Monday, 2 June 2008

The bloodbath is gone

In a passing conversation between Ben and Portia they mentioned The Elders, I asked Lorne if he knew what or who they are but he had no idea.

Meanwhile at the K-Tox radio station Vish was Djing for the city, she was cured of her nightmarish visions my blood had caused her. Father had his fun at the station by playing what ever song he felt like, that finished off Vish's shift rather nicely before father went to go kill things. Pieter on the other hand stayed behind a little bit, I did not appreciate him saying I enjoy being raped. Such a thing is still too close to the surface for me, he pissed me off I refused to give him what he wanted. Besides can't rape the willing, but when it is actually forced it ruins a person....

What did he mean anyway? Was he trying to suggest I actually found pleasure in what the Pack did to me? To be perfectly honest I was in no mood after that little talk to even ask him, and most likely I never will in case my blood boils.

Red moon....

Kindred Alliance lost the blood bath due to an attack, Pack and other werewolves blew it up. KA are infuriated and have vowed to feed upon the citizens to show their wrath, all wolves are now in danger and hunted for their actions. I have tried to gain protection of those in my family, they had nothing to do with it and I hope the KA leave them be. This goes well beyond their own group for we ourselves have vampires in our ranks, plus when Nikita finds out I really don't want to be a wolf on the recieving end of her anger.

Skyler believes that this was orchestrated by Dimentox in revenge for the KA abandoning him when he got murdered, I'm not sure about this but I have been prone to trust in his words for he often speaks true. On the other hand Quillis swears blind the red moon once every year drives instinct, Werewolves will rise against vampires and fight them for the enslavement they suffered centuries ago.

However.. it seems once again Skyler was correct.

Lulz of the day:

[16:41] Blueray Darkes: Nutbar
[16:41] Pontifex Janus: violent pizza?
[16:41] Blueray Darkes: No, you're a nutbar
[16:42] Pontifex Janus: And you're violent pizza!

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