Saturday, 27 December 2008

Pieter Seelowe

Vampires roam the city in great numbers or in pairs, of course some some vampires happen to be alone. From the day I saw him I felt he was different from other vampires, day in day out I tracked him. He was a small piece of a large puzzle, put together to form a shadowy picture.

Pieter is a Shadow.

While I dug around looking for Shadows gaining information, it was to this mysterious man I gave anything useful to. Not many know how much I truely owe to him.

I was gradually becoming more mouthy the longer I sought in dark corners, the longer I stayed in this city it affected me. One chilled evening saw me arguing with a human female, I was a wolf back then with a reputation to earn and a point to prove. The human called Tanika made me eat dirt, she was about to break my legs with a baseball bat. Until Pieter stepped in.

Another evening and I'm hanging around with the Shadows, a Righteous vampire under the name Picket (Who later became my wife) thought I was cute. I defended myself best I could and lost, just as she was about to collar me.. Pieter stepped in.

One day while I was a new Shadow, I learned a dark and terrible secret. The Righeous had come to the Pit to take back one of their own, Pieter was mad with rage and I got in the way of him. From his punch my jawbone shattered, he spat at me insulted me and I fled wounded. It was easier to stay as a wolf to bandage up the muzzle, and thus keep the jaw in place so it would heal. I could have healed naturally in a few days, Dio sped up the process and I was all better. The next time I saw Pieter he terrified me, I ran from him to hide in my old living place. When he found me Pieter explained why he did it, told me some of his past so I can understand. I think on that day a small and fragile bond had formed, that grew stronger each and every day.

It was Pieter in his fury that took down The Reckoning in his way, for it was them who held me captive at the Port Authority. Them and the priest were struck down thus Pieter saved me again, it was Pieter who cleaned up the mess I inadvertly made. A deal with Dimentox that went wrong, he cursed the entire demon race for my own folly in trusting his word. Yes that's right I got all demons cursed, but Pieter broke it and got no thanks for it. (Thank you Pieter!)

In some ways I got closer to Pieter over the months, in other ways I am still distant from him he's still mysterious. Dark, handsome, sexy, wanted by many a femalem, the playboy flirt with lonliness hidden in his depths. We teased one another we flirted, I allowed him to feed off me when the bloodbath was gone. (He still feeds off me now, and fed off me before that.) None of it ever went further than that, though the rumours in the city said otherwise. I wanted so much to make them true, but in the meantime I occupied myself other lovers. There was a recent short period where he found himself a mate, I was happy enough to take a back seat in his affections. They didn't last, the reasons unknown.

Its December with the constant snow fall on the city, blanketing the dirty streets in clean, crisp, white. To be precise it was two days after Christmas, the day after I said goodbye to Hitaroki. K-Tox radio station Jason was doin his dj shift, I was sitting in Pieter's lap getting a rise out of him. Familar really I had done the same to him before on the throne, only this time it was different. We didn't stop ourselves we kept going, oblivious to the fact Jason was there we undressed. Unlike demons a vampire is cold to the touch, they warm up easily enough under certain conditions. We bit eacther, scratched eachother fueling his want to be inside me, just as he fueled my desire for him to be deep inside my sheath. Lust crazed, driven wild with passion, after months of craving finally we took the heated chance. And we devoured it to our own fullfillment....

Is it wrong to lust after my vampire Lord even now?
Or is it more than a simple urge?
Time will tell.

Lulz of the day:

[20:27] Bethany Matahari: omg Ares
[20:28] Bethany Matahari: you have lust for Pieter
[20:28] Bethany Matahari: and you don't know his name????
[20:28] Bethany Matahari: Pieter
[20:28] Bethany Matahari: Seelowe
[20:28] Bethany Matahari: tattoo that on your inner thigh please

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