happen to be alone. From the day I saw him I felt he was different from other vampires, day in day out I tracked him. He was a small piece of a large puzzle, put together to form a shadowy picture.

Pieter is a Shadow.

While I dug around looking for Shadows gaining information, it was to this mysterious man I gave anything useful to. Not many know how much I truely owe to him.

I was gradually becoming more mouthy the longer I sought in dark corners, the longer I stayed in this city it affected me. One chilled evening saw me arguing with a human female, I was a wolf back then with a reputation to earn and a point to prove. The human called Tanika made me eat dirt, she was about to break my legs with a baseball bat. Until Pieter stepped in.

Another evening and I'm hanging around with the Shadows, a Righteous vampire under the name Picket (Who later became my wife) thought I was cute. I defended myself best I could and lost, just as she was about to collar me.. Pieter stepped in.

One day while I was a new Shadow, I learned a dark and terrible secret. The Righeous had come to the Pit to take back one of their own, Pieter was mad with rage and I got in the way of him. From his punch my jawbone shattered, he spat at me insulted me and I fled wounded. It was easier to stay as a wolf to bandage up the muzzle, and thus keep the jaw in place so it would heal. I could have healed naturally in a few days, Dio sped up the process and I was all better. The next time I saw Pieter he terrified me, I ran from him to hide in my old living place. When he found me Pieter explained why he did it, told me some of his past so I can understand. I think on that day a small and fragile bond had formed, that grew stronger each and every day.

It was Pieter in his fury that took down The Reckoning in his way, for it was them who held me captive at the Port Authority. Them and the priest were struck down thus Pieter saved me again, it was Pieter who cleaned up the mess I inadvertly made. A deal with Dimentox that went wrong, he cursed the entire demon race for my own folly in trusting his word. Yes that's right I got all demons cursed, but Pieter broke it and got no thanks for it. (Thank you Pieter!)

In some ways I got closer to Pieter over the months, in other ways I am still distant from him he's still mysterious. Dark, handsome, sexy, wanted by many a femalem, the playboy flirt with lonliness hidden in his depths. We teased one another we flirted, I allowed him to feed off me when the bloodbath was gone. (He still feeds off me now, and fed off me before that.) None of it ever went further than that, though the rumours in the city said otherwise. I wanted so much to make them true, but in the meantime I occupied myself other lovers. There was a recent short period where he found himself a mate, I was happy enough to take a back seat in his affections. They didn't last, the reasons unknown.

Its December with the constant snow fall on the city, blanketing the dirty streets in clean, crisp, white. To be precise it was two days after Christmas, the day after I said goodbye to Hitaroki. K-Tox radio station Jason was doin his dj shift, I was sitting in Pieter's lap getting a rise out of him. Familar really I had done the same to him before on the throne, only this time it was different. We didn't stop ourselves we kept going, oblivious to the fact Jason was there we undressed. Unlike demons a vampire is cold to the touch, they warm up easily enough under certain conditions. We bit eacther, scratched eachother fueling his want to be inside me, just as he fueled my desire for him to be deep inside my sheath. Lust crazed, driven wild with passion, after months of craving finally we took the heated chance. And we devoured it to our own fullfillment....

Is it wrong to lust after my vampire Lord even now?
Or is it more than a simple urge?
Time will tell.

Lulz of the day:

[20:27] Bethany Matahari: omg Ares
[20:28] Bethany Matahari: you have lust for Pieter
[20:28] Bethany Matahari: and you don't know his name????
[20:28] Bethany Matahari: Pieter
[20:28] Bethany Matahari: Seelowe
[20:28] Bethany Matahari: tattoo that on your inner thigh please

Friday, 26 December 2008

It's all an illusion

Over the last few days I have been in the foulest of moods, my twin brother has been murdered along with one of my Shadows. I had walked up the ramp to the Pit roof, my mind jumbled from the murders. A few of the Shadows stood around nodding as I passed, I still marvel at how I had attained my rank and their respect.

Vishous approached me becoming extremely affectionate, I embraced her as I would any of my siblings. She admitted she needed the comfort and I hugged her tighter, to be honest Vishous caught me off guard. There are some in the House I have had little contact with, yet they respect me and hang on my every word. The woman wrapped in my arms warm, soft was one I had little interaction, right now she was driving me nuts with her nibbling teeth on my neck. Vishous said it was her human nature, she withdrew from me I watched her.

Taking her hand I led her from the Pit to the sea wall, I sort of found the sea to be relaxing it helps calm me. We sat on the fence began talking, I told her she can come to me when she wants to let down her guard. It must be hard for Vishous to be the only human in our House after Tanika left, but at least she was not the only mortal being. When I had moments of weaknesses and self doubt, Skyler would soundly smack me across the head. I however had other methods.

Before I continued the talk; Hitaroki stalked in to view, I was happy to see him I really was. Yet he declared change to be nothing more than a repetative cycle, my feelings of missing him jaded perception. Nothing really changes, everything stays mundane and therefore just an illusion.

Life is the biggest of illusion of all.

I called him a jerk and Vishous ran off to leave us alone, he had come to say goodbye since he was leaving for good. He gave me the tome as I asked for it he didn't need it anymore, we hugged and Hitaroki said he will watch me til I transcend like he did.

Friend, brother, lover. My compromise, my partner in crime as I was yours.

Goodbye Hitaroki...

P.S. The tome in my possession is a sought after treasure, it was in Toxia wanted by Dimentox's Black Hand group. It was around before the tower fell. This tome was used to bring back Spirit of the KA, and used to seal my grandfather in a gem. Now I have it and oh what terrors I could unleash.

Lulz of the day:

[20:27] Bridgette Plunkett: there is a nine year old boy who has written a book called "how to talk to girls."
[20:27] Ethan Seelowe: rule 1: always bring candy
[20:27] Ethan Seelowe: rule 2: always wear your team's jersey, while making clear you are the BEST player on it
[20:28] Ethan Seelowe: rule 3: tell her how cool her sticker collection is
[20:28] Ethan Seelowe: rule 4: if above fails, pull her hair and throw rocks at her
[20:29] Bridgette Plunkett: No wonder I fell so fast. *grins*

Friday, 19 December 2008

The left hand

If you had told me when I first came to Toxian City, that I would be Pieter's left hand and second in command. Joint with Dante who is now Shadow Guardian, I would have looked at you funny and asked what crack you were smoking.

Here I am after working my way up through the ranks, over-stepping the boundries of my Walker rank. Over stepping the boundries again when an Illuminati, but someone had to when our Lord was absent for a while. So I stepped up I took the lead I commanded as I felt best, and thus I have been rewarded for my dedication and hard work.

Of course the mantle is not that hard to bear since I have already been baring it, but I do hope that I will continue to work for the glory and betterment of the Shadows.

Shadows forever

Lulz of the day:

[9:33] Isabelle Sinister: hmmm tht might be eaiser then haveing to repostion mah own ball
[9:33] Isabelle Sinister: and tht didnt sound right
[9:33] Alzreal Razor: HAHAHAHA
[9:33] Picket McDonnell: lol no... no it didn't
[9:33] Alzreal Razor: oh yeah, back
[9:33] Isabelle Sinister: nice time to come back when im talking about my balls

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Forever marked

On top of the old Reckoning base the tower that fell in to disrepair long before my time, a place I would have rather not gone in to since it was a hole of memories. I was tortured here, my skin and essence flayed, so how appropriate to come face to face with Lorne. Death wasn't amused at this she was staring out over the city, before she turned to stare at him with her red eyes flickering with her power.

The showdown was long even if it wasn't premeditated, her trimuph was short lived after she thought she "killed" Lorne. He was back on his feet changing form with black wings bursting out of his back, Death lept backwards hissing as I often do myself damn she sounds like me. All around us the air chilled to be cold, Lorne stood saying that Eden can not be touched. He took her attack he stored it, but he unleashed the power of Pestilance upon her and she succumbed choking becoming sick. That's when he grabbed her around her throat lifting her in to the air, telling her to come home as he sucks her out of me. Oh glorious freedom, when she went limp I surged back in to my rightful place.

I remember Eden... It is a small piece of the great garden that he had stolen, he had held me close to him doing a slow waltz while soft music was around us. I was less bitter then and more open to see wonderful things such as these, I never seen such greenery before not even in the city park in the place I grew up. While we danced we floated on the air, I can still smell the scent of roses on the wind.

Returning to myself I saw what I was wearing and had a flip out, I changed my form to its more human aspect then cussed at my horns and tail. I couldn't revert them back to normal I was pretty much stuck with them great, I even changed my outfit throwing on my Shadow coat as I needed to get back to doing my duties. I thanked Lorne, got bitten by Asher, then I left the tower of memories to leave Lorne and Brianna alone. Landing on the ground below I looked up just once, my heart still ached from the absence he had left in my life. Only he would never know nor will he since I run away from it all, but I will be happy as long as he is happy with the one he is courting now. I guess I deserved it in the end to be left like that..... I'm not complaining, I'm a demon I'm over it.
I had travelled to the library roof the next day and confronted Pestilance again, he threatened to make me sick to make me mad to make me see my worst nightmaress. I lightly laughed at the thing telling it I can't get sick its why Death was in me, I'm already mad I already suffer my nightmares that were back. Eventually I let him go I was tired of it and I was willing to let Lorne take down the other three horsemen, I turned to see Delrith standing with me I embraced him. My father before Janvier took his place as a father head, but I still loved Delrith as a lover and still find it strange how I came full circle.

Standing there looking out over the city from our perch, we talked about the recent events how disgusted he was with Death for wanting to use me in that fashion. I kissed him goodbye and left him for the rest of the night.....

Now I'm sitting on the Haven rooftop lost in my own thoughts, scowling at my tail that I really don't like much right now but I love the new horns. Horns are a big part of how demons are ranked, the bigger the horns the more power they are meant to have. Least that is what I read I don't know if it is true or not, I will have to do some experiments against a few imps or something. The sun sets behind me colouring the sky a rosey golden colour, it fuses with the toxic haze of the city that continues to prevade this place. I just sit thinking of how violated I feel once again, its like the rape and torture but on a less brutal level. Its more subtle I anally raped Bato, but I still feel like I was used in a way that shouldn't have happened. I even hate the fact that the city thinks I was a slut before this event, I never I wouldn't its not true I restrict myself to certain food sources. I'm hurt, I'm violated and I'm marked all because of Death....

Its just something else to add to my emotions, I can't regret what I done but now I wish I could.

Lulz of the day:

[2008/12/01 20:11] Carlos Bosatsu: i got something today :O
[2008/12/01 20:11] Blueray Darkes: =O
[2008/12/01 20:11] Blueray Darkes: A boner?
[2008/12/01 20:11] Carlos Bosatsu bap "close!"
[2008/12/01 20:12] Blueray Darkes: Wha?
[2008/12/01 20:13] Carlos Bosatsu: a new PC :D
[2008/12/01 20:14] Blueray Darkes: =O
[2008/12/01 20:14] Blueray Darkes: How is a PC close to a boner?
[2008/12/01 20:16] Carlos Bosatsu: trust me, ive been waiting for one for 5 years
[2008/12/01 20:16] Blueray Darkes: XD
[2008/12/01 20:16] Carlos Bosatsu: the PC! not the boner!!
[2008/12/01 20:16] Blueray Darkes: ROFL
[2008/12/01 20:18] Carlos Bosatsu: i sware if you lulz that...

Friday, 28 November 2008

Death becomes her

Ever seen the River Styx?

Ever wondered what is beyond life?

I been there a couple of times there in the grip of Death, dancing with him or her not sure now. I was ripped away from that cold embrace, and bought back to "live" in this body that surges with demonic power.

Guess that's why I was chosen to be one of the four, the energies matched with them so we could synchronise. Joah was first to go under the influence of Pestilance, I knew I was due to be taken at some point but not that soon. Like the day at the library and at the Pit, she was there before me all mysterious so enticing. There is so much I do not know about Joah, but she has kept herself from being harmed by me so far. She intrigues me but now I'm pissed that she was enslaved when we were meant to be helpers, helpers not slaves this wasn't how we were meant to go down. No one takes from me and gets away from it.

Joah no Pestilance had me wrapped up in her essence of power, such power that held me to where I stood. I crave power though I'm pretty strong myself now, I know I'm powerful I can feel it but this outranked me. I didn't want to be a slave I didn't want this, when she kisses me infests me with what she is I know I'm already gone. See I'm a demon I'm already dead in techical terms, so it was easy for Death to slide in and bind me up.

Now I'm nothing more than a backseat driver in my own god damned body, its different from the possession I had from Dimentox. Then I could at least fight the commands he gave to my body, I had no choice this time I was completely unable to do anything. My shadow soon had chains wrapped around it so the world would know I was bound, from the depths of whatever place it had shoved me I watched in horror as Death took my place. Pestilance and Death killed the fire in the hearth, infected Wire some human with a disease. Once they were out the fire was relit and the stench of it was terrible, we made our way to the Shelter to find the other vessels. Brit was there but nothing much happened since Death was tired, she left Pestilance to his own devices. That necklace Brit wears though was made by Nikita..... I wonder if it does more than protect the woman who wears it.

One thing I was glad of when Death was running the show, was the fact I no longer had to suffer my nightmares. However the night time conversations with the thing were interesting, we would stand facing one another in the river Styx the water sloshing about our ankles. I was showing my demon form I couldn't hide it here, Death was wearing its female aspect. Ten arms, black skin, red eyes, long flowing white hair, feathered black wings like a fallen angel. All around me the place we were in was stark and grey, the rocks had twisted faces of agony in them and things screamed all around us in pain. Somehow I managed to smile through it all at the torture, I don't know I'm just a sadist it makes me laugh.

[Bold is Blue, italic is Death]

So why me?

You match our energy, and we are without form. Many centuries pass before we can take a form, be it under our own power or by taking others.

You are.. Death? The last two times I saw you, you were more male in appearence.

I have many aspects the more common appearence the black robed skeleton, holding a scythe what humans call the Grim Reaper. As you see me now since I am in your body, is what Hindus call Khali the Goddess of Death and sex. Unlike my brothers who have no true form, I can be more selective in how I appear.

I wasn't meant to be a slave you piece of shit, we were meant to be a team. Why send us the dreams if you weren't going to fullfill it?

Whoops sorry we lied!

She began to walk away from me, I screamed at her to come back.

The next day begins and I'm in the library only its not me its her, Grr is there and he's upset still over Joah being taken. He calls the thing Khali and she demands he feeds the vessel, hell even I could tell my body was hungry I hadn't fed since the enslavement. She got to about half raping him, my mouth and hands all over his body but taking in energy from the air that was created. Death backed off eventually cursing the ferryman, she was still partially male in her aspect I think thats what scared her off. I didn't know why she called him that until he explained he had been in the service of her and War, interesting I could learn things about people while I couldn't do anything. I was always hungry for information, I guess I can't help sucking up that stuff even when caught in a bind. She tarried too long in this place because Omega walks up the steps of the building, her red dress rustling and she scowls at me more than she does the current driver. Yeah well Omega and me always had a difference of opinion, we tolerated one another like two armies in a make shift truce. Pieter never liked her, then he had no fondness for many of his own kind.

Death moves in on Omega and fuck she's practially begging for the power she can feel all around, there was a big cluster fuck in here now since Pestilance shows up and Jonathon. Jon of all people I hadn't expected to see him back since he had his throat torn out, well Death wasn't happy to see him she called him the one that got away. Raven's song, messenger whatever she is called one of three, she was giving power to Jon and Grr to stop the two from making a move. Even Jon was calling upon his so called God to use his power, I never got that and I still don't cos I don't believe in him. Death believes in God the creator she belives she is here to deliver fate to do her task, she moves in on Omega that vampire all dressed in red so perfect so wanting. War was let in taking the leader of a peaceful faction, Grr went mad at that moment his sword was drawn. He attacked War shoving his sword deep in to War's chest piercing her heart, the air got so cold it was like the fucking artic because guess what Death isn't happy. Grr's mind had snapped he was bellowing about War then knealt down in a submissive stance, at the same time Pestilance had convinced Jason who was reading a book on the four to join with the cause. Grr the ferryman and Jason Death's warrior, both had danced to their song long before they came to here. They left or we its so hard to tell where I ended and where Death ended, the last was Kytara the same as before she was taken by Famine the four were now complete.

Ethan has a seed inside him its a seed of destruction, he said the four could have it if they got rid of Sariel. Sariel was the one they didn't stand up against, he stood in their way but to get the seed they would confront Sariel together. Only thing is that Sariel happens to be Lorne.

I was free for an hour or two to help the also temperally free Kytara deliver a curse upon the church, once done and we were at the Pit we were taken once again and thus we left. Pieter didn't like the Horsemen every time he saw Death he flipped her off, she didn't really care except for the fact he had bitten her. Word seemed to get around that they were about, the people either mocked them or feared them, some of the braver ones were challenging them saying they would fail to bring The End. Course none of the four cared they were remaining neutral while Death, tried to incite the population to party and indulge in orgies. She went as far as going about asking to be fucked making my body in to a cum bucket, the fact that people already think I slept with anyone and anything pissed me off. She felt that and made it a point the two were different, that I hoarded my body but Death was willing to share it with those who always wanted to do me. So nice of her.... Few took the offer one of them was Bato, instead she brutilised and tore him up she wrecked him.

The longer Death stayed inside my body the more it became how she wanted it to be, there wasn't much she could change but she adjusted it til it suited her. All I could do was watch, watch and do nothing about the fact how my body was being used. Even Delrith had the nerve to hit her, she wasn't happy about that.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Death is a woman

This entry is written in a hand more elegent than before, in long letters that flow in to one another

Seems I have found the journal of this vessel I have taken over, delight in me little one let me fill you. I am the end of all, I have chosen you. This demon is mine, you can not stop me.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Friday, 7 November 2008

Don't look at me like that

Leaning against the wall near the steps inside the library, I had a book open on Air element magick. The footsteps of someone approaching disturbed me from my study, I looked up to see the angel Denenthorn.

He asked if his blue eyes were being decieved, that I wasn't really there reading a book. I told him I was studying and then I showed some of what I had learned, he had to show off more just to out do me. Rolling my eyes I made a rose of fire and a rose of ice, he handed me a real rose a sign of friendship. I remember Aaryanna saying that men give roses to those girls they happen to like, I turned it over in my fingers looking at it before putting it away in my shadow.

A turn in the conversation led to Picket, I informed it was his fault that I still blamed him for her death. I couldn't hate him since he bought her back albeit all screwed up, and it was that as well what happened before that made me so mad. Then everything made me mad not just the Magpie, he told me to let out my anger upon him I refused since the library wouldn't allow it. Strange how he then spoke to the library to allow me this one chance for violence, soon as he was done I had shifted my form revealing what I truely am and struck.

I had him on the floor laying on the steps at my mercy, grim satisfaction from the grinding of my boot on his groin. When I had the chance to end his existance those blue eyes of his looked at me, his voice flat when he spoke but his eyes said it all. He said his life had no worth to him and thus I saw no point in taking it, besides that haunting look of suffering, loss and sadness that hit a chord I didn't want to be hit.

"There's no point in taking something that has no worth".

My form shifted again returning to something more palable for the residents to see, typical I could save energy and just wander around how I naturally look. No I had to waste it and show off, I looked away from the angel laying on the steps after I cut open his cheek.

"Don't look at me like that".

More words, words I really don't want to hear, I told him flat out that I didn't need to confront anything. I'm perfectly fine how I am I can do everything on my own. At least it something good to know that I hold my life with some worth, and that in a sense makes me better than him. Then again I'm a Shadow, I'm better than those who are not my family.

Lulz of the day:

[20:23] Grom Prevost: Suck mah balls Coven!
[20:23] Blueray Darkes: Jump in the middle and yell BOOYA then kill them all
[20:23] Brianna Willenov: ah werent when i panned up there a sec ago lol
[20:23] Kytara Dagger: Pffffffffffftttttt. I crap fish bigger than them.
[20:23] Blueray Darkes: Now we know where fish come from
[20:23] Brianna Willenov: o.O'
[20:23] Kytara Dagger: <.<
[20:23] Kytara Dagger: Did I say that outloud?
[20:23] Kytara Dagger: Oops.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

The demoness that is Blueray

First death – Demon turning
With no longer having a concept of right and wrong, thanks to Lorne's taking of her conscience. She sought out her Lord and in the Haven while the residents were sealed inside, she told him of her dark desire. Janvier's verdict find a demon heart and bring it to him, Blueray had the perfect target in mind. Her ex-lover Delrith. The two met and combat ensued, she tried to carve his organ out of him. During the battle Delrith lost control and skewered her through the chest, her own heart mortally wounded her life was forfeit. In a bid to bring Blueray back from death, he gave her his greatest gift... Half his heart to save her. The demon half fused with the werewolf half, the binding created a new demoness but an imcomplete one. When she discovered she lacked the essence needed and that she couldn't kill delrith, she spurned his gift with everything she had and made his life Hell.

Second death – Made complete
Without essence from a High demon she was fated to die, the wasting of her body could be halted by eating souls. One such soul she got from Pieter, she had to wait for her essence as at the time Belial was possessing Janvier. Janvier was freed and once again she set forth to get a demon heart, due to her failure the first time Sipha was sent with her. A demon was found his heart brutally removed, it was handed to Janvier who swallowed it whole to store it in his stomach to gain his essence. Instead of keeping it for one day she had pissed him off and he kept it for four days, he killed her on the alter ripping out out the old and replacing it with the new. One beat away from being a clone of Janvier's heart, it was made to beat in her chest with a burst of essence he pumped in to her. Blueray was now a complete demoness, and she returned the heart of Delrith to him.

The blood of Belial is a dangerous substance, on its own drank or coming in to contact with skin of a victem. They suffer the most terrifying visions of demons from another plane of existance, no one else can see these but them and it generally lasts as a whole for three days. When the blood is mixed with other substances, it causes different effects on the victem who drinks it. Also these same substances when drank by the demon, will also cause these effects as it mixes in their very bloodstream. The blood also has healing properites causing the body to heal at a super fast rate, so anything from cuts to broken bones can be healed in a matter of minutes. Using this blood on anyone who isn't immune to it can cause the visiosn to happen even with the smallest of amounts, generally when it does come in contact with others it heals the first injuries only on that person.

Mind control – Blood ability
Along with the learning of the elements it is another trait of the Belial bloodline to control the minds of others, when her hand is covered in black fire and drips like ink its best to just leave. Under the influence of Blueray the puppet acts normally until given an order to follow out, the puppet is controled for up to a week unless its severed early either by her or some other force. Blueray can control up to two people at any one time, once her energy levels are too low she can't use this at all.

Demon summoning/Hell portals
In one of those boring days Blueray drew a pentagram on the ground with her blood, through this she was able to summon a demon and get it to possess Venom. With the added bonus of the words handed to her by Lorne during one of his lessons, she has been able to improve the summoning portal and turn it in to a gateway to Hell. Said gateway was used for Denenthorn to go to Hell in order to bring back Picket, her currently Hell portals go both ways but so far unstable and uncontrolable.

It will often be noted that her shadow doesn't copy her actions, it moves about of its own accord doing its own thing. It will often talk to her and sometimes it can be heard by others or just by Blueray herself, its really up to those around if they want to hear it. Its more fun when people think she is crazy and talking to herself. How did this happen? Her shadow became sentiant after a summoning ritual to bring a demon on to our plain, a gift for giving up a small piece of her demonic essence during the ritual. Not only does it move and talk on its own, but she uses it as a storage unit.

The Words
In the first lesson that Lorne taught to the Shadows he gave them a list of sixteen Words, he told them that in order to avoid the three by three rule you must give up an item of value. The value of the object doesn't matter long as it equals the value of the benefit you are trying to create. If you do not pay the price, the spell comes back to you times by three. [I don't use this often at all, too much hassle]

Fire – Base element/Internal
Blueray first learnt to use fire as a werewolf in the form of fireballs, once turned by Delrith that skill passed over to her new form. As Delrith has lava blood and is based mainly in fire, it was almost certain that Blueray would be the same when it came to fire. Fire is also one of the elements that can be a base from Belial's bloodline, in turn this just added to the fact she would be fire based after Janvier had made her complete. Fire has become a great mastery to Blueray, she can form it and bend it to her own will has passed this control by teaching it to her sister.
~Fire is burning passion, heated anger, and scorching hate. This is my drive, my core that powers me~

Water – Learned/Drawn from a water source
According to Janvier those of Belial's bloodline have the ability to master all four elements, in a bid to see if this was true she spent time in the library studying the elements. Water is the second element she now controls, all three of its forms vapour, water and ice including other varients.
~Water ever flowing never ceasing the constant of change with tears of everlasting sorrow, ice the cold of a void and emptiness, vapour nothing more than it appears to be a blanket that smothers. This is my life, my sadness, the pain that freezes me~

Earth – Learned/Anything with earth in it, that includes concrete
Spending more time in the library in order to study she eventually learnt Earth, the ability to make the ground move or open up. This is also connected to making things grow such as plants, and thus has a wide range in this element. In this fashion she can form the ground to do anything she wishes, or even use plants as a weapon of defence.
~Earth the will to defend loved ones and oneself, power to rise up and shake foundations. Mother earth of nurture to make things grow, the vines that bind yet lash out at all threats. This is my will, my strength, my devotion and duty to my family and those under my protection including myself~

Air – Learned/Drawn from the air all around
Another learned ability from the book she has been studying, the magick to create hurricanes, gusts of winds and make electricity. All forms of the air has been learned, the only trouble now is to control the voltage for things.
~Wind the breath of new hope, the descrution that lays waste to all in its path. Lightening the fire that shocks, a brief spark of emotion that is never long lasting.~

Unlike most she generally feeds off any source she can come across, mostly she will take energy out of the air produced as a by product from emotional outbursts. Blueray will also eat regular foods when she feels like it, or devour the flesh of her victems when meals are down. Her main source is lust that she gains from sexual pleasure, in order to get lust she will copulate only with those she has attachment to or deemed worthy.

Yes she has fear. The only thing that terrifies her to her very core, is the place where she refuses to tread. Upon entering or even going to near the Dungeon, she will become so encompassed of her fear that she has no defences. Why is Blueray afraid of this place? There is a reason and all one has to do is ask.

Its no fun to have an all powerful character that can't be beaten or has no weaknesses, you don't get to enjoy a lot of RP that way. I like to weave in flaws and weaknesses that can be used and abused. A lot of the things she does uses energy such as the elements, summonings, mind control, in order for her to use this over long periods of time she needs a soul to replenish the energy levels. It is possible to make her use all her energy in a short period of time, fire and earth magick uses the most energy. Get her to attack in a continuous fashion while in a rage the energy is used, without eating a soul that energy can't be regained and she will be helpless without her magick to back her up. I will also accept any method that can supress or seal her powers on a temperary basis. Long term she can do her magicks over a period of months, as its done in short bursts rather than in full out combat.

Lulz of the day:

[10:24] Chlo Munster: i killed someone and it came up with
[10:09] DCS2 2.34: Chlo Munster heals SELF
[10:09] DCS2 2.34: 7Demons Uborstein Has been Defeated
[10:09] DCS2 2.34: 7Demons Uborsteinwas Killed By Blueray Darkes
[10:09] DCS2 2.34: 7Demons Uborstein heals SELF
[10:24] Chlo Munster: LOL
[10:24] Chlo Munster: your ghost is runnin round killin people!!

Friday, 24 October 2008

Oktober Festival/Memory lane

Scattered in orderly about the beach down in South were the booths of every clan of the city, I strolled along the sand long since trampled under many feet. My horns were turned black and adorned with a pumpkin each, I even shapeshifted my tail to be orange and fluffy. My nails painted orange matching the colour of my hair, my eyes had gone red and I wore a mainly black dress of short proportions. Boots covered in spiderweb left my tracks on the packed sand, I walked to the booth my family had. Kissing... Poisoned kisses.

Across the air we called for the residents to come kiss Shadows, Delrith stepped up dipped me low. The kiss was passionate enflaming something old and dead, something I had spent ages trying to keep dead. Pieter got the biggest crowd drawing in many women wanting a piece of him, he's a known flirt he loves the female attention gives them what they want. Once I was free to wander I did so, trying out some of the other booths.

Picket had come with me she had begun to regain some of her memories, but she still wasn't the woman I had married. Though I controlled my form once again I was still somewhat distraught, to be honest who wouldn't be when the woman is no longer the same? I wandered away from the beach to escape the noise, more so I just wanted peace there I was in the library again. My footsteps always led here for many things, just wish I could stop and stay home for once. I didn't hear Delrith come up behind me, I was trying to see the salamanders in the fireplace.

We spoke of love and hate of our past and of Picket, though I hated him I still loved him. Other than the Shadows he had always been a constent in my life ever since I met him in Toxia, I had loved and lost before; the names of the men make me bitter. I was much as a part of Delrith as he was of me, that couldn't be helped it was half of his heart that turned me first. He made the body incomplete, it was Janvier who finished what was begun. So I am a powerful being with potential to be great, and without help I had sought to master it all. My thoughts scattered.

His arms around me once again after my admittance, his lips pressed to mine the taste of him a pang of old times long gone. There was no one in this time and place but us, we sought to tread the old path we once walked together. Passionate was the kiss that broke only for him to lead me up the steps to the second floor, he had my back against one of the columns feeding my body with his wants. In the throes of mating our locked and intertwined bodies smashed against the bookcase, the books fell down around us and we didn't even care for our thoughts were of one another. We were violent, brutal, rough, burning as hot as any fire in Hell, truely two demons with nothing but extreme pleasure on mind.

I kissed him at the end one final time, incinerating evidence of our carnel desires with fire. Fire cleanses almost everything, even the mess left on my body and my ripped clothes. My shadow provided me with new clothes that I put on as I walked out of the library, useful storage device I don't know how I lived without it all these years. The world is my oyster and I skipped down the steps to the street, only looking back once to return again as I still have to finish bringing back my sisterwife.

Lulz of the day:

[7:52] DCS2 2.40: Suyuan Quan OOC: Omg... looking for an outfit for today and I find that you can have sex with a pumpkin. >_<

Monday, 20 October 2008

Handful of events/That's not Picket

With nothing better to do but appear as strong as ever for the sake of the family, I sought out research material from where ever I could on Mending and resurrection. To those who saw me often I now longer smiled or showed any emotion, I had grown colder and distant in a bid to keep myself going. I'm a Shadow, a demoness and I have to make sure no one sees a weakness, also my own position does not allow me to break. I still could not form my appearence, my true self was allowed to be seen at all times.

Picket is gone there is some small sliver of hope we can get her back, her essence is by the lava of the Pit. A guarded grave. To make matters slightly more complicated that idiot Choi had to come over with her little angel buddies, they there simply because Shaynee and Brianna paddled in their pool. Choi almost destroyed Picket completely, she dropped a bottle of holy water down to the lava. Thank Lucifer it missed but they had outdone their welcome, they were attacked for their dis-respect to a grave. Idiot Choi.

With business done and finished with back home I left the confines of the Pit, headed up to North to get more books from the Library. Of all days to have Delrith return to the city, he was overly happy to see me. I wasn't in much of a mood to talk to him but talk I did, he was here for himself instead of for everyone else. He had become an Omegan, slightly better than a Righteous. I walked by Delrith's side to the library, he directed me to the right bookcase for what I wanted. The library began to get full of Omegans and conversation twisted and turned, mainly centered around that Picket wouldn't be Picket if she came back. I couldn't take anymore so I got up and left declared Delrith a consequence, I went outside for some air just for some space and he had followed me.

His arms wrapped around me held me to him, in that instant everything was old and familar yet new. I turned to face him the demon who had made my body but not my heart, the demon who I made life Hell for on a regular basis. He held me embraced me like none of that mattered, and I clung to him finally allowing myself to break down in to sobs. Few words were spoken between us we didn't need to talk really, he said he would be here if I needed him. After all this time after all I done. Time and time again he had come to me helped me out and saved me, each time I repaid him in nothing but aggression and hate. Love and hate are the same you can not hate without love, it was now that I understood.

I returned home in the evening only to find Denenthorn or Magpie as I call him, come sneaking his way through the back door of the Pit. He said loudly he knew what I been doing said he wanted to help, in order to do so he wanted a portal to Hell and he wanted it now. We went down to the lava I redrew the pentagram I once made to summon a demon, only I put symbols and words that I had learnt from Lorne around it to. All of it was done in my own blood once I finished it Denenthorn handed me two feathers, the white one to give to Brit and the black to burn in the lava with Picket if he didn't come back. Then he was gone in to Hell without a trace other than the feathers I now held, Lorne looked down through the glass he told me not to do as the jackass said. For if Magpie did not return Lorne declared he himself would go to Hell and bring them both back, then do some rather humerous things so that the only thing Magpie could do was have tea parties with dolls.

I only moved from that spot when I had pressing matters to attend to, such as seeing potentials or doing my daily walk of the city. It appears Kytara has found Quiet who has been missing for some time, she has been turned in to a cat and trapped in her own mind by Saha also known as George. Though Quiet had been set free from where Saha had caged her, she was weak and couldn't gain full control of her body.. It isn't just her body anymore now is it? I managed to convince Saha to see Quite as her mother, look after her and learn from her. In the same respect I explained to the little one why Quiet did what she did, and in turn she has to learn from Saha as well in order for the two to work together in harmony. Such is life throwing out curveballs.

Upon Denenthorn's return he bought Picket back from Hell, only she was not Picket she didn't recognise anyone or acknowledge any of us. She kept asking who commanded her and damned me for not being loyal to the Dark Lord, I will never follow Uncle Lucifer I have no need to. Picket doesn't understand we're all family but right now she only sees linage and blood ties, understandably Jason is upset he says she should have stayed dead.

That's not Picket.....

My loss is made greater by this demoness who looks like Picket, feels like Picket and yet isn't Picket at all.

Blueray Quote:

Blueray Darkes tut tuts rather loudly, her lips were tugged in to a cruel smile. Aw the true nature of a beast when its treasure is touched, she had heard tales of it but never seen it for herself. "You really want to die so easily? You are asking and interfering about things you know nothing about, I suggest you do not touch Brit again. Either way I enjoy the show you will create"

Friday, 17 October 2008

The grieving demoness

Once again I find myself in the library, I flew at the bookcase tossing books off the shelves. Grr saw what I was doing he came to see what I was up to, his movements were cautious making sure he was slow. I watched him as I hissed waiting for him to move wrong, he spoke to the library it responded.

While I read the books the library gave me other Omegans entered, one of them being Joah who also began to speak. I know I'm a danger but this over excessive caution was driving me mad. Joah had been correct in saying I couldn't form my appearence, my wings, spikes were out even my skin was black as it naturally was.

I wanted blood and Denenthorne's would be the one I want, it was his fault that his enemy murdered Picket. Despite the warnings of Omega and her underlings, my orders are if he is near the Pit then take him down and take his blood.

A grieving demoness is unstable, a ticking time bomb ready to go off at any moment.

Lulz of the day:

[15:53] Wotan Aeon looks down at Saha..and thinks about lunch
[15:53] Quiet Thunders thinks about where she left her squeeky mousie
[15:54] Brianna Willenov thinks about world domination.
[15:54] Cedahlia Fouroux thinks about pinky and the brain
[15:54] Kobe Ariel trys to think but fails

Thursday, 16 October 2008

R.I.P. Picket McDonnell

I was away...

On the mainland I felt it anyway, a tear that tore me asunder from the inside out. At the time I didn't know what it was, and once it passed I let it be thinking nothing of it. If only I had returned to Toxia that night, if only I could have been there to stop it.


She was killed and torn from me, my sister wife the only other who was made just the same as I. We were a pair roaming the streets of the city making mayhem, when I was sad and she wasn't near by all I had to do was look at this stone. Now the stone just reminds me of what I had lost, nothing was ever going to bring her back.

Now I wonder empty, lost with nothing going on inside anymore. I will make that bastard pay he broke his promise to me, but she was close to Denethorne that angel. I will exact my vengence.

My Picket, my Picket... I still love you and now I am more lost than I was before.

Monday, 13 October 2008

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Nothing perosnal

It's one of those days when nothing is going right and you wonder how it can get worse, while you're standing there wondering its already waiting for you at the footsteps of your own home. I saw her in The Pit I didn't allow anyone else to touch her, she was mine to abuse and I'll be damned by Legion for it. At least it would be me who harmed her, there she was strange as ever

Joah turns her gaze toward Blue, but the familiar smile isn't there. "We need to talk, Blue".

I shrug and give a flat reply, "Perhaps".

Yes we need to talk but I'm not going to mention anything on it, when you deal with me you're on a knife edge. One slip is all it takes.

She steps closer to me, unfolding her arms from her chest.

I finger the hilt of my dagger drawing it out, I look at Joah with something akin to sadness. A soft sigh of resignation, as my touch brushes over the dagger hilt.

She eyes the dagger. "Blue . . . " Joah frowns. "Is it true that you tried to use that on Grr? In the Library?"

I told her straight out, "Its not like I can feel bad about it, I got no guilt its nothing personal Joah".

"What do you mean . . . "nothing personal? When you draw a weapon on my lover, it becomes personal". Her eyes move from the blade to my own eyes. Her face is not angry, but rather full of concern.

I toss the blade in to the air and catch it. I'm just showing off for her, proving I'm capable with a blade well as my own words. "It will become personal for the whole group". I get closer to her.

I was getting uncomfortable with all the talk, I should have been done now and booted her down the steps. I kept hesitating I can do it, I turned on so many before this woman I can do it now.

Flame licks up in Joah's eyes as I step closer. "What do you mean, Blue"?

Off handedly I say, "Its just family business, you always knew it would come to this at some point".

At some point it would be personal for those who are in the same clan, its not personal to me its business. Or what I love to refer as work, and the devil be damned I enjoy my work.

"Speak plainly, Blue. I know you. What you are. What you were. And the woman . . . is not gone. No matter how hard you try to kill her off". Her words not mine, they sound familar.

Simply put, "Family comes first, I do as I have to. Joah I got no conscience, I can not feel bad or guilt over anything. Legion ate that part of my soul before I turned".

"That's not true, Blue. I saw you as a feline. I saw your spirit". Joah, Joah...

I looked at her then, I felt upset strange for me. "Sadness and loss are not the same as guilt, you can ask Legion yourself because I asked her to eat the part I did not want. I got rid of it because of what I had done".

I can't feel guilt its not even remotely possible, if I got my soul back I still wouldn't feel it. That part is missing its gone, when I was still a werewolf I made a bargain with Legion. I drew her out of Lorne I wanted to speak with the broken one, I offered her part of my soul so I could continue my path and not feel bad about it. Delrith tried to stop it he didn't want me to do it, I had but mere days ago broken every bone in his body. He loves me and it was that love that caused me guilt, Delrith was my first true lover in this city the first one I had after my own brother. And I loved the demon still so I offered myself to Legion, and Legion gave me a boon.

Joah steps closer to me. As she does so, a violet flame begins to shimmer around her.

I grip the hilt of my dagger, lost between two minds but I must obey. "... Joah".

Joah begins to pulse prana (I seen that before) toward me, a rush of warmth licks over my body. "You are my friend. This is not business. I know you. What you are. What you were. Perhaps what you may one day become".

I nod to her, "I'm quite capable of hurting friends, just ask Pix and Delrith". Looks at her, "Don't start predicting the future, I get enough of that from Rayden".

I was telling the truth they did used to be friends including Choi, look how that ended up twice I beaten on Pix. I ate half of Choi's liver after hurting her a bit with my family, then there was Delrith. Several ties were broken that way and I do get a kick out of making Pix upset, everytime I dropped words of our past she flinches. Rayden however was one I hadn't harmed yet, he knew things about the future so he had a use. The vampire was ever watchful of me, informing me that I had potential for something big yet never telling me what it was.... I sort of hate Seers.

Joah reaches up toward the dagger, and the violet flame licks up my arm. The feeling is warm and comfortable. A scent begins to surround the two of us, the aromas that make me mostly hunger for love. "You are more than friend, Blue. I don't understand why. Or how. You are family".

I'm gripping my dagger tighter my blue eyes flash with inner light, "You are not a Shadow, you can't be family".

My family are the Shadows and will always be the Shadows, I owe them so much and have devoted my life to them. This love that I feel is for them and deep down I want it to be given back to me, I thought I could cherish it forever when I got close to one. They turned away from me, I watch them with a broken heart that my sister is now slowly fixing with me. The sister that I married, in a glorious, demonic ritual.

The flames pulse and undulate around Joah and toward me in endless shades of violet with gradations of purple and pink. "Not Shadow family. Not Omegan family. You and I alone. Family".

I begin biting on my lips making blood well up, "What..."?

Joah's body begins to look almost transparent as the flames curl up from beneath her feet, passing through and around her body and over her head. "We are, Blue," Joah whispers. "Bonded to each other".

I shake my head rising my knife, "Joah for once don't talk in riddles".

More often than not I am inclined to listen to Joah's words whether they are riddles or not, I find like few of the Omegans I have spoken with that her words are heavy with meaning. Though I despied the red skin Pontifex for stealing from the Shadows, I did admire my conversations with him and his willingness to harm others. Oh silly red skin if only you knew it was myself, who told Shadows who had stolen from them in the first place.

Joah is aware of Aary and Bri, but keeps her eyes focused on me while I didn't notice anyone else around. She steps closer, attempting to lay a hand on my cheek. "Haven't you ever wondered, Blue, why we are friends? Why we watch each other's backs, even though we are light and dark? Why we dream the same dreams"?

I frown down at her shaking my head, "I don't know, I hardly know anything".

Everything around me wasn't there anymore, I was barely aware that someone mentioned fate and destiny. My whole focus and attention were set on the woman before me, I couldn't tell who said it. I don't know much and what I do know is the rumours and gossip of the city, I appear simple or even idiotic to those who wish to see just that. Pontifex, Joah and yes even Lorne know better.

"No. Not destiny". Joah reaches up to brush my hair back from my eyes. Her expression is tender, but she is aware of the dagger in my hand. "We are, Blue".

I sighed, "I only have my twin brother, and he is lost to me right now".

The flames around Joah lick up and over me, enveloping me in a shimmer of violet and purple. "We are, Blue. Family". Joah pulses prana toward me, not taking, but giving and opening her thoughts to me.

"Picket isn't going to be happy.....", I couldn't hold back the disappointment in that fact.

My sister has been unhappy of late with certain members of the Omegan Institute, I don't rightly understand it.

Joah Menjou smiles fondly at Blue, but a bit wistfully.

I grin slightly looking at her, "Drinking buddies is how we started dear".

Joah smiles again at me and nods.

The day I met Joah I was in the Haven and as always my guard was up, I hate people unless I'm connected to them somehow. For whatever reason us two began to drink together, I had gotten a fondness for vodka. As a demon I can't get drunk unless the amount is excessive, as a wolf I drank often to drown out my memories. I only drank when Kumori wasn't around and since she left that left me open to drink when I wanted, its a bad habit but one that got me through my harsh times with the Pack after I left them. If I had been a weak woman I would have died after going through that, instead it made me stronger more determined to live. In the end it made me darker. Here we were Joah and I sitting at a table drinking vodka, from that day on we often sought one another out. Strange how everything went from there.

I sheaths my dagger after relenting to not injuring the woman, I flick my tail behind me and Legion will be happy to know I didn't harm her.

Joah takes her hand from my cheek and lowers it to my hand. The flames begin to draw back into her, like waves lapping gently, they cascade from me, over her arms, drifting back into herself. "Perhaps I'd better head back to the Library," she says quietly.

Two days before we had sat talking about our dreams of the Horsemen, I demanded to see the Salamanders. Matter of fact I still want to see them.

I tilt my head watching Joah closely, I could feel my spikes and wings wanting to come out through my skin. I rarely show my true form I like to keep it hidden, to appear more normal out in the open unless I feel typically in a bad mood. Or lack the energy to keep the shape.

She kisses me lightly on the lips. "Be careful".

"... Joah...", I kiss her back, just to taste her like before in the library. On the day Emo-boy took her to the other realm, to try and rescue the brat who was trapped there. "I still don't know what you are".

Which is true I got no idea what Joah is, she appears to be human but is far from being human.

Joah smiles enigmatically at me. "You will".

"One day"? I asked.

Joah nods.

I smile ruefully.

She turns slowly, hugs me, and steps outside the door.

I sigh hugging her, I watched her go.

There she goes a puzzlement even to me, a human that isn't human and has avoided being on the end of my dagger. I turn my back on her to head in to The Pit, I sit in the largest throne as I do when Pieter or Kishi aren't around. I needed to think and the more I did so, the more confused I got.... Its still raining.

Joah's point of view

Lulz of the day:

[14:31] Rizal Rotaru: YES! *jumps on bri and humps her bread sticks and cheese* XD
[14:32] Blueray Darkes: Okay Bri now you got breadsticks and cheese covered in Rizzy's special sauce
[14:32] Brianna Willenov was gonna eat those D:
[14:32] Rizal Rotaru eats them "not anymore!"
[14:32] Blueray Darkes: .... Wow

Friday, 10 October 2008


Pitter patter, pitter patter. Sound of the ever falling rain on the ground, strange how the streets are not flooded like the tales of when it happened before. I do not like the changes within the Kindred Alliance, though my dealings with them have become less now due to its "leadership".

Death takes my hand to lead me in to the Shelter, I see those white twins again but they vanished. I was told it is because their true forms had entered the building, I remembered Joah saying the twins were Void without form. Upon the moving picture box I see all those images I did when I was awake, of war and famine and disease, now I can see where each horseman stands in the image causing it all.

"We will devour"

I turned to face Death he who speaks with a voice that rasps, my lips thinned as I frowned. "You can not devour all".

Death looked at me with those eye sockets filled with nothing but blackness, and for once in my life I shivered in fear at something other than the dungeon. "We will do as we wish, none shall stop us".

"I can't let you".

Then he laughed. A noise that sounded like claws scratching down a chalkboard, throw in a buzz saw for good measure and thats about the sound of his laugh. "You will help us, you do already little demoness".

My fists clenched making my claws dig in to my palms, "I do not help anyone, I serve my family as I always have done".

"You cause death and chaos", he replied flatly.

"You will help us to devour all".

Joah's first dream
Joah's second dream
Joah's third dream
Joah's fourth dream
Four horsemen

Lulz of the day:

[16:41] Bato Brendel: Its okay blue I just like you. you okay in my personal book.
[16:42] Blueray Darkes: Only cos I aint ripped out your intestines yet and used them for skipping ropes

Thursday, 2 October 2008

She said she called him...

I'm dreaming......

How I realise this when the dream is not even the usual, twisted nightmare anymore I don't know. Things have been getting odder by the day for me here, the Dreaming didn't help maybe that's why I got dragged to see the brat.

No one can figure it out, no one whys I dream of the horsemen.

Toxia. The rain falls on my skin its slight toxicity burning me, there is no pain because I'm dreaming. Burns and heals, burns and heals, a continious cycle as I look up at the sky not caring if I was hurt. I don't scar I don't take forever to heal my injuries, I'm better than that it was made sure of when I was turned. I am the human who lost her home, the wolf who lost her restraints, and I am the demoness who lost her humanity. The city is mine I roam its streets, I depart my seeds of chaos where I see fit. The residents I dislike are my playthings only they don't know it, I derive amusment from their re-actions to me how some think I'm good. Others know better they spit at me and curse my name, I just smile because its what I want.

Few that gain my like of them are still wary of me, they know I can turn on them for a whim or when ordered to do so. Always family first before any other, this they know hence the danger they put themselves in. Why? Just because people like to live on the edge, dance with the devil if you will. Yes, yes this city is mine is ours belongs to my family, and I'm playing in the street thinking of the next plot.

All stands still when I hear those hooves, they thundered from the docks coming out of the sea. Behind me they stop their beasts pawing the ground as the rain falls around, I turn to face them for nothing scares me anymore my back is to the Haven. Death holds his hand out for me, I knew Death been embraced by him twice listened to him whisper to me before I was ripped from him and bought back. I danced with Death first when the sword in my heart killed me, and second when I died on the alter for the second time I left Death's arms. I claim it was all black, I simply lied for I didn't want others to know. No hope for the mortals. His brothers clamour quietly behind him as they wait, I reached up for his hand.....

"We will come", he rasped his voice sounding like old paper.

I don't care what they do long as they leave my family alone, leave the few non-Shadows I like alone. Touch them and I will stand in their way, beat them back and defeat them. No one touches my family.

"Let me taste your destruction", I reply. I'm sitting on the horse again, we're riding through the city...... Joah said she called him, a knight in white armour. A knight known as Death. And this time the demoness is me, its my dream not a twisted memory. Tonight it was all me.

Joah's first dream
Joah's second dream
Joah's third dream

Lulz of the day:

[16:40] Amy Guisse: Note to self, hump boggy from behind.
[16:40] Pieter Seelowe: nooooooo! boggy needs to hump females and get taddpoles
[16:40] Amy Guisse: No fuckin way am I havin his tadpoles lol
[16:42] Amy Guisse runs off to the abortion clinic ASAP after potential boggy insemination[16:45] Amy Guisse makes a disguested face as she flings another glob off her shirt, finally being boggy seed free "Never again... until next time."

Friday, 26 September 2008

Four Horsemen

"Let me taste your destruction", she said. The demon that was me yet not me at all, stood watching the fire that consumed the wooden house. She turned when the hooves thundered over the land, she danced upon the ground lightly when they galloped circles around her.

The whole nightmare was off track, each night a little piece of it changed until it was something else entirely. Four horsemen... They appeared as they do in that book I found in the library, led by the one in white that Grr named Death.

War - Humans always war one another just as much as other races do, war kills when the blood is spilled. Corpses litter the ground, and I can eat the flesh of the dead. War destroys all.

Pestilance - The suffering of illness and disease spreads despaire over every land it touches, slow and painful deaths await for those who are stricken down in its path.

Famine - Lack of food causes whole races to starve, the wasting body is an extremely slow death. The body eats itself from the inside out over a long time, the agony of starvation is rather exquiste.

Death - He who reigns over death who taketh away life, his ways of killing are many and numerous. Sweet Death how I adore thee, plaguing the mortals with your majesty.

Behind the man in white the demoness lept up on to the white horse's back, she put her arms around him resting her head between his shoulders. She was with them as they were with her, and I still wonder why she looks like me.

Why am I with the Four horsemen?

Lulz of the day:

[17:58] ToxianNPC03 Pond does a little dance.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

The nightmare changes

I can see it all happen where I stand, above the scene looking down like I had died all over again. The two children running from the blood that had been spilled, running from the burning house. Terrified for their lives, terrified they will have the same fate. I watch its all I can do, the demoness laughed her claws covered in blood. She still looks like me, still resembles me.

All I can feel is the fear, and the ever encompassing void of loss. If my heart was human it would be breaking all over again, to keep being forced to see this day over and over again every night.

My ever darkened nightmare....

The nightmare was different.

From the distance I can hear hooves beating upon the ground like a rolling thunder, breaking over the sky once the heavens open to cry upon my broken home. I turn to view the horizon the sun setting, bleeding red in to the blue like a woman who slashed her wrists to end her suffering. They were astride a beast I barely remembered, flaring nostrils and manes of fire. Streaking on their hooves leaving fire trails both on the ground and in the air, their tail of flames racing behind them like the tail of a comet.

Four horses all black with red eyes of malice, upon their backs they carried a man or a demon. Cloaked as they were I could not see their faces, I doubt I would remember anyway.

Four horsemen

Around the demoness they circled dark and silent, yet she laughed for she knew them and accepted them.

Her voice was mine, why did she steal my idenity? "War, Famine, Death and Pestilence" "Let me join you, let me taste your destruction".

Lulz of the day:

[17:12] DCS2 2.34: Blueray Darkes OOC: THE CAKE IS A LIE!!!
[17:12] DCS2 2.34: DKay Palmer OOC: THE SPYRO IS A PIE
[17:13] DCS2 2.34: DKay Palmer OOC: I need a cake so I can stuff it on my face. D:
[17:13] DCS2 2.34: Blueray Darkes OOC: I'm sure you can find one up in space

Friday, 19 September 2008

The Dimentox Violation

Dimentox Travanti looks deep in to Blue's eyes. Dimentox Travanti starts to fade.

Skitzo Rolls takes a seat.

Blueray Darkes flares up fire around herself, "Bastard".

Skitzo Rolls: Do we really need to do this now Dime?

Dimentox Travanti: Come to Dimmy...

Skitzo Rolls looks over. Skitzo Rolls: Blue?

Dimentox Travanti turns in to dust and attempts to possess Blue.

Skitzo Rolls looks over at Blue "Blue!"

Blueray Darkes's fire flares up surrounding her to block him, she hadn't set up barriers from the first time since the way he used to get in was unknown. "... ".

Dimentox Travanti the mist surrounds her poking and proding her soul. Dimentox Travanti Whispers " Little pig little pig let me in"

Skitzo Rolls takes a breath as he looks over the sea slowly begins to toy with a bullet.

Blueray Darkes's essence is poked it relents to let him in, her fire dies down to nothing.

Dimentox Travanti fades into Blue.

Skitzo Rolls shakes his head.

Blueray Darkes tilts her head trying to figure out the path used, she frowns slightly searching inside her innerbeing. "Get out".

Dimentox Travanti says in Blue's voice *no*

Skitzo Rolls pulls out his gun. Skitzo Rolls slowly starts to load it.

Blueray Darkes: You deny me? What do you intend to inside my own body?

Dimentox Travanti Says in Blue's voice *watch* Dimentox Travanti takes complete control of Blue.

Skitzo Rolls shakes his head. Skitzo Rolls looks over.

Blueray Darkes becomes a lifeless doll waiting for Dime's orders to her body.

Skitzo Rolls shrugs as he goes back to his gun placing it back in its holster. Skitzo Rolls looks at Blue as he sings to himself holding a bullet "My heart is tired of beating slow". Skitzo Rolls walks over to Blue looking into her dead eyes

Blueray Darkes moves her hands up to her face she watches them for a moment, using her left hand she pulls the fingers of her right glove tugging it off and handing it to Skitzo. She does the same with her left glove then makes a few motions, a slight sway of her hips as she slowly reaches behind herself to untie the top part of her dress. Biting her lips she pulls it up in her hands rising her arms taking it off over her head, she folded her arms around her chest slowly trailing her fingers over her breasts rolling a fingertop over each nipple. Her hands move lower hooking fingers in to the hem of her skirt, sliding it down over her hips brushing her palms over her silky thighs. Stepping out of it she kicks it aside, bending down to tug off her boots.

Skitzo Rolls takes a step back. Skitzo Rolls his eyes wander over her body. Skitzo Rolls bats Blue's tail.

Aaryanna Parx arches a brow at Blueray. " What in the worlds are you doing?"

Br33 Bimbogami walks over and blinks "You mean.. what arrghh you doing"?

Blueray Darkes's chest heaves with a breathy sigh she leaps on to the top of a speaker sitting down she spreads her legs, hooking one finger in to her panties she pulls them aside. Right hand moves she holds up one finger to Skitzo, first she did nothing but caress the skin of her thighs with it inching her way upwards further. She let out a soft moan upon reaching her treasured centre slid her finger up inside herself, arching her back lifting her hips she buried it to the base inside her. Warm, wet she was certainly needy sort of kinky to be forced to do this, her fingertip stroked every inch of her innerwall making her shudder. Tail coiled around the vampire's wrist a deadly hiss coming from her to warn him not to interfer, one finger wasn't enough she added a second stretching her cunt slightly. Her breathing uneasy her excitement lingering in the air, she worked herself in to a frenzy groaning aloud not noticing Aary who had arrived or anyone else at that matter.

Aaryanna Parx blinks a few times. " Pieter get to your mind again"?

Blueray Darkes casts out Dimentox.

Dimentox Travanti hits the floor with a oof

Lulz of the day:

[22:07] Dimentox Travanti: Your the cutest thing I ever did see I really love your DCS I wanna kill your City!

Dream a little dream

Abigel Nightfire stirs without sight, tilting her head to any sound.

Blueray Darkes wonders where she is, all she did was go to sleep. "Okay what the hell"?

Abigel Nightfire groans and blinks, her voice too dry and hoarse to speak

Blueray Darkes walks closer to the noise, hooks her fingers in to the wiremesh. "Hello"?

Abigel Nightfire sniffs, and clenches her fist, releasing it again "Leave me be"

Blueray Darkes peers through the meshing, "Heh is that you brat"? "Where are we"?

Abigel Nightfire groans as the blinding light reaches her sightless eyes "This.... I think..." she spits out some dried blood "A dream of sorts" Abigel Nightfire shivers and tries to look up, forcing her voids of eyes wide open "Where are you?"

Blueray Darkes leans against the fence her grin wicked for a moment, before she realised she wasn't her usual self here. "A dream... that would explain why I appear human". She taps a finger on a wire, "Right in front of you brat, though you're behind a fence and all chained up. Your mother is looking for you".

Abigel Nightfire blinks away tears "Is that you, Blue? My mother... She is so weak... And you a human?"

Blueray Darkes sighed somewhat looking at her, "Yes Abigel its me, your mother is searching she doesn't know where to start". She ran a hand down her clothes picking off dust, she only ever appeared like this when she dreamt it usually nightmares. "Human in a dream, I'm always my origianl born self when in a dream".

Abigel Nightfire sighs, licking her lip "I am thirsty... and tired. I need Rago...". Abigel Nightfire shivers, raising a hand and scratches her face to draw blood "I cant get near him, do you understand? I am a monster...."

Blueray Darkes would actually feel something along the lines of pity for her, "Why are you a monster"?

Abigel Nightfire groans "I make him sick... Didnt you see?"

Blueray Darkes frowns, "You were the one making him sick? How"?

Abigel Nightfire cries, trying to lookd at Blue "You left... Joah told me I am a parasite...". Abigel Nightfire tries to reach her chains but she is too weak "I... met him afterwards, he was holding me tight, I needed him so much... He told me they wont allow us to meet. I kissed him and he... his eyes were so red.... his hair white."

Blueray Darkes reaches a hand through the mesh to reach out to Abigel, for once she felt bad for the child. "I told you you had to learn your place, your father told you there is always a price to pay for magick". Closes her blue eyes for a moment heaving out a long breath, her lungs even worked in a dream and she wonders when she had fallen alseep. "This is your payment for ruining the balance, I guess you will be kept here until your debt is paid".

Abigel Nightfire raises her whisper, shaking the chains "I never meant to hurt him, I dont know whats happening... I didnt mean to".

Blueray Darkes leaps up to cling to the fence like an animal, "You were warned Abigel time and time again, you refused to listen or to learn. We never mean for things to happen until its too late to change what is done, everyone has to pay for their mistakes no matter the cost". She licks her lips a little, "You could have killed him with your ignorance".

Abigel Nightfire clenches her fist but is not saying a thing.

Blueray Darkes: Abigel, you know I am right.

Abigel Nightfire groans quietly "Leave me be then..."

Blueray Darkes drops to the floor, "You want me to tell your mother, you are paying off your debt"? Looking around a little to see if she will wake up now.

Abigel Nightfire closes her eyes "I want this... I will be here forever".

Blueray Darkes shakes her head a rueful smile on her lips, "You do not want to be here forever, no more than Rago would want to lose you. Finish your task and return to him before his mortal life fades".

Abigel Nightfire bursts out "I.. " Abigel Nightfire: Human, what do you know of love...

Blueray Darkes drops her gaze to the floor, "I knew love, felt it, shared it. I am human in this dream and thus feel it more completely here, it is something to cherish and nurture to keep with you even though you end up hurting your loved ones".

Abigel Nightfire looks right at you with her voids "And what do you know of it as a demon?"

Blueray Darkes grins somewhat, "I fell in love with your father, demons still love perhaps with more or the same passion as a mortal".

Abigel Nightfire grins.
Abigel Nightfire: Poor soul.
Abigel Nightfire grins again.

Blueray Darkes shrugs her shoulders, "Yes you can call me that if I have a soul, but demons love and I won't admit this anywhere else. I love my family no matter what words I speak to say that I do not love". "Do you love Rago"?

Abigel Nightfire blinks.
Abigel Nightfire sniffs and trembles "He is so cute".
Abigel Nightfire squirms on the hooks "I love him a lot.

Blueray Darkes nods to her, "Abigel you will return to him, mortals say love conquers all".

Abigel Nightfire stays motionless, her voids of eyes looking somewhere behind Blue, jsut her lips moving "Thank you for dreaming with me, human"

Blueray Darkes waves a hand at her, "Remember back in the waking world I'm far from human, you're welcome brat". She said Abigel's given title with a fondness that had never been there before, "You better come back, you keep me on my toes".

Abigel Nightfire closes her eyes, murmuring something like "Go to hell..."

Blueray Darkes laughs to her, "Same ole brat".

Abigel Nightfire smiles slightly, a spider running oyut of her eyes crossing her face, followed by many more, running all over you and you wake suddenly up.

I jolted awake with the feeling of spiders crawling over my skin, I couldn't tell if I really had spoken to Abigel in a dream. Why would I be the one chosen to visit her? Is she a prisoner to pay the price for her magick?

Lulz of the day:
[9:38] DCS2 2.34: Blueray Darkes OOC: Please fire my typist
[9:38] DCS2 2.34: Skyler Hennesy OOC: shoots blue's typist dead.
[9:38] DCS2 2.34: Jonathon Coage OOC: ::shoots her typist::
[9:38] DCS2 2.30: Damien Vacano OOC: ::shoots someone""
[9:38] DCS2 2.34: Blueray Darkes OOC: Thanks you guys
[9:40] DCS2 2.34: Skyler Hennesy OOC: everytime I see blue's shoes, I want to ask if there's a goldfish skeleton in the heels of her platforms
[9:41] DCS2 2.34: Blueray Darkes OOC: XD Its very possibly
[9:41] DCS2 2.34: Blueray Darkes OOC: POSSIBLE*
[9:41] DCS2 2.34: Blueray Darkes OOC: >_<
[9:41] DCS2 2.34: Jonathon Coage OOC: I just think of the part from 40 year old virgin where the kid wants to buy those shoes.
[9:41] DCS2 2.34: Skyler Hennesy OOC: *kicks the face of blue's dead typist*
[9:42] DCS2 2.34: Blueray Darkes OOC: Stop kicking her and just rape her already sheesh
[9:42] DCS2 2.34: Skyler Hennesy OOC: no fur
[9:42] DCS2 2.34: Blueray Darkes OOC: Still dead

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Wayward kitties

I spent little time out on the streets getting drenched in the rain, I had traveled to the Voodoo shop. Upon entering I caught a scent I hadn't smelled in years, I mean years because I never caught up to him.

My twin, my brother....

His scent was in the air of the shop premeating it, I got disturbed by it wondering if he was in the city and still just one step ahead. There were other Shadows here most of them already lost their minds to the curse, I was merely on the edge flitting between normal and well cat. I began to use the bookcase as a scratching post, until Pix yelled at us all to get the fuck out. Damn fairy. What bothered me even more was the behaviour of Choi, that woman I had beaten the living daylights out of back at the Pit.

The appearence of Choi triggered some talk with Amy, I told her what I had done to Choi, Pix and Delrith, I grew disconcerted I actually felt sad for hurting and I made an apoligy to her. I ran off.

I was found later in the library, Joah and Grr with some other woman. I let it pass I was already annoyed at being possessed by Dimentox, he wants Weston to exact his revenge upon him. Shadows killed the Dimentox, because Vlad is dead. The library was an easy escape from the angel who was arguing with me, she's in love with the one my family slew and tried to vouch for him. None the less I pestered Grr for cookies he had none but gave me a protein bar, that was when Omega walked in watching me after listening to the other woman I mentioned a name.

"She sounds like Nareth".

That triggered something in her she fell to the floor clutching her head, I heard Grr call her Messenger I got curious. I was going to ask about it probe the subject further as my natural tendacy is to gather information, but Omega distracted me by asking about my sister wife Picket. I was rather surprised she didn't kick me out since she was still pissed off at me, I suppose the fact another lot of Shadows came in to the place prevented it. Hell she even offered up tuna, yay for the tuna and erm catnip.

For fuck's sake will someone please make that incessent emo imp cheer the fuck up, his whole woe is me attitude is annoying the hell out of me I mean seriously.

Lulz of the day:

[13:41] Blueray Darkes is carding Monty moments
[13:41] Anjia Chuzen: Monty.
[13:41] Anjia Chuzen: Buy all the guy stuff you see here.
[13:41] Anjia Chuzen: But save money.
[13:41] Anjia Chuzen: So we can go shopping.
[13:41] Anjia Chuzen: To get you new stuff.
[13:42] Monty Carter does not give a toss because sooner or later Monty will do something stupid again and then it'll be carded by everyone.
[13:42] Blueray Darkes cards lulz and sends it through her group for everyone
[13:42] Monty Carter: Your gonna card that aren't you?

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Catnaps and tuna

In the library.. Continued.

Waking up in the library by the fireplace I saw Grr about to sleep, I got up letting him have the cushion I was on. He thanked me then said it was warm, I watched him settle down I ran a hand over his head. Grr murred and I smiled, going to another cushion and curled up for a catnap.

I woke an hour later and stretched myself like a cat would, I was becoming more cat like by the hour and it disturbed me. Severus stood nearby but I ignored the emo demon in order to read my book, flipping the pages to the Earth element absorbed by text as Larrissa and Rago showed up. Apprently I'm cute and adorable as a cat much to my annoyance, even Rago likes me better all fuzzy I have a nicer temperament too. Though things heated up literally when Abigal appeared after her mother left, she realised I was changed from my usual form and spilled hot water on Joah and me.

Yes fine we're even now considering I found it amusing when she got stuck in that man she possessed, but I got a lot of pettings from Abigel the cat in me enjoyed it a lot. Not to mention the catnip covered rat, and the rainbow colouored yarn I was given. Often as not talk turned and turned again, Lorne came up I felt bitter once more about no longer being by his side. Adjust move on, get over it and carry on with my afterlife. Rago has caught a cold Joah atteneded to him with Abby's help, but I left in a hissing rage when the accusations for his illness were laid at my paws.

I don't make illnesses, I don't have to stay to be hassled like that.

I want tuna O.o

Lulz of the day:

[21:38] Lorne Harlequin get's distracted at a critical moment by "Head points" and ends up whipping the trailer hitch of an army truck, instead of the lamp post, yanking him, and the brianna cart onto the holy rickshaw, and dogging bullets from the nazi army truck they are holy-rickshaw-motor-street-luging behind
[21:39] Lorne Harlequin: *dodging
[21:39] Brianna Willenov wonders if she is gonna survive this adventure...
[21:40] Blueray Darkes thinks maybe Bri might not live to see the end of it, but tune in next week at the same Shadow time on the same Shadow channel
[21:40] Vishous Nightfire: All I wanted to do was Hump Lorne's head
[21:40] Vishous Nightfire is very sad now
[21:41] Brianna Willenov is saddened...not knowing if she will ever survive, if Vish will finally make love to the head, or even if Blue caught up to Skyler.
[21:42] Blueray Darkes: Lol
[21:42] Lorne Harlequin flies through a whirlwind of situations, each seeming more dire than the last, when suddenly their back in some grandmother's kitchen, each with a bowl of raisan-nut-bran before them. Lorne is the only one eating...since Brianna still seemes to be chained to the office chair, and typing

Monday, 15 September 2008

Scratching post mewlings (musings)

The library...

I was here in the night I came to talk to Joah, often or not when I require certain things I speak with her. Right now I needed her my one ally outside of the Shadows that I hadn't tormented or ruined, I liked her I couldn't put my finger on the reason why. I never could with some people, couldn't tell them why they were different from those I disliked. Brit was another one who always enthralled me with how she acted, feeding me foods I never had before since I used to eat out of the trash.

Trash.. Street kids know no food should be wasted, you take what you can get when you had nothing else. Stomach of iron I could eat anything, but sweet things made my tongue tingle. I constantly wonder about the one called Brit...

I spoke with Joah telling her what I found around the neck of a Coven woman, some stone called a Cat's eye that gathers fire around it. You see all the Shadows had been cursed by the Coven to be nekos, irritating as it was it had its charms at times. I could forget I ever was a demon or a wolf or even human, the new instincts were conflicting with the old wolf ones. Running around on all fours didn't bother me that was familar ground, the odd addictions were a hassle so was the influx of emotions I spent months gettig rid of. ADD was another problem unlike those born as a cat, us turned ones had trouble focusing on things or we forgot important things. I tried my best to keep my mind intact mostly my demonic blood protected me partially, pity it didn't heal my injuries anymore. The Reaper caused a gash on my leg, Thor stitched it up since it was bleeding everywhere.

Our conversation turned to Brit how she was what she did, Grr a lycan mentioned how Brit bought the light out of the dark ones. I spoke often to Brit to sit a while in her presence when her Ethan wasn't around, my time with her husband in the past was often fleeting. Recently I had conversation with him and found I liked him too, strange how I admire certain types of people those that do not judge me.

Grr and Joah the two were busy with one another not noticing my discomfort at their actions, I didn't say anything on it not my place too but I wanted attention too. Somewhere along the line Lorne was bought up in the talk because he crawled through the library, I mentioned he was most likely looking for Brianna my voice was bitter. Life after Lorne.. there had to be some.

Our discussion concluded I was tired and couldn't be asked to travel back in the rain, I curled up on the cushion and went in to sleep as tired as I was. Sometimes the library was a good spot to rest in, despite being a Shadow I liked the books here.

Lulz of the day:

[9:14] DCS2 2.34: Blueray Darkes OOC: its a giant pidgeon... I shall call him Pidgeot
[9:15] DCS2 2.34: Beaumont Constantine OOC: birdie birdie in the sky, why did you shit in my eye?
[9:15] DCS2 2.34: Blueray Darkes OOC: cos it has the runs o.O
[9:16] DCS2 2.34: Niecee Morenz OOC: wow that's a pretty crappy song XD
[9:16] DCS2 2.34: Blueray Darkes OOC: Yup its full of shit
[9:16] DCS2 2.34: Niecee Morenz OOC: lol

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Mop that floor!!

Ethan Seelowe snaps out of his trance like state "did you find Wolf already Blue?" he asks with a grin on his face

Blueray Darkes nods as she re-enters the building her appearence reverted to what she normally lets people see, and her clothes changed too assuming it was gonna be a messy job. "Found, beaten and capturted".

Bridgette Plunkett looks up at Blue. "Last night...Lyra's ears were cut off...and her hair...and her research was burned....and....she became part machine.

Ethan Seelowe grins "and that would mean that you have come to help with the shelter?" there are several crates half open in the corners and dust from the building that is almost falling into itself covers everything. he looks back at Brit "I was just hearing that story myself"

Blueray Darkes: Lyra? That names sounds familar
Blueray Darkes nods to Ethan as she remembers to change her shoes as well

Ethan Seelowe notices the change in clothing and keeps grinning "most admirable of you to help out I must say" he looks at Brit and still tries to keep a straight face "

Bridgette Plunkett looks up from cuddling with Ethan as she explains the drama. With a deep breath, she nods and smiles warmly to Blue. "You are so good to help out." She points to the mop. "Everything is dirty....everything is grimy...." Looking at the floor she says, "And dried blood is everywhere."

Blueray Darkes still wonders how she ended up getting in to this, where was her attitude to tell Britt where to go shove it? She didn't like the fact that Ethan might be laughing at her on the inside, frowning at the mop and bucket she eyed it confused as to how it was meant to work. "Admirable is one of my qualities I never knew I had, and how the hell am I meant to use these things"?

Bridgette Plunkett stands up and blinks at the sound looking around. She says to Blue, "Love is always found when doing going things." She nods and scampers to get the mop. " can do this one of two ways. Dump the water on the floor...and smoosh it around...and scrub it some...and then....soak up the dirty water...and rinse the same way...OR..... you can scrub small patches...and rinse until the water gets dirty...and get clean water and repeat.

Blueray Darkes: Sounds like its easier to just dump the water on the floor

Bridgette Plunkett: one the library....i had to clean congelled blood off of the floor....cuz...someone wanted to rip off another's arm.....

Blueray Darkes: Hmmm.

Bridgette Plunkett nods picking up the bucket of soapy water and sloshing it on the floor. She hands Blue the heavy mop and patters off to get another to help. Bridgette Plunkett runs over dragging a different mop and smoochies Ethan. She says, "Are you going to mop or are you going to do?"

Ethan Seelowe has obviously been busy unpacking crate after crate all night as the state of his clothes betrayes and was perfectly happy sitting down for the first time in hours. he looks up and shrugs "I guess, I will unpack another inflatable mattrace to put upstairs..." he slowly picks himself up andwalks over to one of the crates still closed

Blueray Darkes takes the mop in her hands, she starts moving it across the floor seeing the water change to brown then black had her fascinated. She scrubs the mop harder on the floor just to watch the dirt come up, her eyes went wide as her tail wagged from side to side in her amusment. When the water had got dirty she waves a finger in the air making it gather up in to a pillar, that slinked in to the bucket as she then declares. "I need another bucket".

Bridgette Plunkett turns to Ethan and says, "Ethan....those mattresses are not inflatable...they just hang on the a hammock."

Blueray Darkes snickers

Bridgette Plunkett runs as she picks up one bucket and brings Blue a new one with clean water.

Blueray Darkes grins at her, "Thanks Britt".

Ethan Seelowe looks over his shoulder and keeps grinning at Blue "I think I need more of that in my handyman approach..." he closes his eyes and gathers familiar black mist in his palm into an orb that keeps growing. after a few moments and opening a crate he directs the mist into the inflatable mattrace filling it up and picks it up to carry it upstairs "I will be right back ladies.. and Brit, those you are thinking of are the ones from the army supplier... we got some more from the camping store... you were asleep at the time... you said *too much talking before drifting away actually*"

Bridgette Plunkett giggles as she blinks that the floor has retained the same level of dingy even when cleaner. She lisps, "Do you wonder what the floor looked like new. I bet it was shiny bright!" She quirks to Ethan, "A one that you can bounce on?" She watches him start on the steps, "You know...those soft bouncy ones were way good for canoodling!"

Blueray Darkes kicks the bucket over so that it spreads out over the floor, still convinced Ethan was finding her situation to his enjoyment. "Well I'm sure it was shiney like the rest of the city at one point", she grunted putting mop to the wet floor scrubbing up dirt. "Why do you always talk about canoodling"?

Bridgette Plunkett lisps to Blue "Because...I like to canoodle with my beloved." With a slight tilt, she says, "Don't you like to canoodle? It is better than apples with it is with your beloved...and gives flutters to your tummy." Bridgette Plunkett skips over the cascading water.

Ethan Seelowe blinks once and makes his way to the second crate after brushing his fingers over Brit's tummy "so that is what is going on in there..."

Blueray Darkes frowns concentrating on her work, "I think our points of view are rather different....". She gave a small expression of sadness, the mop sploshing about in the water she kicked over. "Sex is good, get a good meal out of that sometimes. To be honest I never canoodled much, or erm make out a lot... I flirt with Pieter though".

Bridgette Plunkett mops the floor and says wryly as she watches Blue out of the corner of her eye. "You do more than flirt with Pieter...when the bloodbath was broken, you fed and kept him. If not your beloved, then something more than just flirting." She swishes water in circles and dances slightly with the mop cinderella style. Stopping, she lisps, "Maybe you were his redeemer....who made sure he endured."

Blueray Darkes stops for a moment to look at Britt, "I owe Pieter my life, and he is immune to my blood". She bit on her lips, "What better way to pay back part of a large debt but help him endure"?

Ethan Seelowe looks up from the crate again as he pieces together a chair and desk wondering where to put it "I liked the redeemer idea... since I was little actually" he shrugs and goes back to his work "debts repaid ease the mind...unlike those owed..."

Bridgette Plunkett giggles at the brush to her tummy. She says to Ethan, " kiss me dizzy." She swings on Ethan's arm listening to Blue. "Debts are paid only souls who are noble, better way for sure." She nods as she kisses Ethan's cheek softly before going back to moping. She thinks for a moment....and nods. She remembers Blue outside of the Haven letting Pieter feed on her over and over and over. Did she think no one was watching. Brit was happy that her friends are good to each other....She mops dancing with it slightly enjoying her mopping.

Blueray Darkes pushes the mop around on the floor, her tail flicked upwards and curls slightly. "I don't have a soul, and I can't repay the debt. Not that it matters, even if there was no debt I would do the same". Watching the clean water get dirty she wriggles her fingers, making it all go back in to the bucket.

Bridgette Plunkett watches Blue. She shrugs, "I'd trust you with my soul. So whatever you wish to call is a most proper and honorable thing." She picks up the bucket and goes to change the water.

Ethan Seelowe raises a brow at the "I would do the same" part of Blue's statement but says nothing as he keeps busy trying to not comment about Brit's faith in the inert attributes of others. he looks back to the desk almost ready

Blueray Darkes leans on the mop muttering under her breath, "I told you before Britt, not to trust me". She looks up at Ethan for a moment, before she notices a bug crawl over the tiles that she promptly stamped on.

Bridgette Plunkett returns with clean water and exchanges the buckets for Blue...then pads off with to get one more bucket. The place was grimey...grimier than Brit remembered. But she was sure it would be spic and span in no time.

Blueray Darkes waves her left hand throwing it in to the air with the clean water close behind, forming it in to a small dragon she made it spread its wings and swoop over the floor spreading itself in to a large liquid puddle. The work wasn't so bad though she never done it before, and she could at least have fun practicing with her new element. Still preferred fire.

Bridgette Plunkett giggles watching the dragon in complete amazement! She stands as if struck by a charm spell. Her eyes are wide in wonderment. Holding her breath, she watches and gasps when she has to take another. "That's beautiful! it again, please?"

Blueray Darkes tosses the mop handle in to her left hand leaving her right one free, stretching out her hand she causes fire to lick around her fingers. Turning her palm upwards she gathered the fire in to a ball, throwing it upwards she made a small gesture twisting its form in to that of a soaring phoenix like bird. Dropping the mop she called it to her and does a few twirls with the fire bird circling around her, stopping only when she got dizzy and the fire eventually sizzled out in to a puff of smoke.

Bridgette Plunkett claps gleefully! "Oh...." Her eyes do not even blink. She looks from Ethan to where the phoenix sizzled. Looking back to Blue, she says, "You can do so many things!" She looks back to Ethan then back to Blue. "You will be so much help to the people who come to the shelter!" Whether Blue knows it or not, she just got signed up for a helper in the shelter.

Blueray Darkes bends down to pick up the mop, "I'm still learning how to use earth and air". Moving the mop over the floor to continue scrubbing the grime up, she twiches her tail slightly. "This is a once off Britt, I'm not usually the helpful type". Though whether that would deter Britt or not was a different matter, she gave Ethan a look that could only be described as ~Is she serious~. It was about time her shadow chipped in, so it began to laugh at her and she scrubbed over it with the mop.

Lorne Harlequin steps slowly around the corner, peering beyond the edge via craning of neck. He smiles, head soon followed by body, and leaning up against the edge of the wall, crossing His arms at His chest.

Bridgette Plunkett wipes off her hands and sees Lorne. She beams at him handing him a mop and says, "Please come help...the floors are icky." Moving over, she gets the notebook of Volunteers and writes "blueray" in curly-gurly letters. She beams to her friend and says, "Well, maybe not usually can start making amends for that now!" She bounces putting the notebook back and looking to Lorne wondering why the mop has not started to move.

Ethan Seelowe keeps piecing together the desk slightly annoyed that the last parts are hidden deep within and at the bottom of the chest having him bent over the edge of it for some time. he notices Lorne and nods in a greeting "excuse the mess... but we are in the process of setting up.." looking at Blue he grins wider "you never know what you will do next... be careful where your mind leads you"

Blueray Darkes rolls her eyes at the very unhelpful advice of Ethan, she watches where Britt went then busts out laughing at Lorne who just got roped in to the cleaning regime too. Half dancing with the mop now since her mood was ligther today and that made for a less grumpy Blue despite her hunger, she even began humming a small tune and thus once more wondered how Britt was able to calm even the most wild of things. "Britt.... What if I don't want to help"?

Lorne Harlequin does not raise His hands to accept the mop, instead looking up at an angle, endearingly doing everything but rolling His eyevoids, as if it were so easy to tell. There is, however, a sort of tension, explaining why Brit would have THOUGHT He had accepted the mop, as she, in her excitment, turned away. He steps around the mop, which hangs in the air, and walks to beside the desk "Setting up you say?" The first few notes of sorcerrer's apprentice strike up in phantom oboe's, and the mop shudders once and is still again.

Bridgette Plunkett turns and blinks at Blue. She lisps, "But...are you not having fun?" Brit looks around and back to Blue saying, "There is so much to feels good to help others." She nods and beams knowing in her heart that Blue will now understand. With a glance at Lorne, she watches as he walks away. She starts to say something but turns hearing the music and seeing the mop move. With a happy bounce, she turns Blue so she can see it too.

Blueray Darkes meeps at getting turned around to watch a mop, almost slipping on the water in the process. "I don't like helping", she mumbled then added on "I'm not good either". Arguing whether you're good or bad never mattered, because Britt never saw the bad. "How the hell does she do it"?

Bridgette Plunkett feels dizzy. She runs off again and returns with a few milk boxes and some oreos. Offering them to all of the helpful crew, she takes an oreo and watches the mop working away to the bouncy song. To Ethan, she says, "Maybe....not all magic is all bad."

Lorne Harlequin leans against the arm of the couch, watching Ethan with the assembly of his desk, glancing over His shoulder at Brit and Blue, paying not a lick of attention to the mop, but rather looking back to Brit, mouth open to ask her a question. As the unseen orchestra rises from calm to fevered in pulses, the mop creaking, and quivering, as knotted limbs evolve out of the handle. Lorne grins, instead turning to Ethan "Won't you tell Me what it's all about, Ethan?"

Blueray Darkes drops the mop back on the floor trying so hard not to snatch up some Oreos, she does a small chuckle at the cookie before opening her mouth and sinking her sharp fangs in to it. There she stood nomming on it enjoying the sweet food, she did so behave like a child when presented with these things.

Ethan Seelowe stops the assembly of the desk for a moment to look abck at Lorne "we are setting up some things here... actually, we are planning on creating a shelter... a place for new people in the city to find refugee.. for a time before they can make it on thestreets without ending up as fish food too quickly..."

Bridgette Plunkett teaches Blue that the BEST way to eat Oreos is to half two cookies...munch down the crunchy side with no icing..and drink it with milk...then....put the two icing sides together....and soak it in milk until it dissolves like icing of chocolate and sweet over one's tongue.

Ethan Seelowe grins following Blue and Britas he wipes his forehead finishing off the desk looking around for an adequate place to put it.

Blueray Darkes follows Britt's example finding it is better to eat the Oreo in the way directed, she bounces on the balls of her feet purring softly.

Lorne Harlequin nods slowly, looking around the room, somehow managing always to have His back to the mop as it invites Blue's mop off of the floor, pulling limbs from it as well, each jumping one after the other, arm in arm, into the bucket, jaunting sanitarily around the room as the song plays

Blueray Darkes: Hey my mop!

Ethan Seelowe looks up at the mops dancing around and shakes his head with a grin "sometimes a bit of magick does come in handy though..."

Lorne Harlequin smiles to Brit, accepting a single oreo, giving her method a try, using her milk of course. Lorne glances at Blue, and then to the floor where her mop had fallen, turning entirely around exactly as the two mop slosh off beyond the divider, followed wettly, with much splashing by the bucket, hopping after them. He looks back to Ethan...pulling only a few fingerfulls of oreo out of the milk, and frowning at the,. Sucking the oreo off each finger with a smack, He asks His questions between pops of His lips "So" smack "You and Brit are starting a refuge" smack "For all the new and untried arrivals " smack. smack. He looks at His hand, and returns it to the other behind Him "What will you do when you are called away on extended errands?"

Ethan Seelowe grins looking around "well, for one I am not hoping to run that thing all by myself... I will probably need some help here... on the other hand... this place can't look any worse than it looks now, so maybe a week or two of noone looking after things won't change anything in here either" he runs his finger over the wall as several parts of the paint come down

Blueray Darkes waves her hands at him that meant don't ask that question because then she would have more work to do, she watched the two mops and the bucket dance happily off if objects could be happy she wasn't sure on that note. Hanging her head she scowled at the water on the floor making it bubble with heat turning it in to vapour and finding she cleaned that part of the floor. "Oh for..."

Bridgette Plunkett swallows the milk-soaked oreo as she watches mesmerized by the mops. The music is happy as well. She licks the cookie from her finger and pauses as she hears fingersmacks. She looks to Blue and then to Lorne who is happily licking cookie residue from his own fingers. She smiles over to Ethan seeing that he has no issues with the magic that helps clean the place. Back to the mops, she watches as they dance and clean.

Lorne Harlequin almost looks to be beginning a slow nod, leaving the gesture hung on an upward stroke a moment. The music, which had been fading in volume suddenly burst back upward in a new jaunty direction as the two mops, still arm in arm, burst beyond the divider in hot pursuit of a third mop, which appears to be fleeing with abandon, it's own knotty arms reached out before it as taut as the free arms of the two chasing mops, reaching out towards the prey. They make a lap behind Lorne's oblivious back, followed very far behind by a now mostly empty bucket one might almost have considered to appear out of breath. Lowering His head again. Lorne continues "Or I could help you keep an eye on things."

Ethan Seelowe puts the final brush on the desk and cleans his hands on a rag dangling on the crate, then looks at Lorne "I was under the impression you were rather busy at the pit... would you be able to invest time here..." he looks to brit, then back to Lorne "I was thinking this would be an opportunity to have Brit away from the library for a bit as well..."

Blueray Darkes puts both hands over her mouth as she tries to stifle her giggling, she'd seen some things before here in the city it was a first to see mops running around along with a bucket. Her tail wagged furiously gaining in speed the longer she held in the laughter, until finally once they had run around behind Lorne she broke in to fit of happy laughing and held her sides in the process. At any rate she was going to keep laughing to the point where her blue and yellow eyes watered.

Ethan Seelowe looks over at Blue quite amazed "maybe we should have the shadows do more mop-work in the future... they seem to take well to it" he tells Brit with a shrug, raising his shoulders. he looks over to Lorne again "if you have time to invest... you are welcome to come here and help." he nods once very seriously this time.

Bridgette Plunkett watches as she hugs Ethan. The mops cleaning and the music. Fabulous! It is all she can do to keep from dancing with them. Her only hesitation is that she does not wish to interfer with the much needed cleaning.

Lorne Harlequin glances at Blue, a wrinkle to His brow, turning around to look at the moppless, yet cleaner of floor, room behind Him, leaning back slightly to look past the divider. He turns back to Blue, questioningly, apparnetly having not spotted anything racausly hilarious down the building at all. He looks again to Ethan, appearing serious agin, and returning the nod, smiling at Brit.

Blueray Darkes chokes on her laughter wiping her eyes, she shakes her head at Ethan's words. "I don't think so somehow", she giggled softly begining to contain herself. She grins at Lorne only to start laughing again because his serious face and him not having seen what happened just made her laughing fit worse, she stumbled almost falling backwards with the rolls of giggles and laughing that continuously broke from her.

Lorne Harlequin looks at one side of His hand, and then the other, saying quite casually "I will transport My belongings" The sound of a feather duster careening with paniced flutterring across the wall behind Him, colliding with the ramp, and flopping upstairs in time for Lorne to glance surprisedly after the sound.

Bridgette Plunkett wonders where helpers will stay...and guesses they can have ends rooms. She muses for a moment and says to Lorne, "You will have to help blow up mattresses.

Ethan Seelowe nods "so it is official..." he looks over at Brit "there are some rooms next to the ones we used to reside in.. I am sure, those can be used when new arrivals don't take up all the available space..." Ethan Seelowe follows Blue's reactions closely and with some interest as he pulls Brit closer.

Blueray Darkes finally falls on her back for a few moments rising her right arm in the air, giving a loud gasp pretending that she had run out of air even though she had no need to breathe. She lay there for a while calming down before she got back on to her feet, dusting her clothes off while her composure slowly returned to its normal state. "Hehehehehe". Blueray Darkes still giggling softly bounces out of the shelter, she hadn't laughed like that in years.

Lulz of the day:

[10:44] Ava Whalen purses her lips together and smirks, "What sort of trouble are you up to?"
[10:45] Pieter Seelowe takes a step closer eyeing down upon her gazing into her eyes "Same as everynight Pinky, try to take over the world"
[10:45] Ava Whalen stiffles a laugh.
[10:45] Blueray Darkes: Narf!