Friday, 7 November 2008

Don't look at me like that

Leaning against the wall near the steps inside the library, I had a book open on Air element magick. The footsteps of someone approaching disturbed me from my study, I looked up to see the angel Denenthorn.

He asked if his blue eyes were being decieved, that I wasn't really there reading a book. I told him I was studying and then I showed some of what I had learned, he had to show off more just to out do me. Rolling my eyes I made a rose of fire and a rose of ice, he handed me a real rose a sign of friendship. I remember Aaryanna saying that men give roses to those girls they happen to like, I turned it over in my fingers looking at it before putting it away in my shadow.

A turn in the conversation led to Picket, I informed it was his fault that I still blamed him for her death. I couldn't hate him since he bought her back albeit all screwed up, and it was that as well what happened before that made me so mad. Then everything made me mad not just the Magpie, he told me to let out my anger upon him I refused since the library wouldn't allow it. Strange how he then spoke to the library to allow me this one chance for violence, soon as he was done I had shifted my form revealing what I truely am and struck.

I had him on the floor laying on the steps at my mercy, grim satisfaction from the grinding of my boot on his groin. When I had the chance to end his existance those blue eyes of his looked at me, his voice flat when he spoke but his eyes said it all. He said his life had no worth to him and thus I saw no point in taking it, besides that haunting look of suffering, loss and sadness that hit a chord I didn't want to be hit.

"There's no point in taking something that has no worth".

My form shifted again returning to something more palable for the residents to see, typical I could save energy and just wander around how I naturally look. No I had to waste it and show off, I looked away from the angel laying on the steps after I cut open his cheek.

"Don't look at me like that".

More words, words I really don't want to hear, I told him flat out that I didn't need to confront anything. I'm perfectly fine how I am I can do everything on my own. At least it something good to know that I hold my life with some worth, and that in a sense makes me better than him. Then again I'm a Shadow, I'm better than those who are not my family.

Lulz of the day:

[20:23] Grom Prevost: Suck mah balls Coven!
[20:23] Blueray Darkes: Jump in the middle and yell BOOYA then kill them all
[20:23] Brianna Willenov: ah werent when i panned up there a sec ago lol
[20:23] Kytara Dagger: Pffffffffffftttttt. I crap fish bigger than them.
[20:23] Blueray Darkes: Now we know where fish come from
[20:23] Brianna Willenov: o.O'
[20:23] Kytara Dagger: <.<
[20:23] Kytara Dagger: Did I say that outloud?
[20:23] Kytara Dagger: Oops.


Joah Menjou said...

Hmmm....looks like compassion, smells like compassion and talks like compassion....

Denenthorn said...

*Looks on Grimly as he straps his blade to his side* I'm tired of being blamed it is time to bring forth the killer and make this life worth living again....