Friday, 2 November 2012

Too much work

I guess I finally got some time today to write in here, its been weeks I reckon since my last entry. As usual so much happens its hard to keep track of what is going on, for instance the biggest thing that happened was Annika left and Alastor is now in charge. Who gets to be shoved from the council to his second? I do! Like I didn't have enough to worry over or focus on, then he's there with his damn spade shoveling on more work.

Lately its all been work work work and I miss the old Alastor the one that would stop work for just a few minutes to indulge me, rather than just keep on working and being all serious face. A smile, a hug, a touch of comfort, something to let me know he's not as cold as he portrays. I suppose though he needs to be, now more than ever danger is present and we must try to keep that demeanour. I'm not so good at it being an emotional being and highly hot tempered, we had no threats before now not any serious ones anyhow. With this appearence of Shiloh the threat level went up and the angels are more active, we no longer have time to dally off and do what we like we have to focus. So I've been working, always working but getting drunk on the sly. Or getting drunk at the club when Alastor keeps filling my glass on request.

What is this about Leif? That fucking pansy ass is always trailing along behind him, according to the General he's the personal aide. He didn't need a personal aide he has an Abaddon two of them in fact, pick one and use them but don't bring in some shit head of an angel with no backbone. That's not the only change there are others, some I aint gonna mention because it would be silly to put it in; in case someone finds it. Never put it in the same place twice anyway! Bunch of vampires with us now ever since the change in Prince happened, you got no idea how overjoyed I am at having Zekkiel closer to hand. So much to repay him for, so few ways I can.

In the meantime I should stop getting drunk specially with Shiloh continously trying to get me in to his office, alone I might add and that's scary in itself but he says he wants to know me. Must avoid Shiloh at all costs, I don't want to forget myself or forget my family.

Lulz of the day:

[15:44]  Duncan O'Malley fucks off on his wings of glory, not really caring who is around to see.