Saturday, 7 June 2008

Burn like fire, flow like water

You can say what you want about me, you can claim what you want about me. Some of those words I will refute, and some of those claims I will dispute. They call me a divine demon, the innocent child, the one whose goodness is buried deep. I will always say fuck that shit, there's no good inside of me none at all.

I can keep my torture tally on one hand so far, those who have been under my knife or suffered my bone breaking habit know too well I can learn more. Delrith, Choi, Alonzo, some angel, a wolf, Shallkon and of course Beth, all have suffered some form of injury from my own hands. Aw but Beth has become my scare toy, I do so enjoy leaping out at her and yelling Boo just to see her jump out of her skin.

Amuses me every time.

People can't seem to figure me out I swing between being nice and bad at perfectly random times, my passion burns like a fire and my personality ever flowing like water. You can't figure me out because when you think you know, I do something completly unexpected.

Lulz of the day:

[14:33] Blueray Darkes: Can't blame me for being a perverted demon
[14:33] Blueray Darkes: Oh wait, ya can
[14:33] Tasuh Setsuko: Aye I can
[14:33] Blueray Darkes: COS ITS SO TOTALLY MY FAULT
[14:34] Picket McDonnell: I blame you for every thing that is wrong yet wonderful in the world Blue
[14:34] Blueray Darkes: I sneezed and created the universe
[14:34] Blueray Darkes: You're all living on a giant booger
[14:34] Picket McDonnell: I thought you farted... that would explain pollution
[14:34] Tasuh Setsuko: I plan to fart and destory it one day

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