Saturday, 14 June 2008

Lesson two

I got no idea why for the life me I collect all these adoring males, surely they know I would gut them soon as I have a reason or the urge to do so? Maybe that is the risk they are willing to take, so be it if I end their lives.

Lesson number two taught by Lorne our current Shadow teacher, this time it was less boring and more exhaustive than the first. We were transported to some plain of existance where our influence, emotions and will become physical, we practised exerting our will on the person we were paired up with. It is a rather normal thing for me to place my will on others, or even upon non living objects. Here everything was magnified and the feel of touching anothers influence thrilled me to my own core, I just wished I had been warned about the emotion part before we got ported. At least then I would have had time to bury what I don't wish others to see, some things are important to hide in order to safeguard yourself.

Vish and Quiet turned me in to a freaking mouse!!!

Lulz of the day:

[21:01] Dundayne Kingsford: Do bear in mind, this was a simple freebie I got permission to rework. The real custom weapons will come soon. I'll be building a utility belt, pda, sidearm, and pissibly working handcuffs.
[21:01] Xelion Graves: 'pissibly?'
[21:01] Ayuven Ihnen nods, brightening a bit.
[21:01] tbone Balbozar: dude you are the man
[21:01] Dundayne Kingsford: Yes, pissibly.
[21:01] tbone Balbozar: lol
[21:01] Xelion Graves: Ok, cool.
[21:02] Dundayne Kingsford: Cause if it doesnt work right, it'll be taking a piss =p

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