Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Retracing steps - Part two

A dust cloud forms around my feet from the small impact of my landing, my wings retracted along with my horns and tail. I wanted to appear as human as possible, I wanted to refrain from making a scene. Incognito!

Returning to the streets I grew up in is strange, I see everything differently these days. I see the faceless masses, sheep to the slaughter to die at my claws. Walking briskly leaving the hum drum of the city, I slipped in to the grimey alleyways that I used to call home. My old sleeping spot was occupied by some tramps, dressed as I was in my street clothes they didn't even move. Silently I slipped in beside them at the barrel and no one moved, only a few grunts sounded that with a look I squashed it.

Warming myself standing there I could see in my clouded vision, the faces I remembered from those days that no longer matter. I'm half awake just dozing until I get nudged, they were whispering about me in barely heard voices. In the midst of these dirty men an old lady withered by age and weather, spoke in a hurried fashion telling all I was the wolf who returned. Grinning wickedly to myself I took their souls as I left one by one they fell in to the snow.

Anyone who would find them, will think they froze to death.

Lulz of the day:

[10:44] Ava Whalen purses her lips together and smirks, "What sort of trouble are you up to?"
[10:45] Pieter Seelowe takes a step closer eyeing down upon her gazing into her eyes "Same as everynight Pinky, try to take over the world"
[10:45] Ava Whalen stiffles a laugh.
[10:45] Blueray Darkes: Narf!

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Retracing steps - Part one

Following the murder of Partak and the fornification with Pieter, I decided to spend a few days away from the city. Standing on the docks I waited for the ferry to arrive, I would get aboard head to the mainland that they call America. Though once there I wouldn't stay I was simply using it as a small step, shifting out my wings feeling them rip my flesh. It healed once they were out giving a small few flaps, I lept in to the air taking flight my intention to go over the ocean. I will write more once I have landed back.... England.

Lulz of the day:

[16:05] razzi Reisman: Can tails get stds?
[16:06] razzi Reisman: Cause if so.. Pieter's tail probably has gonsyphoherpeaids

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Pieter Seelowe

Vampires roam the city in great numbers or in pairs, of course some some vampires happen to be alone. From the day I saw him I felt he was different from other vampires, day in day out I tracked him. He was a small piece of a large puzzle, put together to form a shadowy picture.

Pieter is a Shadow.

While I dug around looking for Shadows gaining information, it was to this mysterious man I gave anything useful to. Not many know how much I truely owe to him.

I was gradually becoming more mouthy the longer I sought in dark corners, the longer I stayed in this city it affected me. One chilled evening saw me arguing with a human female, I was a wolf back then with a reputation to earn and a point to prove. The human called Tanika made me eat dirt, she was about to break my legs with a baseball bat. Until Pieter stepped in.

Another evening and I'm hanging around with the Shadows, a Righteous vampire under the name Picket (Who later became my wife) thought I was cute. I defended myself best I could and lost, just as she was about to collar me.. Pieter stepped in.

One day while I was a new Shadow, I learned a dark and terrible secret. The Righeous had come to the Pit to take back one of their own, Pieter was mad with rage and I got in the way of him. From his punch my jawbone shattered, he spat at me insulted me and I fled wounded. It was easier to stay as a wolf to bandage up the muzzle, and thus keep the jaw in place so it would heal. I could have healed naturally in a few days, Dio sped up the process and I was all better. The next time I saw Pieter he terrified me, I ran from him to hide in my old living place. When he found me Pieter explained why he did it, told me some of his past so I can understand. I think on that day a small and fragile bond had formed, that grew stronger each and every day.

It was Pieter in his fury that took down The Reckoning in his way, for it was them who held me captive at the Port Authority. Them and the priest were struck down thus Pieter saved me again, it was Pieter who cleaned up the mess I inadvertly made. A deal with Dimentox that went wrong, he cursed the entire demon race for my own folly in trusting his word. Yes that's right I got all demons cursed, but Pieter broke it and got no thanks for it. (Thank you Pieter!)

In some ways I got closer to Pieter over the months, in other ways I am still distant from him he's still mysterious. Dark, handsome, sexy, wanted by many a femalem, the playboy flirt with lonliness hidden in his depths. We teased one another we flirted, I allowed him to feed off me when the bloodbath was gone. (He still feeds off me now, and fed off me before that.) None of it ever went further than that, though the rumours in the city said otherwise. I wanted so much to make them true, but in the meantime I occupied myself other lovers. There was a recent short period where he found himself a mate, I was happy enough to take a back seat in his affections. They didn't last, the reasons unknown.

Its December with the constant snow fall on the city, blanketing the dirty streets in clean, crisp, white. To be precise it was two days after Christmas, the day after I said goodbye to Hitaroki. K-Tox radio station Jason was doin his dj shift, I was sitting in Pieter's lap getting a rise out of him. Familar really I had done the same to him before on the throne, only this time it was different. We didn't stop ourselves we kept going, oblivious to the fact Jason was there we undressed. Unlike demons a vampire is cold to the touch, they warm up easily enough under certain conditions. We bit eacther, scratched eachother fueling his want to be inside me, just as he fueled my desire for him to be deep inside my sheath. Lust crazed, driven wild with passion, after months of craving finally we took the heated chance. And we devoured it to our own fullfillment....

Is it wrong to lust after my vampire Lord even now?
Or is it more than a simple urge?
Time will tell.

Lulz of the day:

[20:27] Bethany Matahari: omg Ares
[20:28] Bethany Matahari: you have lust for Pieter
[20:28] Bethany Matahari: and you don't know his name????
[20:28] Bethany Matahari: Pieter
[20:28] Bethany Matahari: Seelowe
[20:28] Bethany Matahari: tattoo that on your inner thigh please

Friday, 26 December 2008

It's all an illusion

Over the last few days I have been in the foulest of moods, my twin brother has been murdered along with one of my Shadows. I had walked up the ramp to the Pit roof, my mind jumbled from the murders. A few of the Shadows stood around nodding as I passed, I still marvel at how I had attained my rank and their respect.

Vishous approached me becoming extremely affectionate, I embraced her as I would any of my siblings. She admitted she needed the comfort and I hugged her tighter, to be honest Vishous caught me off guard. There are some in the House I have had little contact with, yet they respect me and hang on my every word. The woman wrapped in my arms warm, soft was one I had little interaction, right now she was driving me nuts with her nibbling teeth on my neck. Vishous said it was her human nature, she withdrew from me I watched her.

Taking her hand I led her from the Pit to the sea wall, I sort of found the sea to be relaxing it helps calm me. We sat on the fence began talking, I told her she can come to me when she wants to let down her guard. It must be hard for Vishous to be the only human in our House after Tanika left, but at least she was not the only mortal being. When I had moments of weaknesses and self doubt, Skyler would soundly smack me across the head. I however had other methods.

Before I continued the talk; Hitaroki stalked in to view, I was happy to see him I really was. Yet he declared change to be nothing more than a repetative cycle, my feelings of missing him jaded perception. Nothing really changes, everything stays mundane and therefore just an illusion.

Life is the biggest of illusion of all.

I called him a jerk and Vishous ran off to leave us alone, he had come to say goodbye since he was leaving for good. He gave me the tome as I asked for it he didn't need it anymore, we hugged and Hitaroki said he will watch me til I transcend like he did.

Friend, brother, lover. My compromise, my partner in crime as I was yours.

Goodbye Hitaroki...

P.S. The tome in my possession is a sought after treasure, it was in Toxia wanted by Dimentox's Black Hand group. It was around before the tower fell. This tome was used to bring back Spirit of the KA, and used to seal my grandfather in a gem. Now I have it and oh what terrors I could unleash.

Lulz of the day:

[20:27] Bridgette Plunkett: there is a nine year old boy who has written a book called "how to talk to girls."
[20:27] Ethan Seelowe: rule 1: always bring candy
[20:27] Ethan Seelowe: rule 2: always wear your team's jersey, while making clear you are the BEST player on it
[20:28] Ethan Seelowe: rule 3: tell her how cool her sticker collection is
[20:28] Ethan Seelowe: rule 4: if above fails, pull her hair and throw rocks at her
[20:29] Bridgette Plunkett: No wonder I fell so fast. *grins*

Friday, 19 December 2008

The left hand

If you had told me when I first came to Toxian City, that I would be Pieter's left hand and second in command. Joint with Dante who is now Shadow Guardian, I would have looked at you funny and asked what crack you were smoking.

Here I am after working my way up through the ranks, over-stepping the boundries of my Walker rank. Over stepping the boundries again when an Illuminati, but someone had to when our Lord was absent for a while. So I stepped up I took the lead I commanded as I felt best, and thus I have been rewarded for my dedication and hard work.

Of course the mantle is not that hard to bear since I have already been baring it, but I do hope that I will continue to work for the glory and betterment of the Shadows.

Shadows forever

Lulz of the day:

[9:33] Isabelle Sinister: hmmm tht might be eaiser then haveing to repostion mah own ball
[9:33] Isabelle Sinister: and tht didnt sound right
[9:33] Alzreal Razor: HAHAHAHA
[9:33] Picket McDonnell: lol no... no it didn't
[9:33] Alzreal Razor: oh yeah, back
[9:33] Isabelle Sinister: nice time to come back when im talking about my balls

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Forever marked

On top of the old Reckoning base the tower that fell in to disrepair long before my time, a place I would have rather not gone in to since it was a hole of memories. I was tortured here, my skin and essence flayed, so how appropriate to come face to face with Lorne. Death wasn't amused at this she was staring out over the city, before she turned to stare at him with her red eyes flickering with her power.

The showdown was long even if it wasn't premeditated, her trimuph was short lived after she thought she "killed" Lorne. He was back on his feet changing form with black wings bursting out of his back, Death lept backwards hissing as I often do myself damn she sounds like me. All around us the air chilled to be cold, Lorne stood saying that Eden can not be touched. He took her attack he stored it, but he unleashed the power of Pestilance upon her and she succumbed choking becoming sick. That's when he grabbed her around her throat lifting her in to the air, telling her to come home as he sucks her out of me. Oh glorious freedom, when she went limp I surged back in to my rightful place.

I remember Eden... It is a small piece of the great garden that he had stolen, he had held me close to him doing a slow waltz while soft music was around us. I was less bitter then and more open to see wonderful things such as these, I never seen such greenery before not even in the city park in the place I grew up. While we danced we floated on the air, I can still smell the scent of roses on the wind.

Returning to myself I saw what I was wearing and had a flip out, I changed my form to its more human aspect then cussed at my horns and tail. I couldn't revert them back to normal I was pretty much stuck with them great, I even changed my outfit throwing on my Shadow coat as I needed to get back to doing my duties. I thanked Lorne, got bitten by Asher, then I left the tower of memories to leave Lorne and Brianna alone. Landing on the ground below I looked up just once, my heart still ached from the absence he had left in my life. Only he would never know nor will he since I run away from it all, but I will be happy as long as he is happy with the one he is courting now. I guess I deserved it in the end to be left like that..... I'm not complaining, I'm a demon I'm over it.
I had travelled to the library roof the next day and confronted Pestilance again, he threatened to make me sick to make me mad to make me see my worst nightmaress. I lightly laughed at the thing telling it I can't get sick its why Death was in me, I'm already mad I already suffer my nightmares that were back. Eventually I let him go I was tired of it and I was willing to let Lorne take down the other three horsemen, I turned to see Delrith standing with me I embraced him. My father before Janvier took his place as a father head, but I still loved Delrith as a lover and still find it strange how I came full circle.

Standing there looking out over the city from our perch, we talked about the recent events how disgusted he was with Death for wanting to use me in that fashion. I kissed him goodbye and left him for the rest of the night.....

Now I'm sitting on the Haven rooftop lost in my own thoughts, scowling at my tail that I really don't like much right now but I love the new horns. Horns are a big part of how demons are ranked, the bigger the horns the more power they are meant to have. Least that is what I read I don't know if it is true or not, I will have to do some experiments against a few imps or something. The sun sets behind me colouring the sky a rosey golden colour, it fuses with the toxic haze of the city that continues to prevade this place. I just sit thinking of how violated I feel once again, its like the rape and torture but on a less brutal level. Its more subtle I anally raped Bato, but I still feel like I was used in a way that shouldn't have happened. I even hate the fact that the city thinks I was a slut before this event, I never I wouldn't its not true I restrict myself to certain food sources. I'm hurt, I'm violated and I'm marked all because of Death....

Its just something else to add to my emotions, I can't regret what I done but now I wish I could.

Lulz of the day:

[2008/12/01 20:11] Carlos Bosatsu: i got something today :O
[2008/12/01 20:11] Blueray Darkes: =O
[2008/12/01 20:11] Blueray Darkes: A boner?
[2008/12/01 20:11] Carlos Bosatsu bap "close!"
[2008/12/01 20:12] Blueray Darkes: Wha?
[2008/12/01 20:13] Carlos Bosatsu: a new PC :D
[2008/12/01 20:14] Blueray Darkes: =O
[2008/12/01 20:14] Blueray Darkes: How is a PC close to a boner?
[2008/12/01 20:16] Carlos Bosatsu: trust me, ive been waiting for one for 5 years
[2008/12/01 20:16] Blueray Darkes: XD
[2008/12/01 20:16] Carlos Bosatsu: the PC! not the boner!!
[2008/12/01 20:16] Blueray Darkes: ROFL
[2008/12/01 20:18] Carlos Bosatsu: i sware if you lulz that...