Thursday, 5 June 2008

The dark road

Some people say that certain events in life send them on the path they will follow in the future, and once you're upon it there is no turning back. I think this is where I started....

Summer had arrived in all of her yellow and orange glory, bringing various flower boxes that people owned to life. This type of year was always warm and full of sun, it made me happy just to be alive to enjoy such times. It reminded me that my brother and I had lasted the winter, our reward was the sun that shone down on us. Days like that made me burst in to dance I couldn't help myself, people would pass by or stop to watch my movements. We would put out our tip collection things, I was a self taught dancer it was if I had a music all my own and I had to let it out.

From my street performance we earned a lot of money, more than we had ever gotten before that we decided to buy a proper meal. It was also our birthday we were going to be twenty four years of age, we had survived from our young years to this day becoming street wise along the way. Taken our earnings we went to the nearby cheapest restuarant, we got us a table for two and looked at the menu happily. We order our meal succulent roast chicken, roast potatoes, peas, gravey, yorkshire pudding... Dessert we had this thing called cheesecake, I never knew food could taste so fucking good. Red wine, white wine, champagne, that day we were gluttons...

Wandering along the street to return to our shelter for the night, we heard a noise behind us like that of a large dog. We took no notice of it as it had nothing to do with us at all, the sun was setting colouring the sky with reds and purples. The large dog was trailing us we could hear it behind us all the way to our make shift home, only it wasn't a large dog at all and what we saw changed our lives. It stood upon two legs taller than a human, glowing yellow eyes, a maw full of fangs, two hands baring vicious claws.

Werewolf! The vicious fiend was foaming at the mouth, its grey fur patchy with what looked like disease.

Partak stood in front of me as the thing launched forwards unleashing a blood curdling howl, I couldn't believe it I should be the one fighting not him. I heard a scream I'm not sure if it was mine or his, my brother's blood sprayed to splatter allyway walls. The wolf had mauled him cut him open, fangs and claws used with no heed of what the permanent damage could be. He fell to his knees splashing in to a pool of his crimson fluid, he looked over his shoulder smiling like an angel. So innocent my twin he was going to say something to me, he collapsed and not caring for the danger I was at his side straight away. A claw struck my chest while fangs sunk in to my shoulder, crying to the sudden pain I lept from my brother to confront the beast. Yet nothing else happened, apart from the fact it howled while its yellow eyes rolled in to the back of its head. It keeled over unmoving with foam and blood pouring from its maw, I was going to help my brother but I blacked out.

By the time I came around it was morning, my eyes hurt my head hurt fuck everything hurt. Standing quickly I spun round to check on my twin to see if he actually lived, to my surprise he had vanished and so had the wolf corpse. I had been abandoned by the one person I spent the whole of my life with, he had to have had a reason for leaving me like this to leave me alone. My injuries had healed, I wondered why I showed no signs of a struggle from the previous night.
A year passes I have been searching for my twin in vain, everywhere I go it seems he has been there but is one step ahead. I discovered I can jump higher than ever before, my hearing is so acute I can hear a bee buzzing ten miles away. My eyesight has changed too I can see better but sometimes the colours of the world fade away, my sense of smell was another thing I found interesting. I can track anything or anyone over extreme distances, the best thing of all was my new found strength. Most of that year the time passed quickly as I hunted for Partak and got used to my new skills, I even healed better I found if I got injured I could rest three days and be perfectly fine again.

Nights in the city are lonely now I move shelters more than ever now, hoping to find him at least one of them I was sleeping at a different place every night. My my shelter for the night had become gang territory, I was unaware of this as I walked up to it with hands in the pockets of my tattered pants. A gang mainly consisiting of guys my own age were around me in a predatory circle, my instinct was to growl at them in warning which, made them laugh. Arrogant bastards! I could have stayed to fight them all specially with my strength, I decided I'd rather not hurt them all so I ran. Unfortunantly they followed with loud whooping calls, its odd to see humans hunt in a pack. A disorganised pack but they were one in every description of the word, they were hunting me thinking me to be nothing more than a helpless woman to do whatever they wanted to. I had fled in to a dead end and this is me for fucks sake I know this city, so how the fuck had I ended up in an ally that had no wall for me to leap over? Fuck knows but I was cornered the gang blocked my escape route, they were drawing weapons mostly knives but one had a chain whip. Great! I got no idea whether it was adrenaline or fear or perhaps a combination of both, but the pain that struck sent me screaming doubled over then writhing on the ground. My god it was painful feeling every single muscle and bone in my body twist, my body was changing I screamed louder to each new wave of agony. When I could finally stand I looked at my hands, then up my arms in slow fashion I looked myself over then my tail flicked. Wait! For starters I had claws I had grown a god damn fluffy tail, my ears were now on top of my head. Not to mention the fact I was covered head to toe in black fur, my legs looked different oooh don't forget the fangs.

I stepped forwards with nothing but a low threatening snarl in my throat, the gang backed up looking like they had second thoughts on attacking me now. A howl broke free it ripped the air like a heated blade, the howl came from me and I had no thought in my head other than to kill these fuckers. Now I was the hunter running after the ones who are now hunted, I got each and every one of them in turn. Disembowling, tearing out their throat I didn't care how I slaughtered them I just knew I wanted to, to be honest I seriously got thrills of joy to end their pathetic existance. I enjoyed killing them to tear them apart to let their blood flow in retribution for their thoughts and actions, I was a wolf a hunter and my first hunt was a good one. While my victory howled over the streets, I actually fed well that night upon human flesh. A taste one can get used to.

Yes its true I killed with dark intent, but I could care less they deserved it. On that night my path took an odd turn, everything around me got darker so much darker than before. Humans are easy to hunt... Hehehehehe

Lulz of the day:

9:10] Grom Prevost: No blowing up Tox now...
[9:10] Blueray Darkes: Damn
[9:10] Blueray Darkes: Blue don't rape the eyeball, Blue don't blow up Tox.. I can't do anything
[9:11] Grom Prevost: Hahaahah
[9:12] Blueray Darkes: I hate you, you're so unfair
[9:12] Grom Prevost: Pfffft what are you gonna do about it?
[9:12] Blueray Darkes storms up to her room, slams the door and turns on some loud obnoxious rock music.
[9:13] Grom Prevost shouts up the hall, "You'll learn when you have your own kids someday!"
[9:14] Blueray Darkes screams, "SHUT THE FUCK UP"!!

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