Friday, 19 December 2008

The left hand

If you had told me when I first came to Toxian City, that I would be Pieter's left hand and second in command. Joint with Dante who is now Shadow Guardian, I would have looked at you funny and asked what crack you were smoking.

Here I am after working my way up through the ranks, over-stepping the boundries of my Walker rank. Over stepping the boundries again when an Illuminati, but someone had to when our Lord was absent for a while. So I stepped up I took the lead I commanded as I felt best, and thus I have been rewarded for my dedication and hard work.

Of course the mantle is not that hard to bear since I have already been baring it, but I do hope that I will continue to work for the glory and betterment of the Shadows.

Shadows forever

Lulz of the day:

[9:33] Isabelle Sinister: hmmm tht might be eaiser then haveing to repostion mah own ball
[9:33] Isabelle Sinister: and tht didnt sound right
[9:33] Alzreal Razor: HAHAHAHA
[9:33] Picket McDonnell: lol no... no it didn't
[9:33] Alzreal Razor: oh yeah, back
[9:33] Isabelle Sinister: nice time to come back when im talking about my balls

1 comment:

GrrBrool said...

well done, you power mad demoness, you. :D

you could have asked me the same thing, and i would have said you were bonkers, but now it seems .. . well, we know how thats worked out . . . .