Monday, 20 October 2008

Handful of events/That's not Picket

With nothing better to do but appear as strong as ever for the sake of the family, I sought out research material from where ever I could on Mending and resurrection. To those who saw me often I now longer smiled or showed any emotion, I had grown colder and distant in a bid to keep myself going. I'm a Shadow, a demoness and I have to make sure no one sees a weakness, also my own position does not allow me to break. I still could not form my appearence, my true self was allowed to be seen at all times.

Picket is gone there is some small sliver of hope we can get her back, her essence is by the lava of the Pit. A guarded grave. To make matters slightly more complicated that idiot Choi had to come over with her little angel buddies, they there simply because Shaynee and Brianna paddled in their pool. Choi almost destroyed Picket completely, she dropped a bottle of holy water down to the lava. Thank Lucifer it missed but they had outdone their welcome, they were attacked for their dis-respect to a grave. Idiot Choi.

With business done and finished with back home I left the confines of the Pit, headed up to North to get more books from the Library. Of all days to have Delrith return to the city, he was overly happy to see me. I wasn't in much of a mood to talk to him but talk I did, he was here for himself instead of for everyone else. He had become an Omegan, slightly better than a Righteous. I walked by Delrith's side to the library, he directed me to the right bookcase for what I wanted. The library began to get full of Omegans and conversation twisted and turned, mainly centered around that Picket wouldn't be Picket if she came back. I couldn't take anymore so I got up and left declared Delrith a consequence, I went outside for some air just for some space and he had followed me.

His arms wrapped around me held me to him, in that instant everything was old and familar yet new. I turned to face him the demon who had made my body but not my heart, the demon who I made life Hell for on a regular basis. He held me embraced me like none of that mattered, and I clung to him finally allowing myself to break down in to sobs. Few words were spoken between us we didn't need to talk really, he said he would be here if I needed him. After all this time after all I done. Time and time again he had come to me helped me out and saved me, each time I repaid him in nothing but aggression and hate. Love and hate are the same you can not hate without love, it was now that I understood.

I returned home in the evening only to find Denenthorn or Magpie as I call him, come sneaking his way through the back door of the Pit. He said loudly he knew what I been doing said he wanted to help, in order to do so he wanted a portal to Hell and he wanted it now. We went down to the lava I redrew the pentagram I once made to summon a demon, only I put symbols and words that I had learnt from Lorne around it to. All of it was done in my own blood once I finished it Denenthorn handed me two feathers, the white one to give to Brit and the black to burn in the lava with Picket if he didn't come back. Then he was gone in to Hell without a trace other than the feathers I now held, Lorne looked down through the glass he told me not to do as the jackass said. For if Magpie did not return Lorne declared he himself would go to Hell and bring them both back, then do some rather humerous things so that the only thing Magpie could do was have tea parties with dolls.

I only moved from that spot when I had pressing matters to attend to, such as seeing potentials or doing my daily walk of the city. It appears Kytara has found Quiet who has been missing for some time, she has been turned in to a cat and trapped in her own mind by Saha also known as George. Though Quiet had been set free from where Saha had caged her, she was weak and couldn't gain full control of her body.. It isn't just her body anymore now is it? I managed to convince Saha to see Quite as her mother, look after her and learn from her. In the same respect I explained to the little one why Quiet did what she did, and in turn she has to learn from Saha as well in order for the two to work together in harmony. Such is life throwing out curveballs.

Upon Denenthorn's return he bought Picket back from Hell, only she was not Picket she didn't recognise anyone or acknowledge any of us. She kept asking who commanded her and damned me for not being loyal to the Dark Lord, I will never follow Uncle Lucifer I have no need to. Picket doesn't understand we're all family but right now she only sees linage and blood ties, understandably Jason is upset he says she should have stayed dead.

That's not Picket.....

My loss is made greater by this demoness who looks like Picket, feels like Picket and yet isn't Picket at all.

Blueray Quote:

Blueray Darkes tut tuts rather loudly, her lips were tugged in to a cruel smile. Aw the true nature of a beast when its treasure is touched, she had heard tales of it but never seen it for herself. "You really want to die so easily? You are asking and interfering about things you know nothing about, I suggest you do not touch Brit again. Either way I enjoy the show you will create"

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Joah Menjou said...

Victor Pascow: I'm sorry Louis! I'm so sorry, but don't make it worse! DON'T!

Louis Creed: I waited too long with Gage, but with Rachel! It will work this time, because she just died, SHE JUST DIED A LITTLE WHILE AGO!

-Pet Sematary (movie)