Monday, 16 June 2008

Me and my shadow

If at first you don't succeed at trying to make it shut the fuck up, then keep on trying it might shut up soon enough. WRONG! The incessant babbling, insults and whining pleads from my shadow drove me up the wall, there were a few times it actually shut up mostly when I was sparring.

Picket's shadow sings to her and Skyler's says to rape people, mine just whined at me and I eventually got fed up with it. Slitting open my wrist I fed it my blood and the change that occured pleased me, now it wants me to kill things so I can feed it blood of others.

With this strangeness of our shadows, it seems Pieter is worse off as in his case it appears he has been swallowed by his own shadow. I hope he comes back soon.

I will kill and spill blood, me and my shadow

Lulz of the day:

[17:09] Jonathon Coage skanks in place and smiles
[17:09] DCS2 2.33: Blueray Darkes OOC: ROFL
[17:09] DCS2 2.33: Blueray Darkes OOC: Jon is a skank XD
[17:09] DCS2 2.33: Jonathon Coage OOC: Pffft! You wish!
[17:10] Salamol Paragon skanks
[17:10] DCS2 2.33: Blueray Darkes OOC: Jon read what you said
[17:10] Grace Staryk: Sal is a skank too.

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