Thursday, 23 December 2010

Its that holiday cheer

With the ritual of trying to get rid of my shadow's sentience going wrong and backfiring, I spent a week flat against walls and grounds watching my shadow in my place. Course the damn thing didn't care about the goings on inside the family, it complained about being expected to be an officer.

It had gotten in to conversation with an ice demon who is called Omen and a follower of grandfather Belial, I was annoyed because Omen believes I should be nestled in the arms of the Brood. Saying there is call inside me that I refuse to listen to, but with a Lord's guidence my madness and violence can be siphoned off can be controlled. The talk rolled on to the fact I didn't need to serve a Lord in order to respect them, my temper got the better of me for there is nothing that Belial has done for me other than drop us like a hot potato. When I say us I mean myfather that also includes myself, I did take heed of some of the words for my lessons on demons had been few. Few and yet they had stuck with me even with my moving from the toxic dump to Lost Angels, never submit to never have a master for no demon has one. I do wander if there is a call deep inside me, if there is I will find a way to silence it. I do not mingle well with my own kind, yes I can speak with them when I'm calm but even then I can only stand so much time with them.

Far too different, but perhaps far too much the same?

To give me a break from being dis-placed we went to visit Toxian City, my visit as always short and to remind those I still call friend that I do still exist that I have not perished yet. Seeing those who are Shadows bow before the current Lord of the House and even use his title, sickens me to my very core that my tongue would start verbally lashing at them. Shadows do not bow or at least are not meant to, for respect can be shown without such submissive actions. It also reminds me of the Brood how every demon will submit to those who are ranked higher than them in their ranks, using titles and always asking for permission to leave their presence in much the same as the vampire Coven do. Disgusting. Once more I was asked to return to stop being the Shadows critic and instead be their sister, several of them murmered agreement to this but I refused as I always do. For those of us who left under Pieter's banner, most had returned to the Pit and I remain in LA with my family. Happy and mostly content. I can't visit the place that often for one I can't stomach it often and two I'm extremely busy, either dealing in body parts for the market or various other things connected to Archiac Redemption.

I never stay at the bottom.

I have retaken my place from my shadow I have been starving for a week, my form became its hunger form and I was unleashed upon the streets. Streets are empty I took to the outskirts of the city to hunt in greener areas, I found several animals to devour eating their bodies and their fear. This was after our own Tony (not Bouchard) fed me some meat from the freezer. I wanted to talk to Avian and Jessica ask them what they think demons do, ask about the demons they follow for I find myself now confused. Contracts are another thing that bother me completely, Brood demons are always making contracts rather than doing things on their own accord. I asked an imp once why he needed a contract in order to guard a door, why couldn't he just do it by himself without being told? The imp had no answer.

Chaos requires no contracts and neither does loyality... I won't let Omen convince me to leave my family and join his, I refuse to be among the common Succubus and Incubus with their puffed up and self proclaimed titles. As a royal blood even though I was made in to a demon, by heritage and right alone I'm higher than them. Strange how I was meant to be lower but a turn in events proved to be in my favour, father didn't want competation but I have a better grasp on most of my powers than he does now. Simply because I learn, I like to learn.

Well the human holiday of Christmas is upon us again, ugh the good will to all men is a horrible and disgusting concept. I hate I mean I really hate Christmas I hate the way everyone is so happy, or they want to be nice and helpful it's sick it's gross. People need to stop spreading their cheer and their goodwill around, go take it and shove it up their ass its a humanity ridden and terrible thing. Give me Halloween any day of the year but Christmas... Christmas needs to fucking burn and cease to exist, I swear I will fucking kill anyone who wishes me a merry christmas. FUCK OFF! Stupid fucking humans and their stupid holidays, hey that doesn't stop us making horror scenes with snowmen and decorating a tree with intestines.

I would like to spend some of the holiday with Picket...

Lulz of the day:

[16:29] Blueray Darkes: [My first came on that 64 was Hangman and astronaut]
[16:30] Blueray Darkes: [game*]

Friday, 26 November 2010

When Wormwood passed over

[I never had time or the inspiration to write this for the CoLA contest when it was up, so now I'm just writing it here]

You want to know what I was doing when Wormwood passed over? I don't even remember what year it was, actually to be honest I never kept track of years... I had no need for such things as years, weeks, days or even hours, every day was the same a hardship to keep on living. Humans make me laugh sometimes they are so terrified of dieing, always scared of the unknown and petrified of me. I was one of the few lycans that showed themselves on a regular basis long before Wormwood, I was no longer human I didn't want to stay looking human. I was no longer weak as they are, I was better than they were.

London at least I think that was what people called the city, a pretty prosperious place if you got a job, money and a car. If you were like me a homeless streetrat iking out a living, it was nothing more than one giant trashcan. Its a filthy city from its very bowels to the surface those humans walked on, disgusting filled to the brim with humans who took everything for granted. Wasted their lives, their food and killed themselves slowly or quickly. I never cared for them I took what I could from them in anyway possible, hey I had to survive somehow ya know.

Night is a time I can be found hunting either for those rodents that scurry through the alleyways, or searching for scraps in the trash cans and skips. I hadn't gotten the taste for human meat yet I wasn't that bad back then, I had murdered a gang but it was self defence you can't blame me for that. After getting food I then pad along walls and fences with tail wagging behind me, mostly searching for my missing twin who had abandoned me since the werewolf attack on us that changed me and I guess him too. My ears pricked forwards before swivling as I got that sense something was terribly wrong, that was when this huge orange and blue tailed comet thing streaked through the night sky. It lit up everything on its way blazing like that, something still wasn't right something was horribly wrong. I remember tensing up listening to the sudden hush that had fallen over the entire city, it wasn't long before I heard rushing water.

The river Thames had swelled in to what appeared to be a raging ocean, bursting its banks flooding every street and alley. People drowned in their beds they didn't stand a chance, those that didn't drown were crushed when buildings fell on top of them. Yeah I remember seeing a lot of London falling apart the ground cracking, all those things you never thought could exist turned out to be real. Well I suppose considering I was a lycan I shouldn't have been so disbeliving, but you never really stop to think what if vampires are real. I knew demons and anthro felines were one of them was my pet I saved from the train wrack, I ran hard that night back to where we slept together when I wasn't hunting. Luckily he took to the rooftops as I had, I found him safe and sound I was fucking relieved. Disater after disater struck the cesspool, humans running scared all over the place being hunted by demon and vampire alike. Hellfire scroching bodies souls being stolen, blood drained from people. I gulped I didn't really like demons not since one killed my parents, I couldn't help but watch the chaos unfolding.

On that night I decided I wanted to be stronger than a lycan, I wanted to become a demon I wanted that power. With the streets heaving with the dead and dieing, Ashura and myself made our way to anywhere that was still relativily untouched. Course it was another few years after that before I got the ferry to Toxia... Yeah I saw Hell open up to spew forth its denizons that night...


I want it!

Lulz of the day:

[17:44] Blueray Darkes is now getting a blowjob on her tail...
[17:44] Jessica Susser: just don't spooge from it. I seriously had someone do that.))
[17:44] Blueray Darkes: [wtf]
[17:45] Jessica Susser: leonora had an orgasm from Jess sucking on her tail one day))
[17:45] Blueray Darkes: [right...]
[17:45] Jessica Susser: yeah :/ it was odd)
[17:46] BG Quicksand raises an eyebrow, 'Demon essence orgasms? what are those for?'
[17:46] BG Quicksand: err, *stones
[17:46] Blueray Darkes: [Now look what you done]
[17:46] Jessica Susser: freudulan slip))
[17:46] BG Quicksand: ((too many details, yeah))
[17:46] Blueray Darkes: [I loled]

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Xan Portal

I met him as part of the family I had joined, that strange mask covered his face. One of many zombies, one of the Archaic Redemption. I suppose I never noticed him much, he was sort of always there in the background. Til the day he got burned his mask welded to his face, I used my blood on him and as predicted he went mad. After three days he returned to me asking me for more, he had met a demon on the other plain and spoke to him. Xan wanted to see him again but the only way was my blood.

Then the lunacy came...

The disease of hunger and insanity hit hard, not only did I fight Stein but I devoured Xan. I left his skeleton to let it wander the city, til a cure had been found, made and given. At that point he was just a skull, so began my task of re-making Xan. He took my blood and ate my flesh to re-build his body, I had made something unique a being who is a part of me.

Demonic qualities in an undead showed unexpected results, a legion of demons used Xan as a gateway and possessed him. I removed them then sealed him so he could not be used again. So time moves on Xan provided me with a meal of lust, since then desires for Stein and my Lord have been pushed aside. For now I want for no other, he is mine and I am his. I wonder if this is how Picket felt when she was with Magpie...

Lets dance together in the darkness my love, we'll make chaos among the masses!

Lulz of the day:

[11:36] Beauty Batriani pictures Mac dressed like William Wallace from Braveheart, with the makeup, sitting at his computer.
[11:36] Mac Gaelyth: ((you can take my life, but you can never take my broadband.))

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Quiet days

As the days get shorter and the nights longer, it appears to be quieter around the city. Halloween has passed and gone, I did enjoy a few parties including a wedding. Pack weddings I think are stamped as being dysfuntional, the first one I had atteneded certainly was. I think wolves should not do things the traditional human way, they should perhaps stick to their own ways might go better.

A lot of ghosts came to the city before Halloween, some of the Brood opened up a portal to let in the Wild hunt. They rounded up the ghosts but have stayed themselves, now some of us are feeling the allure to join the upcoming hunt. I look forward to the chaos to be honest.

A few weeks ago I unbound my puppet since I have found someone, who makes me wish for no other that he even pushes my feelings for my human and my lord away from me. All I want is him, no one else will do and all temptation for now has fled.

Lulz of the day:

[16:38] Makalia Firethorn: Most people do it discretly but this Vendor just HAD to shout it
[16:39] Aeon Zero: lol
[16:39] Aeon Zero: yeah
[16:39] Blueray Darkes: Public humilation
[16:39] Makalia Firethorn: Wonderful thing.
[16:39] Aeon Zero: yay!
[16:39] Aeon Zero shouts: i Also bought 3 cans of epic soup today
[16:39] Makalia Firethorn: Woot
[16:40] Aeon Zero: XD!!!

Saturday, 25 September 2010

The law

When I joined the House of Shadows there was two laws we learned, the first was family before all others. Second law was bleed for the House, die for the House. I was a lycan back then and three of my sisters wanted a little fun, they captured Delrith who at the time was my lover. That was the day I got in to breaking bones, we chained him to the Pit floor. I broke every bone in his body while my sisters did vile things to him, Ava actually fed him a half rotted fetus. Should I have whined and told them no? Should I have sat back and cried? No! I followed the law the family came first, and I will be redeemed if I didn't join in. I enjoyed hurting him.

My uncle Magpie or Denenthorn an angel with one wing of black and one wing of white, he had crossed a Shadow so I went and exacted revenge. Beat him threw him down the stairs, while he asked me to kill him I refused. Grr a were coyote yes I might have trusted him, that never held me back when I got ordered to hurt Omegans. I betrayed my spirit sister Joah, refusing her access to the Pit when she requested it. I was simply backing up my superior.

Bato also known as Cinn a friend of mine I have clashed with, fought him and tortured him on at least two seperate occasions. Hahahaha no no one was safe from the double edged blade of knowing me.

Now I'm Archaic Redemption the law is simple and the same as one I followed before, family before all others. I follow it as I have done before to the letter, everyone be they friend, blood relative, adopted relative, my own spawn, they have no protection as I once threw said people to the Shadows I now throw them to the Archaics. My sisterwife Picket was skinned in front of my eyes by Ishiko, Picket was not in our family and I stood watching it happen. Sure one of them won't believe me but there is no evidence that I guard non AR, if the family wants these beings then the family shall have them.

Go ahead little one find one of them, bring them to the warehouse. I will show you my calliousness, I will show you who I am and what I am. I will tear them apart myself, I will let you do what you want with them. I am not ruled by my heart there is no clouded judgement or trying to protect, there is only the family they come first in all things. Everyone else regardless of their ties regardless of what they are, are expendable, inferior and food. Have fun won't you?

Lulz of the day:

[13:27] Elamyrath Bracken stands....and stands well
[13:28] Blueray Darkes goes to shove him, and make sure she aims his face for the DIRT!
[13:29] Elamyrath Bracken
[13:29] Blueray Darkes shakes her head at the lameness of her brother, he used to be awesome so awesome that it froze your panties to your cooch.
[13:30] Elamyrath Bracken lost his awesome when he ate that twinkie that one time

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Hide away...

There are times that even I as a not very people demoness, have to secret myself further away from people. When the rooftops no longer prove safe and I wish to get away, I simply vanish from the places where I am usually seen. Even then all accounts of seeing me are null and void, for if they look they will not find me at all not even in my haunting grounds.

The essence of being alone is something not many enjoy, I happen to have grown used to it even come to love it. I am alone in every sense of the word for I am the last of Janvier's daughters to remain a demon, and I have only one descendant whose birth is odder than anything I've ever heard before. My daughter is a halfbreed since I never knew of her existance til she found me, I had been blissfully unaware of her mysterious birth and upbringing.

I think my current need to be away from everyone is due to the fact, I can't seem to get a minute to myself or having to suffer the amorious advances of the male population. My mate has left me almost constantly alone, I grow weary of waiting and grow even wearier of fighting off these whores.

When will they learn I am not a Succubus?!

Such are the tribulations and trials of a High demon, that no matter how many of them you slaughter they deem it to be foreplay. Seriously I been having such issues since long before I entered LA, at least some of them in the toxic dump got the idea and backed off.

I want to be alone right now...

Yes I know I'm shirking my duties, but the way I feel right now. I wouldn't get anything done anyway.

Quote of the day:

Dancing in the madness, living among the dead. Risen are the zombies, filling you with dread.

Saturday, 4 September 2010


I took my usual once a month visit to the toxic dump near the end of August, in order to see old friends and old enemies once more quell any homesickness. To re-assert the fact that where I am now is my home, no matter how the new false one protests and begs I will not return for any length of time. For there is no Lord who will take the place of my own, unless my Lord personally installs his successor. Since that won't happen then anyone who sits on that Shadow throne, is nothing but a pretender with no true understanding of what it is to be a Lord. I can do a better job.

Before I left I tore up some hapless human who thought it was a good idea, to suggest lurid and sexual acts he can do to me. Being that I'm above a Succubus in every way and picky about who I bed, I showed him the error of his ways by shoving a beer tap in his groin. Felice tried to placate me for the sake of an old favour I didn't kill him, but informed her that in this place I had no such ties to hold me back. That if I am to be crossed by a Shadow and I attack them, I expect a Shadow to retaliate by following the one law that has been there since the foundation of the House. I said almost the exact same words before hand to Pilgrim who tried to appeal to my sense of family, that surely I would understand the loss of her son like the Shadows did. I scoffed that Shadows comforting an angel, I with no binds could care less.

Time moves on...

I've been busy as per usual in my officer role for the Archaics, we have a lot of hunts to do and chaos to spread. I rarely have I gotten a break specially since there have been attacks on us, or factions asking to be neutral and us denying them that right. We need to hunt. Over the last two weeks we were getting Lacey ready to become a Risen chosen by Tempest herself to replace Kaz, the week after that we were swamped with Sins from some strnage creatures. I have to say I had a good fight with Stein I did some serious damage to him, the bastard was lucky he caught me after an extremely large meal and I was sluggish to move in any rapid way.

Friday of this week I took a walk with Hamlet, he is concerned he has no place to belong or someone to belong to. Such matters never really bothered me for I know my place, and my puppet belongs to me though he is rarely around thus I am neglected in every sense. Seems to be a regular occurance with me. I either have to wait for months on end for someone to be in the mood (or even want me), or my mate is never around to satisfy my needs. Oh there are plenty of people to choose from don't get me wrong, that whole picky thing means I aint interested in a lot of those who try to get in my pants... Morons! Honestly I couldn't tell Hamlet what he wanted to hear or know, concerns of such a nature don't bother me. Besides whatever that had been in my drink was making me terribly sick, I lost my composure as my body purged the poison via vomiting.

Even if I had no place could I ever find one? Will I truely find someone to belong to? I wish to belong to my human or to my Lord, such things are not to be. I also wonder since the disapperance of all those who left with my Lord where they are now, even my Lord and his wife have vanished I am left as usual upon this plain. Also due to this vanishing the soul stone that contains my sister wife Pickat has returned to me, unsure of what to do I simply keep it close to me to know that I once had a special someone to turn to when the world and men fail me.

Lulz of the day:

[14:54] Lucifrage Koray hearing the song starts to wiggle and dance, knowing the lyrics and beat off by heart now, there was death, there was decay, and then there was 80's pop, and all was evil ...

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Update of events

After the tension became threatening to be almost overwhelming I left the confines of AR, for about two weeks I spent the time merely drifting. I either hid away inside my shadow or visited Toxia, to see old faces and those I would still call a friend. I took Tokii there to show her my legacy that I left behind there, the innocents still whisper my name in fear and the darker beings exhalted me in praise. I can never return for long periods or even permentally, once the burned bridges had been somewhat fixed I returned to LA and my family there. Since then thoughts of setting foot in the Toxic dump are a great distance from my mind.

Kytara the one I know arrived pretty much after I fallen in to my old role of officer, she informed me that her Lich self had been torn from her and was wandering about on her own. She was seeking this missing piece in hopes to be made whole, but the lich was doing her best to avoid Kytara at all costs. Eventually though the two were re-united.

Following on from that came an influx of power endowed to me, strange tattoos had appeared on various members of the public increasing our own powers and skills. Some of them were unhappy and wary, ever hungry for power I accepted it as it is and used it. However after a few days the toll upon me was evident, I hadn't needed to eat I always needed to move. Yet with this surge of power there came agony, a constant pain in my muscles and in my head, I even started to sweat soon even using my powers became an extertion on me. Some of the family tried to corner me to assertain why I was becoming sick, I put up a fight with minimal effort and escaped. All the while Stein simply watched as he neither cared or was concerned over my plight, sometimes just sometimes I wish he would see me more than as a specimen. I want to be what he called me once, a friend. When my condition got worse Tony which, is short for his full name Anthony had stepped in to converse with me, lost inside my own insanity to quell the constant pain even I couldn't endure I listened to him and almsot bent to his request of getting rid of the tattoo. He passed out and I slunk away only to be impaled by Jo the darkest being I ever did encounter, then ganged up on by the madman doctor who was on his own verge of insanity. Once my blood had sprayed over him from the spikes in my body he went crazy completely, a strange woman was nearby one who made Stein twitch with anxeity. Stein hacked my arm off with a scalpel (not before impaling him on earth spikes) and I woke the next day in his lab upon a slab, my bearly healed body sporting more cuts and a sense I been violated in the medical fashion. My arm was still missing. It took further coaxing from Tony for me to have the marking removed from my other arm when it appeared, soon as it was gone I felt myself return to normal or as normal as I can get. We found out it had been a parasite, for some reason I felt deprived of something great.

After that Tempest's father came to collect her, there was rumours of High demons coming to turn us against one another. Avian was one of them who had betrayed us and even murdered one of our own prospects, Kaz too who had always been somewhat rogue now openly declared her rebellion. I didn't spend too much time trying to help or figure this out, mostly because when I was awake I had no idea what way to turn. Most of the events happened when I was resting inside my shadow, when our leader had returned to us fully I severly punished Avian for her treason. I now call her Pinata.

Recently though a group of old people have shown up, they are extremely rude and crass with no sense of decency or morals. They no longer follow the normal set pattern of their own human society, they stink of insanity and chaos along with other things I would rather not smell.

Yesterday I finally caught up with the mad Thorne Demon called Murdoc, like myself he does not conform to normal demon society that resides in this city. I have two sins my primary is Pride as is my father and his father who is Belial along with my father's brother Vulcan, my secondary sin is Lust that is to be expected since one I am female and two it would fit due to my past torments I went through. My third is not original to me it comes from my Lord, the sin of Gluttony that causes me to feed even when I am not hungry. My main priority is Chaos for those of us from Belial's bloodline tend to be chaotic in nature and therefore we do not conform, even my uncle who is usually so calm in composure has a chaotic nature. I guess that is why Murdoc likes to be around me, he is born from madness itself and thus has more chaos than anyone. In a way that is why I like him, so mad so insane so much chaos. Anyway I ramble I found him yesterday writing on a wall his mask almost completely broken, I bid him to teach me the runes he alone knows so I can help him. I learned and it made my head hurt to do so, but that is a price I paid and will pass soon.

In the meantime I have also had Tokii make a request of me, Hiffaro or Hiffy has also requested to spend more time under my tutorlage for Red hands. I even have more to learn from Murdoc, and Caiaphas has been missing for a while. Skitzo is in our prison after he got tortured and flayed...

No rest for the wicked!

Lolz of the day:

Anthony Brownrigg: Don't poke the lens! There is millions of people in there and you're poking them, you're also poking three fingers back at yourself.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Tension rises

After the fight between Stein and Caiaphas, things settled for a while. Yet the dust was kicked up again relativaly quickly, unable to withstand the growing coldness of Stein towards me... I did the only sensible thing I could forsee to do, I abandoned my family for his sake. Whether or not my puppet follows is up to him, I do not hold any power over him at all.

Unless things are settled I will wander the lands, missing in turn my old family, my new family and my human. Forever losing something is that what it means to be a demon? To never remain in one place too long or to hold on to something forever? I am always loosing something precious to me, though I claim no emotion I have an unending well of utter sorrow. Gain and loss a constant cycle, I'm immortal with the pains of a mortal.

I do nothing but tear at the world around me for my own satisfaction, to torment it and cull the numerous populations that inhabit it. When I want something for myself I end up with nothing, my wife is dead I retain her soul stone. My human who I adore has turned his back on me for the love I have for my puppet, I did not choose a lover over a friend the choice was made for me.

Ah dear undead if I can I will return for I have no where else to go to, perhaps I will visit my old home for a day or two. Or maybe I can find a way to leave this place altogether, destory myself and end my suffering. Leaving only my hate, rage and sadness to rain upon the land.

Lolz of the day:

Today there is no lulz... Instead I cried myself to sleep

Tuesday, 29 June 2010


I haven't written in here a while, there is chaos and tension brewing. My human refuses to get along with my marionette, I do not care much if Stein wrecks the puppet. I have already warned said toy if he harms the human, I will make sure that he is dismantled personally by myself.

Charmed I may be perhaps, playing with simple toys perhaps. He never really did think better of me, he suffered my advances because there is no stopping me. Least he can go study now...

Lulz of the day:

Choppy choppy

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Reprieve/Short story of flashbacks yay!

Even monsters need breaks from the on-going chaos, slaughter and mayhem, I'm no exception that sometimes I crave nothing more than peace and quiet. I left without a word with those memories and flashbacks crowding in my head, the things remembered far too human for my own liking. I destroyed my own humanity, it still insists that it is there. Emotions...


The last three don't really fit in with a demon, but such things happen and sometimes more regularly than the race allows you to think. I doubt I will be missed much in my departure, there are a few who I wish would miss me. That is like asking a mountain to get up and walk, it's just not going to happen no matter how much you wish it. Besides my head is full, full of things I don't want to recall.
London... over the years she had been away from this city, it hadn't really changed at all. The people were different there was more humans around than anything else, always moving and milling about like ants looking for food. It didn't seem to matter where she went in this world, the blue demoness always ended up in polluted air and walking on dirty streets. With an oof she shoved her left shoulder against a wall, leaning on it from the fact her weakened body couldn't hold her up. Dragging herself along on her clawed feet to find a dark place to hide away in, sound of spikes scraping on bricks a horrid screeching noise. Darkness always seeking darkness, for how long now had she sought to hide from light?

"Hhhnnn I don't want... don't want to remember"!!!! Grasping her clawed hands in to her hair, stumbling til she fell to her knees in a place she had lived since been five. A non descript alleyway with a dead end to help shield against weather, damn the place still had their makeshift tent they built together. Pathetic. She crawled in to it though curled up on the ground, her tail coiling about her ankles as she went in to the fetal position. Sleep... That sounded good right about now.
A male voice woke her from her slumber, "Misato, Misato wake up already! If we don't get a move on we won't get any food at all today, you've started to get really lazy".

There came a grunt of acknowledgement as the male's companion rolled over under the dirty blankets, followed by "Five more minutes" but it was hard to tell. When the tickling began she was wide awake and laughing, "Alright damn it! I'm up sheesh Partak, you sure know how to ruin a good sleep".

"Serves ya right", he responded sticking his tongue out. Partak is an albino though that has never really stopped him in life, he's kind, good natured and a little more mature than his twin sister. The twin in question is a slender well formed woman, her hair is what made her a freak its a dark blue to match her sapphire eyes.

These two are the Darkes twins the only lone survivors from a demon attack, their parents brutally murdered in front of them by an unknown demoness. When they could see past the grief, Partak would often tease his sister that the demon looked a lot like her. Of course she would just call him silly and to stop joking around like that, in response he tended to laugh at the faces she made at him when she said. Partak Darkes and Misato Blueray Darkes, she preferred Blueray or just Blue.

"Agenda for the day"? She asked. Getting out from under the blakents to retreat further in to the alley, to do her bathroom routine and you can imagine what that is like without an actual bathroom. Street kids couldn't complain or fault their luck, they made do with what they had and made use of what they got.

Partak leaned against a nearby wall with his arms folded over his chest, he half pouted his lips as he thought or tried not to think of his sister in a perverted manner. Not that either of them knew their thoughts were taboo, all they had were eachother. "Hmm first we hit the regular joints for free food, if they got nothing its to the skips you know that".

"I know, I'm keeping you on your toes is all".


Blueray walks up to him kissing first his cheek then his lips, "Aww don't be like that, it makes you look sexy".

"You are a tease", he smiles wrapping his arms around her.
Clasping a hand to the side of his face he keeps the torn flesh in place, blood welling around his fingers to drip upon the ground. He stood in front of his sister to defend her, his left arm outstretched to make a human barricade. Beast in front of them wasn't human nor it was a demon, it was a full grown raging lycan that attacked them.

"GET OUT OF HERE"! Yelling at her to escape.

"No I can't lose you too, I won't leave you". Gritting her flat teeth together, her hands clenching in to fists. She was the fighter not him, he didn't need to do this. She didn't need saving...
The days simply meld in to one until she no longer remembered what day was what, since that night a few years ago she'd been alone. No matter how hard she searched for her twin, she couldn't find him at all. Night after night she listened to the night sing to her, she could hear it now because the lycan bite had changed her. Changed them both. How long had she been walking along like this? Blood on her hands and matted black fur? How many had she killed? They deserved to die, they tried to kill her first without knowing what she is. Idiots. Moronic humans... how she despised them.
Ugh this boat is terrible she wished it would stop rocking all over the place, tossing up more of her stomach contents over the side with a wretched hhrrrkkkk noise. If she known she was going to be sea sick she would have never deicded to get on this ferry, some of the Drow she met were being really kind. Apparently only certain Drow are nice like they are, the rest are a bunch of ruthless murderers. They were teaching her how to speak their language, while looking after her once she finished upchucking. It's a long journey to Toxia she would get sea legs eventually, she got told a few of them were the same the first week or two.
"I want some potatos, gravy, green beans, chicken annnnnnnd a glass of milk", she beamed up at her mother from sitting on the floor. She was playing with her wooden blocks, her brother was beside her doing some colouring. Their mother was cooking dinner for them, their father was outside working the fields and checking up on all their livestock.

Mother hums cheerily, "Mhm alright kiddo, you forgot the magic word".


"Brat", she laughed ruffling up her daughter's dark blue hair. "Try again".

Pouting up at her mother, she huffs but she wasn't really annoyed. "Please"!!

Lifting one finger in to the air mother grins at her two children, "Much better, dinner is ready in a few minutes so go get washed up".


"I don't... want to... remember, I hate the light", mumering from under those dirty blankets as she turns on to her side. Even in sleep the flashbacks didn't stop, it had to stop soon or she would go mad. Forgetting that she is mad already due to her demon blood, the light of humanity threatened her and thus she sought to bury herself further in to the shadows of that make-shift tent.

Trying not to linger on the images, trying to forget. Trying to kill her humanity, that constantly seems to return. Damning her soul for all eternity, the soul she died to get rid of.

Lulz of the day:

[15:26] Lucifrage Koray: "I thought i saw a dinosaur once, it turned out to be sloan, i was so dissapointed" luci said.

Friday, 28 May 2010

War, flashbacks, radiation and The Glow

War was declared last week upon The Brood, so far there have been defeats and victories on both sides. In the city tensions rise high with ever present threat of attacks, violence begets more violence and it continously esculates. I would prefer to have next to nothing to do with said war, but what the leader wants the leader gets so march in to war I do.

Oh those demons can indulge themselves all they want with the Seven Sins, I prefer the chaos this conflict brings for me to feed on. I have my sins that I embody, but I'm more chaos than anything else. Nope won't tell you who took that imp's wing, can't weasel that out of me.

As per usual there is something odd going on inside my head, often I have forgotten that LA is my home now and not Toxia. The scenary all around me keeps changing, a lot of my memories are mixed up together. I have done the best I can to ignore it and remain in a functioning mode, I mean its just another form of insanity and somehow some of these memories are comforting to me.

Radiation seems to be a big concern for the mortals these days, so much so that Stein has taken to wearing an outfit that covers him head to toe. There is also rumour of a weird cult worshipping something called The Glow, the city rose up to beat them down and a bomb went off. I don't even remember where... Oh yeah I was picking on that wanna be applicant.

Not much to say, too much happening. Too long have I forgotten to write in my journal, maybe I can write more soon.

Lulz of the day:

[15:17] Blueray Darkes: "She aint the warehouse"?
[15:17] Blueray Darkes: ini the*
[15:17] Blueray Darkes: in*
[15:17] Blueray Darkes: [wow don't tell her that I just called her a warehouse]
[15:17] Usagi Shinn: [[ LOL thats great ]]

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Meltdown!!! Oh noes...

Lost Angels is on meltdown or at least the nuclear re-actor in Tempura is, so far I've seen no panic about the situation at all. Maybe even the mortals are not afraid that they will become nothing more than a crater, I have nothing to worry about if I get destroyed I can go see grandpa even though he hates me.

Travelling from LA to Tempura by Stein's side was a quiet walk, he didn't utter a single word til we reached the plant. It's like watching a kid who just walked in to a giant ass candy store, his whole face lit up at the sight of the building and all that science laying inside. When the woman Bomb arrived to let him in he began to rattle off all this nerd speak, okay admitedly I'm average with my nerding and he made me feel stupid. Really stupid...

I can see why I shouldn't bother with him at all, why I shouldn't keep trying among various other things. He makes me curious, he's violent, he's intelligent, I can hold conversation with him when we're on the same level, we share an interest in taking things apart. We're insane... There is no other human who gained my respect in the way he did, no other human I can tolerate to get away with the things he does.

Yet he made me feel like I was somewhat retarded, he's so beyond me there is no point in striving. Sigh... I might not be able to keep up with him in the science stakes, but I'm sure there are other subjects I can keep level with.

The plant is a lot different than the factory, though I would love to explore the area and see its wonders. Stein is going to be here for two weeks, two long weeks but at least he will be happy.

Now the big question is, can the nuclear team prevent us from blowing up?

Lulz of the day:

[20:23] Jax Stryker: [ *summons a Blueray, loses 250 MP*]

[20:34] Blueray Darkes: [on a roll ne?]
[20:35] Jax Stryker: [ Like a katamari, baby. ]
[20:35] Blueray Darkes: [*laughs*]
[20:36] Bombalurina Catronis: (( If I keep facepalming I'm seriously going to poke an eye out. ))
[20:36] Blueray Darkes: [You get used to him :)]
[20:36] Atrius Bellic makes a little machine with a flyswater to let Bombsie do her facepalming with "There you go, no eyepokage with this" lmao))
[20:37] Bombalurina Catronis: (( Thank you. I'll never be afraid of mosquitos getting in my face again. ))

Monday, 10 May 2010


So... hungry... hungry...

i FeEl ThE mAdNeSs


I think... I'm dieing... hungry

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Of monsters and madness

The days pass by like any other day, here in this bustling city people rush through life. Rarely is the place empty or silent, and I walk among them the darkest of monsters in their midst. Few have learned of my temper and fewer still of what I'm capable of, the sickness in my head that makes me take pleasure in others pain. Or the weakness in my mind that I turned in to a strength, it this very thing I made a benefit that has become a liability.

I been spending the week looking after Stein, keeping an eye on him or generally following him around. He lost his legs and his obsession with them has led him in to the deepest recesses of his insanity, so I began work when I could to track down his legs even toying with some of the Syndicate members. See they took them hacked them off. My playing caught the attention of several people, and warned by at least two of them to lay off one particular Syn member. Not only that I was warned off the Choir too, simply because a Choir member is connected to the Syn member I made go on an acid trip. Amused to say the least, that one man can cause such an issue.

During this time the lab experiments that Stein had made, had been set free from their cages and were set lose in to the city. I only came across one, I was disappointed.

My trails were dead ends my toying an apparent waste of time, even when we ransacked their base it was useless. Eventually the good doctor lost it completely and got tied up then locked inside the cage, that is where I found him as per my orders of keeping an eye on him. Seems that while I rested he caused enough trouble to get incarcerated. Perhaps I shouldn't have sat down with him, the insanity he had was like a physical weight pressing on me.

So I fell...

In to my own abyss of demented laughter and thoughts, there we sat together two beings locked in madness. Til I found a will to move to go out and do as Tempest bids, in my madness I harvested in the name of the AR.

When I return to being alone I mourn once more the loss of Picket, she who I can no longer rescue from the clutches of death. Lucifer my uncle will have her locked up tighter than ever, and I am unwilling to risk my power against his. On a happier note I have returned Jason to our plain, calling him from his condo on the shore of the river Styx.

Supremacy through Insanity...

I really do love it here.

Lulz of the day:

[10:35] Kaz Pexie decided to have a staring competition with Blue. Even if the Necrillia didn't look back, Kaz would glare like there was no tomorrow.

Friday, 16 April 2010

A month passes

It has been a month since I left Toxia for good, never returning to its grimey streets and dirty air. Occasionally I miss the Pit its screams, whispers and the volcano, I also miss the voices inside my head our voices. In this place we travelled to I have come upon what is called a Deer, there are animals here things that never existed where we came from. There is a lot of greenery too from grass to trees, here the wolves run in what is called a forest. Cats live in trees...

We the Hellions moved from the hospital to the mental asylum, for a lot of us I think such a move fits including myself. A portal leads from there to Pieter's throne room, I would say enter there at your own risk. My current time there has been peaceful to say the least, recently I attacked Kashgari under orders to make him hurt. I ripped off his penis and replaced it with a stick, since he shoved his hand in my mouth he lost that too.


Over in the City of Lost Angels things have been busy as usual, killings, maimings, donations to the Black Market. We had our special made bullets in crates placed out all over the city, have seen the re-awakening of Emeth aka Gaary. He's an abomination that we in the Archaic Redemption made, by harvesting various body parts and Tempest infused it with dark magicks of necromancy. There is the experiment of mind linking that should be ending today, bosslady was trying to see if this would be a benefit to us rather than using comms. I actually look forward to see if the results will have her refine the potion, as I have been happy to have Dralk's voice in my head despite the odd side effects.

Unlife goes on...

At least I'm having fun, and I'm moving on!

Lolz of the day:

[18:49] Elamyrath Bracken: DO YOU LIKE MUDKIPS!?!?!
[18:51] Blueray Darkes: YEAH I DO
[18:51] Elamyrath Bracken: knew it
[18:52] Blueray Darkes: ARE YOU A MUDKIP?!?!
[18:54] Elamyrath Bracken: ya damn right i am

Sunday, 14 March 2010


So it came to pass we who were once loyal Shadows are now loyal Hellions, this city is unlike the island and its toxic air we left behind. In fact there is something about it that I can not put my finger on, I suppose a human who knows no better would call it fresh.

As with all turmoilious events we arrived in fashion, instantly spreading our domain over the place and making havoc. Some of us had forgotten the old place the memories of it shattered, some of us had returned to previous forms or changed completely. I myself seem to have a few gaps but I remember most of it, as I had become a historian somewhat for the tales I picked up over time.

I've barely had time to explore but taking the sky tour I been able to see lots of green stuff, trees and grass that tries to take over what little is left of the urban side of this place. I don't like all the green stuff it bugs me, then I been in cities all my life since my parents murder so it makes sense. No time to really explore since our arrival, trouble brews completely and we ended up having to rescue Pieter.

Funny how things turn out it was him who saved me on two seperate occasions, I finally was able to pay him back for one of them...

I continue my travels between the two families, my ties to both strong as ever now since being free from the island. I often find my mind travelling back to that place, wondering if the people will be glad we are gone. Perhaps they are, I hope they all rot.

Lulz of the day:

[17:22]  The Choi: A wild Blue appears!
[17:23]  The Choi: PIKACHOI I choose you!
[17:23]  The Choi: Pikachoi casts HUGGLE.
[17:23]  The Choi: It's SUPER effective!
[17:23]  Blueray Darkes: Foe BLUECHU is HUGGLED
[17:23]  Blueray Darkes: Foe BLUECHU uses GLOMP
[17:24]  The Choi: Pikachoi is glomped!
[17:24]  Blueray Darkes: It's not very effective!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

End of an era

I had determined to leave and be done with it, the rumours that struck me through the legion were whispering a new Lord. There was no new Lord in my mind and Pieter had not been de-throned yet, I returned to the island to see who had the audacity to take over. The coupé de grace was almost perfect, the false one tried to tell us our Lord was in the Abyss. False one had no hope of keeping the truely loyal to the House and those loyal to both the past and current Lord, hissed and spat words at the one who tried to control the situation.

We left the island through the volcano as something eventually called us, those who stayed behind to continue serving are traitors to the family.

Thus we found ourselves somewhere else, with people we used to call friend and foe they joined us in to our family. We will start anew here under our Lord, and I have already informed him I will travel between my places. When he is awake I will be there, and when he sleeps I will head for LA.

I like the sudden ability to be able to use my wings, I never knew the sky had such freedom to it.

Lulz of the day:

[11:01] Blueray Darkes: "You are hardly a casanova".
[11:02] Valentine Shilova: I know
[11:02] Valentine Shilova: its like I never get laid
[11:02] Blueray Darkes: Oh joy you can join the "Never get laid by immortals" club with Fraz.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

What lies beneath

What lies beneath the skin of the demoness, apart from her anger and her hate? What lies under the terrible squall she keeps conquered, and the burning lust that demands she satisfies herself?

In this city of LA under the magicks of the powerful Tempest, all that she had buried is now at the surface. Her tormented memories, her trauma, her fears and her desires along with a rage that knows no enemy or friend. Unfettered pride, and completely unstable along with her chaotic nature.

Help me...

Lulz of the day:

[18:19] Blueray Darkes: [*flips him off*]
[18:19] Elamyrath Bracken: [total invitation there]
[18:19] Blueray Darkes: [Nadda]
[18:19] Jax Stryker: [ Children. Don't make me turn this car around.]
[18:19] Blueray Darkes: [But daddy, he started it]
[18:19] Elamyrath Bracken: [she started it]
[18:19] Jolene Merlin: ( lol )
[18:19] Blueray Darkes: [xD]
[18:20] Elamyrath Bracken: [LOL ^5!]
[18:20] Dralkanen Hextall: (( Can we stop at Mcdonalds; Im huuuuuuuuungry))
[18:20] Blueray Darkes: [Can we have icecream? *highfives Elam*]
[18:20] Jax Stryker: [ *just dies* ]
[18:20] Elamyrath Bracken: [i wanna chocolate shake!]

Monday, 25 January 2010

Weakness of the Mind

“Weakness of the mind, its different for each one of us”, the black demon Janvier tells his newest daughter. “For me it is the fact I am easily controlled”.

The newly completed demoness lifts her head to view her father and sire, her tongue licked over her lips before she makes a response. “I’ve got strong mental barriers; I’ve had practice thanks to Drake”.

Janvier laughed then in amusement at her as if what she had said was funny, though to her it was not and later on stood her in good stead. Unlike her father she was not a puppet to anyone, except perhaps Dimentox who was able to overcome her defences. Pieter also had done the same but he had been allowed in, in a counter to it she became more cautious to who she let in. Her mind, her sanctuary. Blueray was not safe from the weakness of Belial’s bloodline; her existence was driven by hate, rage and basic carnal needs. Then there were the times before the foul and bad temperament took over completely, she would randomly be seen running through the Toxian streets and around people. Her voice lifted in to song that spoke of random things, when she dashed off once more people wondered about her state of mind.

It was clear to those around when she had the chance to hurt another that clearly she was not alright inside her own head. Torture of the living things often got the demoness worked in to a frenzy that she would lose control over her held shape and her true form is on show. Oh how she did enjoy to hear the cracking and breaking of bones, something that she had picked up before she became a demon. Her weakness was the instability of her mind; she suffered the need to be covered in blood. So close to being a clone of her father, perhaps such a thing was inevitable.

Terrox himself had called her insane.

Blueray was to be found sitting on the edge of the volcano which, is inside the bowels of the place everyone called The Pit. Her blue, clawed feet splashed in the boiling lava un-phased by the heat, surrounded on all sides by dark walls with the usual whispers of spirits by her ears. Hands stretched out behind her, she had her head tilted up to view the glass ceiling that was also the floor if you stood up on that level. Blue irises constantly drowning in a black abyss of her eyes, flickering her gaze as if she could see things that weren’t there. She was thinking back upon the forms of insanity she had seen in her family, Kishi was prone to extreme violent outbursts and Nuku was a schizophrenic. Picket well Picket was already extremely unstable; perhaps she wasn’t as affected as the others.

Since she has been taking in more chaotic energy that had begun to unravel her sanity more and more, then there had also been the arrival of Doctor Franken Stein whose madness infected her own. Those two often spiralled one another down to insanity fuelling each other, she mutilated and devoured herself while the human madman had the visions he alone could see. Her violence had increased especially when she became unstable, coming out in bursts that would be directed at targets for her hate.

Her thoughts now upon her own blood that causes horror visions, allows people to see demons from the other plane. Little vessel of madness that she was immune to her own effects, she was perhaps considering that maybe just maybe the weakness of the mind was caused by this blood. Why else would the children of Belial that were once stable of mind, become such demented creatures when they are turned?

It made sense... If she thought about it, it really did make sense.

Blueray’s own catalyst that broke her mind in to pieces was chaos, helped along to complete its shattering by Dr.Stein.

Why that human?

Slipping further in to the volcano to submerge herself completely in its heat, she pondered upon this one insignificant being that had gained her respect and friendship. For her time among the House of Shadows she been surrounded by varying degrees of madness, dementia and insanity, she could not place her finger upon it why it was he who dragged her down the rabbit hole. Heaving out a sigh the demoness of black and blue hues began to swim down through the hot depths, the questions asked by herself with no actual answers nor were they to be found.

Why not Vistyne? It was obvious the red demoness herself was crazy, with a temper that matched or perhaps outmatched her own. Would she not have been a better and more worthwhile one to be breaking her mind? Or Emmelia half brain dead, and had messed with Blueray’s mind causing agony for days.

“I’ve lived with insanity all my life; your blood does little to affect me. I think they keep my own visions in my head company”, words of a madman.

Was that it then? The fact he had been mad since the day he was born, is that why it had been Stein and why they infect one another?

Tucking her knees up under her chin, her tail curling about her ankles and her arms wrapped about her legs. She now floated inside that lava to get some rest and feed from the spirits that flowed from its hellish mouth opening, those thoughts and those questions still whirling around and around in her head.

Besides being around insanity wasn’t so bad, being completely insane was rather refreshing.


Friday, 15 January 2010

My scapegoat

In my grasp of mind control that I am once more excerising to its full extent, I have had the Righteous human girl Roxy as my new puppet. When she failed me I abused her for it, punishment to hope she doesn't fail again.

She failed!

Two failures and I was not happy with her I was already one step ahead, going to the church I was hoping to get hold of the book of Stryke myself. However a nice turn up for my own books was pilgrim's willingness to help our Lord Pieter, who was suffering from the fact he couldn't feed. So I made a deal with her. If she could get me a bone from Calleigh's mother, I will release Roxy from my control and pilgrim would be helping Pieter to be free of the curse.

The idiot agreed to the deal as willing as I was to free the human right there and then pilgrim said upon her succeeding for Roxy to be released. Fine with me means I get to keep the little mugworm for longer. Little does the angel though that her task would set her up nicely to be the fall man, or in other terms in some cultures called a scape goat.

Pilgrim succeeded and handed me a finger bone, I thus recieved the item and freed their comrade. Awwwww sometimes it is so good to be me, and that babypyre Kash decided to keep insulting me.

Beat him down and infected him with my brand of madness.

Serves him right.

Lulz of the day:

[20:10] Marv Whittaker: Bye the power of Greyskull...
[20:10] Blueray Darkes: I jizzed in my pants

Thursday, 14 January 2010

He drives me nuts

I have nothing much to say...


Stein drives me crazy he pushes me in to my insanity, so much so that I want to scream and gouge out my brain matter. Claw open up my own head and scoop out the mess, throw it across the walls and ground in gruesome fashion.

This is what he drives me to...

I want to murder him, I want to break him, most of all I want to learn from him. There is no other human that I respect as I respect him. I let him get away with so much, fucking god damn monster Stein.

Lost inside my insanity, I will mutilate myself.

Lulz of the day:

[11:59] Spawn Rieko: Just because you don't do it now, doesn't mean you're not going to do it later
[11:59] Spawn Rieko: You can't trust yourself in this kind of situation. Something could come up that you weren't expecting.
[11:59] Spawn Rieko: How do you solve this problem?
[12:00] Dakira Seetan: with cheese
[12:00] Spawn Rieko: I'm being serious right now.
[12:00] Spawn Rieko: But yes, cheese helps.
[12:01] Spawn Rieko: Think for a second lol.
[12:01] Spawn Rieko: What would you do?
[12:01] Spawn Rieko: What SHOULD you do?
[12:01] Dakira Seetan: you want me to use my brain now?!

Try me

Upon one of my incursions in to the LA base I found Jess taped, tied and chained in the cage at the back of the base. Intriquied I made my way over and woke her up from her slumber, she stirred briefly to try and convince me to free her.

Now if I was stupid perhaps I would have just freed her on her word alone, that just because the host is an officier doesn't mean anything. If you're sitting there chained up there has to be a damn good reason for it, I do love to overstep my rank boundries and take matters in to my own hands. The taste for taking command and leading still fresh, though occasionally it turns stale in my mouth and grows bitter. If the AR was smaller it might be easy to go above my own rank, this family is huge and growing all the time doing so could get me in trouble. Specially since Tempest doesn't mess around when it comes to dishing out punishment.

Pain is fun in the right situation but not the way Bosslady deals it.

Banter between small, short and sweet if ya can call it sweet, I said I would tell our leader that Trime as she now calls herself wants to be free. I guess no one really knows that caging something wild, generally ends up killing them on the inside out. We as demons have to be free. I left her there in the cage, to go and find Bosslady or at least an officier. So far no luck. Oh well Trime maybe later.

Lulz of the day:

[15:43] steyr Shutt: Mine eyes have seen the glory of the insides of da Blue, she has a toaster in there and a vacuum cleaner too, but the rat cage and the rodent i dont know she got from where, but when i looked inside yesterday i swear it wasnt there .... lalalalala ((continues singing))

Monday, 11 January 2010

Fairy tales and unseen horrors

Not quite sure how I ended up speaking with a fairie, or as I have dubbed her butterfly simply because her wings remind me of such. I saw some butterflies once and her wings were just like them, I wanted so much to grab a hold of them and pull them off. Butterfly wandered away leaving me behind with Dux and some feline girl, typical that my bad mood always drives away victems. *sigh*

The cat was being an irritant though I actually expect that of felines, I shot a spitwad out of the air with a fireball. Fucking immature bitch. Reluctantly I went over to her and the demon Dux, both proceeded to think of ways to cheer me up. *Yeah like I need that* Or they were just pissing me off by discussing my heritage, I was made in to a demon not born I'm a full blood and royality at that. Fastest way to piss me off other than some other tactics, yes yes I won't relate that here not right now. Is to call in to question whether I am part demon or part something else, if I recall that Delrith my first sire had the heart of a dragon inside that body made of demons. I can only assume the draconic traits come from that, but my father's essence is what runs rampant and makes me who I am.


Fuck you all just because you got no idea how to make your own spawn without fucking someone, doesn't mean you got the fucking right to pull my own bloodline and family in to question.

I am going to poison that girl with my blood make her see all the things that no one can usually see, she seems willing to be shoved on to an adventure. Hey at least it will be her fault and not mine. Hehehehehehehe

Lulz of the day:

[20:42] Marv Whittaker: omg, cake ate me
[20:42] Jax Stryker: In soviet Russia, cake eats you?

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Old faces

I figured I have been neglecting my journal again, since Bosslady has requested that we write in them for a week... Well what better time to once more pick up my pen and my journal to write, my history and my thoughts since coming to LA and joining the AR inside a lycan's body. Like I ever needed an excuse to write anyway.

I had spent a few hours in the bar called the Zodiac listening and drinking, I have a thing for vodka its a potent drink but not as strong as say absythne. Damn love that stuff but having it in my bloodstream is not a good idea, specially not in my current condition that will once again take time to calm down. My body is on fire the needs and urges of it enflamed to dangerous levels, I was glad for this growing cold that was happening inside the bar as I leaned against the pillar.

Going to have to find Stein I have things to work out with him, I want to tear him and break him thrash him to an inch of his life. Then drag him back to health only to do it all over again, the thoughts of such make me shiver in delight.

~Violence excites me~

Upon just being observent the bar is still somewhat empty, its at a comfortable level of people right now. I hear a familar voice and a familar name, it came to right then I recalled a certain frog with a soul trapped inside it. Poor taste in joke that was it made Hitaroki so mad to have seen that, eventually after I spent days looking after the thing he stepped on it. Anyhow my old friend Elamyrath Bracken, a person who escaped Toxia just like I did and we know the wanton desctrution of the fiend that believes he controls the city there.

So we spoke of the Kindred Allience of Dimentox and I clued him up on some recent events, I felt his anger and I did as I always did I fed on it. I think I am becoming a glutton, I wonder if that is another of Pieter's influences. Never the less the energy was stored, I grew weary along with my frustration and usual bad temper coming in to play as the bar filled up. Out out I had to get out, making my exit I left that place stepping out in to cold air. This place is full of people I used to know.

Following morning I found out we got to keep a journal for a week, I guess that's why I can find myself writing this now leant up against a lamp post near the LA pack den. Maitso is sitting on the magazine stand just kicking back, I hadn't seen him since he left the family I hadn't gotten any orders to get his head on a platter so I generally left him be. Yeah I know my first entry of the week isn't all that sick or twisted, I'm just putting pen to paper right now while talking to the vampire about a few things. Nothing important nothing even serious, idle chit chat to be honest. I got mildly amused at the Pack getting victems near their base, they seem to be a bit brighter than the ones back in Toxia.

I hate the Pack in that city, at least these ones here I can tolerate. They seem to be able to think for themselves, and not base everything upon their own instincts. Such is the way I see things that if your IQ is so low then don't bother me, if you can hold a decent conversation I will welcome it. That does not mean I will like you, I generally hate a lot of things... I wonder what else can happen this week, I hope to be able to write something interesting at least.

Lulz of the day:

[12:28] Jax Stryker: [ Piet's presence is so strong it causes my DCS to reset? ]
[12:29] Blueray Darkes: [XD]
[12:29] Pieter Seelowe: ((yeap, epic Pieter))
[12:29] DCS2 2.46.10: Suyuan Quan OOC: He's epic like that.