Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Wayward kitties

I spent little time out on the streets getting drenched in the rain, I had traveled to the Voodoo shop. Upon entering I caught a scent I hadn't smelled in years, I mean years because I never caught up to him.

My twin, my brother....

His scent was in the air of the shop premeating it, I got disturbed by it wondering if he was in the city and still just one step ahead. There were other Shadows here most of them already lost their minds to the curse, I was merely on the edge flitting between normal and well cat. I began to use the bookcase as a scratching post, until Pix yelled at us all to get the fuck out. Damn fairy. What bothered me even more was the behaviour of Choi, that woman I had beaten the living daylights out of back at the Pit.

The appearence of Choi triggered some talk with Amy, I told her what I had done to Choi, Pix and Delrith, I grew disconcerted I actually felt sad for hurting and I made an apoligy to her. I ran off.

I was found later in the library, Joah and Grr with some other woman. I let it pass I was already annoyed at being possessed by Dimentox, he wants Weston to exact his revenge upon him. Shadows killed the Dimentox, because Vlad is dead. The library was an easy escape from the angel who was arguing with me, she's in love with the one my family slew and tried to vouch for him. None the less I pestered Grr for cookies he had none but gave me a protein bar, that was when Omega walked in watching me after listening to the other woman I mentioned a name.

"She sounds like Nareth".

That triggered something in her she fell to the floor clutching her head, I heard Grr call her Messenger I got curious. I was going to ask about it probe the subject further as my natural tendacy is to gather information, but Omega distracted me by asking about my sister wife Picket. I was rather surprised she didn't kick me out since she was still pissed off at me, I suppose the fact another lot of Shadows came in to the place prevented it. Hell she even offered up tuna, yay for the tuna and erm catnip.

For fuck's sake will someone please make that incessent emo imp cheer the fuck up, his whole woe is me attitude is annoying the hell out of me I mean seriously.

Lulz of the day:

[13:41] Blueray Darkes is carding Monty moments
[13:41] Anjia Chuzen: Monty.
[13:41] Anjia Chuzen: Buy all the guy stuff you see here.
[13:41] Anjia Chuzen: But save money.
[13:41] Anjia Chuzen: So we can go shopping.
[13:41] Anjia Chuzen: To get you new stuff.
[13:42] Monty Carter does not give a toss because sooner or later Monty will do something stupid again and then it'll be carded by everyone.
[13:42] Blueray Darkes cards lulz and sends it through her group for everyone
[13:42] Monty Carter: Your gonna card that aren't you?

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