Thursday, 26 June 2008

The Reckoning/PoW

The night that I went to sleep and slept with those nightmares haunting me as usual, the vampires sired by Dimentox known collectivly as The Reckoning entered the Pit. They were demanding we follow their law, that and we be good little Shadowlings and don't cause trouble for them. From what I was told in the morning we said "Fuck you" to them, these vampires also control the new monsters plaguing the city. Great the madman is causing shit for everyone, I remember the stories I was told. History repeats itself.

I was in Haven later in the day after seeing Dio return, the event was a mixture of tense atmosphere and excitement. No matter the outcome of anything, I belong to myself no one else but me. Anyway I digress from the story I was telling, I came across a vampire I had met only once before. His name is Beaumont he asked me to sit with him, since its Haven I might as well be curtieous. There was another two vampires with him, the female part of The Reckoning as he was and the male a Ryder. Swell really swell. While I made small talk with them two of my brothers contacted me along the link we all share, bring them to the South and hurry at all costs. I managed it I lured all three vampires to South of Toxia where a large gathering was waiting for them, all the factions were there in order to give payback to The Reckoning for the slaughters they did last night. Odd how we slaughter so many ourselves but only ever for our own amusment, while these Dimentox brats will do it in the name of peace and order. Oh there will be peace one day, only when all fear the Shadows for what we truely are and worship us.

Beaumont along with his sister were defeated the debt was paid, yet Beaumont declared that his family will wage war against all of us. The city does not belong to Dimentox and his spawn, the city belongs to my family even though all factions lay claim upon it. We will show them. In this same day the spawn of the powerhungry madman crowded outside the Voodoo shop, the Ryders were there as lambs to the slaughter. I got a hunch about something so I followed the Priest who I used to own as a pet, kind of wished I kept him now at least then he would have let me spied. I was in the tower on the stairwell, Mugworm told the Dime brats I was there and well....

For now I'm a prisoner of war binded and leashed by a Reckoning vampire, I will simply wait til I can escape or I am saved from them. I am sure they will do things to me for I was the lure to the trap, and I have openly spoken against Dimentox as I told Beaumont what was done in the past.

I think I liked him better as a Wraith!

Lulz of the day:

[16:11] Rizal Rotaru: (( damn im makeing new words left and right, I call it rizalnese.
[16:11] DCS2 2.33: Blueray Darkes OOC: You making a dictionary for it?
[16:11] Rizal Rotaru: (( it's in the makeing <.<
[16:11] DCS2 2.33: Blueray Darkes OOC: I'll reserve a copy
[16:12] DCS2 2.33: Rizal Rotaru OOC: hahaha

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