Saturday, 29 October 2011

The era shall continue, Legends never die they evolve

(Toxian timeline)

It fascinates me to know even new residents have heard of me, I've always wondered why has no one heard of the others. Pieter has always been a legend in his own right, the one who fought and was never beaten. Guardian of the Shadows til he became the Lord, always working to cause fear and chaos. Not only my dearest friend and a few times my lover, but also one of my many teachers on how to tread the path of darkness. If anyone needed to thank anyone for me being such a terror, its Miriam for sending me to the Pack, the Pack for trying to break me, and the Shadows for making me what I am.

I'm sure that Janvier my father has been heard of as he had returned to the throne at one point, he didn't stay long in order to re-establish the Shadows as a force to be reckoned. Janvier is a legend as the dark Lord he who rose the Shadows twice, made them feared, made them strong, made me a demon. Just his mere presence sent people shrinking back in fear.

Jason the guy who can shoot you in the nipple from twenty feet away, who had such dastardly plans that took weeks to come to fruitation. Not only had he enjoyed playing them all for saps, but he made the entire populace terrified. The only known Shadow who was able to stand up to Rau toe to toe, for she is a fearsome fighter and gives no quarter as is Jason.

Dante who's gone missing was another fearsome warrior, he became Guardian when Pieter became Lord and I became Perceptor equal in rank to Dante. He knew battle tactics from every standpoint, he never lost a fight and us together pulled off one of the best Shadow rescues for one of our own ever.

No these people aren't mentioned.

I'm the only name that passes people's lips, the only name whispered in the dark, the only name that is spat with venom. Why should I alone take all the credit? Not that I mind I'll let you know, but there are other ex Shadows who deserve just as much vocal time as me.

Once more I visit the city on its island after two months of skipping, since I'm still pissed off at Magpie for what he did. The betrayal as that's what it feels like to me still stung pretty badly, rather than go to the church to seek him out I took to the bar instead. I found an interesting vampire who I spoke to with a while, he started to talking to me because he said I acted like I owned the place. I told him I been here before a long time ago, we dicussed the cunning of demons and how its good to let go. Going on to say how I ended up as an angel, dispising myself for this body I was now in and most of all about nothing at all. This vampire said he had heard of my name and the tales that surround it, he expected me to be a terrifying Shadow lord not some badass angel. I preened at that, had to admit the pride I had as a demon and a Shadow are still with me. Appearence may change but I never will.

Before leaving I asked him to tell Magpie I want my book back, and to tell who ever it is telling people he called Magpie; Magpie first, to stop taking my credit. Came out that it was Reaver and that guy knows better than to take my credit. Fucker!

Lulz of the day:

[10:13]  Nibblit: I have two :o They are two male Meeroo's who are in love with each other, because the evil lampost across the Kingdom of Nibblits Room demands everyone be the same as Father Clock-on-the-wall.
[10:15]  Nibblit: The king slaughters chickens for their love of lesbi-dom. They call theirselves GUICCI - Gay Understanding for Intrepid Chickens Chosen Into... Lesbianism..

Monday, 10 October 2011

Another OOC post - another update on my health and other things. - The journal of Ara Luiniel, she's a dracolich in Realm of Mystara.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

OOC post

Friday, 9 September 2011

Dj booth

(CoLA timeline)

You ever been inside a dj booth?

Some of those are pretty roomy well roomy enough, I remember the one at K-Tox was located at the top floor of the radio tower. This one though for KCLA is located inside the Zodiac, its got enough space to fit about six people inside if you want. I for one have a love of getting in to this dj booths, not only for doing my own thing but well hehehe...

Lets just say Xan and me were up to no good in that damn thing, man I haven't had this much fun in a long while. He had been sleeping what felt like centuries for me so I'm more than happy to entertain him, and get what I need out of him too. I love him so.

I think that booth smells like sex now, ya know I'm so damn glad music drowns out what you're doing in there.

Lulz of the day:

[23:37:19] JesSICKa: Not enough b-b-b-bitches in here!
[23:38:13] Blueray Darkes: Ppppfffffttttt
[23:38:52] JesSICKa: I spy one!
[23:40:10] Blueray Darkes: D:
[23:40:21] JesSICKa: She's a gud one though
[23:41:10] Blueray Darkes: :O
[23:41:56] JesSICKa: ;3
[23:42:56] JesSICKa: That, and the only one to resist Jessi's swagger
[23:43:22] Blueray Darkes nodnods
[23:43:42] JesSICKa shakes fist
[23:43:47] JesSICKa: How dare ye
[23:43:59] Blueray Darkes sticks her tongue out
[23:44:08] Blueray Darkes: I'm just harder to penertrate
[23:44:40] JesSICKa: OH COME ON
[23:44:48] JesSICKa: Don't you start getting all sexualized now xD
[23:45:41] Blueray Darkes: You walked in to that one
[23:46:48] JesSICKa: I'll walk into your cooter next
[23:47:06] Blueray Darkes: If it was that wide I'd have a revolving door fitted
[23:47:55] JesSICKa: Mmh, be sure to add a cripple button too.
[23:51:16] Blueray Darkes: And a disabled ramp?
[23:51:25] JesSICKa: Might be a good idea.
[23:51:28] Blueray Darkes: Lol

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Xan awakes

I barely have anything of importance to write, my husband awoke a few days ago. And today we re-consimated our marriage as only two hearts could, it was a glorious and loving time and I couldn't be happier. What more could an zombie demon wish for? I got a sisterdaughterwife, a loving husband, a wonderfully sick family, and the prime cut from every walking piece of meat. Hell I even have a piece of meat I can drag to me anytime and take chunks out of, and the damn thing screams everytime just to please me.

Now if you'll excuse me I'm going back to bed,  I have a lot of "catching up" to do.

Lolz of the day:

[10:07]  Goa The Sin: heya blue blue how are ya?
[10:07]  Blueray Darkes: I'm good
[10:07]  Goa The Sin: glad to hear, rpin'?
[10:07]  Blueray Darkes: Dking
[10:08]  Blueray Darkes: Sjin
[10:08]  Blueray Darkes: DJING
[10:08]  Goa The Sin: lol you toss those barrels like a champ!
[10:13]  Blueray Darkes: Lol
[10:16]  Blueray Darkes stands on top of some construction made of metal girders, and tosses barrels so they roll down the slopes
[10:17]  Goa The Sin: *starts to make his way to the ladder and already loses all 3 lives on the first level on the bottom girder, that's how bad he is at that game*
[10:17]  Blueray Darkes laughs and roars like a champ

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


(This entry will inform you how one timeline became two creating a time paradox, and the differences that there are. The main timeline is Blueray Darkes who had left the House of Shadows, left Toxian City, and became a resident in City of Lost Angels even becoming a member of Archaic Redemption. Picket is a demon and the daughter of Blueray, before Blueray herself became a demon zombie hybrid. Her husband Xan is a zombie made of demon flesh and blood, making him a hybrid but also Blueray's creation.

The second time line is Blueray Darkes who had left the Archaic Redemption and the City of Lost Angels, she had taken to wandering the many lands with no ties to her loyality. Yet one fated trip back to visit friends and family in Toxian City got her killed, in turn she got redeemed the demon essence being purified. The last daughter of Janiver is no more yet her personality remains, Picket is a vampire and her husband Xan is a full fledged demon. Blueray is an angel.)

Denenthorn ah dear uncle Denenthorn the Magpie and the Stormbringer, yeah well I wanted to go to the island. Visit some of the friends that are still Shadows but Drake never seems to be around when I arrive, and I have had seen very little of those I know still in the House. Perhpas the missing Pit  has something to do it that until it comes out of limbo, the Shadows will never seem to appear at all. So what do I do? I go making my way over to the church, bumping in to Savannah talking to some guy one of those many new faces.

I spoke to her a little bit before sending her to go find Magpie so I can say hi, I know he said he'd kill me but like I was going to listen because he hadn't been able to follow through. I never expected him to hit me full on with a holy based attack, getting blasted off my feet right on to my ass and that hurt. Of course I hadn't fed before visiting so my energies were low, as many battles I have won I have lost just as many. The battle was powerful with one side striving to win to keep being as she is, the other side striving to win in order to do what he didn't want to do. Hell I'm a young demon and have always known my energies run out quicker than older beings, I also know I shouldn't fight angels as they tend to hurt me more than other races. We both shifted forms me because I had to, him because I think it benefited him in the end. If he had stayed in his usual form I would have kicked his arse, just saying.

You ever been just a heart? I have at least twice and now a third time, cos he pulled it out of my chest then destroyed my body. That body wasn't mine it was some hapless lycan Stein put me in to, technically the heart isn't mine either at least not originally. I tore that organ out of some demon I beat down, if you want specifics that's my second heart. My first one having been pierced by Delrith's sword and then half of it fused with half of his heart, when I got the new demon heart to hold my new demonic essence my old one was ripped out. Nothing about me is original anymore except my essence and my personality, yeah just because the outside changes doesn't mean I'm gonna change who I am. Fuck you lot!

I'm not quite sure what happened one moment I was only sensing things waiting to be sent to Lucifer, to be in his cells for the rest of time being tortured for his delight because I stole from him. I had to get those Shadows back, three of them in total if I remember correctly. Not an easy job getting in to Hell or back out again, Magpie went in once to get Picket back. My demise never came instead if I could feel pain I'm sure I would have done, because the fucker was purifying my essence as he created a new body for me. No I aint his child I'm just purified...

Think it's understandable then that the first thing I did soon as I fully formed was that I punched him in the face, I hadn't realised when I took off that my shadow had spat up Dimentox's tome either. My mind was a mess, I been made in to something I was revolted by, so much so my own stomach agreed with me and made me retch. I had nothing in the damn thing so I just dry heaved for hours on end, til eventually my body thought that was pretty stupid, fuck you, live with it. All in all a terrible day... And to top it off at least my wings were dark grey instead of white, it means I'm not a do gooder type of bird and I will never be one. I got no conscience at all, its been proven I can smack angels about. Or maybe that's just the not innocent ones... Either way I get to carry on what I was doing before, only now I disgusted myself in this form.

Thursday 25th August 2042:

Picket had decided to drag us back to Toxia as she wanted to look around, like me she complained about the change of layout. There was a small group of us myself, Picket, Xan and Kaine, we didn't do much at all apart from talk to a few people. Picket didn't even ask why I was an angel at all, I guess we both had changed races so often it didn't even matter anymore. I managed to find that one demon the Righteous had caught a month back, I was glad to find he was still around as I found him interesting. We sort of picked on the guy and then we all left, that will be that pretty much until the next month and then I have to speak with Magpie. I think I need to punch him some more.

Lulz of the day:

[12:59]  Blueray 'Ara' Darkes then magically molests Jackie
[12:59]  Rebelesk Frostbite paid you L$500 for Meeroo Nest ID #326974.
[12:59]  Jackie Mondalimare: Rawr
[12:59]  Blueray 'Ara' Darkes: Molesting Jackie got me money o.o

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Spoken betrayal and the undone deed

Hack, slash, cut, rip, tear, break, torture, take, dismember, rinse, repeat.
Hack, slash, cut, rip, tear, break, torture, take, dismember, rinse, repeat.
Hack, slash, cut, rip, tear, break, torture, take, dismember, rinse, repeat.

That's my life... My life in a nutshell that torture has become more of a chore than a pleasure, that those that are taken off the streets to be harvested no longer fear. The pain is momentary they can get healed, no matter what twisted things we inflict on them its never enough. Last one I got to maim was a vampire woman, I drilled a hole in to her spine. She screamed a lot I loved it, but as usual my joy was short lived. Then there was Mir a pet of the AR he used to be a Brood pet, but I see him more as food than a pet as pets are meant to die not live. I tore off his flesh and devoured it, he screamed for me only in order to please me.

I liked it!

I wish Xan would wake up, he's been in his coma too long.

Even with the recent wanting to eat some strange cream coloured cubes (tofu), cherry blossoms and urges to rape Lacey on the streets I seem to be okay. I also forgot to mention that I've started to whine like Bryan and stick close to Lacey when she's around, in the same notion though Bryan is acting like me and hating on everyone. In some way I'm amused.

As my monotone existance continues only broken up with the verbal fight with Alandriel, she called me fallen and a pet I told her to get out of the bar before I hurt her. I actually begin to question myself as I often do, but I know I'm perfect and that's all that matters. So what if things end and I'm left alone on the streets? Nothing new doesn't mean I'll complain about it like she did, waah waah I'm alone and I guess that's how its meant to be. Suck it up seriously. If there's no worthy places to be then being on your own is the best thing ever, I've always worked alone I do better that way.

I suppose my line of thinking is what took me to back to Toxia in as many weeks as I had left it, my last visit I had my sisterwife Picket in tow who had demanded we visit the shit hole. Looks like a lot of the old faces returned as if the outside world had given its all, and they had grown weary of it as I grow weary of it now. Yet my loyality keeps me working for the zombies, perhaps this is why Alandriel wishes my work will end soon. Its odd to say that the island changes as much as one changes the colour of their hair, there's no reason or rhyme to it it just does. First it expanded to allow the growing population to overspill in to new areas of the city, now it has once again deflated to the size it once was but the layout has changed completely. I blame magick for these occurances as there's no other explination, since I was now lost in the place that I used to know so well I stumbled in to the library.

Upon entering the scene was tense right from the start, Magpie was floating with skin as black as those of Belial kin. He had some sort of strange halo and was threatening the Illuminati with violence, something to do with someone attacking angels. Savannah was there too and I just had to go over and pester her despite the atmosphere, a feline showed up and ordered me to go outside if I was going to fight with the angels. Seeing Sav as an angel was a shock in itself, I had more on my mind with my own things and the fact Magpie had used my first name. Pisses me off I hate that name. Apparently there is some war going on between angels and demons which, in my own valid opinion is a pretty pointless war and about as usefull as a hole in your head. I know in the past that angels and demons had always have had their differences apart from fallen angels that is, they are pretty much the same attitude as demons and are easier to deal with... I digress; but anyway we've had our differences but there's never been a war. Conflict yes as we clashed since we're the embodiments of sins and they're meant to be all holy and shit which, again is pretty much codswallop because they're about as holy as a random porn magazine.

War though?

There's no need for a war or even an attempt to wipe out what can't be wiped out, for as long as humans sin they will never be innocent and demons will always exist. So this whole thing ties in with the fact Magpie has told me twice now he will save me or kill me, the change in him is a shock because he was once a lover of demons. He was also the one who told me I could rely on him and he was one of the few non Shadows I trusted, yet here he is standing in front of me saying he was going to toss that all aside for his stupid petty war that shouldn't exist. If I could feel the sting of betrayal anymore I suppose I would be offended, on the other hand he's been all words so far and hasn't a laid a finger on me. We've got three choices, redemption that I don't want or need because I'm happy as I am, killing me that will send me to Hell and in to the hands of Lucifer to be punished for stealing from him, or the last one to cease existing altogether.

We bantered for a while him threatening me and me just pointing out that he can't, I'm the past and the past of all old Toxians in this city. Why else would my name still be whispered as if I was the bogey man? Once a commotion began behind us I left the church, not without saying that if he ever took me down he could say he took down a legend. Hahaha there goes my ego again!

Lulz of the day:

[18:36]  Blueray 'Ara' Darkes rumbles as she stalks about making as much noise as a herd of elephants, rampaging through several china shops. Yes she is that noisey.

[2011/07/23 20:46]  Blueray 'Ara' Darkes walked non-chantently in to the library as if she had never left the city at all and all things are hers, though the lay out and the buildings had changed dramatically that disorientated her altogether. She needed a break from the monotone of cut this, cut that, hack this up life she gotten in to, but hey Magpie is stirring up trouble and Savannah who she wanted to grope mercilessly. Either way she made not a sound as her uncle was grumpy very grumpy as a matter of fact he was so grumpy he was making a herd of rampaging elephants in china shops look tame in comparision.

(Yeah I like the term rampaging elephants through china shops :P)

Saturday, 21 May 2011

The Risen Monster

My day finally arrived...

There was no fanfair or party for me but I didn't really expect one, Tempest was already hungry and nuts from being away for so long. I hadn't seen her in ages I hadn't I ran around her welcoming her home in my own way, today was my day the one I been waiting for to become more of a member of my family. As I became demon for Shadows I now become Risen for the AR, I could feel the insanity all around me from both Tempest and Elam.

Elam carved away my breast, to carve off my flesh, to snap each rib from its cage to get to my heart at her orders, my claws found his stomach while he cut in to me to tear out my one precious organ I sliced him open. Our blood spilled on the roads then Tempest was at my upper arm slashing her fangs up to my neck, my skin tearing easily at her advance the virus from her bite soaking in to me. Oh fuck so much blood the chaos among us, it was pleasurable I enjoyed it I did the scent of iron filling my sense of smell.

And then the burning hit...

Virus itself it doesn't like fire so my infernal heat was causing me pain as the virus imsimulated the body I possessed, a body I didn't realise til far too late was still very much alive. My fire was quenched with the severe cold burning through me, no longer would my fire be as hot as the fires of Hell but instead be colder than the coldest of places. So cold it burns. Parts of me rotted away leaving behind only the bones in its wake, my feet, my hands, my wings all were stripped of flesh as the infection progressed. My heart was placed back in to my chest and the darkness came and I knew I had died once more, or at least Dendra's body had finally died.

I saw Death once more!

"Misato it is you again, do you try to infuriate me with the amount of times you die"?

"No its not like that and you know it".

"Yet here you are in my domain once more, and I am still unable to take you to your final resting place". Death once again took me in its arms today it wanted to appear in its female guise of Kali, the darkness of dieing is never a bad thing I like my conversations with Death. "Misato you won't be here for much longer, I'm still waiting to take you when it is time for you".

"I don't know you make it sound like a bad thing", I grinned at her with that cocky smile I have. "I'm sure I'll see you again at the end of the world maybe, or possibly before that if you screw up and take me over coming early like last time".

Death rolled her eyes at me, "Mistakes happen we do not know when things will end, we are just commanded to go when it is time. The command we had that day had been falsified, we are not perfect as people make us out to be". She smiled back, "Goodbye Mistao, I'll be waiting".

"Goodbye? Already"?

I woke up with a clawing hunger in my stomach a hunger I hadn't felt since the Lunacy sickness, I was ravenous and the only person near me was Alandriel as Tempest and Elam had run off possibly effected by my blood. I had enough sense left in my mind to know I needed meat I heard enough of the Risen to know this, I shot up to run in to the streets to hunt down some food for my body wouldn't relent til I had fed. Hunting with ragged wounds and one breast upside down is a sight to see, if I intented to heal then food was the next thing on the agenda.

Lolz of the day:

[19:50]  Blueray Darkes: I'm an undead zombie demon and you're totally staring at my tits
*Marv plays a gesture*
[19:50]  Marv Whittaker: Ahh, sorry..I didn't hear you. I was staring at your breasts.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

The weary

I've been away...

Half the time I don't even recall where I've been or where I'm going, but the thing that stays with me is that I'm worn down and worn out. Sure a wedding was a great thing to break up the monotone of my current existance, that my time spent with my husband has also broken up my days in to a whirlwind of pure love and longing. An embracement of fullfillment I haven't had in such a long time, I digress from the topic at hand though I forget what it was I was meant to say.

What am I supposed to do?

Once more it seems that history repeats itself that while I idle away somewhere, my family seems to be doing even better without me. Elamyrath has been promoted to Obscurum a role I wanted for myself, Lacey and Jessicka have become Matriarchs. I wonder where I fit now when I'm being left behind, I'm running the Black market and doing my duties that I have currently abandoned in order to have a break. Such is the way things are even demons get tired, I happen to do so when I  have worked myself to the point of being unable to carry on.

I will recover my energy, I will begin to work once again.

Just not right now!

Lolz of the day:

[17:26]  Asher Blitz: hit wrong button can you tp me back?
[17:26]  Asher Blitz: not sure how that happened
[17:26]  Blueray Darkes: I tped you where now?
[17:26]  Asher Blitz: gah
[17:26]  Asher Blitz: !
[17:27]  Asher Blitz: nvm
[17:27]  Blueray Darkes: Hi to you too
[17:27]  Asher Blitz: i apparently am a born again noob
[17:27]  Blueray Darkes: Congratulations, here's your robe and bible
[17:28]  Asher Blitz: thanks :P

[OOC: I've been out of CoLA for a couple of weeks now, ever since I almost had a third black out my head has been funny. Its been constant for one week then I had pills, now its on and off as if someone is playing with a switch in my head. Half the time I can't even concentrate on roleplaying, I have continued to try and find some outside the sim in other places. If I feel capable enough I will drop in to LA to roleplay, otherwise I'm not there and I'm on a break til I'm a hundred percent better. Thank you!]

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Weddings and submissions

I remember the first time I got married at least two years ago almost three, Picket simply said lets get married and that was that it became so. That woman I marvel at how she had the gall to even organise her own wedding, yet she did it simply because it had to be the best non mushy wedding ever.

We had gore!

A blood fountain, black satanic bible, roasted humans both on a spit fire and on the table, our priest was the one and only Dimentox self proclaimed ruler of Toxia. He even allowed us to use his castle for our honey moon, we were grateful and allowed him to see pictures of ourselves on every surface in that place. Why everyone got naked after the wedding still baffles me, our vows were the most unique ever. Such as vowing to cheat on one another, with as many people as we can. Hehe.

Time passes I love and lost but that is such as things should be, that fate is at times a cruel creature who dangles such pretty things only to snatch them away. I often thought that my love for my Lord could never be dampened or quenched, I had been most terribly wrong about that when I had gotten close to Xan. Xan that man I ate and re-built with my own body's flesh, Xan that zombie who showed me that love isn't just pain and sadness. Xan the one who always makes me smile who is by my side at all times, in person or in spirit for he lives in my heart that place I once had reserved he now fills. Xan he may not be romantic or a mush filled pile of puss, he shows me the greatest of affections in his own way. He knows my needs and wants without me even speaking them, then he is made from me so what better person to understand me.

Xan my love who makes me want for no other, who has my attention so completely my eyes do not wander.

Such is a demon's devotion once found and earned.

And because of all this Picket with no malice at all in her being for she had become my daughter, well those were strange circumstances of how my sister becomes my daughter but I digress. Picket decided that Xan and I should get married, without any need of him proposing for she had said so therefore it shall be. Once more Picket organised my entire wedding, I made it perfectly clear she would still be my wife. Can't get rid of me that easily I still love Picket as I have always loved her, we knew these things might happen eventually. While she got all things prepared I went around inviting friends old and new to the ceremony, even those from other factions I respect and tolerate yet wouldn't hesitate slicing a new hole if the opportunity arose.

Pieter my Lord also appeared to witness this event, my father couldn't make it so my step mother was there. When he got attached to that demoness whore I will never know, for the last time I saw her and Janvier together he was adamant she should go back to Hell and rot. Archaic Redemption and Shadows both my new family and my old one had come together, the wedding itself had a circus theme with performers dieing in grisly ways. Our priest this time was the lich Kaine McCallen, a being who had been missing for almost as long as we had been in Toxia up to the year we abandoned it and the time there after. In short three years. Our vows were dark, our rings pleasant, we made out at the alter then we dropped the entire congregation three thousand feet to end the ceremony altogether.

Best wedding ever.

Now I shall talk of submission a thing I had often come to clash with as demons do not submit, not in any fashion and to nobody at all for it means slavery. What I have come to realise is you don't have to be a slave in order to submit to someone, to submit is to put everything that you are in to someone else's hands. To let them have your body, your heart, your soul (if you have one) in to your lover's hands, for them to keep you all of you safe from harm to love and cherish you as only they can. No you don't have to be a slave to be forced in to this, you can do it willingly if that is your desire.

Don't you dare tell anyone or I will rip your tongue out from your head, I submit to the only man who has been deemed worthy enough for my submission. I am no slave, I am no servant. I simply trust him that much. And yes Picket might growl for all she is worth at this...

Xan Portal the man who tamed the wild creature who was untameable, it is he who has her heart and all that she is. He who laid claim upon her silently but had another demand he do it publicly, the one who sits to have a demonic beast rest her head upon his lap.

Unity at its finest...

Lulz of the day:

[10:12]  Death Cookie: (Insert Random Cheery Greeting Here)
[10:13]  Blueray Darkes: (Insert random response involving barbedwires and turtles)
[10:13]  Death Cookie is stunned that Blueray was able to describe CoLA in a single random response!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

What do they know?

I turned my own wife in to a demon one of my own kind, til I had made her thus Janvier's bloodline had stopped at me. In this world I am no longer the last of my particular bloodtype, I can make others and that in itself makes me happy.

Though there are demons in this city I have come to live in, to them I am nothing more than a stupid thing and utterly worthless. To me they are nothing more than self pompous imps who have forgotten, that evil is more than what they are and goes beyond orgies and sucking on your own cock. I pride myself on being one of the few female demons who doesn't have meat swinging between her legs, also pride myself on being higher than a lowly Succubus and Incubus of which sort seems to populate the very corner where the demons live. It's no wonder that sex is so previlant among their members...

If I was an older demoness I might be able to stand against them to prove myself, but I've been one for three years almost four I think. So though I know I'm powerfull by right of heritage they are older by millions of years, they are also Hell born unlike myself and therefore they already know the things I should and can make me eat road. How I envy such power and age.

They mock me...

Back in Toxia there is a Pit that is built over the most wonderful volcano, in this Pit is a faction called House of Shadows and for two years I served it well even leading it at one point. Most of us were demons with a few creatures of a darker nature dwelling with us, we ruled by dealing out fear by attacking from the shadows by our deeds alone it made the locals hate us and fear us. We were terror we were fear we were evil we were Shadows... I wanted so badly to have the ability to rip all the LA demons apart for mocking that House, it used to be great so sad it has fallen in to such disrepute even on the island it resides in.

Now we come to the last of myself being mocked mostly by Michel, if his words were true that all demons are trapped in Hell... Then how come so many of them have managed to escape to the current plain we live on? If Lucifer oh uncle Lucifer was so decidely trapped down there, then how come the bible states he spoke to this Jesus in the desert? Even if I had done what Michel demanded of me none of them would even listen or even heed my requests, but would most likely resort to nothing but more laughing and calling me a fool. Do you really think I think its that easy?

I've done it! Everything I know and learned I've taught myself over the years after I was turned, I have created the ritual circle that not only combines blood, fire, demon runes and the points of the compass; but also two of the Sixteen words taught to me by the fallen Arch angel Soriel himself. I don't know what language these words are perhaps it is one used before time began, I had seen Soriel open a portal to the Cthulu that ended with one of them possessing one of the very last babies born in Toxia. Saying all the words together sends you to the Dream realm, its not the best place to go if you have a dysfunctional past... Going through these portals means I have to fight my way in, fight my way out and even sometimes fight the very person I'm trying to bring back. Its not easy... It is also a risk to myself since I leave my shell behind using it as an anchor, if I don't have enough people feeding me energy then I may end up trapped in Hell myself without even saving anyone.

The LA demons have done no favours for me, and I see no point in doing any for them at all. Besides they aren't my family and if they are so fucking great they can get their own tool back, I don't assist outsiders here and I certainly didn't back in my old home either. Fucking go rot all of you, you will never listen to me at all or learn from me. I will always be a traitor to our kind, because I want to eat chaos and I am a monster. I know my skills, powers and acomplishments mean nothing to anyone here other than the ones I live with, I will endure the mockery til I'm strong enough to smash all their stupid faces in to the sidewalk. Yet I know what I've done!

Have you ever felt like you're a sailor lost at sea? When you come to port it feels like home so you stay til you go out again, the next time you return it doesn't feel familar anymore so you wonder if this is home. So you go out again and the next time you come back that home feeling is there, and this is the place you belong to. I am losing that feeling of belonging, I sometimes feel I don't belong with the zombies and dead anymore than I don't belong with the demons. I'm that sailor lost at sea with no directions home.

*She then casts a spell of replication upon the journal page before tearing it out of her book, another spell of protection to stop it from becoming unreadable. The demoness digs a deep hole in the sand of the beach at SMD and buries it, so if anyone that finds it may see her own taunts and mockery to those around her. It will also replicate itself unless someone breaks the spell.*

Lulz of the day:

In skype:
Picket: Who's Tim Westwood?
Blueray: He's a white rapper
Xan: No he isn't he's a prick

OOC info: Doing this just to generate a small bit of roleplay, only those who are sensetive to demon magicks or very strong emotions can actually find this journal page. The emotion felt would be Hate. Also the page will disintergrate after four days, and the original will return to her journal.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Wet willy

Reenie goaded me in to pranking Elam not that I need much goading in to anything, she increased the volume of some water and I manipulated it. Wrapping it around my adopted brother slowing the molucles in the liquid to make it solidify, I encased him inside a block of frozen ice until he woke up at least. At that point I decided to beign to let him go, soon as his head was free he began screaming he was going to kill us.

Well I aint one to run from a challenge or a decent fight, specially not among my own family members. I hadn't expected him to leap at him and knock me on to my back, I was expecting a punch to the face or something like that to be honest. Elam sucked on his finger then shoved it in to my ear yelling about a "Wet willy", now I've had a few lovers but what  he did is certainly not a wet willy. It doesn't feel all that fun either actually it feels really weird, I guess this thing is a human concept... I never heard of one before.

My first wet willy... Fuck that shit aint even funny.

Lulz of the day:

Xan hands on hips: Super penis

Monday, 14 March 2011

Sooooooo. . .

I guess it's time for some sort of an update in this journal, not that I have much to write right now. Days have dragged on in slow motion, with few oppurtunities to hurt something living. I have managed to mangle something that screams, also assist in cutting up a dead Hell dragon. I never thought I would see one ever considering my first sire had the heart of one, its that what can be seen in me as draconic traits.

I have had no time to sit down and ponder over the various pieces of information about demons I have received, Michel fitted in another piece of the puzzle. Not all demons in the Brood are just one sin, many of them are combination of sins but prefer one as their main. Like me... With things how they are thinking on such things hasn't been permitted, its sort of been shoved to the back of my mind til I can find some peace and quiet to dwell on it.

Recently we have had a new batch of recruits come in, some of them new altogether some of them I know from Toxia and glad to have around. These newlings will need to be whipped in to shape, I'm certain will be able to do that pretty soon and do a good job.

Necroville currenly has a king of liches living in our well, I never mess around with liches let along a king of them. If our leader Tempest has knelt to it in honour and respect, I suppose I better do the same if I ever see it. We are to make sacrifices to it in order to gain beneficial things, and I suppose to feed it too since it must be hungry. Anything for power right?

Lolz of the day:

[22:14] ℰℓąო nods at that and said casually "Oh, hey....well let me convey my apologies for that. We over here at the Chop Shop take pride in our maiming, and for you to not be maimed properly is's just not right. So, what i'm gonna do for you here is I'm going to give you the maiming of your life, so you can see how we've improved, sound good?" he said almost too calmly.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Its the things I don't know...

Yeah its the things I don't know that get to me, like when Domino says demons make the most sinfully delicious human type food. Or when Omen says a Lord will help siphon off my madness and keep it under control, to be told that there is a way to be under one of the Seven without following.

Omen and I we're both related to Belial not as followers but as spawn, though Omen is older than I and perhaps a son of Belial one that both my uncle and father don't know about. Though it doesn't surprise me that the bastard would have spawned more than two sons, as Belial like his son Janvier are hornballs specially if they get whiskey down their necks. I'm no exception either its why I try not to drink...

A few days ago one of our new Risen had shown up again, Sky Foehammer. I offered him a chance to see some things no one else gets to see, he accepted it since he was curious and I bid him to drink my blood. We spoke for a while on the street about what has been going on, who joined who left afterwards he suggested we go for a drink unless I wasn't interested in hanging out. I accepted the offer we went to the bar, getting our drinks to then sit at a table to talk of other things.

I got no idea why I opened up to Sky perhaps because I knew he wouldn't tell anyone, or that he is rarely around so would be unable to tell no one of my current concerns. I suppose in some small way he reminded me of Skyler, who had dropped in once for two weeks now to pester me while I dj for KCLA. I needed to talk... I needed Skyler to re-inforce to me that my decisions were just, that I shouldn't doubt myself. Skyler wasn't there and neither is Pieter, the two men in my life I had often turned to for advice were no longer a constant. One who tells me to return to the Pit, the other long since vanished. Its a hard thing to swallow when I'm so used to relying on them, over the last year I have had to rely on myself to tell myself I'm doing fine. In truth I am except when things shift and change, to throw me curveballs that cause me to stumble and then second guess myself.

So here I am in the Zodiac with an atmosphere similar to the Haven, strange that this place is actually two years behind the island I left. I poured out every word I could of everything that I been told by Omen to me, he saw the scarring on my right arm demanding to know who hurt me. I told him it was Omen he done it months ago after we fought, he healed my injuries when I wouldn't back down and submit to his collar but he left me that scar. I have only dealt with Hell ice once that was when I had to get Tom back, he was an ice demon who had lost his shell he ruled over the ice level in Hell itself. I never fought Hell Ice I never seen ice that doesn't melt when thrown against Hell fire, it was a vicious fight caused by Omen not understanding that my true form was a sign of hunger not of war. However I relished that fight the violence, I had wanted to be fucked by him so bad back then for I was miserable with my marionette. Alone, unwanted, miserable. That blasted thing only showed up when I was at the end of my tether with dire need, I had nothing else to releive myself with other than my scaled tail.

How things change... I'm happy now!

Sky didn't care that it was months ago he was furious I got hurt at all, I had Shadows who were like that with me back in the day. Now I got AR who are like that now, it still amazes me how I can install such respect and fury when I'm defeated or injured. I don't like a lot of people though I despise them, my family however I will protect and adore perhaps this is why. I heal though I always heal, that is the one thing they forget. Part of the heritage blood that heals, blood that causes others to see the other plain, blood that makes the mind weak that can cause easy possession or some form of insanity. What strange and wonderous blood. Eventually Sky ran out the bar with full moon so close ad his Risen temper, I think it was best he did that. I won't have him starting a war with Brood for something that was already sorted, some people are just hot heads at the end of the day.

The question that now hangs between him and me is "Do I want to learn"? The thing I can't figure out is what is it that I want to learn of my own kind, that I haven't already learned from Pieter and Kishi or by observing the other demons? A lot of the antics they get up to are common, base and crude. Rarely have I seen a Brood demon tear another apart though I have witnessed once, I was happy to see it for finally I thought they were being demons. It was shortlived. Far too many demons deal in Lust while other sins are overlooked, it has gotten to the point where people assume I am a Succubus therefore I must deal in Lust first and primary that means I fuck.

These people are so very wrong, that their assumptions make me sick.

I'm a royal blood, high demon, my main sin is Pride the second is Wrath. The last and final one is Lust, I save that for my mate and my sisterwife. Even if I wasn't mated I would be saving such things for those I deemed worthy of it, to be fucking honest not a lot of people in LA are worthy of my last sin.

Lulz of the day:

[14:22] Mac Gaelyth: i see 'Blueray Darkes' and i think 'craaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy bluedemon lady.'

Thursday, 13 January 2011

I do not know

Working class demon... A demon demands all working class demons are given more imps, riches and freedom, I sort of laugh at that kind of thing as I am neither working class or restricted by such servitude. Unlike my brethen I retained freedom a royal blood descended, perhaps my decision not to abide by the Seven has left me more alienated than I thought.

I'm also extremely unique I know that, there is no demon that is just like me. I am being told so many things, its started tugging at me yet still I refuse to listen. Stubborn I dig in my heels in once more unease settles in, I begin to feel out of place. It will pass...

Lulz of the day:

[15:09] Mac Gaelyth: oh dear god
[15:09] Mac Gaelyth: my typo made a new word that's perfect for cola
[15:10] Mac Gaelyth: Extrapeolating.
[17:39] Xombie Khaos: If Blue committed a crim and left behind a ton of evidence would we have to label them as Blue's Clues?
[17:39] Xombie Khaos: crime*
[17:39] Cat Helse: ...yes
[17:39] Maiel Edenflower: well then...just let me get my Handy Dandy Note-book!
[17:40] Cat Helse: And we'd have to sit down on our thinking chair and think.
[17:42] Blueray Darkes stabs youall
[17:43] Xombie Khaos is stabbed. It's hawwt.
[17:43] Rhaeon Thor loves it
[17:43] Cat Helse: Do it againnn
[17:43] Blueray Darkes stabs you all again, "Now Picket is singing the think song"
[17:44] Maiel Edenflower is stabbed and keeps talking. "so what would Blue wanna do with a knife, blood and a list of all our names. *pauses* That's it! Murder!"
[17:45] Xombie Khaos: Let's all sing about murder, kids!