Monday, 23 June 2008

Toxian torment

A post of various short accounts

For the times I spent not seen in the city, I was hidden away or just sleeping. I had been severly disappointed by this place, I was no better off here than I was back at home. Good thing is I would most likely make a splash in this place, and I wasn't sure where to start to be sure.

I mean come on I was already capable of living on the streets, I just needed to figure out where I could go and what I could do. Rumours on the street is that there is a werewolf Pack, I decided I should try to get in to it as I longed for my own kind. To learn of what we are, and to learn their ways.

Somehow it was easy to get in to the Pack, they tested me on fighting skills. I never really fought much with a sword before, I did poorly but I passed the intelligence test and got good reference from Quiet. A female I had met in the city on one of my many wanderings learning the layout of the place, it was her who suggessted I go to see Fist the Pack beta. With the short time I was in the Pack, I never actually felt I belonged there at all with them all. My suscipions were justified when the word Shadows, began my inquistive nature to find out more about them. I used the Pack to my own benefit as I gathered information, and when ever needed I showed my loyality was to them no matter how false it was. The Pack a group of werewolves with broken ranks, a group with a smaller group in its core. Its that small group that caused some of my troubles, its that small group that makes the Pack rot on the inside.

Not long after I had become a Pack member I was outside the Voodoo shop, I had tried taunting Kishi due to earlier encounters with her and the fact she insulted me and Narah. It was while the Coven members and other people were gathered outside that Janvier walked up, a demon of black skin, red eyes and white hair that made him appear like a demonic Drow. A demon in the city, I could tell he was he had horns and a tail. I felt myself cringe on the inside at his presence, and the rememberance it was a demon that killed my parents. Janvier appeared to be a great being yet incrediably sad, he used to rule the Shadows but they had all scattered now as the House had fallen. When he left I trailed behind him as my curiousity was the only thing making me follow him, he turned around to face me asking me why I couldn't let a father mourn his lost children in peace. I asked him questions and he answered.

Janvier: The Shadows were my children I had rised them
Blueray: So why not just rise them again?
Janvier: I rised them once it is someone elses turn now
Blueray: If you did it once then you can do it again, why leave something that important in the hands of another?

We were interrupted when a demon tailed man dropped down in front of Janvier, the two conversed and the demon walked off as I learnt he does often. The one who remained spoke to me very little, yet told me to keep safe and I replied to him until our paths cross again.

Few days later Shadows began appearing again, and I had the good fortune to meet one. He wanted to become a demon and required certain items to do so, vampire fangs, werewolf drool and cyberblood. As I was still in the Pack I had to be careful when and where I met this Shadow, my group hated their guts and yet none had any good reason other than the fact to say Shadows are evil. It was also during this time Kumori joined us and I made certain to get all the information I needed from her, she spoke like she was terrified of her old family as she called them. I was told of all the things they had done and can do, still my curiousity was not sated and I required more. Since Kumori was an ex Shadow or so she claimed to be, I became fast friends not just because of what she was but because her life story was one that made my heart cry out to her. The Shadow led me to a vampire called Pieter, he was the demon tailed man I had met before and he is a Shadow. During our talk there was rumour that vampires were seeking more space, and since Pack had already scuffled with some Kindred Alliance members I went to tell Quillis. Quillis our alpha was fed the lines that KA might take over the Pack den in order to accomadate their new members, the whole thing was believable and she fell for it hook, line and sinker. It was after the blood drive at the Hospital and I had helped to steal some Cyber blood, that I stood beside my alpha while some Shadows declared they wanted a member as a slave. Strange things.

I had begun feeding information what I considered important to the Shadows via Pieter, I had various conversations with the vampire and he had called me smarter than my fellows. It was such a time I was speaking with Pieter that one Pack member found me, he accused me of being a Shadow spy and thus jeapordised my safety. I ended up leaving the Pack specially since I got ordered to not go seeking Kumori, who I heard had also left and was severly injured. She of course had returned to the Shadows, and I wanted to join them in doing so have a family. Over many weeks I spent my time getting to know the members, handing in information on various things and learning that my sadistic streak was growing. Where ever there were Shadows I would be there beside them, it soon became well known over the city I was associated with them. They grew to accept and like me in turn I enjoyed their company, until I got banned from the Pit I learnt much of the rotten core of the Pack. I yearned to learn, so I swallowed it all.

If there ever was a thorn in my side it was the vampire Myriam, it was Myriam who captured me. Myriam who taped my muzzle shut, Myriam who dragged me through the city, and it was Myriam who handed me to the Pack. Myriam who declared me a danger to the city, and Myriam who tried and failed twice to end my life. After all of this I must thank her, for without her I wouldn't be who I am today. Thanks babe!

Under the administrations of Pack I was given pain, when was I taken from them Myriam gave me more pain. I laid upon the hospital bed barely healed and unable to defend myself, she stabbed me in the chest with a dagger in a bid to kill me. Without bothering to check whether I lived she leashed me again, and dragged me on my front back to the Pack den since my ankles were smashed. Once again the Shadows came and Kumori took me to the Pit where I could begin to start a recovery, after a few days I was fully healed yet ended up getting stabbed again. Myriam struck me in the shoulder with a dagger made of silver intent on ending my life, I wasn't even prepared to fight I was at the hospital because Kumori was hurt. Good thing I was in the hospital, I left when Janvier showed up to mark the vampire. She began her screeching that I was dangerous for the City, I just smiled and left her to her fate with the Shadows. Strange they always show up.

I eventually got accepted in to the ranks of the Shadows by Janvier himself, I tried to keep the fact hidden from those I called friend. In the end I turned on them drawing my weapons, they were Righteous and I no longer had need of them. I have my family now I bleed for them and die for them, just as I vowed to do before I became one of them.

Lulz of the day:

[19:00] Picket McDonnell: del hun coooooome
[19:00] Picket McDonnell: pretty please?
[19:00] Blueray Darkes: He came earlier
[19:00] Carlos Bosatsu: shhhh >>
[19:00] Salamol Paragon: In my mouth >_>
[19:00] Tanika Akina: woow hoo
[19:00] Picket McDonnell didn't need to know that
[19:01] Salamol Paragon: I mean NO!
[19:01] Carlos Bosatsu: XD
[19:01] Blueray Darkes: ROFL
[19:01] Carlos Bosatsu: !!
[19:01] Picket McDonnell: and that just got quoted
[19:01] Carlos Bosatsu: GOTCHA!
[19:01] Salamol Paragon: DELETE THAT!
[19:01] Blueray Darkes: HAHAHAHAHA
[19:01] Salamol Paragon: stop quoting things for proof of my sexuality

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