Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Forever marked

On top of the old Reckoning base the tower that fell in to disrepair long before my time, a place I would have rather not gone in to since it was a hole of memories. I was tortured here, my skin and essence flayed, so how appropriate to come face to face with Lorne. Death wasn't amused at this she was staring out over the city, before she turned to stare at him with her red eyes flickering with her power.

The showdown was long even if it wasn't premeditated, her trimuph was short lived after she thought she "killed" Lorne. He was back on his feet changing form with black wings bursting out of his back, Death lept backwards hissing as I often do myself damn she sounds like me. All around us the air chilled to be cold, Lorne stood saying that Eden can not be touched. He took her attack he stored it, but he unleashed the power of Pestilance upon her and she succumbed choking becoming sick. That's when he grabbed her around her throat lifting her in to the air, telling her to come home as he sucks her out of me. Oh glorious freedom, when she went limp I surged back in to my rightful place.

I remember Eden... It is a small piece of the great garden that he had stolen, he had held me close to him doing a slow waltz while soft music was around us. I was less bitter then and more open to see wonderful things such as these, I never seen such greenery before not even in the city park in the place I grew up. While we danced we floated on the air, I can still smell the scent of roses on the wind.

Returning to myself I saw what I was wearing and had a flip out, I changed my form to its more human aspect then cussed at my horns and tail. I couldn't revert them back to normal I was pretty much stuck with them great, I even changed my outfit throwing on my Shadow coat as I needed to get back to doing my duties. I thanked Lorne, got bitten by Asher, then I left the tower of memories to leave Lorne and Brianna alone. Landing on the ground below I looked up just once, my heart still ached from the absence he had left in my life. Only he would never know nor will he since I run away from it all, but I will be happy as long as he is happy with the one he is courting now. I guess I deserved it in the end to be left like that..... I'm not complaining, I'm a demon I'm over it.
I had travelled to the library roof the next day and confronted Pestilance again, he threatened to make me sick to make me mad to make me see my worst nightmaress. I lightly laughed at the thing telling it I can't get sick its why Death was in me, I'm already mad I already suffer my nightmares that were back. Eventually I let him go I was tired of it and I was willing to let Lorne take down the other three horsemen, I turned to see Delrith standing with me I embraced him. My father before Janvier took his place as a father head, but I still loved Delrith as a lover and still find it strange how I came full circle.

Standing there looking out over the city from our perch, we talked about the recent events how disgusted he was with Death for wanting to use me in that fashion. I kissed him goodbye and left him for the rest of the night.....

Now I'm sitting on the Haven rooftop lost in my own thoughts, scowling at my tail that I really don't like much right now but I love the new horns. Horns are a big part of how demons are ranked, the bigger the horns the more power they are meant to have. Least that is what I read I don't know if it is true or not, I will have to do some experiments against a few imps or something. The sun sets behind me colouring the sky a rosey golden colour, it fuses with the toxic haze of the city that continues to prevade this place. I just sit thinking of how violated I feel once again, its like the rape and torture but on a less brutal level. Its more subtle I anally raped Bato, but I still feel like I was used in a way that shouldn't have happened. I even hate the fact that the city thinks I was a slut before this event, I never I wouldn't its not true I restrict myself to certain food sources. I'm hurt, I'm violated and I'm marked all because of Death....

Its just something else to add to my emotions, I can't regret what I done but now I wish I could.

Lulz of the day:

[2008/12/01 20:11] Carlos Bosatsu: i got something today :O
[2008/12/01 20:11] Blueray Darkes: =O
[2008/12/01 20:11] Blueray Darkes: A boner?
[2008/12/01 20:11] Carlos Bosatsu bap "close!"
[2008/12/01 20:12] Blueray Darkes: Wha?
[2008/12/01 20:13] Carlos Bosatsu: a new PC :D
[2008/12/01 20:14] Blueray Darkes: =O
[2008/12/01 20:14] Blueray Darkes: How is a PC close to a boner?
[2008/12/01 20:16] Carlos Bosatsu: trust me, ive been waiting for one for 5 years
[2008/12/01 20:16] Blueray Darkes: XD
[2008/12/01 20:16] Carlos Bosatsu: the PC! not the boner!!
[2008/12/01 20:16] Blueray Darkes: ROFL
[2008/12/01 20:18] Carlos Bosatsu: i sware if you lulz that...


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Pestilence wipes a slug from her mouth and decides to give Blue Joah's conscience anyway....

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