Tuesday, 17 June 2008

The ferry

The ocean is a mass of water I never hoped to cross great distances over again, yet I have started spending time viewing it. I try to visit the mainland to either shop or search for my twin, but always always in vain do I look. Ocean you carried me to this new life, and I thank whatever being that presides over your rule.

There are myths and legends told where I haunted, stories only for campfire tellings really. Toxian City a place forgotten by most of mankind vieled in obscurity, where law and morals have no meaning for the people there live as they wish. The homeless, the poor and the outcasts like myself wanted a better life, I being all three of these things wished nothing more than a better life.

For a while now I had not been alone for Ashura was forever by my side, but I craved something more than to just have a pet. I missed family that one thing I once had that meant anything, and had been wrecked back when I was a mere child. I learnt of things with Ashura that I otherwise would have never known, and they were fun things indeed I learnt well I gathered.

My wanderings while I begged for food and money in order to keep alive led me to the docks, I never really ventured out here there wasn't a point. My attention had been caught by a well dressed man, who was yelling at the top of his lungs with words that promised so much.

"A one way trip to Toxian City, come see the city of promises. A place where you can have a better life, a better future, all your dreams will come true just step aboard the ferry. No fee".

Okay so the better life and no fee had me hooked from the word go, I looked at Ashura he held on to my tattered clothes staring at me with his wide eyes. He didn't want me to go and he didn't want to leave what was familar, I knelt down in front of him and removed his collar. I swear he cried then all he knew was how to be a pet, but I had offered him freedom and now I thrust it upon him. I left him on the docks as I walked on to the ferry in my wolf form, people moved away from like they always did.

"Bloo", he called to me. Just as my footpaw had been placed on the ramp his arms were around my legs, I looked at him petted his head gave him a hug. "Don't go". My heart quailed he looked so sad, I shook my head telling him I needed to do this and what if my brother had already gone ahead. I let him go.

"Ashura when you have gained the courage, come follow me in to the unknown. Until then stay here get stronger, I'll be in Toxia waiting for you then I will take you back".

That was end of it really he stood on the dock watching me get on the ferry, I never looked back after that not even when I was on board. I didn't need to see the past I just wanted to leave it behind.
I never knew how badly a ferry moved upon the water, the constant up and down motion made me violenty sick. For days I was laid up in bed unable to keep anything down, my sickness wouldn't abate til I had gained some sea legs. When I was able to get up I felt extremely weak unsteady on my paws, there were a few kind people who helped me regain my strength and health.

Wandering around on the decks I found members of races I never thought possible, I went among them to learn what they were for we were in for a very long journey. Vampires, demons, cybers, angels, Drow, nekos/felines, mutants, supernaturals and of course werewolves like myself.

Over the travelling I had made friendships with a few Drow and a werewolf female, the Drow taught me their language and culture and I was a quick learner. The werewolf I hung around with was called Narah, and had a lot of fun making some sort of mischief but it was never too bad it was just for giggles. I never did know what happened to those Drow.
Arrival at Toxian City or Toxia as residents call it was uncermanious, the ramp dropped and we were herded off the ferry on to the docks. Upon seeing the state of the place we knew we had been tricked, this was not a city where dreams came true nor would life be any better here than it was where I had come from. The crowd turned surging to the ferry to try and get back on it, the ferryman had some sort of power that prevented anyone from boarding. No pass no trip back.

Narah and myself spent a few days together in the city, but she got sick from living so near to all the chemicals and toxins. In the end she found a way to get a pass to head back on the ferry, but it only takes you as far as the mainland not that she minded. I had met very few people from my few days, and when Narah left I was alone once again but this time in a city ungoverned and unlawed.

Stop looking at the sea least it swallow you in to its watery depths, for the grave it promises is nothing more than choking death.

Lulz of the day:

[16:46] Jonathon Coage: Lieba?
[16:46] Jonathon Coage: O.o
[16:46] Jonathon Coage: Uh oh.
[16:47] Jonathon Coage: RUN DEV!
[16:47] Journey Maertens: who is Lieba??

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