Saturday, 21 June 2008

You must cum

[9:48] Jortek Juran gets close to kishi "i´ll ask you to pay more respect to healers"
[9:49] Kishi Bleac spits back into his face "only as much as they deserve"
[9:49] Blueray Darkes stands by Kishi, "Only if they don't live in church".
[9:49] Jortek Juran feels compasion of tthe demon and heals her
[9:50] Jortek Juran loks at blue "it does not matter where they live or how they look"
[9:50] Kishi Bleac: guess it does to us, we are racist
[9:50] Blueray Darkes laughs, "Or at least against angels"
[9:51] Jortek Juran: well, an angel just pleaseed you
[9:51] Kishi Bleac: no angel can please me
[9:51] Blueray Darkes: Did I cum?
[9:51] Jortek Juran: you have to try
[9:52] Jortek Juran: you can be surprised and may be think about conversion
[9:52] Kishi Bleac: /m turns to blue and gives her an intence stair deep into her eyes "you must cum!"
[9:53] Blueray Darkes holds her sides and laughs, "He didn't please me"
[9:53] Jortek Juran call her with his hands "come closer hun"
[9:54] Kishi Bleac does her best to hold a staight face saying it again "YOU MUST CUM!" as if willing it to happen
[9:54] Blueray Darkes looks at her and with a blank face says, "Try harder sis, I don't think its working".
[9:54] Nemesiis Nightfire tries to hold back from busting into laughter, watching the scene from the corner
[9:55] Jortek Juran caress blue with his feathers
[9:55] Inzzy Reed pokes Nemesiis on the shoulders "Shh, they are trying to cum"
[9:56] Nemesiis Nightfire thinks Jor's ganna get his wings burned off
[9:56] Kishi Bleac grabs blue by the sholders shaking her slightly "you must cum! you must! let jesus save you!" flicks her in the forhead saying "must cum!" in a 'be healed' type voice
[9:56] Nemesiis Nightfire whispers back "em tring, but damn!"
[9:57] Blueray Darkes breaks in to laughter cos it tickles, still laughing while being shook. "Oh GOD YES" Fakes an orgasm, "I'M CUMMING JESUS SAVE ME".
[9:58] Jortek Juran smiles looking the show
[9:58] Inzzy Reed raises an eyebrow
[9:58] Nemesiis Nightfire rocks back falling flat on her ass laughing
[9:59] Inzzy Reed: "Want a smoke now Blueray?" *smiles*
[9:59] Kishi Bleac throws her arms into the air in theatrical championship "the lord be prased! he hast made her CUM!-ith" clowly circles her arms held wide to the hevens
[9:59] Kishi Bleac: *slowly
[10:00] Jortek Juran raises his eyes "thanks Lord, i know that be the closest she has being from a cum"
[10:00] Blueray Darkes pulls out a cig lights it off a flame on her finger, takes a long drag and breathes out the smoke. "Best religious fuck ever".
[10:01] Kishi Bleac: best?" gasps her face dropping in dissapointment "i thought i wass going to be your first..." sniffs
[10:02] Blueray Darkes kisses Kishi on the nose, "First and best sis".
[10:02] Jortek Juran smiles "it seems she has her religious cuming history"
[10:02] Jortek Juran pats on blue´s shoulder "keep tryng hun"
[10:03] Kishi Bleac giggles clapping excitedly "oh goodie" jumps her eyes going wide as she points out towards pix "oh no! a fraggle!"
[10:03] Kishi Bleac: run away!
[10:03] Nemesiis Nightfire wonders why the angel wanted her to cum in the first place
[10:03] Hick Foden waves
[10:03] Blueray Darkes blows smoke at Jortek, "I didn't need to try Kishi made me do it". Sees Pix and laughs.
[10:03] Kishi Bleac dodges hiding behind blue
[10:04] Blueray Darkes is hidden behind
[10:04] Kishi Bleac stage whispers to blue "dont let it get me!"
[10:05] Blueray Darkes nods pullinig a drag on her cig, "Do fraggles eat demons"?
[10:05] Kishi Bleac: i dunno, do they?" tilts her head looking quizically at pix
[10:05] Anjia Chuzen shakes her head at the demons and sighs, "Pix, they are envious of your gorgeous hair."
[10:06] Blueray Darkes whispers, "Maybe it eats dirt"?
[10:06] Pix Cazalet smirks "they do if they're provoked"
[10:08] Blueray Darkes stares at Pix in horror her jaw dropping, she issues a terrified scream running off yelling. "DON'T LET HER EAT US"!!
[10:08] Kishi Bleac's eyes go wide as she bolts south screaming for her life
[10:09] Kishi Bleac shouts: run or your life! head for the hills! fraggle on the loose!

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