Friday, 17 October 2008

The grieving demoness

Once again I find myself in the library, I flew at the bookcase tossing books off the shelves. Grr saw what I was doing he came to see what I was up to, his movements were cautious making sure he was slow. I watched him as I hissed waiting for him to move wrong, he spoke to the library it responded.

While I read the books the library gave me other Omegans entered, one of them being Joah who also began to speak. I know I'm a danger but this over excessive caution was driving me mad. Joah had been correct in saying I couldn't form my appearence, my wings, spikes were out even my skin was black as it naturally was.

I wanted blood and Denenthorne's would be the one I want, it was his fault that his enemy murdered Picket. Despite the warnings of Omega and her underlings, my orders are if he is near the Pit then take him down and take his blood.

A grieving demoness is unstable, a ticking time bomb ready to go off at any moment.

Lulz of the day:

[15:53] Wotan Aeon looks down at Saha..and thinks about lunch
[15:53] Quiet Thunders thinks about where she left her squeeky mousie
[15:54] Brianna Willenov thinks about world domination.
[15:54] Cedahlia Fouroux thinks about pinky and the brain
[15:54] Kobe Ariel trys to think but fails


Denenthorn said...

The deed is done... read The Trial of Denenthorn for a better understanding

Joah Menjou said...

Because I didn't know where it was: The Trial of Denenthorn