Wednesday, 11 June 2008

The slave train

OOC: I know I've been slacking on my blog this week, sorry but real life calls me to it for the first time in two years

They called it a train.

That great metal beast longer than anything I've seen, its body in parts connected to one another by rubber intestines. It ran on wheels along metal tracks that seemed to confine its movements, every time it hurtled through the city station it would scream an unearthly noise unless it happened to stop. It would sit there making a sound like a large cat purring, though it was still it would be just as ready to launch itself forwards with smoke and screeching.

I hated trains.

A year after the gang slaying and I've retracted further from humans, my search for my brother was still on-going but now all signs of him were not to be found. I was giving up hope of ever seeing him again, until I found a crumpled note it said. “Don't worry about me, I'm alive and well”. Needless to say I kept searching, he was my only family.

I spent little time in the station as possible, I preferred the quiet of the graveyards and parks. Less people more nature, and with my animal instincts growing stronger I actually sought out natural areas. Humans such wretched creatures with no care but themselves, fat and greedy they devour everything with their mouths and eyes. They give no pity to those of their own who are less well off than they are, their souls are torpid and rotten they give off the stench of decay and living death. There are exceptions to every rule.

There was an accident at the city train station, a train had come off its tracks. The hurtling beast had twisted off the route, lurching on the concrete platform mowing down those who waited upon it. It was fire and smoke that drew me to the death trap, twisted metal with the air filling with the screams of dyeing and wounded. I jumped down to the wreckage more to see if there was anything useful than to help, as usual I was in my anthropic wolf form and my smell was a good help. Among the wreckage I found several humans manacled to one another, one of them wasn't human at all. I pulled him out in to the open as he smelt different from the others, he didn't seem to be hurt just in shock.

He was an anthropic cat all black and white like a domestic pet, I checked him over for any small injuries. Ashura was what he called himself, said he was a slave for the black market. To be honest I didn't even know such a trade still existed, but it did and he was up for sale at the next auction. I asked him if he ever knew what freedom was, he looked sadly at me as he shook his head with his ears going back. I took pity on him that poor little cat, I offered him freedom by breaking the chains that bound him by force.
However even though I told him to go and do what he wanted now, he trailed after me where ever I went. I told him I had no home or family and nothing at all to offer him, Ashura said he was rised to be a pet and knew no other life even if he is free. Maybe that's why I agreed to take him as my pet, to teach him the value of free will and choice.

Freedom is a valuable commodity!

Lulz of the day:

[19:29] Ashura Caudron: Umm... Missus Shadow, why do ya gots a butt-snake?

[19:29] Blueray Darkes bares her fangs as she smiles, "You understand Alz, a Shadow as an angel blood addict is just dangerous". Looks at Ash, "Its a tail not a butt snake, and I'm called Blueray"

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