Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Tension rises

After the fight between Stein and Caiaphas, things settled for a while. Yet the dust was kicked up again relativaly quickly, unable to withstand the growing coldness of Stein towards me... I did the only sensible thing I could forsee to do, I abandoned my family for his sake. Whether or not my puppet follows is up to him, I do not hold any power over him at all.

Unless things are settled I will wander the lands, missing in turn my old family, my new family and my human. Forever losing something is that what it means to be a demon? To never remain in one place too long or to hold on to something forever? I am always loosing something precious to me, though I claim no emotion I have an unending well of utter sorrow. Gain and loss a constant cycle, I'm immortal with the pains of a mortal.

I do nothing but tear at the world around me for my own satisfaction, to torment it and cull the numerous populations that inhabit it. When I want something for myself I end up with nothing, my wife is dead I retain her soul stone. My human who I adore has turned his back on me for the love I have for my puppet, I did not choose a lover over a friend the choice was made for me.

Ah dear undead if I can I will return for I have no where else to go to, perhaps I will visit my old home for a day or two. Or maybe I can find a way to leave this place altogether, destory myself and end my suffering. Leaving only my hate, rage and sadness to rain upon the land.

Lolz of the day:

Today there is no lulz... Instead I cried myself to sleep