Friday, 24 October 2008

Oktober Festival/Memory lane

Scattered in orderly about the beach down in South were the booths of every clan of the city, I strolled along the sand long since trampled under many feet. My horns were turned black and adorned with a pumpkin each, I even shapeshifted my tail to be orange and fluffy. My nails painted orange matching the colour of my hair, my eyes had gone red and I wore a mainly black dress of short proportions. Boots covered in spiderweb left my tracks on the packed sand, I walked to the booth my family had. Kissing... Poisoned kisses.

Across the air we called for the residents to come kiss Shadows, Delrith stepped up dipped me low. The kiss was passionate enflaming something old and dead, something I had spent ages trying to keep dead. Pieter got the biggest crowd drawing in many women wanting a piece of him, he's a known flirt he loves the female attention gives them what they want. Once I was free to wander I did so, trying out some of the other booths.

Picket had come with me she had begun to regain some of her memories, but she still wasn't the woman I had married. Though I controlled my form once again I was still somewhat distraught, to be honest who wouldn't be when the woman is no longer the same? I wandered away from the beach to escape the noise, more so I just wanted peace there I was in the library again. My footsteps always led here for many things, just wish I could stop and stay home for once. I didn't hear Delrith come up behind me, I was trying to see the salamanders in the fireplace.

We spoke of love and hate of our past and of Picket, though I hated him I still loved him. Other than the Shadows he had always been a constent in my life ever since I met him in Toxia, I had loved and lost before; the names of the men make me bitter. I was much as a part of Delrith as he was of me, that couldn't be helped it was half of his heart that turned me first. He made the body incomplete, it was Janvier who finished what was begun. So I am a powerful being with potential to be great, and without help I had sought to master it all. My thoughts scattered.

His arms around me once again after my admittance, his lips pressed to mine the taste of him a pang of old times long gone. There was no one in this time and place but us, we sought to tread the old path we once walked together. Passionate was the kiss that broke only for him to lead me up the steps to the second floor, he had my back against one of the columns feeding my body with his wants. In the throes of mating our locked and intertwined bodies smashed against the bookcase, the books fell down around us and we didn't even care for our thoughts were of one another. We were violent, brutal, rough, burning as hot as any fire in Hell, truely two demons with nothing but extreme pleasure on mind.

I kissed him at the end one final time, incinerating evidence of our carnel desires with fire. Fire cleanses almost everything, even the mess left on my body and my ripped clothes. My shadow provided me with new clothes that I put on as I walked out of the library, useful storage device I don't know how I lived without it all these years. The world is my oyster and I skipped down the steps to the street, only looking back once to return again as I still have to finish bringing back my sisterwife.

Lulz of the day:

[7:52] DCS2 2.40: Suyuan Quan OOC: Omg... looking for an outfit for today and I find that you can have sex with a pumpkin. >_<

Monday, 20 October 2008

Handful of events/That's not Picket

With nothing better to do but appear as strong as ever for the sake of the family, I sought out research material from where ever I could on Mending and resurrection. To those who saw me often I now longer smiled or showed any emotion, I had grown colder and distant in a bid to keep myself going. I'm a Shadow, a demoness and I have to make sure no one sees a weakness, also my own position does not allow me to break. I still could not form my appearence, my true self was allowed to be seen at all times.

Picket is gone there is some small sliver of hope we can get her back, her essence is by the lava of the Pit. A guarded grave. To make matters slightly more complicated that idiot Choi had to come over with her little angel buddies, they there simply because Shaynee and Brianna paddled in their pool. Choi almost destroyed Picket completely, she dropped a bottle of holy water down to the lava. Thank Lucifer it missed but they had outdone their welcome, they were attacked for their dis-respect to a grave. Idiot Choi.

With business done and finished with back home I left the confines of the Pit, headed up to North to get more books from the Library. Of all days to have Delrith return to the city, he was overly happy to see me. I wasn't in much of a mood to talk to him but talk I did, he was here for himself instead of for everyone else. He had become an Omegan, slightly better than a Righteous. I walked by Delrith's side to the library, he directed me to the right bookcase for what I wanted. The library began to get full of Omegans and conversation twisted and turned, mainly centered around that Picket wouldn't be Picket if she came back. I couldn't take anymore so I got up and left declared Delrith a consequence, I went outside for some air just for some space and he had followed me.

His arms wrapped around me held me to him, in that instant everything was old and familar yet new. I turned to face him the demon who had made my body but not my heart, the demon who I made life Hell for on a regular basis. He held me embraced me like none of that mattered, and I clung to him finally allowing myself to break down in to sobs. Few words were spoken between us we didn't need to talk really, he said he would be here if I needed him. After all this time after all I done. Time and time again he had come to me helped me out and saved me, each time I repaid him in nothing but aggression and hate. Love and hate are the same you can not hate without love, it was now that I understood.

I returned home in the evening only to find Denenthorn or Magpie as I call him, come sneaking his way through the back door of the Pit. He said loudly he knew what I been doing said he wanted to help, in order to do so he wanted a portal to Hell and he wanted it now. We went down to the lava I redrew the pentagram I once made to summon a demon, only I put symbols and words that I had learnt from Lorne around it to. All of it was done in my own blood once I finished it Denenthorn handed me two feathers, the white one to give to Brit and the black to burn in the lava with Picket if he didn't come back. Then he was gone in to Hell without a trace other than the feathers I now held, Lorne looked down through the glass he told me not to do as the jackass said. For if Magpie did not return Lorne declared he himself would go to Hell and bring them both back, then do some rather humerous things so that the only thing Magpie could do was have tea parties with dolls.

I only moved from that spot when I had pressing matters to attend to, such as seeing potentials or doing my daily walk of the city. It appears Kytara has found Quiet who has been missing for some time, she has been turned in to a cat and trapped in her own mind by Saha also known as George. Though Quiet had been set free from where Saha had caged her, she was weak and couldn't gain full control of her body.. It isn't just her body anymore now is it? I managed to convince Saha to see Quite as her mother, look after her and learn from her. In the same respect I explained to the little one why Quiet did what she did, and in turn she has to learn from Saha as well in order for the two to work together in harmony. Such is life throwing out curveballs.

Upon Denenthorn's return he bought Picket back from Hell, only she was not Picket she didn't recognise anyone or acknowledge any of us. She kept asking who commanded her and damned me for not being loyal to the Dark Lord, I will never follow Uncle Lucifer I have no need to. Picket doesn't understand we're all family but right now she only sees linage and blood ties, understandably Jason is upset he says she should have stayed dead.

That's not Picket.....

My loss is made greater by this demoness who looks like Picket, feels like Picket and yet isn't Picket at all.

Blueray Quote:

Blueray Darkes tut tuts rather loudly, her lips were tugged in to a cruel smile. Aw the true nature of a beast when its treasure is touched, she had heard tales of it but never seen it for herself. "You really want to die so easily? You are asking and interfering about things you know nothing about, I suggest you do not touch Brit again. Either way I enjoy the show you will create"

Friday, 17 October 2008

The grieving demoness

Once again I find myself in the library, I flew at the bookcase tossing books off the shelves. Grr saw what I was doing he came to see what I was up to, his movements were cautious making sure he was slow. I watched him as I hissed waiting for him to move wrong, he spoke to the library it responded.

While I read the books the library gave me other Omegans entered, one of them being Joah who also began to speak. I know I'm a danger but this over excessive caution was driving me mad. Joah had been correct in saying I couldn't form my appearence, my wings, spikes were out even my skin was black as it naturally was.

I wanted blood and Denenthorne's would be the one I want, it was his fault that his enemy murdered Picket. Despite the warnings of Omega and her underlings, my orders are if he is near the Pit then take him down and take his blood.

A grieving demoness is unstable, a ticking time bomb ready to go off at any moment.

Lulz of the day:

[15:53] Wotan Aeon looks down at Saha..and thinks about lunch
[15:53] Quiet Thunders thinks about where she left her squeeky mousie
[15:54] Brianna Willenov thinks about world domination.
[15:54] Cedahlia Fouroux thinks about pinky and the brain
[15:54] Kobe Ariel trys to think but fails

Thursday, 16 October 2008

R.I.P. Picket McDonnell

I was away...

On the mainland I felt it anyway, a tear that tore me asunder from the inside out. At the time I didn't know what it was, and once it passed I let it be thinking nothing of it. If only I had returned to Toxia that night, if only I could have been there to stop it.


She was killed and torn from me, my sister wife the only other who was made just the same as I. We were a pair roaming the streets of the city making mayhem, when I was sad and she wasn't near by all I had to do was look at this stone. Now the stone just reminds me of what I had lost, nothing was ever going to bring her back.

Now I wonder empty, lost with nothing going on inside anymore. I will make that bastard pay he broke his promise to me, but she was close to Denethorne that angel. I will exact my vengence.

My Picket, my Picket... I still love you and now I am more lost than I was before.

Monday, 13 October 2008

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Nothing perosnal

It's one of those days when nothing is going right and you wonder how it can get worse, while you're standing there wondering its already waiting for you at the footsteps of your own home. I saw her in The Pit I didn't allow anyone else to touch her, she was mine to abuse and I'll be damned by Legion for it. At least it would be me who harmed her, there she was strange as ever

Joah turns her gaze toward Blue, but the familiar smile isn't there. "We need to talk, Blue".

I shrug and give a flat reply, "Perhaps".

Yes we need to talk but I'm not going to mention anything on it, when you deal with me you're on a knife edge. One slip is all it takes.

She steps closer to me, unfolding her arms from her chest.

I finger the hilt of my dagger drawing it out, I look at Joah with something akin to sadness. A soft sigh of resignation, as my touch brushes over the dagger hilt.

She eyes the dagger. "Blue . . . " Joah frowns. "Is it true that you tried to use that on Grr? In the Library?"

I told her straight out, "Its not like I can feel bad about it, I got no guilt its nothing personal Joah".

"What do you mean . . . "nothing personal? When you draw a weapon on my lover, it becomes personal". Her eyes move from the blade to my own eyes. Her face is not angry, but rather full of concern.

I toss the blade in to the air and catch it. I'm just showing off for her, proving I'm capable with a blade well as my own words. "It will become personal for the whole group". I get closer to her.

I was getting uncomfortable with all the talk, I should have been done now and booted her down the steps. I kept hesitating I can do it, I turned on so many before this woman I can do it now.

Flame licks up in Joah's eyes as I step closer. "What do you mean, Blue"?

Off handedly I say, "Its just family business, you always knew it would come to this at some point".

At some point it would be personal for those who are in the same clan, its not personal to me its business. Or what I love to refer as work, and the devil be damned I enjoy my work.

"Speak plainly, Blue. I know you. What you are. What you were. And the woman . . . is not gone. No matter how hard you try to kill her off". Her words not mine, they sound familar.

Simply put, "Family comes first, I do as I have to. Joah I got no conscience, I can not feel bad or guilt over anything. Legion ate that part of my soul before I turned".

"That's not true, Blue. I saw you as a feline. I saw your spirit". Joah, Joah...

I looked at her then, I felt upset strange for me. "Sadness and loss are not the same as guilt, you can ask Legion yourself because I asked her to eat the part I did not want. I got rid of it because of what I had done".

I can't feel guilt its not even remotely possible, if I got my soul back I still wouldn't feel it. That part is missing its gone, when I was still a werewolf I made a bargain with Legion. I drew her out of Lorne I wanted to speak with the broken one, I offered her part of my soul so I could continue my path and not feel bad about it. Delrith tried to stop it he didn't want me to do it, I had but mere days ago broken every bone in his body. He loves me and it was that love that caused me guilt, Delrith was my first true lover in this city the first one I had after my own brother. And I loved the demon still so I offered myself to Legion, and Legion gave me a boon.

Joah steps closer to me. As she does so, a violet flame begins to shimmer around her.

I grip the hilt of my dagger, lost between two minds but I must obey. "... Joah".

Joah begins to pulse prana (I seen that before) toward me, a rush of warmth licks over my body. "You are my friend. This is not business. I know you. What you are. What you were. Perhaps what you may one day become".

I nod to her, "I'm quite capable of hurting friends, just ask Pix and Delrith". Looks at her, "Don't start predicting the future, I get enough of that from Rayden".

I was telling the truth they did used to be friends including Choi, look how that ended up twice I beaten on Pix. I ate half of Choi's liver after hurting her a bit with my family, then there was Delrith. Several ties were broken that way and I do get a kick out of making Pix upset, everytime I dropped words of our past she flinches. Rayden however was one I hadn't harmed yet, he knew things about the future so he had a use. The vampire was ever watchful of me, informing me that I had potential for something big yet never telling me what it was.... I sort of hate Seers.

Joah reaches up toward the dagger, and the violet flame licks up my arm. The feeling is warm and comfortable. A scent begins to surround the two of us, the aromas that make me mostly hunger for love. "You are more than friend, Blue. I don't understand why. Or how. You are family".

I'm gripping my dagger tighter my blue eyes flash with inner light, "You are not a Shadow, you can't be family".

My family are the Shadows and will always be the Shadows, I owe them so much and have devoted my life to them. This love that I feel is for them and deep down I want it to be given back to me, I thought I could cherish it forever when I got close to one. They turned away from me, I watch them with a broken heart that my sister is now slowly fixing with me. The sister that I married, in a glorious, demonic ritual.

The flames pulse and undulate around Joah and toward me in endless shades of violet with gradations of purple and pink. "Not Shadow family. Not Omegan family. You and I alone. Family".

I begin biting on my lips making blood well up, "What..."?

Joah's body begins to look almost transparent as the flames curl up from beneath her feet, passing through and around her body and over her head. "We are, Blue," Joah whispers. "Bonded to each other".

I shake my head rising my knife, "Joah for once don't talk in riddles".

More often than not I am inclined to listen to Joah's words whether they are riddles or not, I find like few of the Omegans I have spoken with that her words are heavy with meaning. Though I despied the red skin Pontifex for stealing from the Shadows, I did admire my conversations with him and his willingness to harm others. Oh silly red skin if only you knew it was myself, who told Shadows who had stolen from them in the first place.

Joah is aware of Aary and Bri, but keeps her eyes focused on me while I didn't notice anyone else around. She steps closer, attempting to lay a hand on my cheek. "Haven't you ever wondered, Blue, why we are friends? Why we watch each other's backs, even though we are light and dark? Why we dream the same dreams"?

I frown down at her shaking my head, "I don't know, I hardly know anything".

Everything around me wasn't there anymore, I was barely aware that someone mentioned fate and destiny. My whole focus and attention were set on the woman before me, I couldn't tell who said it. I don't know much and what I do know is the rumours and gossip of the city, I appear simple or even idiotic to those who wish to see just that. Pontifex, Joah and yes even Lorne know better.

"No. Not destiny". Joah reaches up to brush my hair back from my eyes. Her expression is tender, but she is aware of the dagger in my hand. "We are, Blue".

I sighed, "I only have my twin brother, and he is lost to me right now".

The flames around Joah lick up and over me, enveloping me in a shimmer of violet and purple. "We are, Blue. Family". Joah pulses prana toward me, not taking, but giving and opening her thoughts to me.

"Picket isn't going to be happy.....", I couldn't hold back the disappointment in that fact.

My sister has been unhappy of late with certain members of the Omegan Institute, I don't rightly understand it.

Joah Menjou smiles fondly at Blue, but a bit wistfully.

I grin slightly looking at her, "Drinking buddies is how we started dear".

Joah smiles again at me and nods.

The day I met Joah I was in the Haven and as always my guard was up, I hate people unless I'm connected to them somehow. For whatever reason us two began to drink together, I had gotten a fondness for vodka. As a demon I can't get drunk unless the amount is excessive, as a wolf I drank often to drown out my memories. I only drank when Kumori wasn't around and since she left that left me open to drink when I wanted, its a bad habit but one that got me through my harsh times with the Pack after I left them. If I had been a weak woman I would have died after going through that, instead it made me stronger more determined to live. In the end it made me darker. Here we were Joah and I sitting at a table drinking vodka, from that day on we often sought one another out. Strange how everything went from there.

I sheaths my dagger after relenting to not injuring the woman, I flick my tail behind me and Legion will be happy to know I didn't harm her.

Joah takes her hand from my cheek and lowers it to my hand. The flames begin to draw back into her, like waves lapping gently, they cascade from me, over her arms, drifting back into herself. "Perhaps I'd better head back to the Library," she says quietly.

Two days before we had sat talking about our dreams of the Horsemen, I demanded to see the Salamanders. Matter of fact I still want to see them.

I tilt my head watching Joah closely, I could feel my spikes and wings wanting to come out through my skin. I rarely show my true form I like to keep it hidden, to appear more normal out in the open unless I feel typically in a bad mood. Or lack the energy to keep the shape.

She kisses me lightly on the lips. "Be careful".

"... Joah...", I kiss her back, just to taste her like before in the library. On the day Emo-boy took her to the other realm, to try and rescue the brat who was trapped there. "I still don't know what you are".

Which is true I got no idea what Joah is, she appears to be human but is far from being human.

Joah smiles enigmatically at me. "You will".

"One day"? I asked.

Joah nods.

I smile ruefully.

She turns slowly, hugs me, and steps outside the door.

I sigh hugging her, I watched her go.

There she goes a puzzlement even to me, a human that isn't human and has avoided being on the end of my dagger. I turn my back on her to head in to The Pit, I sit in the largest throne as I do when Pieter or Kishi aren't around. I needed to think and the more I did so, the more confused I got.... Its still raining.

Joah's point of view

Lulz of the day:

[14:31] Rizal Rotaru: YES! *jumps on bri and humps her bread sticks and cheese* XD
[14:32] Blueray Darkes: Okay Bri now you got breadsticks and cheese covered in Rizzy's special sauce
[14:32] Brianna Willenov was gonna eat those D:
[14:32] Rizal Rotaru eats them "not anymore!"
[14:32] Blueray Darkes: .... Wow

Friday, 10 October 2008


Pitter patter, pitter patter. Sound of the ever falling rain on the ground, strange how the streets are not flooded like the tales of when it happened before. I do not like the changes within the Kindred Alliance, though my dealings with them have become less now due to its "leadership".

Death takes my hand to lead me in to the Shelter, I see those white twins again but they vanished. I was told it is because their true forms had entered the building, I remembered Joah saying the twins were Void without form. Upon the moving picture box I see all those images I did when I was awake, of war and famine and disease, now I can see where each horseman stands in the image causing it all.

"We will devour"

I turned to face Death he who speaks with a voice that rasps, my lips thinned as I frowned. "You can not devour all".

Death looked at me with those eye sockets filled with nothing but blackness, and for once in my life I shivered in fear at something other than the dungeon. "We will do as we wish, none shall stop us".

"I can't let you".

Then he laughed. A noise that sounded like claws scratching down a chalkboard, throw in a buzz saw for good measure and thats about the sound of his laugh. "You will help us, you do already little demoness".

My fists clenched making my claws dig in to my palms, "I do not help anyone, I serve my family as I always have done".

"You cause death and chaos", he replied flatly.

"You will help us to devour all".

Joah's first dream
Joah's second dream
Joah's third dream
Joah's fourth dream
Four horsemen

Lulz of the day:

[16:41] Bato Brendel: Its okay blue I just like you. you okay in my personal book.
[16:42] Blueray Darkes: Only cos I aint ripped out your intestines yet and used them for skipping ropes

Thursday, 2 October 2008

She said she called him...

I'm dreaming......

How I realise this when the dream is not even the usual, twisted nightmare anymore I don't know. Things have been getting odder by the day for me here, the Dreaming didn't help maybe that's why I got dragged to see the brat.

No one can figure it out, no one whys I dream of the horsemen.

Toxia. The rain falls on my skin its slight toxicity burning me, there is no pain because I'm dreaming. Burns and heals, burns and heals, a continious cycle as I look up at the sky not caring if I was hurt. I don't scar I don't take forever to heal my injuries, I'm better than that it was made sure of when I was turned. I am the human who lost her home, the wolf who lost her restraints, and I am the demoness who lost her humanity. The city is mine I roam its streets, I depart my seeds of chaos where I see fit. The residents I dislike are my playthings only they don't know it, I derive amusment from their re-actions to me how some think I'm good. Others know better they spit at me and curse my name, I just smile because its what I want.

Few that gain my like of them are still wary of me, they know I can turn on them for a whim or when ordered to do so. Always family first before any other, this they know hence the danger they put themselves in. Why? Just because people like to live on the edge, dance with the devil if you will. Yes, yes this city is mine is ours belongs to my family, and I'm playing in the street thinking of the next plot.

All stands still when I hear those hooves, they thundered from the docks coming out of the sea. Behind me they stop their beasts pawing the ground as the rain falls around, I turn to face them for nothing scares me anymore my back is to the Haven. Death holds his hand out for me, I knew Death been embraced by him twice listened to him whisper to me before I was ripped from him and bought back. I danced with Death first when the sword in my heart killed me, and second when I died on the alter for the second time I left Death's arms. I claim it was all black, I simply lied for I didn't want others to know. No hope for the mortals. His brothers clamour quietly behind him as they wait, I reached up for his hand.....

"We will come", he rasped his voice sounding like old paper.

I don't care what they do long as they leave my family alone, leave the few non-Shadows I like alone. Touch them and I will stand in their way, beat them back and defeat them. No one touches my family.

"Let me taste your destruction", I reply. I'm sitting on the horse again, we're riding through the city...... Joah said she called him, a knight in white armour. A knight known as Death. And this time the demoness is me, its my dream not a twisted memory. Tonight it was all me.

Joah's first dream
Joah's second dream
Joah's third dream

Lulz of the day:

[16:40] Amy Guisse: Note to self, hump boggy from behind.
[16:40] Pieter Seelowe: nooooooo! boggy needs to hump females and get taddpoles
[16:40] Amy Guisse: No fuckin way am I havin his tadpoles lol
[16:42] Amy Guisse runs off to the abortion clinic ASAP after potential boggy insemination[16:45] Amy Guisse makes a disguested face as she flings another glob off her shirt, finally being boggy seed free "Never again... until next time."