Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Mop that floor!!

Ethan Seelowe snaps out of his trance like state "did you find Wolf already Blue?" he asks with a grin on his face

Blueray Darkes nods as she re-enters the building her appearence reverted to what she normally lets people see, and her clothes changed too assuming it was gonna be a messy job. "Found, beaten and capturted".

Bridgette Plunkett looks up at Blue. "Last night...Lyra's ears were cut off...and her tattoos...and...um...her hair...and her research was burned....and....she became part machine.

Ethan Seelowe grins "and that would mean that you have come to help with the shelter?" there are several crates half open in the corners and dust from the building that is almost falling into itself covers everything. he looks back at Brit "I was just hearing that story myself"

Blueray Darkes: Lyra? That names sounds familar
Blueray Darkes nods to Ethan as she remembers to change her shoes as well

Ethan Seelowe notices the change in clothing and keeps grinning "most admirable of you to help out I must say" he looks at Brit and still tries to keep a straight face "

Bridgette Plunkett looks up from cuddling with Ethan as she explains the drama. With a deep breath, she nods and smiles warmly to Blue. "You are so good to help out." She points to the mop. "Everything is dirty....everything is grimy...." Looking at the floor she says, "And dried blood is everywhere."

Blueray Darkes still wonders how she ended up getting in to this, where was her attitude to tell Britt where to go shove it? She didn't like the fact that Ethan might be laughing at her on the inside, frowning at the mop and bucket she eyed it confused as to how it was meant to work. "Admirable is one of my qualities I never knew I had, and how the hell am I meant to use these things"?

Bridgette Plunkett stands up and blinks at the sound looking around. She says to Blue, "Love is always found when doing going things." She nods and scampers to get the mop. "Okay....you can do this one of two ways. Dump the water on the floor...and smoosh it around...and scrub it some...and then....soak up the dirty water...and rinse the same way...OR..... you can scrub small patches...and rinse until the water gets dirty...and get clean water and repeat.

Blueray Darkes: Sounds like its easier to just dump the water on the floor

Bridgette Plunkett: one time...in the library....i had to clean congelled blood off of the floor....cuz...someone wanted to rip off another's arm.....

Blueray Darkes: Hmmm.

Bridgette Plunkett nods picking up the bucket of soapy water and sloshing it on the floor. She hands Blue the heavy mop and patters off to get another to help. Bridgette Plunkett runs over dragging a different mop and smoochies Ethan. She says, "Are you going to mop or maybe...um...dust...or...OH....um....well...what are you going to do?"

Ethan Seelowe has obviously been busy unpacking crate after crate all night as the state of his clothes betrayes and was perfectly happy sitting down for the first time in hours. he looks up and shrugs "I guess, I will unpack another inflatable mattrace to put upstairs..." he slowly picks himself up andwalks over to one of the crates still closed

Blueray Darkes takes the mop in her hands, she starts moving it across the floor seeing the water change to brown then black had her fascinated. She scrubs the mop harder on the floor just to watch the dirt come up, her eyes went wide as her tail wagged from side to side in her amusment. When the water had got dirty she waves a finger in the air making it gather up in to a pillar, that slinked in to the bucket as she then declares. "I need another bucket".

Bridgette Plunkett turns to Ethan and says, "Ethan....those mattresses are not inflatable...they just hang on the wall...like a hammock."

Blueray Darkes snickers

Bridgette Plunkett runs as she picks up one bucket and brings Blue a new one with clean water.

Blueray Darkes grins at her, "Thanks Britt".

Ethan Seelowe looks over his shoulder and keeps grinning at Blue "I think I need more of that in my handyman approach..." he closes his eyes and gathers familiar black mist in his palm into an orb that keeps growing. after a few moments and opening a crate he directs the mist into the inflatable mattrace filling it up and picks it up to carry it upstairs "I will be right back ladies.. and Brit, those you are thinking of are the ones from the army supplier... we got some more from the camping store... you were asleep at the time... you said *too much talking before drifting away actually*"

Bridgette Plunkett giggles as she blinks that the floor has retained the same level of dingy even when cleaner. She lisps, "Do you wonder what the floor looked like new. I bet it was shiny bright!" She quirks to Ethan, "A mattress...like one that you can bounce on?" She watches him start on the steps, "You know...those soft bouncy ones were way good for canoodling!"

Blueray Darkes kicks the bucket over so that it spreads out over the floor, still convinced Ethan was finding her situation to his enjoyment. "Well I'm sure it was shiney like the rest of the city at one point", she grunted putting mop to the wet floor scrubbing up dirt. "Why do you always talk about canoodling"?

Bridgette Plunkett lisps to Blue "Because...I like to canoodle with my beloved." With a slight tilt, she says, "Don't you like to canoodle? It is better than apples with it is with your beloved...and gives flutters to your tummy." Bridgette Plunkett skips over the cascading water.

Ethan Seelowe blinks once and makes his way to the second crate after brushing his fingers over Brit's tummy "so that is what is going on in there..."

Blueray Darkes frowns concentrating on her work, "I think our points of view are rather different....". She gave a small expression of sadness, the mop sploshing about in the water she kicked over. "Sex is good, get a good meal out of that sometimes. To be honest I never canoodled much, or erm make out a lot... I flirt with Pieter though".

Bridgette Plunkett mops the floor and says wryly as she watches Blue out of the corner of her eye. "You do more than flirt with Pieter...when the bloodbath was broken, you fed and kept him. If not your beloved, then something more than just flirting." She swishes water in circles and dances slightly with the mop cinderella style. Stopping, she lisps, "Maybe you were his redeemer....who made sure he endured."

Blueray Darkes stops for a moment to look at Britt, "I owe Pieter my life, and he is immune to my blood". She bit on her lips, "What better way to pay back part of a large debt but help him endure"?

Ethan Seelowe looks up from the crate again as he pieces together a chair and desk wondering where to put it "I liked the redeemer idea... since I was little actually" he shrugs and goes back to his work "debts repaid ease the mind...unlike those owed..."

Bridgette Plunkett giggles at the brush to her tummy. She says to Ethan, "Sometimes....you kiss me dizzy." She swings on Ethan's arm listening to Blue. "Debts are paid only souls who are noble, Blue...so...what better way for sure." She nods as she kisses Ethan's cheek softly before going back to moping. She thinks for a moment....and nods. She remembers Blue outside of the Haven letting Pieter feed on her over and over and over. Did she think no one was watching. Brit was happy that her friends are good to each other....She mops dancing with it slightly enjoying her mopping.

Blueray Darkes pushes the mop around on the floor, her tail flicked upwards and curls slightly. "I don't have a soul, and I can't repay the debt. Not that it matters, even if there was no debt I would do the same". Watching the clean water get dirty she wriggles her fingers, making it all go back in to the bucket.

Bridgette Plunkett watches Blue. She shrugs, "I'd trust you with my soul. So whatever you wish to call it...it is a most proper and honorable thing." She picks up the bucket and goes to change the water.

Ethan Seelowe raises a brow at the "I would do the same" part of Blue's statement but says nothing as he keeps busy trying to not comment about Brit's faith in the inert attributes of others. he looks back to the desk almost ready

Blueray Darkes leans on the mop muttering under her breath, "I told you before Britt, not to trust me". She looks up at Ethan for a moment, before she notices a bug crawl over the tiles that she promptly stamped on.

Bridgette Plunkett returns with clean water and exchanges the buckets for Blue...then pads off with to get one more bucket. The place was grimey...grimier than Brit remembered. But she was sure it would be spic and span in no time.

Blueray Darkes waves her left hand throwing it in to the air with the clean water close behind, forming it in to a small dragon she made it spread its wings and swoop over the floor spreading itself in to a large liquid puddle. The work wasn't so bad though she never done it before, and she could at least have fun practicing with her new element. Still preferred fire.

Bridgette Plunkett giggles watching the dragon in complete amazement! She stands as if struck by a charm spell. Her eyes are wide in wonderment. Holding her breath, she watches and gasps when she has to take another. "That's beautiful! OOOOH....do it again, please?"

Blueray Darkes tosses the mop handle in to her left hand leaving her right one free, stretching out her hand she causes fire to lick around her fingers. Turning her palm upwards she gathered the fire in to a ball, throwing it upwards she made a small gesture twisting its form in to that of a soaring phoenix like bird. Dropping the mop she called it to her and does a few twirls with the fire bird circling around her, stopping only when she got dizzy and the fire eventually sizzled out in to a puff of smoke.

Bridgette Plunkett claps gleefully! "Oh...." Her eyes do not even blink. She looks from Ethan to where the phoenix sizzled. Looking back to Blue, she says, "You can do so many things!" She looks back to Ethan then back to Blue. "You will be so much help to the people who come to the shelter!" Whether Blue knows it or not, she just got signed up for a helper in the shelter.

Blueray Darkes bends down to pick up the mop, "I'm still learning how to use earth and air". Moving the mop over the floor to continue scrubbing the grime up, she twiches her tail slightly. "This is a once off Britt, I'm not usually the helpful type". Though whether that would deter Britt or not was a different matter, she gave Ethan a look that could only be described as ~Is she serious~. It was about time her shadow chipped in, so it began to laugh at her and she scrubbed over it with the mop.

Lorne Harlequin steps slowly around the corner, peering beyond the edge via craning of neck. He smiles, head soon followed by body, and leaning up against the edge of the wall, crossing His arms at His chest.

Bridgette Plunkett wipes off her hands and sees Lorne. She beams at him handing him a mop and says, "Please come help...the floors are icky." Moving over, she gets the notebook of Volunteers and writes "blueray" in curly-gurly letters. She beams to her friend and says, "Well, maybe not usually helpful....so....you can start making amends for that now!" She bounces putting the notebook back and looking to Lorne wondering why the mop has not started to move.

Ethan Seelowe keeps piecing together the desk slightly annoyed that the last parts are hidden deep within and at the bottom of the chest having him bent over the edge of it for some time. he notices Lorne and nods in a greeting "excuse the mess... but we are in the process of setting up.." looking at Blue he grins wider "you never know what you will do next... be careful where your mind leads you"

Blueray Darkes rolls her eyes at the very unhelpful advice of Ethan, she watches where Britt went then busts out laughing at Lorne who just got roped in to the cleaning regime too. Half dancing with the mop now since her mood was ligther today and that made for a less grumpy Blue despite her hunger, she even began humming a small tune and thus once more wondered how Britt was able to calm even the most wild of things. "Britt.... What if I don't want to help"?

Lorne Harlequin does not raise His hands to accept the mop, instead looking up at an angle, endearingly doing everything but rolling His eyevoids, as if it were so easy to tell. There is, however, a sort of tension, explaining why Brit would have THOUGHT He had accepted the mop, as she, in her excitment, turned away. He steps around the mop, which hangs in the air, and walks to beside the desk "Setting up you say?" The first few notes of sorcerrer's apprentice strike up in phantom oboe's, and the mop shudders once and is still again.

Bridgette Plunkett turns and blinks at Blue. She lisps, "But...are you not having fun?" Brit looks around and back to Blue saying, "There is so much to do...and...it feels good to help others." She nods and beams knowing in her heart that Blue will now understand. With a glance at Lorne, she watches as he walks away. She starts to say something but turns hearing the music and seeing the mop move. With a happy bounce, she turns Blue so she can see it too.

Blueray Darkes meeps at getting turned around to watch a mop, almost slipping on the water in the process. "I don't like helping", she mumbled then added on "I'm not good either". Arguing whether you're good or bad never mattered, because Britt never saw the bad. "How the hell does she do it"?

Bridgette Plunkett feels dizzy. She runs off again and returns with a few milk boxes and some oreos. Offering them to all of the helpful crew, she takes an oreo and watches the mop working away to the bouncy song. To Ethan, she says, "Maybe....not all magic is all bad."

Lorne Harlequin leans against the arm of the couch, watching Ethan with the assembly of his desk, glancing over His shoulder at Brit and Blue, paying not a lick of attention to the mop, but rather looking back to Brit, mouth open to ask her a question. As the unseen orchestra rises from calm to fevered in pulses, the mop creaking, and quivering, as knotted limbs evolve out of the handle. Lorne grins, instead turning to Ethan "Won't you tell Me what it's all about, Ethan?"

Blueray Darkes drops the mop back on the floor trying so hard not to snatch up some Oreos, she does a small chuckle at the cookie before opening her mouth and sinking her sharp fangs in to it. There she stood nomming on it enjoying the sweet food, she did so behave like a child when presented with these things.

Ethan Seelowe stops the assembly of the desk for a moment to look abck at Lorne "we are setting up some things here... actually, we are planning on creating a shelter... a place for new people in the city to find refugee.. for a time before they can make it on thestreets without ending up as fish food too quickly..."

Bridgette Plunkett teaches Blue that the BEST way to eat Oreos is to half two cookies...munch down the crunchy side with no icing..and drink it with milk...then....put the two icing sides together....and soak it in milk until it dissolves like icing of chocolate and sweet over one's tongue.

Ethan Seelowe grins following Blue and Britas he wipes his forehead finishing off the desk looking around for an adequate place to put it.

Blueray Darkes follows Britt's example finding it is better to eat the Oreo in the way directed, she bounces on the balls of her feet purring softly.

Lorne Harlequin nods slowly, looking around the room, somehow managing always to have His back to the mop as it invites Blue's mop off of the floor, pulling limbs from it as well, each jumping one after the other, arm in arm, into the bucket, jaunting sanitarily around the room as the song plays

Blueray Darkes: Hey my mop!

Ethan Seelowe looks up at the mops dancing around and shakes his head with a grin "sometimes a bit of magick does come in handy though..."

Lorne Harlequin smiles to Brit, accepting a single oreo, giving her method a try, using her milk of course. Lorne glances at Blue, and then to the floor where her mop had fallen, turning entirely around exactly as the two mop slosh off beyond the divider, followed wettly, with much splashing by the bucket, hopping after them. He looks back to Ethan...pulling only a few fingerfulls of oreo out of the milk, and frowning at the,. Sucking the oreo off each finger with a smack, He asks His questions between pops of His lips "So" smack "You and Brit are starting a refuge" smack "For all the new and untried arrivals " smack. smack. He looks at His hand, and returns it to the other behind Him "What will you do when you are called away on extended errands?"

Ethan Seelowe grins looking around "well, for one I am not hoping to run that thing all by myself... I will probably need some help here... on the other hand... this place can't look any worse than it looks now, so maybe a week or two of noone looking after things won't change anything in here either" he runs his finger over the wall as several parts of the paint come down

Blueray Darkes waves her hands at him that meant don't ask that question because then she would have more work to do, she watched the two mops and the bucket dance happily off if objects could be happy she wasn't sure on that note. Hanging her head she scowled at the water on the floor making it bubble with heat turning it in to vapour and finding she cleaned that part of the floor. "Oh for..."

Bridgette Plunkett swallows the milk-soaked oreo as she watches mesmerized by the mops. The music is happy as well. She licks the cookie from her finger and pauses as she hears fingersmacks. She looks to Blue and then to Lorne who is happily licking cookie residue from his own fingers. She smiles over to Ethan seeing that he has no issues with the magic that helps clean the place. Back to the mops, she watches as they dance and clean.

Lorne Harlequin almost looks to be beginning a slow nod, leaving the gesture hung on an upward stroke a moment. The music, which had been fading in volume suddenly burst back upward in a new jaunty direction as the two mops, still arm in arm, burst beyond the divider in hot pursuit of a third mop, which appears to be fleeing with abandon, it's own knotty arms reached out before it as taut as the free arms of the two chasing mops, reaching out towards the prey. They make a lap behind Lorne's oblivious back, followed very far behind by a now mostly empty bucket one might almost have considered to appear out of breath. Lowering His head again. Lorne continues "Or I could help you keep an eye on things."

Ethan Seelowe puts the final brush on the desk and cleans his hands on a rag dangling on the crate, then looks at Lorne "I was under the impression you were rather busy at the pit... would you be able to invest time here..." he looks to brit, then back to Lorne "I was thinking this would be an opportunity to have Brit away from the library for a bit as well..."

Blueray Darkes puts both hands over her mouth as she tries to stifle her giggling, she'd seen some things before here in the city it was a first to see mops running around along with a bucket. Her tail wagged furiously gaining in speed the longer she held in the laughter, until finally once they had run around behind Lorne she broke in to fit of happy laughing and held her sides in the process. At any rate she was going to keep laughing to the point where her blue and yellow eyes watered.

Ethan Seelowe looks over at Blue quite amazed "maybe we should have the shadows do more mop-work in the future... they seem to take well to it" he tells Brit with a shrug, raising his shoulders. he looks over to Lorne again "if you have time to invest... you are welcome to come here and help." he nods once very seriously this time.

Bridgette Plunkett watches as she hugs Ethan. The mops cleaning and the music. Fabulous! It is all she can do to keep from dancing with them. Her only hesitation is that she does not wish to interfer with the much needed cleaning.

Lorne Harlequin glances at Blue, a wrinkle to His brow, turning around to look at the moppless, yet cleaner of floor, room behind Him, leaning back slightly to look past the divider. He turns back to Blue, questioningly, apparnetly having not spotted anything racausly hilarious down the building at all. He looks again to Ethan, appearing serious agin, and returning the nod, smiling at Brit.

Blueray Darkes chokes on her laughter wiping her eyes, she shakes her head at Ethan's words. "I don't think so somehow", she giggled softly begining to contain herself. She grins at Lorne only to start laughing again because his serious face and him not having seen what happened just made her laughing fit worse, she stumbled almost falling backwards with the rolls of giggles and laughing that continuously broke from her.

Lorne Harlequin looks at one side of His hand, and then the other, saying quite casually "I will transport My belongings" The sound of a feather duster careening with paniced flutterring across the wall behind Him, colliding with the ramp, and flopping upstairs in time for Lorne to glance surprisedly after the sound.

Bridgette Plunkett wonders where helpers will stay...and guesses they can have ends rooms. She muses for a moment and says to Lorne, "You will have to help blow up mattresses.

Ethan Seelowe nods "so it is official..." he looks over at Brit "there are some rooms next to the ones we used to reside in.. I am sure, those can be used when new arrivals don't take up all the available space..." Ethan Seelowe follows Blue's reactions closely and with some interest as he pulls Brit closer.

Blueray Darkes finally falls on her back for a few moments rising her right arm in the air, giving a loud gasp pretending that she had run out of air even though she had no need to breathe. She lay there for a while calming down before she got back on to her feet, dusting her clothes off while her composure slowly returned to its normal state. "Hehehehehe". Blueray Darkes still giggling softly bounces out of the shelter, she hadn't laughed like that in years.

Lulz of the day:

[10:44] Ava Whalen purses her lips together and smirks, "What sort of trouble are you up to?"
[10:45] Pieter Seelowe takes a step closer eyeing down upon her gazing into her eyes "Same as everynight Pinky, try to take over the world"
[10:45] Ava Whalen stiffles a laugh.
[10:45] Blueray Darkes: Narf!


GrrBrool said...

what a delightful insight to something i never see IC . . .nicely written!

~ Brit ~ said...

Ah, but it must be a dream. Seems we started what is still being planned...so...perhaps a lovely dream? ((I'm so sorry, Blue...but I had such a fun time. I'm not sure when or how the Shelter will start...but...I'm sure they would always let you mop!))

Blueray Darkes said...

The RP still stands, we were just cleaning the floor and stuffs