Saturday, 21 May 2011

The Risen Monster

My day finally arrived...

There was no fanfair or party for me but I didn't really expect one, Tempest was already hungry and nuts from being away for so long. I hadn't seen her in ages I hadn't I ran around her welcoming her home in my own way, today was my day the one I been waiting for to become more of a member of my family. As I became demon for Shadows I now become Risen for the AR, I could feel the insanity all around me from both Tempest and Elam.

Elam carved away my breast, to carve off my flesh, to snap each rib from its cage to get to my heart at her orders, my claws found his stomach while he cut in to me to tear out my one precious organ I sliced him open. Our blood spilled on the roads then Tempest was at my upper arm slashing her fangs up to my neck, my skin tearing easily at her advance the virus from her bite soaking in to me. Oh fuck so much blood the chaos among us, it was pleasurable I enjoyed it I did the scent of iron filling my sense of smell.

And then the burning hit...

Virus itself it doesn't like fire so my infernal heat was causing me pain as the virus imsimulated the body I possessed, a body I didn't realise til far too late was still very much alive. My fire was quenched with the severe cold burning through me, no longer would my fire be as hot as the fires of Hell but instead be colder than the coldest of places. So cold it burns. Parts of me rotted away leaving behind only the bones in its wake, my feet, my hands, my wings all were stripped of flesh as the infection progressed. My heart was placed back in to my chest and the darkness came and I knew I had died once more, or at least Dendra's body had finally died.

I saw Death once more!

"Misato it is you again, do you try to infuriate me with the amount of times you die"?

"No its not like that and you know it".

"Yet here you are in my domain once more, and I am still unable to take you to your final resting place". Death once again took me in its arms today it wanted to appear in its female guise of Kali, the darkness of dieing is never a bad thing I like my conversations with Death. "Misato you won't be here for much longer, I'm still waiting to take you when it is time for you".

"I don't know you make it sound like a bad thing", I grinned at her with that cocky smile I have. "I'm sure I'll see you again at the end of the world maybe, or possibly before that if you screw up and take me over coming early like last time".

Death rolled her eyes at me, "Mistakes happen we do not know when things will end, we are just commanded to go when it is time. The command we had that day had been falsified, we are not perfect as people make us out to be". She smiled back, "Goodbye Mistao, I'll be waiting".

"Goodbye? Already"?

I woke up with a clawing hunger in my stomach a hunger I hadn't felt since the Lunacy sickness, I was ravenous and the only person near me was Alandriel as Tempest and Elam had run off possibly effected by my blood. I had enough sense left in my mind to know I needed meat I heard enough of the Risen to know this, I shot up to run in to the streets to hunt down some food for my body wouldn't relent til I had fed. Hunting with ragged wounds and one breast upside down is a sight to see, if I intented to heal then food was the next thing on the agenda.

Lolz of the day:

[19:50]  Blueray Darkes: I'm an undead zombie demon and you're totally staring at my tits
*Marv plays a gesture*
[19:50]  Marv Whittaker: Ahh, sorry..I didn't hear you. I was staring at your breasts.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

The weary

I've been away...

Half the time I don't even recall where I've been or where I'm going, but the thing that stays with me is that I'm worn down and worn out. Sure a wedding was a great thing to break up the monotone of my current existance, that my time spent with my husband has also broken up my days in to a whirlwind of pure love and longing. An embracement of fullfillment I haven't had in such a long time, I digress from the topic at hand though I forget what it was I was meant to say.

What am I supposed to do?

Once more it seems that history repeats itself that while I idle away somewhere, my family seems to be doing even better without me. Elamyrath has been promoted to Obscurum a role I wanted for myself, Lacey and Jessicka have become Matriarchs. I wonder where I fit now when I'm being left behind, I'm running the Black market and doing my duties that I have currently abandoned in order to have a break. Such is the way things are even demons get tired, I happen to do so when I  have worked myself to the point of being unable to carry on.

I will recover my energy, I will begin to work once again.

Just not right now!

Lolz of the day:

[17:26]  Asher Blitz: hit wrong button can you tp me back?
[17:26]  Asher Blitz: not sure how that happened
[17:26]  Blueray Darkes: I tped you where now?
[17:26]  Asher Blitz: gah
[17:26]  Asher Blitz: !
[17:27]  Asher Blitz: nvm
[17:27]  Blueray Darkes: Hi to you too
[17:27]  Asher Blitz: i apparently am a born again noob
[17:27]  Blueray Darkes: Congratulations, here's your robe and bible
[17:28]  Asher Blitz: thanks :P

[OOC: I've been out of CoLA for a couple of weeks now, ever since I almost had a third black out my head has been funny. Its been constant for one week then I had pills, now its on and off as if someone is playing with a switch in my head. Half the time I can't even concentrate on roleplaying, I have continued to try and find some outside the sim in other places. If I feel capable enough I will drop in to LA to roleplay, otherwise I'm not there and I'm on a break til I'm a hundred percent better. Thank you!]