Thursday, 2 October 2008

She said she called him...

I'm dreaming......

How I realise this when the dream is not even the usual, twisted nightmare anymore I don't know. Things have been getting odder by the day for me here, the Dreaming didn't help maybe that's why I got dragged to see the brat.

No one can figure it out, no one whys I dream of the horsemen.

Toxia. The rain falls on my skin its slight toxicity burning me, there is no pain because I'm dreaming. Burns and heals, burns and heals, a continious cycle as I look up at the sky not caring if I was hurt. I don't scar I don't take forever to heal my injuries, I'm better than that it was made sure of when I was turned. I am the human who lost her home, the wolf who lost her restraints, and I am the demoness who lost her humanity. The city is mine I roam its streets, I depart my seeds of chaos where I see fit. The residents I dislike are my playthings only they don't know it, I derive amusment from their re-actions to me how some think I'm good. Others know better they spit at me and curse my name, I just smile because its what I want.

Few that gain my like of them are still wary of me, they know I can turn on them for a whim or when ordered to do so. Always family first before any other, this they know hence the danger they put themselves in. Why? Just because people like to live on the edge, dance with the devil if you will. Yes, yes this city is mine is ours belongs to my family, and I'm playing in the street thinking of the next plot.

All stands still when I hear those hooves, they thundered from the docks coming out of the sea. Behind me they stop their beasts pawing the ground as the rain falls around, I turn to face them for nothing scares me anymore my back is to the Haven. Death holds his hand out for me, I knew Death been embraced by him twice listened to him whisper to me before I was ripped from him and bought back. I danced with Death first when the sword in my heart killed me, and second when I died on the alter for the second time I left Death's arms. I claim it was all black, I simply lied for I didn't want others to know. No hope for the mortals. His brothers clamour quietly behind him as they wait, I reached up for his hand.....

"We will come", he rasped his voice sounding like old paper.

I don't care what they do long as they leave my family alone, leave the few non-Shadows I like alone. Touch them and I will stand in their way, beat them back and defeat them. No one touches my family.

"Let me taste your destruction", I reply. I'm sitting on the horse again, we're riding through the city...... Joah said she called him, a knight in white armour. A knight known as Death. And this time the demoness is me, its my dream not a twisted memory. Tonight it was all me.

Joah's first dream
Joah's second dream
Joah's third dream

Lulz of the day:

[16:40] Amy Guisse: Note to self, hump boggy from behind.
[16:40] Pieter Seelowe: nooooooo! boggy needs to hump females and get taddpoles
[16:40] Amy Guisse: No fuckin way am I havin his tadpoles lol
[16:42] Amy Guisse runs off to the abortion clinic ASAP after potential boggy insemination[16:45] Amy Guisse makes a disguested face as she flings another glob off her shirt, finally being boggy seed free "Never again... until next time."

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