Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Catnaps and tuna

In the library.. Continued.

Waking up in the library by the fireplace I saw Grr about to sleep, I got up letting him have the cushion I was on. He thanked me then said it was warm, I watched him settle down I ran a hand over his head. Grr murred and I smiled, going to another cushion and curled up for a catnap.

I woke an hour later and stretched myself like a cat would, I was becoming more cat like by the hour and it disturbed me. Severus stood nearby but I ignored the emo demon in order to read my book, flipping the pages to the Earth element absorbed by text as Larrissa and Rago showed up. Apprently I'm cute and adorable as a cat much to my annoyance, even Rago likes me better all fuzzy I have a nicer temperament too. Though things heated up literally when Abigal appeared after her mother left, she realised I was changed from my usual form and spilled hot water on Joah and me.

Yes fine we're even now considering I found it amusing when she got stuck in that man she possessed, but I got a lot of pettings from Abigel the cat in me enjoyed it a lot. Not to mention the catnip covered rat, and the rainbow colouored yarn I was given. Often as not talk turned and turned again, Lorne came up I felt bitter once more about no longer being by his side. Adjust move on, get over it and carry on with my afterlife. Rago has caught a cold Joah atteneded to him with Abby's help, but I left in a hissing rage when the accusations for his illness were laid at my paws.

I don't make illnesses, I don't have to stay to be hassled like that.

I want tuna O.o

Lulz of the day:

[21:38] Lorne Harlequin get's distracted at a critical moment by "Head points" and ends up whipping the trailer hitch of an army truck, instead of the lamp post, yanking him, and the brianna cart onto the holy rickshaw, and dogging bullets from the nazi army truck they are holy-rickshaw-motor-street-luging behind
[21:39] Lorne Harlequin: *dodging
[21:39] Brianna Willenov wonders if she is gonna survive this adventure...
[21:40] Blueray Darkes thinks maybe Bri might not live to see the end of it, but tune in next week at the same Shadow time on the same Shadow channel
[21:40] Vishous Nightfire: All I wanted to do was Hump Lorne's head
[21:40] Vishous Nightfire is very sad now
[21:41] Brianna Willenov is saddened...not knowing if she will ever survive, if Vish will finally make love to the head, or even if Blue caught up to Skyler.
[21:42] Blueray Darkes: Lol
[21:42] Lorne Harlequin flies through a whirlwind of situations, each seeming more dire than the last, when suddenly their back in some grandmother's kitchen, each with a bowl of raisan-nut-bran before them. Lorne is the only one eating...since Brianna still seemes to be chained to the office chair, and typing


Gorilla Bananas said...

That's a weirdest looking chimpanzee I've seen in the long time.

Blueray Darkes said...

Its a cat not a chimp....