Friday, 10 October 2008


Pitter patter, pitter patter. Sound of the ever falling rain on the ground, strange how the streets are not flooded like the tales of when it happened before. I do not like the changes within the Kindred Alliance, though my dealings with them have become less now due to its "leadership".

Death takes my hand to lead me in to the Shelter, I see those white twins again but they vanished. I was told it is because their true forms had entered the building, I remembered Joah saying the twins were Void without form. Upon the moving picture box I see all those images I did when I was awake, of war and famine and disease, now I can see where each horseman stands in the image causing it all.

"We will devour"

I turned to face Death he who speaks with a voice that rasps, my lips thinned as I frowned. "You can not devour all".

Death looked at me with those eye sockets filled with nothing but blackness, and for once in my life I shivered in fear at something other than the dungeon. "We will do as we wish, none shall stop us".

"I can't let you".

Then he laughed. A noise that sounded like claws scratching down a chalkboard, throw in a buzz saw for good measure and thats about the sound of his laugh. "You will help us, you do already little demoness".

My fists clenched making my claws dig in to my palms, "I do not help anyone, I serve my family as I always have done".

"You cause death and chaos", he replied flatly.

"You will help us to devour all".

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Lulz of the day:

[16:41] Bato Brendel: Its okay blue I just like you. you okay in my personal book.
[16:42] Blueray Darkes: Only cos I aint ripped out your intestines yet and used them for skipping ropes

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