Friday, 26 December 2008

It's all an illusion

Over the last few days I have been in the foulest of moods, my twin brother has been murdered along with one of my Shadows. I had walked up the ramp to the Pit roof, my mind jumbled from the murders. A few of the Shadows stood around nodding as I passed, I still marvel at how I had attained my rank and their respect.

Vishous approached me becoming extremely affectionate, I embraced her as I would any of my siblings. She admitted she needed the comfort and I hugged her tighter, to be honest Vishous caught me off guard. There are some in the House I have had little contact with, yet they respect me and hang on my every word. The woman wrapped in my arms warm, soft was one I had little interaction, right now she was driving me nuts with her nibbling teeth on my neck. Vishous said it was her human nature, she withdrew from me I watched her.

Taking her hand I led her from the Pit to the sea wall, I sort of found the sea to be relaxing it helps calm me. We sat on the fence began talking, I told her she can come to me when she wants to let down her guard. It must be hard for Vishous to be the only human in our House after Tanika left, but at least she was not the only mortal being. When I had moments of weaknesses and self doubt, Skyler would soundly smack me across the head. I however had other methods.

Before I continued the talk; Hitaroki stalked in to view, I was happy to see him I really was. Yet he declared change to be nothing more than a repetative cycle, my feelings of missing him jaded perception. Nothing really changes, everything stays mundane and therefore just an illusion.

Life is the biggest of illusion of all.

I called him a jerk and Vishous ran off to leave us alone, he had come to say goodbye since he was leaving for good. He gave me the tome as I asked for it he didn't need it anymore, we hugged and Hitaroki said he will watch me til I transcend like he did.

Friend, brother, lover. My compromise, my partner in crime as I was yours.

Goodbye Hitaroki...

P.S. The tome in my possession is a sought after treasure, it was in Toxia wanted by Dimentox's Black Hand group. It was around before the tower fell. This tome was used to bring back Spirit of the KA, and used to seal my grandfather in a gem. Now I have it and oh what terrors I could unleash.

Lulz of the day:

[20:27] Bridgette Plunkett: there is a nine year old boy who has written a book called "how to talk to girls."
[20:27] Ethan Seelowe: rule 1: always bring candy
[20:27] Ethan Seelowe: rule 2: always wear your team's jersey, while making clear you are the BEST player on it
[20:28] Ethan Seelowe: rule 3: tell her how cool her sticker collection is
[20:28] Ethan Seelowe: rule 4: if above fails, pull her hair and throw rocks at her
[20:29] Bridgette Plunkett: No wonder I fell so fast. *grins*

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