Tuesday, 31 March 2009

What the hell? A plane crash

Not to many days ago some outsider plane crashed on to the South beach, surprising really because I never seen one before. Whoever piloted it was dead and gone, only blood smears left on an empty crate. A kitty recovered the black box handed it to me, I in turn gave it to Meili who ran it to the factory to be cracked open. Once we got the recording it was run to K-Tox, played on air it sounded like something got lose and ate the humans. Unlike the others I didn't shiver or show a sign of horror, I felt a small thrill down my spine relishing what had happened.

I'm still dark no point denying that but my reputation of being feared, that has been lost along with a lot of things I was used to. The city was spending a lot of time seeing if they can find out what was on the plane, it was seen a few time and then the outsiders came to our home. In erm what did they call it? A heli.. copter... Agents of some sort come to collect the thing in the crate, I saw one of them they didn't seem to be comfortable in this place. Who would be unless they were like us who live here?

Pieter visited the factory again this time to use the computers, he was looking up things on distilling and purifying fluids. I questioned him on that but he didn't give me a direct answer, I didn't expect him to since its Shadow business. We hugged before he left me, whispering he wants me in my ear. I went to the window to watch him as he walked on the street, I turned away; for all that he said it wasn't me he needed.

The outside creature had killed Delphina, a Shadow I had known briefly. Or she used to be a Shadow, she left about the same time as Picket did. I didn't want to get samples from her it pained me to do so, I allowed others to get what they needed. In the meantime I got some information from an old friend, that my family was being accused of making the creature. Apprently forty five years ago the TCs had done genetic experiments, this would explain the tanks and cloning facilaties. We had nothing to do with it, he covered my arse and I in turn covered his. Always were a good team, I can see why she loves him so.
Despite the upheavel of the agents and the thing they made, the day was rather peaceful. Surprising I would have thought the residents would be out hunting it, unless they can find its nesting place I guess the hunt for the thing can wait til its den is found. Joy. On this peaceful day I stomped my way in to Haven, gave Cosmo a brief greeting and took over at the dj booth. This is familar something I did even when I was a Shadow, to spin whatever music I feel like on K-Tox. Haven was packed full of people, I gave them songs to party to. A small, brief feeling of joy to hide under, while I view Kitteh and Pieter speaking to one another on the second floor. Right after my shift I headed for the rooftops my metal hooves clomping on the concrete under them, going South I remained oppersite of the Fishco to watch a small scuffle. A male demon mentioned something about discord, I sighed because the chaos was all I needed not too long ago.

Still I adjust for this new human body this mortality, I want to live and keep on living. To make sure that I will always carve my presence in to every century, and the only way to do it so far is to go the full cyberised route.

Lulz of the day:

I will occasionally listen to and follow my advisor's advice. - Evil overlord list

Friday, 27 March 2009


In an effort to understand my new family and my new self a bit better, I took myself and Picket over to the mainland. From there we met up with a demon who supplied us both with teleportation spells embedded in stones, the first of which took us to what was known as The Wastelands.

And it is exactly what the name implies, it is a wasteland with sand as far the eye can see. Scattered about are a few dwellings, and mostly piles of scrap metal here, there and everywhere. Seems that the whole thing about cybers is that they scavange, and this was after all the place where the first cyber that stumbled in to Toxian City came from. Picket and I got bored she decided to go home, I however got a call patched in to me from Terrox.

Using the stones we were given I went to Ayin, Picket went back to the factory. In the cyber base of Ayin I was greeted by Terrox, he seems to be doing well for himself in this place and is well established. I told him of the few things that were going on with the TC's and in Toxia, until there was some disturbance downstairs of the place. Interesting that they have tanks where they grow fetuses in, of course I was more interested in gutting in them than letting the things live. A couple of demons had ripped one of the babies out and the female was eating it, Terrox says there is some sort of deal with them. Demons eat what they don't experiment on, and they have to do some things for the cyber group in order to get fed. Unfortunantly they had damaged the tank and Terrox was fuming at them, he got called out though to some further dispute outside. I took that time to leave and head home.

Lulz of the day:

[17:47] DCS2 2.45.2: Carlos Bosatsu is full of fail and ends up accidentally stabbing himself

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

... Stop

She did not flee from the Pit more like she walked calmly away, a few words with Kytara is all she needed before moving on. The few Shadows who accepted her and accepted her place she cherished, the rest were nothing more than creatures snapping at her heels. It was their torments that shattered her, their torments which would have stopped her remaining as a Shadow.

If only Jason could see that if only he could understand that, the pain he gives her with his heated words. She only wanted to make him realise she didn't deserve to suffer in the Pit, that it would have been the end of her. All he can do is call her traitor, demean her in front of Kytara so they battle with meaningless words.

"I should have left you in Hell".

She didn't mean it as in regret more like foresight, she said it out of anger due to the fact he rather treat her like scum. A real traitor would have just struck using their knowledge, instead she only made a strike when they had striked first. These are no actions of a coward either, simply the actions of a woman surviving against the odds.

Why can't you accept me?

Lulz of the day:

[5:36] Goa Sin: ha, look what I got mine to say "I WILL END YOUR WORLD AND YOU KNOW IT! BWAAHH! *LAZERS*"
[5:37] Carlos Bosatsu: XD!
[5:38] Carlos Bosatsu: the day a penguin shoops whoop is the day Blue says "im asexual"
[5:38] Goa Sin: lol
[5:39] Carlos Bosatsu: oook i think the penguine is lost in my hair...
[5:39] Carlos Bosatsu: hrm nope
[5:39] Goa Sin: forget that, it's in your head
[5:39] Carlos Bosatsu: nooooo!
[5:40] Carlos Bosatsu: I KNEW THEY COULDNT BE TRUSTED!

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Where does that leave us now?

She stands in the factory looking out over the city through the dirty window, before turning from it to do a small routine patrol. Only she was called back because of a demon a sniper rifle pointed to Dolce's head, typical of the scene for it to be Jason. Momentary flinching the gun at her own head now, she tries to calm the situation. Jason tells her straight she should have come to the Pit, not spread rumours about him around the city.

Blueray pointed out that anything she said about him using Meili as bait and threatening her, was documented on a tape and was thus fact. They made a deal she stops the rumours he doesn't kill her new people, he said he had beaten up a Convenite. Terms are set and of course the hot headed detective didn't like it, they lacked everything from fighters to members. He wanted to fight he wanted her to use all she knew against them, she couldn't do that she just couldn't and she needed to protect the cybers. Detective stormed out enraged at her because of her decision, she knew deep down she had made the right one and after talking to Dolce on several matters she left for the streets. Good thing she came across Calleigh then, and it was Calleigh who confirmed Jason said the same thing about her faction. Seems someone is pulling strings and for once it wasn't her, his lie was laid bare he hadn't touched a Covenite at all. Typical.

From the alleyway to the beach she walked side by side with a human male, a male she dropped fast when the old call came from home. She didn't think on it she didn't need to, and there he sat in her factory the Lord of Shadows. Her lord. Blueray's heart beat faster in her chest, out of fear for what he might do to her. He cut her off she changed tactics their conversation had bumps in it, she had been edgy for days from the attacks all she wanted was it to stop. Pieter said he wouldn't stop them he wouldn't help them either, it was between her and those three so she was trying to keep the factions out of it. Just wished that detective saw that, that she knew best for the safety of all.

Once more she was standing by the window looking out down South, it was hard enough to keep the cybers trust without being seen with Pieter. The choice is yours he said, go against us or stay a friend. Business is business they both know that, the old rule family before friends. Guess both sides needed to adjust, her to being how she is and the Shadows for losing her. No matter how she tried to shut it out she still loved Pieter, they were okay again not in the same place as before but somewhere different. And when he left he called her Bluebie his pet name he chose for her, and to his leaving figure she whispers "Walk in the Shadows".

Where does that leave us now?

I wish I knew...

Lulz of the day:

[0:14] DCS2 2.42: GrrBrool Lykin OOC: my lady wife laughed . . ..
[0:15] DCS2 2.42: Lorne Harlequin OOC: and what about your male wife? Did he laugh too?
[0:15] DCS2 2.42: GrrBrool Lykin OOC: he logged . .. .

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Blue Toaster

Pit is no longer home, they are no longer family. As a matter of fact they have turned on me, and I feel like a traitor though I never betrayed them. I was their Council, their leader when the Lord was absent, doesn't matter now its just grains of sand in the wind. I could have told them all what happened, with their anger and their insults. I had no reason to say anything.

While I stood on the library roof with Runo and some white angel, I got a phonecall from Aaryanna saying Picket was torn up in the graveyard. I had enough bad news with the fact Delrith was gone, and now my own wife had returned to be butchered. I left then to go get her, I took her to the factory to save her. Aaryanna and Brianna followed, while the tank repaired Picket's body Kishi came to visit and I called up Denenthorn.

The tank did its job I set her on the medbed fixing a respirater to her face, new bodies they just can't handle the toxic air not like a person who's been here a while. I went to find more parts to get Picket dressed, those two Shadows were hovering around the bed suggesting they should kill her. No one threatens my wife.. not even old family.

Abomination... I heard that before I used to call myself one, Hell would have called me one because of the two heritages. Now its Kishi who whispers the word to taunt me for what I have become, and I am reminded I have lost my immortality. I prefer Blue Toaster!

Brianna asks for glue and she finds it only to glue Picket's horns to her head, sick very sick but its what she would do. Is this what it is like to be on the other side? I wonder how Quiet coped having her Prowlers targerted by them, seems I'm on the same page as her now with very few to back me up. The Shadows would not leave but at least they wouldn't harm Picket, I got her dressed and fixed and Denenthorn got her soul back for her. In the meantime some Omegans came and Aaryanna called for the Pack, still the Shadows did not leave even when asked or threatened instead Jason showed up. He threw his two cents in too, the one who said he would always be there when I needed him. His back was turned on me too.

I fought Kishi running out on to the street, our fight was longer than before when we had sparred once. I still went down all the same I just can't fight all that well, in my defeat Kishi took my tail melted it right down. Hot metal scroched me in a miniature torture, I never thought I would be treated this way at their hands. My TC's came to me Native took me in to the factory, placed in to the tank to heal my flesh wounds. Fine said she could find scrap metal to make a new tail in a week, Mark II is almost fixed after the damage done to it by an ex member. TC's want revenge, I deny them it because I know better. I know the Shadows I know the members, and I bloody well know what they are capable of. All the information I gathered and all the secrets learned, I will keep with me never telling a soul. I will take it all to the grave, even the knowledge of who the beast is.

For your treachery Jason, there is a bullet with your name on it. I won't tell you who has it, nor will I stop them from shooting you. I don't have to save you, and I don't have to kill you.

Also it may seem I have to push old grudges aside and make alliances where I can, the Pack is right next door though I keep them at a distance. The old Pack who raped and tortured me a year ago is no more, my hate for the lycans will have to die in order for me to move forward.

I'm the Blue Toaster, with a breaking heart.

Lulz of the day:

125. Lingerie can only snap coincidentally so many times per day. - From 925 things Mr. Welch can no longer do during an RPG

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Severed, so be it

Zaphod had asked Blueray over to the factory for some routine IQ tests, hook her up to a computer to monitor brain waves. The demoness in her curiousity of things she didn't know about, poked at the screen with a claw causing her to let off a small volt. That is how she blew up the T.A.R.D near the beach, accidental zappage. After all this is Toxia and the computer wasn't wrecked just boosted, when bought to full power to begin....

Power surges running from Blueray's brain to the machine she was connected to occured, the mini light show was amazing but led to a deadly outcome. Blueray's whole entire essence got downloaded, the body was empty and devoid of all that was the demoness. Trust the angel Denenthorn to pick this time to show up at the cyber base. Zaphod was distracted what with the detective blabbering on about things he found out, and Jewell connecting herself to the medbed and blowing her parts. The only thing she could say was, "Blueray is dead, I think I killed her". You can't really kill a demon, they have no vitals to start with. Denenthorn whirls on the Overseer, demanding that she has to be joking. When he checked the body he knew the aweful truth, she was gone from her shell that she loved so much. Zaphod turned her attention to helping her members, the unthinkable happens and the angel is left to his own devices.

What was Blueray had arisen from the med bed flipping elequantly on to the floor, it landed those lightening eyes staring blankly at the people around it. The voices rose several of them in unison, they wanted to be free of the abominiation they had been forced to make. Detective questions it asking if it Legion both it and Denenthorn denounce that name, while they watch it the Overseer woman sending Jewell on her way.

"We will be free".

Clawed hands reached for its chest no one moved to dumbstruck in confusion and horror, as it cut open its own even while its Belial blood would heal it; it kept going tearing the skin so the healing took time. Blood spewed on the floor splattering around its clawed feet, it was covered in its own blood the fluid pouring down its black skin. The horror felt and seen reverbrated around the medbay, Denenthorn pleads with the thing to stop destroying the shell. However it simply broke the bone caging that protects its heart cackling at the angel, with its own hand in its chest those clawed figners gripped the dead organ.

Denenthorn cried out, "NO"!

It tore the heart from its body causing another spout of blood to burst forth, the voices laughed as they fled back to Hell a lingering of flame while they mocked him.

The connection to the Shadows was severed and lost. Her shadow bought up all those vodka bottles she stored within it, the jar of Janvier's blood and the tome of Hitaroki. Her shadow spoke no more the gift that had been upon it gone, Denenthorn in his sorrow picked up the tome.

Zaphod lept in after that she ordered him to shove a piece of her in to the tank, she said the essence was still in the computer and they had one shot at getting her back. While those two set up the tank for cloning and wired the computer to it...

Blueray was nothing more than energy roaming through the database, exploring all the data and absorbing it like a sponge. All the things she didn't know because of how she grew up, she knew now from the wonders of the internet. She even spoke with the Hive, but it didn't like her being so close to it.

"Okay when I tell you hit download", Zaphod said. "NOW". The button hit Blueray's essence cleansed of all its demonic traits was dragged back to the new body, a human clone replica of how she used to be before the wolf bite before her deaths. There was a soul in that body, soon as she was living the two pulled her from the tank. Zaphod ran off to find spare parts of cybers, she came back carrying the box quick as she could. "Hurry hold her down, we don't have much time before the atmosphere kills her".

A new body one un-used to the poison and toxious air that premeats the city, it got in to her lungs her blood stream. She thrashed upon the metal floor in agony, screaming while she choked unable to breathe or even remember how. Such was her throes of agonising death she mangled up her legs beyond saving, the pain kept striking her she was used to pain this body however was not. Zaphod reached for a needle on her arm, drawing it forth she drew nanites from herself and injected them in to Blueray. This was to stabilise and to start repairing the damage to her internal organs, rummaging around in the box she found a respirater mask she put on her.

Denenthorn the angel who really shouldn't care held Blueray down, spoke in soothing tones telling her to calm down. Her mind was a mess and a jumble with the pain refused to orginise itself, there was no time for the usual meds before operating. Zaphod hacked at the mangled legs with a small saw, removing what was damaged and attaching new metal ones. Nanites did the rest re-building her eyes and organs, while everything settled the Overseer dressed the woman to hide her naked body. Both of them moved her to a bed to rest to recover, the medbay was a mess of blood and body pieces. Sighing Zaphod pottered around cleaning up the corpse and parts, without touching that Belial blood she incerated the flesh with a flame thrower. With nothing but ash of the old one, she was about to start mopping when a call came over.

On the mainland her old group was being attacked, they needed her back with no other option she was gone.

Blueray had the situation explained to her she broke down crying, Pickt was going to be mad but at least she was still alive in more ways than one. Over the next day she took charge of the cybers, the leaders were gone vanished and she believed she couldn't return to the Shadows.

Truth be told she was terrified of going back as she was now, and more than once that day she holed herself up in the factory. After cleaning the medbay of all the blood and bottles, she delivered the Janvier jar to Fishco then visited the church. As usual when things bad happened the Shadows gathered, she was silent and scared to see them. Fear was not new she was afraid of the dungeon and nothing else, now she just feared a lot of things. Turning from the place she began her work with the cybers, gathering information on the beast that attacked felines. Blueray knew who and what it was, but she would not betray that she knew such things. It was the last loyal thing she could do for the Shadows, before she would have to do what she must to defend her new position and group.

Blueray visited the Pit to be confronted by Dante, he was angry at her she knew that. He said the link could have been mended, she knew that it couldn't. What did she expect? To be welcomed back to her family as if nothing happened? She had no choice but to lead, and she couldn't go home. Kishi called her an abomination wanted to see her bleed, that was Kishi for you and Blueray admitted that perhaps the statment was true. There was no going back at all not with a soul, not with what she was and what she had to do. Shadows did not want her nor did they want to acknowledge her, in effect in that one night she had lost more than they ever knew.

So be it.

No longer did she serve the one she loved, and now the choice of going after the love she married was available. With a heavy heart yet determined one she would throw her loyality and duty in to her new "family".

Gone is her demon heritage of two fathers, gone is her magicks and gone are her bonds. A new life, a new chapter.

Once a Shadow...... always a Shadow.

Lulz of the day:

[18:41] DCS2 2.45.2: Stryker Galaxy OOC: sneaks a peek at the size of bri's pole and feels ashamed
[18:41] DCS2 2.45.2: Brianna Willenov OOC: hopefull boggy i wanna kill something
[18:42] DCS2 2.45.2: Daniel Roddenham OOC: *chuckles*
[18:42] DCS2 2.45.2: Arthores Faulkes OOC: haha she has a bigger pole then you
[18:42] Brianna Willenov stood at the empty sim border and pulled out her fishing pole xD

Friday, 6 March 2009

Tested, broken ties

She walks from the inside of the Pit the smell of the lava strong around her, that blue tail of hers in this semi form she takes whipping behind her. For once her feet are normal and booted, walking to the door she stood regal, tall and proud between Kishi and Brianna. Upon the steps were Omegans among their number is Joah, Joah who kissed Blue back in the days when they shared such things. Her heart beat faster she pulled her spirit sister to her, in front of the two Shadows she kissed Joah back before shoving her away.

They wanted in to the Pit in to her home, normally she would allow it but the answer had already been set by Kishi. Blueray informed the small group that Kishi as a long standing member her word was better than the blue one, and as such she would not make the Shadows doubt her loyality or her duty by over ruling another.

Stalking in to the Shelter she finds Joah feeding another blood, her temper flared how dare she put her on the spot. It just made her blood boil, even with the curiousity of Nareth's razor around she didn't care. And it happened.

Blueray's refusal to let her in to the Pit, got her rejected by Joah. The demoness howled on the inside, in true demonic fashion declared her dead. For so long she had guarded her now it was done with, she wouldn't look out for her anymore.

I'll rip your fucking heart out

Her words lingered on the air as she stormed out, blinded by rage by sorrow any other day she would have let them in. Leaping to a rooftop the places she sought her solice away from Shadows away from the scum that roam the streets, she drops to her knees putting her face in to her hands and cries. As steadily as she was becoming disconnected from her family, all the ties that kept her here were breaking too.

Tick tock tick tock...

Blueray cried.... and the never ending sorrow consumed her

Lulz of the day:

[19:38] Picket McDonnell checks her e-mail and sees something that says "Dear Autumn we have an offer you can't refuse" hmmm she thinks... could be interesting. She opens it "Is your penis too small" well yes sir it is! Its invisable! I don't think it can get smaller then invisable "pay us $100 and we will send you a miracle pill" wait wait sir that's where you've lost me... I am not paying $100 for pills "But wait! Theres more... we will also send you a fancy elastic thong" WOW! elastic thong? Count me in.
[19:39] Marv Whittaker: ...whast this miracle pill supposed to do?
[19:39] Picket McDonnell: make my penis bigger
[19:39] Marv Whittaker: but.. its invisible
[19:39] Marv Whittaker: isnt that like saying you dont have one?
[19:39] Picket McDonnell: well hopefully it will make it bigger... then it will be super invisable

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Restless one

The streets are almost emtpy from the aftermath of the Dagon climax, it was far too quiet again and I ached for some chaos. Something, anything it had to happen, alas far too caught up in my own self to think on making such things. The rooftops are home now more than the Pit, where once I had made my presence known in the city I was now harder to find.

I was glad to see Skyler upon one of his visits to Toxia, I caught him up to date on things. We spent little time together but I cherish it all the same, he noticed I was not as content I used to be. Skyler said if I was ever to leave I should put Hitaroki's book in the safe keeping of another, it took everything I had to not rage at that suggestion. Its my tome and I will keep it, thank you very much.

Even so I spend a great deal of my time alone now, Picket's gone she left the city though I feel it eating at me I can't go. Looking over at the Pit with a deep sigh I would turn from it, in there is my current Lord he who used to be Guardian. It seems the seat is cursed for twice now he has been possessed, and both times I felt like breaking on the inside. I am weak for being in love so I have been told, so let me be weak and let me love let it hurt me for all its worth.

Nothing matters anymore.

Claws of my feet scrape the surface of the ground I walked in, digging and scoring as I dared to walk upon the buildings. This is the city I called home for a year, loved and lost and missing those who left and pining for my sisterwife. Things aren't the same anymore they won't be the same again, where ever I roam is places she used to be and where he still lingers. My family is here, my duty is here and I hoped beyond hope she understood.

I'm torn in two to follow the love I married or to stay for the love I serve.

Lulz of the day:

I will make it quite clear that I do know the meaning of the word "mercy"... I just choose not to show any. - Evil Overlord list!