Friday, 28 November 2008

Death becomes her

Ever seen the River Styx?

Ever wondered what is beyond life?

I been there a couple of times there in the grip of Death, dancing with him or her not sure now. I was ripped away from that cold embrace, and bought back to "live" in this body that surges with demonic power.

Guess that's why I was chosen to be one of the four, the energies matched with them so we could synchronise. Joah was first to go under the influence of Pestilance, I knew I was due to be taken at some point but not that soon. Like the day at the library and at the Pit, she was there before me all mysterious so enticing. There is so much I do not know about Joah, but she has kept herself from being harmed by me so far. She intrigues me but now I'm pissed that she was enslaved when we were meant to be helpers, helpers not slaves this wasn't how we were meant to go down. No one takes from me and gets away from it.

Joah no Pestilance had me wrapped up in her essence of power, such power that held me to where I stood. I crave power though I'm pretty strong myself now, I know I'm powerful I can feel it but this outranked me. I didn't want to be a slave I didn't want this, when she kisses me infests me with what she is I know I'm already gone. See I'm a demon I'm already dead in techical terms, so it was easy for Death to slide in and bind me up.

Now I'm nothing more than a backseat driver in my own god damned body, its different from the possession I had from Dimentox. Then I could at least fight the commands he gave to my body, I had no choice this time I was completely unable to do anything. My shadow soon had chains wrapped around it so the world would know I was bound, from the depths of whatever place it had shoved me I watched in horror as Death took my place. Pestilance and Death killed the fire in the hearth, infected Wire some human with a disease. Once they were out the fire was relit and the stench of it was terrible, we made our way to the Shelter to find the other vessels. Brit was there but nothing much happened since Death was tired, she left Pestilance to his own devices. That necklace Brit wears though was made by Nikita..... I wonder if it does more than protect the woman who wears it.

One thing I was glad of when Death was running the show, was the fact I no longer had to suffer my nightmares. However the night time conversations with the thing were interesting, we would stand facing one another in the river Styx the water sloshing about our ankles. I was showing my demon form I couldn't hide it here, Death was wearing its female aspect. Ten arms, black skin, red eyes, long flowing white hair, feathered black wings like a fallen angel. All around me the place we were in was stark and grey, the rocks had twisted faces of agony in them and things screamed all around us in pain. Somehow I managed to smile through it all at the torture, I don't know I'm just a sadist it makes me laugh.

[Bold is Blue, italic is Death]

So why me?

You match our energy, and we are without form. Many centuries pass before we can take a form, be it under our own power or by taking others.

You are.. Death? The last two times I saw you, you were more male in appearence.

I have many aspects the more common appearence the black robed skeleton, holding a scythe what humans call the Grim Reaper. As you see me now since I am in your body, is what Hindus call Khali the Goddess of Death and sex. Unlike my brothers who have no true form, I can be more selective in how I appear.

I wasn't meant to be a slave you piece of shit, we were meant to be a team. Why send us the dreams if you weren't going to fullfill it?

Whoops sorry we lied!

She began to walk away from me, I screamed at her to come back.

The next day begins and I'm in the library only its not me its her, Grr is there and he's upset still over Joah being taken. He calls the thing Khali and she demands he feeds the vessel, hell even I could tell my body was hungry I hadn't fed since the enslavement. She got to about half raping him, my mouth and hands all over his body but taking in energy from the air that was created. Death backed off eventually cursing the ferryman, she was still partially male in her aspect I think thats what scared her off. I didn't know why she called him that until he explained he had been in the service of her and War, interesting I could learn things about people while I couldn't do anything. I was always hungry for information, I guess I can't help sucking up that stuff even when caught in a bind. She tarried too long in this place because Omega walks up the steps of the building, her red dress rustling and she scowls at me more than she does the current driver. Yeah well Omega and me always had a difference of opinion, we tolerated one another like two armies in a make shift truce. Pieter never liked her, then he had no fondness for many of his own kind.

Death moves in on Omega and fuck she's practially begging for the power she can feel all around, there was a big cluster fuck in here now since Pestilance shows up and Jonathon. Jon of all people I hadn't expected to see him back since he had his throat torn out, well Death wasn't happy to see him she called him the one that got away. Raven's song, messenger whatever she is called one of three, she was giving power to Jon and Grr to stop the two from making a move. Even Jon was calling upon his so called God to use his power, I never got that and I still don't cos I don't believe in him. Death believes in God the creator she belives she is here to deliver fate to do her task, she moves in on Omega that vampire all dressed in red so perfect so wanting. War was let in taking the leader of a peaceful faction, Grr went mad at that moment his sword was drawn. He attacked War shoving his sword deep in to War's chest piercing her heart, the air got so cold it was like the fucking artic because guess what Death isn't happy. Grr's mind had snapped he was bellowing about War then knealt down in a submissive stance, at the same time Pestilance had convinced Jason who was reading a book on the four to join with the cause. Grr the ferryman and Jason Death's warrior, both had danced to their song long before they came to here. They left or we its so hard to tell where I ended and where Death ended, the last was Kytara the same as before she was taken by Famine the four were now complete.

Ethan has a seed inside him its a seed of destruction, he said the four could have it if they got rid of Sariel. Sariel was the one they didn't stand up against, he stood in their way but to get the seed they would confront Sariel together. Only thing is that Sariel happens to be Lorne.

I was free for an hour or two to help the also temperally free Kytara deliver a curse upon the church, once done and we were at the Pit we were taken once again and thus we left. Pieter didn't like the Horsemen every time he saw Death he flipped her off, she didn't really care except for the fact he had bitten her. Word seemed to get around that they were about, the people either mocked them or feared them, some of the braver ones were challenging them saying they would fail to bring The End. Course none of the four cared they were remaining neutral while Death, tried to incite the population to party and indulge in orgies. She went as far as going about asking to be fucked making my body in to a cum bucket, the fact that people already think I slept with anyone and anything pissed me off. She felt that and made it a point the two were different, that I hoarded my body but Death was willing to share it with those who always wanted to do me. So nice of her.... Few took the offer one of them was Bato, instead she brutilised and tore him up she wrecked him.

The longer Death stayed inside my body the more it became how she wanted it to be, there wasn't much she could change but she adjusted it til it suited her. All I could do was watch, watch and do nothing about the fact how my body was being used. Even Delrith had the nerve to hit her, she wasn't happy about that.