Friday, 24 October 2008

Oktober Festival/Memory lane

Scattered in orderly about the beach down in South were the booths of every clan of the city, I strolled along the sand long since trampled under many feet. My horns were turned black and adorned with a pumpkin each, I even shapeshifted my tail to be orange and fluffy. My nails painted orange matching the colour of my hair, my eyes had gone red and I wore a mainly black dress of short proportions. Boots covered in spiderweb left my tracks on the packed sand, I walked to the booth my family had. Kissing... Poisoned kisses.

Across the air we called for the residents to come kiss Shadows, Delrith stepped up dipped me low. The kiss was passionate enflaming something old and dead, something I had spent ages trying to keep dead. Pieter got the biggest crowd drawing in many women wanting a piece of him, he's a known flirt he loves the female attention gives them what they want. Once I was free to wander I did so, trying out some of the other booths.

Picket had come with me she had begun to regain some of her memories, but she still wasn't the woman I had married. Though I controlled my form once again I was still somewhat distraught, to be honest who wouldn't be when the woman is no longer the same? I wandered away from the beach to escape the noise, more so I just wanted peace there I was in the library again. My footsteps always led here for many things, just wish I could stop and stay home for once. I didn't hear Delrith come up behind me, I was trying to see the salamanders in the fireplace.

We spoke of love and hate of our past and of Picket, though I hated him I still loved him. Other than the Shadows he had always been a constent in my life ever since I met him in Toxia, I had loved and lost before; the names of the men make me bitter. I was much as a part of Delrith as he was of me, that couldn't be helped it was half of his heart that turned me first. He made the body incomplete, it was Janvier who finished what was begun. So I am a powerful being with potential to be great, and without help I had sought to master it all. My thoughts scattered.

His arms around me once again after my admittance, his lips pressed to mine the taste of him a pang of old times long gone. There was no one in this time and place but us, we sought to tread the old path we once walked together. Passionate was the kiss that broke only for him to lead me up the steps to the second floor, he had my back against one of the columns feeding my body with his wants. In the throes of mating our locked and intertwined bodies smashed against the bookcase, the books fell down around us and we didn't even care for our thoughts were of one another. We were violent, brutal, rough, burning as hot as any fire in Hell, truely two demons with nothing but extreme pleasure on mind.

I kissed him at the end one final time, incinerating evidence of our carnel desires with fire. Fire cleanses almost everything, even the mess left on my body and my ripped clothes. My shadow provided me with new clothes that I put on as I walked out of the library, useful storage device I don't know how I lived without it all these years. The world is my oyster and I skipped down the steps to the street, only looking back once to return again as I still have to finish bringing back my sisterwife.

Lulz of the day:

[7:52] DCS2 2.40: Suyuan Quan OOC: Omg... looking for an outfit for today and I find that you can have sex with a pumpkin. >_<

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