Friday, 26 September 2008

Four Horsemen

"Let me taste your destruction", she said. The demon that was me yet not me at all, stood watching the fire that consumed the wooden house. She turned when the hooves thundered over the land, she danced upon the ground lightly when they galloped circles around her.

The whole nightmare was off track, each night a little piece of it changed until it was something else entirely. Four horsemen... They appeared as they do in that book I found in the library, led by the one in white that Grr named Death.

War - Humans always war one another just as much as other races do, war kills when the blood is spilled. Corpses litter the ground, and I can eat the flesh of the dead. War destroys all.

Pestilance - The suffering of illness and disease spreads despaire over every land it touches, slow and painful deaths await for those who are stricken down in its path.

Famine - Lack of food causes whole races to starve, the wasting body is an extremely slow death. The body eats itself from the inside out over a long time, the agony of starvation is rather exquiste.

Death - He who reigns over death who taketh away life, his ways of killing are many and numerous. Sweet Death how I adore thee, plaguing the mortals with your majesty.

Behind the man in white the demoness lept up on to the white horse's back, she put her arms around him resting her head between his shoulders. She was with them as they were with her, and I still wonder why she looks like me.

Why am I with the Four horsemen?

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